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Will Zebra be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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I own all of their CD's. They never achieved commercial success. This was a very good band and had a nice sound. However, there was nothing so unique about them that would qualify them for the hall of fame.

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 04.15.07 @ 10:23am

I applaud your very objective comment. Like you, many people have a group or artist they like despite their lack of "commercial success", for me I'd say Robert Cray falls into that category. However, as you said, THE ZEBRAS DIDN'T LEAVE ANY MARK ON MUSIC, SO I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY'D BE INDUCTED.

Posted by Jason on Saturday, 05.26.07 @ 14:18pm

It is true, that Zebra did not really do anything pioneering in rock for its time. However, the hall has already inducted some pretty obscure artists that in my mind made no real contribution other than a few good songs. In reality, Zebra stands a snowballs chance of making it, but they were a really great but lesser known AOR rock band, so maybe they will get a nod and represent many of the mega AOR bands that are being overlooked. I would vote for them!

Posted by Mark P on Friday, 02.8.08 @ 00:21am

back to the zoo for zebra...

Posted by Joker on Saturday, 10.25.08 @ 21:46pm

Zebra is awesome! They are alot like Rush and Led Zeppelin.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 13:10pm

I disagree. Zebra started out as a Led Zeppelin and Rush cover band. Neither of those bands had anything to do with the southern most part of America. I like to think Zebra opens the prog rock doors to the south and introduced alternate diversity being from New Orleans. They influence exceptionally talented trip rock bands such as Zoogma, Higher Learning, Earphunk, and Papadosio. This band deserves the respect they have worked for. Plus they are much better than some jokes that are in the hall of fame...Linda Ronstadt, Donna Summer, and Brenda Lee....I rest my case.

Posted by Jordan on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 12:52pm

Met the lead singer Randy a few nights ago when he played in my town. I didn't attend the concert at the theater, but I had some beers at the bar (my hangout) next door and Randy and the roadies performed a free concert for the patrons. Nice guy. I knew of the band Zebra, but I was unaware how famous they were. 'Tell Me What You Want' was the only song I was familiar with by them. Randy still has a hell of a voice, as he did several covers including 'Stairway to Heaven'!

Posted by Jason Voigt on Sunday, 12.20.15 @ 22:03pm

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