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Eligible since: 2007 (The 2008 Induction Ceremony)

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Violent Femmes (1983)

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Blister In The Sun (1983)

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Will Violent Femmes be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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An outstanding band, but were they influential?

Posted by Ontario Emperor on Monday, 10.2.06 @ 00:49am

Without doubt they were. And at the same time, no one quite captured the Femmes sound. Rock music stripped past even the bone, to the very marrow.

They liked American music. Don't you like American music too?

Posted by Kit on Wednesday, 01.3.07 @ 00:36am

I'll be completely honest--I LOVE the band's music, but don't know much of their history. I really hope they make it into the Hall of Fame--they deserve it more than any band eligible for '08 (But I wouldn't count on them getting in their first year).

Posted by Eric on Thursday, 02.22.07 @ 15:30pm

How many times have you heard that the self-titled album is "one of the most influential albums to teenage rock fans". Every person who likes indie music has (or had) this record. Even though none of their other albums has been as important or even good as that one, "s/t" gets them in the HOF, in 2011, maybe? Not first year, though.

Posted by Ryan Gibbs on Saturday, 05.19.07 @ 14:20pm

I can see why that album was so beloved...but there's not enough to reel me in. It's more of a tribute to the gods of pop-rock that came before them, nothing too groundbreaking to these ears...not to mention that the lyrical content seems a bit immature as we grow older...

Posted by Casper on Monday, 05.21.07 @ 02:40am

Lyrical content seems a bit immature? Not if you are in touch with those years of your life. Teen Angst always sells, and that is why generation after generation have discovered the Femmes and loved them. Of course, I am personally a bigger fan of some of the other albums, but I cannot deny what that album did for me when I first heard it in 1986, when I was 14 and angsty. It's angst on a level of the Cure, just in a totally different direction.

Posted by gary on Wednesday, 12.26.07 @ 11:58am

Maybe individual albums should be inducted somehow. While the Violent Femmes don't quite make the grade overall, that first album of theirs was so good and so influential and so ubiquitous (it seemed to me for many years that noone actually owned the record, they had all taped it off someone who owned it, but you never actually met that guy. I ended up with a copy of a copy for several years before buying the disc for myself). My entire high school theatre group, and all the others from my home town, knew that record word for word. When I got to college, it turned out that lots of other people knew it that well too. I know that Bon Jovi somehow sold a lot more records, but for me and my friends and TONS more like us, THIS was the sing-along rock 'n' roll record of our youths.

Other albums which should be inducted that are by artists who maybe won't be:

the B-52's- 1st Album

Beck- "Odelay!"

The Cars- 1st Album

The Cure- "Head On The Door"

The English Beat- "Special Beat Service"

Peter Gabriel- "So"

PJ Harvey- "To Bring You My Love"

Jane's Addiction- "Ritual De Lo Habitual"

Jellyfish- "Spilt Milk"

Joy Division- "Unknown Pleasures"

Nine Inch Nails- "Pretty Hate Machine"

Oasis- "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?"

The Pixies- "Doolittle"

The Smiths- "The Queen Is Dead"

Television- "Marquee Moon"

10,000 Maniacs- "In My Tribe"

They Might Be Giants- "Flood"

Tom Waits- "Rain Dogs"

XTC- either "Black Sea" or "Skylarking"

Okay, so this list certainly shows off my personal tastes, but I'm sure there are probably many more albums from a myriad of rock 'n' roll styles which people could suggest that would be as equally deserving as these. Remember that these are albums of distinction and influence which were recorded by artists who might not be inducted themselves.

Posted by Jack on Friday, 09.12.08 @ 09:54am

They probably didn't sell enough records. Any Rock group from 1980 and up who doesn't have Gold and Platinum albums won't get in the Hall.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Friday, 01.9.09 @ 11:46am

I double checked.. They've got a couple of million sellers. My bad.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Friday, 01.9.09 @ 13:36pm

As much as I love the Femmes, I honestly don't think they'll be inducted. I really, really enjoy their brand of punk-rock-acoustic and "Viva Wisconsin" is one of my favorite live albums, but somehow I just don't see their reach as broad enough to really justify induction. Still a Femmes fans, though - don't get me wrong.

Posted by Mountaineer on Friday, 08.28.09 @ 00:20am

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Posted by Valium no prescription on Wednesday, 12.16.09 @ 16:02pm

the violent femmes are the shit. i'm 18 and they've been one of my all time favorite bands since i was 12. they deserve it for the energy and angst and mild psychosis that comes through their music.

Posted by katie on Thursday, 12.17.09 @ 00:48am

"The Violent Femmes, they play all of their instruments....and you can't ***k with the Violent Femmes!!!"

Do they deserve to get in? Absolutely. Not sure how soon though even if its been years since they've been eligible. What's really hopeful is now they are nominating 80s alternative groups so this could mean something for the Femmes. I'm still shocked (even 10 years later) that their self-titled debut album wasn't on Rolling Stone's Top 500 list. Not only was it influential but to me its one of those records I could listen to over and over again and not get sick of it.

Also, they were discovered by Chrissie Hynde while on a tour stop in Milwaukee. They could use some props from her.

Posted by Jason Voigt on Tuesday, 10.22.13 @ 23:06pm

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