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Today's Hall of Fame Birthday:

Lou Adler, age 84!

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Vote for the FIVE nominees you believe will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018:
Nina Simone
The Moody Blues
Link Wray
The Cars
Depeche Mode
Dire Straits
Rage Against the Machine
Judas Priest
Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
The J. Geils Band
Bon Jovi
LL Cool J
Kate Bush
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
The Meters
The Zombies
Please vote for exactly five nominees.

Check out a list of snubbed members from inducted artists.

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What are people talking about?

About the 2018 Nominees, Bill G. wrote:
Problem is...if there's an R&B Nominee and a Rap/Hip-Hop nominee...
The Rap / Hip-Hop nominee always gets IN ....


...While the R&B nominee gets SNUBBED.

And that's WRONG .

At what point did R&B (one of Rock and Roll's Founding Fathers ) suddenly become IRRELEVANT...

...While the derivative genre become more IMPORTANT ?
That's like putting the CART before the HORSE !!

The Earth must have shifted on some weird AXIS...

Somebody get Terry Stewart back !!!

And the Veteran's NON COM MEMBERS !!
Wednesday, 12.13.17 @ 05:01am

About the 2018 Nominees, Tim wrote:
I think they'll go with six inductees and one inducted in Early Influence this year.

I don't know how they nominate 19, 20 people and only induct five. Don't make sense.

But here are my final picks (before they announce it this morning):

Bon Jovi
LL Cool J (only because 2Pac's induction made HIS induction chances stronger and his Kennedy Center honor)
Nina Simone
Kate Bush
Moody Blues

If seven, Judas Priest, if eight, Rufus & Chaka Khan.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe will get in as an Early Influence since her greatest years of fame occurred in the pre-rock and roll era (1937-49).

We'll see of course. We know how they can get.
Wednesday, 12.13.17 @ 03:11am

About the 2018 Nominees, Mark Tesla wrote:

Sorry about that last typo addressing you as Zulu. Anyway I figured your handle was from It's A Wonderful Life. Zuzu's petals! Anyway, many artists that you named should be in the Hall. As far as Country music, early performers should be included,like Patsy Cline, but post 60's Country should be relegated to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Just a few more hours for the magnificent Moody Blues!! I wish you the best for your health issues. Take care and be well!
Wednesday, 12.13.17 @ 01:47am

About the 2018 Nominees, Mark Tesla wrote:

I would have no problem having Styx and Reo Speedwagon in the Hall of Fame. Also Pat Benatar and Foreigner.
Wednesday, 12.13.17 @ 01:29am

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