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Today's Hall of Fame Birthdays:

Steve Cropper, age 76!

Elvin Bishop, age 75!

Lee Loughnane, age 71!

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Judas Priest
The Cars
The Meters
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Dire Straits
Kate Bush
Rage Against the Machine
Nina Simone
Link Wray
The J. Geils Band
The Zombies
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Check out a list of snubbed members from inducted artists.

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What are people talking about?

About Rock Hall Projected, FRL wrote:
Logan - apologies if you have been unfairly caught in this net. Those votes are posted again. If the community is good with this explanation, they can re-tally.
Saturday, 10.21.17 @ 20:46pm

About Dio, don wrote:
One day in the year of the fox Dio with be nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Saturday, 10.21.17 @ 20:42pm

About Rock Hall Projected, Logan wrote:
I have no idea who EDS is sorry. I did notice that Gassman voted from two accounts called Gassman and Gass3268 in previous years! Should you all go back and check his ip too and revote those years?

Are our votes going to count or not? From what I can tell by the only official post of future rock legends themselves I didn't even break their own rule so I don't get why we were punished -

"you can't vote more than once using a different name - if you do, all votes get thrown out"

Well guess what? I didn't vote more than once using different names and that doesn't mention the same computer anywhere. Were none of you shown to this project by other people? How would you feel if you had your brother or friend or wife vote and you got banned because you didn't know. I took the time to show multiple people what I thought was a cool thing and sat down and listed off bands and singers who are eligible It could happen to any of you and I don't think its really fair when I have been nothing but transparent and een offered to make contact with my full name on Twitter or Facebook. But I am being ignored by whoever runs this site.
Saturday, 10.21.17 @ 19:49pm

About Rush, Enigmaticus wrote:

Thank you, I happen to agree with you completely.

By the way, I am still extremely disappointed that “Roll The Bones,” probably the most Moody Bluesish of all of the Rush studio albums, has still not been added to the list of essential Rush albums, even though it was inducted nearly 22 months ago. Why has this not been done?
Saturday, 10.21.17 @ 18:56pm

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