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Will Winger be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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LOL, this will never happen, but seriously, Pull is an amazing album. Kip Winger should be inducted eventually though.

Posted by Brad on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 09:30am

taske that kip winger~lars ulrich

Posted by martin on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 22:19pm

winger= alot better then metallica...

Posted by brendon on Friday, 12.5.08 @ 09:33am

Winger is 100 times better than shitallica. They can outplay them any day of the year! YES to the WINGER, NO to metallica.

Posted by Abandoned on Wednesday, 12.17.08 @ 18:37pm

WINGER kicks metallca's ass so hard, it's not even funny! Kip is the man!

Posted by 17 on Wednesday, 12.24.08 @ 14:26pm

I detect a bit of sarcasm from some of the previous posts but speaking strictly from the standpoint of musical prowess, I'd take Kip Winger over a douche like Lars Ulrich any day.

No Winger isn't getting in nor should they.

Posted by Randy on Wednesday, 01.7.09 @ 23:19pm

Rpck & Roll Jeopardy
Category: If They Collaborated

If Elvis Presley and Winger were to do a song together it would be called...

What is "Headed For A Heartbreak Hotel?"

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Friday, 07.24.09 @ 23:05pm

Winger should eventually be inducted! And yes they are more talented than metallica. waaaaaay more talented!

Posted by Classic Rocker on Wednesday, 12.16.09 @ 10:21am

Security! We have both idiots and fanboys on the loose. If you think the men who wrote "Headed for a Heartbreak" (though "Seventeen" is fun) and ripped all the soul out of "Purple Haze" deserve it more than Metallica (or maybe all this is sarcasm), then I pity you. Remind me why they should be inducted again?

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 03.11.10 @ 15:49pm

because they are talented and are influential to allot of rock and metal bands

Posted by martin on Monday, 08.30.10 @ 22:34pm

I just did some research and couldn't find any influence, which means they're at best a minor influence. They are talented though. It's irrelevant either way, since there's no way they're even getting considered if Motley Crue aren't.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 09.10.10 @ 11:35am

The sad truth is that Winger were very talented musicians. I say sad because they had tremendous potential, but instead chose to chase the fads of the day. The end result were some truly wretched songs. It's one thing for a shitty band like Motley Crue or Poison or Def Leppard to write lame songs - it's all they're capable of writing. But if you have the talent to do more and you deliberately choose to do less because you're more interested in chasing fame then creating worthwhile music, then you're beneath contempt.

Posted by Ralph on Friday, 09.10.10 @ 12:10pm

I quite agree, Ralph. Same thing with Bon Jovi; they copied the likes of Def Leppard (musically and visually) in order to get recognition. They then dropped pop-metal like a hot potato in '92 and went their own way, but they'd been following the trend for half a decade and 4 albums, so by default they're fakes in my eyes. Some young bands got mired in that rut of following the flavor of the week or month but then grew and found their own way and then didn't follow trends; Blur (who did demonstrate some originality later on after copying Madchester and shoegazing for their first album) and Nirvana (who channeled the local grunge sound on Bleach) spring to mind there. Both quickly found their own way and went on to make some great music, with the former changing their sound 3 times. Now that's balls. Also, Stone Temple Pilots: Core was a solid debut but was derivative of Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam. They then gave themselves a musical makeover with Purple and continued to write great songs (when Seattle was still in full bloom, this was, which automatically absolves them of blame for a derivative start.)

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 09.15.10 @ 15:25pm


Posted by Ryan on Sunday, 10.10.10 @ 13:44pm

i disagree Winger will be inducted one day they so deserve it they are truly a great band

Posted by RattFan2011 on Saturday, 01.22.11 @ 18:17pm

Seems unlikely Winger will get in. They just weren't around long enough to do a whole lot and are unfortunately most known for one of their worst songs. Most people are unaware of some of their more accomplished pieces including the amazing "Pull". However, they came back strong in 2009 w/ another great album, "Karma" so if they keep it up, who knows?... Kip Winger however, should definitely get in. He is widely respected amongst his peers as a great composer and musician and is now even composing classical. Not unusual to hear "genius" in describing his talent.

Posted by deborah on Monday, 02.21.11 @ 20:51pm

I reckon most of those posts were written by the same person.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 10.21.11 @ 11:02am

I'm right there with you about Pull, thing was damn near perfection! I don't think his impact was enough to get him or the band in. But they should have a bass in there somewhere!

Posted by Kris Carson on Tuesday, 12.3.13 @ 12:55pm

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