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Will Ween be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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This is definitely a pie-in-the-sky vote for me. They will never, ever make it, but as far as talent and originality go, they've got more than most.

Posted by William on Monday, 01.8.07 @ 17:59pm

I voted 'no'...but only because I'm being realistic.

Ween is far too brown for the RRHOF!


Posted by Boognish on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 14:41pm

PUsh the litta daiseis whee whee


Posted by maplejet on Thursday, 05.17.07 @ 12:47pm

If you're judging them based on that song, you should know that it was basically one giant joke at the expense of everyone who didn't get it.

Posted by William on Thursday, 05.17.07 @ 16:03pm

I adore Ween, but lets be real, they don't make it in. There's hope, though, as Zappa got in.

Posted by Luke W. on Tuesday, 02.26.08 @ 15:52pm

Chocolate and Cheese, Chocolate and Cheese, CHOCOLATE AND CHEESE

Posted by Who Who on Sunday, 09.28.08 @ 14:15pm

They won't, but it'd be cool if they did.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 02.10.09 @ 16:04pm

Hopefully the Cult of the Boognish will have expanded by 2015. Ween is awesome because their music is great and funny. Seriously, I've had some real laugh-out-loud moments listening to these guys.

Posted by RJ on Friday, 04.17.09 @ 02:47am

They are a satanic band

Posted by Kuman the Prophet on Sunday, 06.14.09 @ 13:59pm

i like the comment "they are too brown for the rrhf." i'm as big a ween fan as anybody, but i think they could care less about the hall of fame. it would be a nice recognition of their brilliant/long/no breaking up career. but if we are talking about respect, they NEED payed. what would they play at the ceremony anyway? Big Jilm? that would be kick ass.

Posted by Charlie on Monday, 11.9.09 @ 09:34am

I think yes.
Why not? There an influential part of music history already. Who's to say what is to come. The'll eventually be asked I'm sure.

As far as what they will play, each fan has their favorite and mine changes everyday but I think it would be Vodoo Lady.

Posted by Ghettobear on Saturday, 11.27.10 @ 01:52am

Saw these guys play on Which Stage (they closed it out) on a hot Sunday evening at Bonnaroo. Was down in the disabled pit, so I had a hell of a spot for their set.

Not that familiar with them. They are more hard rock/garage rock than punk. Looked like they were having a great time. The lead singer had a big grin on face for whole set. Good smattering of artists catching set from over on side. Kurt Vile seems to be a big fan.

The lead guitarist does this thing where he lights a gig & then sticks it into some hole up on neck of guitar & then thrashes on guitar 7 then pulls out the cig for a drag. Hadn't seen that before. Want to see these fellows again sometime.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 06.16.16 @ 08:04am

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