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Don Was was referring to his name and how people don't pronounce it correctly.

Was (pronounced Weiss) (Not Was)

I don't know if it also had to do with the fact that the band had members who weren't named Was.

Posted by Roy on Friday, 09.24.10 @ 22:22pm

Was (Not Was)

Sweet Pea Atkinson
Sir Harry Bowens
David Was
Don Was

Was (Not Was) play contemporary R&B dance music, with lyrics that range from the satiric to the bizarre. The group is led by Detroit natives David Weiss (David Was), who plays flute and writes those lyrics, and Don Fagenson (Don Was), who plays bass and writes music, but the group is fronted by singers Harry Bowens and Sweet Pea Atkinson. Was (Not Was) first gained notice for a dance single called "Wheel Me Out" in 1980. Their first album, Was (Not Was) (1981), did not reach the charts, but its follow-up, Born to Laugh at Tornados (1983), did. Then little was heard from the group for five years. They returned in 1988 with What Up, Dog?, which featured the number 16 hit "Spy in the House of Love" and the number seven hit "Walk the Dinosaur." (During this period, Don Was had become a prominent record producer, handling the board for Bonnie Raitt's Grammy-winning Nick of Time, among many other mainstream pop records.) The fourth Was (Not Was) album, Are You Okay?, appeared in 1990. Are You Okay? wasn't as commercially successful as the previous What Up, Dog? After the album's release, Don Was continued to pursue his production career, which began to increase tensions between Don and David. In 1993, they parted ways but returned 15 years later with Boo!, an album featuring several Was (Not Was) vets, including Bowens, Atkinson, Wayne Kramer, David McMurray, and Luis Resto.

The Billboard 200 Albums Chart

01. 1983 - # 134 Laughing At Tornadoes
02. 1988 - # 43 What Up, Dog?
03. 1990 - # 99 Are You Okay?

The Billboard 100 Singles Chart

01. 1981 - # 16 Out Come The Freaks
02. 1981 - # 34 Wheel Me Out
03. 1982 - # 3 Tell Me What I'm Dreaming
04. 1988 - # 16 Spy In The House Of Love
05. 1989 - # 7 Walk The Dinosaur
06. 1989 - # 75 Anything Can Happen
07. 1990 - # 10 Papa Was A Rollin' Stone
08. 1991 - # 35 How The Heart Behaves

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 09.25.10 @ 04:31am


Was (Not Was) - Walk The Dinosaur

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 09.25.10 @ 04:39am

Was (Not Was) has worked with Leonard Cohen, Elton John and Bonnie Raitt. They performed with Leonard Cohen on his song Who By Fire on the show Sunday Night Music with Sonny Rollins on sax and hosted by David Sanborn. They've been on albums and in the music videos for Bonnie Raitt and performed backing vocals, and Don Was produced. Don Was also produced the only four new tracks on Elton John's box set, To Be Continued... from 1990. Leonard Cohen performed Elvis' Rolls Royce on the 1990 Are You Okay? album by Was (Not Was).

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 09.25.10 @ 05:07am

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