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Eligible since: 2016 (The 2017 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Type O Negative be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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I like them.

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 04.4.08 @ 14:30pm

The most creative and original band to come out in the last 20 years...easily! Peter Steele is a diety. These guys are way better than any other stinko band or rap jig you could put in. Do it for the goths!

Posted by matt on Friday, 05.9.08 @ 07:52am

Coolest band around today! Legends in there own time.

Posted by matt on Saturday, 05.10.08 @ 16:51pm

I like them - dameon

If you really liked them you'd have a little more to say. You are probably just trying to impress the cute goth girl at grade school, right. Love the band or hate them. Never just like a band. Thta, my friend, makes you a douschbag!

Posted by matt on Wednesday, 05.14.08 @ 13:59pm

"Thta, my friend, makes you a (sic)douschbag!" -matt

No matt, saying really stupid things makes you a douchebag. Congrats.

Posted by shawn on Wednesday, 05.14.08 @ 14:07pm

Firt off - I saw Type-O before they even released their first album. Second, I like bands, I love my family.

And the correct spelling would be douche; not dousch. When you graduate H.S., then you can attempt to send me a message, knucklehead.

Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, 05.14.08 @ 14:11pm

Ooops - I meant first off!

Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, 05.14.08 @ 14:55pm

I love it when morons get miffed and do the exact thing they poke fun at. You my friend are a moron. Did the goth girl comment get to you, or was it the fact that you're still a dousch bag. (That's right, I'll spell it however I want - what are you gonna do?) I don't believe for a minute that you saw TYPE O before Slow, Deep, and Hard was released. That's their first album since you probably had no clue. (Nope, it wasn't Bloody Kisses.) Or should I say FIRT album. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Posted by matt on Sunday, 05.18.08 @ 16:12pm

Another tough guy on the computer!

Before Type O, Steele used to play in a band called Carnivore which used to play at CBGB's and L'Amours. In case you are not familiar with those clubs, they were located in lower Manhattan and Bklyn. And if you are still confused, that would be NYC.

Not quite sure what your problem is, but I suggest you go look to spew your impotency somewhere else. You are certainly not a tough guy and for damn sure, you are not intelligent. And believe me, I would never get pissed at the likes of someone like you. There is no money to be made from it. But you are good for a giggle!

Posted by Dameon on Sunday, 05.18.08 @ 16:45pm

I love how you say I'm not tough enough here on the web. If we met I would imagine I'd end up beating you to a pulp within two minutes. Then I'd kick you while you were down, steal your TYPE O shirt and give it to some kid who might actually respect and enjoy true music. You, dameon, are a weak fool. Sounds to me like your pissed. Too bad you ain't got the balls to admit it.

Posted by matt on Monday, 05.19.08 @ 08:30am

Matt - you have a problem. Not quite sure what it is, nor do I care. You are a silly little boy and threatening me only makes you look more foolish than you already do. And you keep imagining things my friend, maybe it will keep you warm at night. But really, thanks for the laugh.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 05.19.08 @ 09:29am

dameon - matt - bob, do you guys even like heavy music? I do! and TYPE O are the most creative band still goin'. Who sounds like them...no one. Who do they sound like...no one. PUT 'EM IN!

Posted by harrison on Thursday, 05.29.08 @ 07:21am

Harrison - I think the band is great.

Posted by Dameon on Thursday, 05.29.08 @ 07:59am

Type O Negative isn't a very heavy band.. more like Pink Floyd meets Black Sabbath meets Dracula; great band, have all their albums and although the guitars are very Sabbath like, they still sound pretty unique

Posted by Ken on Friday, 05.30.08 @ 22:46pm

Goth Gods.

Posted by Alonso on Wednesday, 07.9.08 @ 00:18am

Hmmm...I can't really say. I know TON has a huge influence in goth music, but I'm not sure if their name is big enough for the Hall. Honestly, I just can't say.

Posted by Breaker on Monday, 10.19.09 @ 12:56pm

RIP Peter Steele.

Posted by Ralph on Friday, 04.16.10 @ 06:50am

no one like TYPE O NEGATIVE.

Itīs simple like that!


Posted by dhani on Thursday, 05.6.10 @ 11:38am

Their name isn't big enough for the hall?
You may have just hit the nail on the head for a major flaw in the hall's original purpose.
Fame is not simply found within name recognition, but also in sonic influence. Type O Negative is so unique that they are their own genre. A genre far too sparse if you ask me. Call it self-deprecating horror doom metal or whatever you wish. There are no other bands of the caliber at which Type O delivers persistent unique catharsis for such a large group of people.
They're an amazing band that is truly legendary. These are the type of artists that should be recognized for their musical contributions to the world. Type O is what happens when death metal grows up and knows what to do next.
It's manic artistry at it's absolute finest. It's gothic metal that is so far ahead of it's time that it fly's over the heads of many casual listeners, about subject matter that has never been represented musically since the beginning of time.
Type O should absolutely be in the Hall of Fame, which is exactly why they probably never will be. The Hall seems only to recognize acts supported by the new versions of payola, MTV being one of them.
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame doesn't seem to understand that rock and roll is about rebellion, shock, and innovation, not pop culture.

Posted by crimghost on Sunday, 11.20.11 @ 03:39am

Words, words, words. Once we have a serious discussion about the Sisters of Mercy, who wrote the handbook for Type O, we might have something valid to talk about.

Posted by DarinRG on Sunday, 11.20.11 @ 05:50am

So go start a blog and have a discussion about SoM. This one is about Type O and my main point was just how out of touch the hall really is with actual influential acts including Type O, SoM, and many others.
Chaka Khan is an nominee this year. Why?

Posted by crimghost on Sunday, 11.20.11 @ 22:56pm

Actually, it's more Rufus with Chaka Khan. It'll probably include her solo efforts, but the bio page and song samples have been more about the group. But more to it, Chaka Khan is a deserving and versatile R&B singer and super who has waited a long time. Type O Negative isn't even eligible for a few years yet. Why rag on her, then? Is R&B not part of rock'n'roll to you?

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 11.20.11 @ 23:41pm

*superstar, that is.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 11.20.11 @ 23:46pm

Wow, I had no idea I'd written that little gem of a drunk post. Apologies to crimghost for being so unnecessarily dickish.

I stand by the thought, though. We've got a lot of Metal and Goth bands to go through before we get to Type O. In a perfect world where both of those genres were better acknowledged, Type O would be a reasonable band to discuss at a certain point, but in the world that we live in that point will likely never come.

On that thought, Bauhaus and Siouxsie & the Banshees are about due in Rock Hall Revisited. Aside from the Cure we've really jumped over that whole branch of the tree.

Posted by DarinRG on Saturday, 12.10.11 @ 22:21pm

Love them or hate them no one can deny they had a truely unique sound that is instantly recognisable. Type O Negatives music and Pete Steeles lyrics got me through some real hard times and I love them to death. They really deserve the recognition of being accepted into the Hall of Fame. X

Posted by ilona N on Monday, 08.19.13 @ 02:51am

The RRHoF doesn't deserve an act like Type O Negative, much less a contemporary genius like Peter Steele. It would be an insult to have them merely listed amongst so many unworthy acts. Pete is a God amongst insects. I'm proud to be one of the few who truly gets TON, and to also be someone who recognizes that most of TON fans are sniveling faux intellectual peons.

Posted by Shock on Friday, 04.18.14 @ 12:55pm

Huh, look at that. My Irony Detector just exploded.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 04.18.14 @ 13:06pm

What does irony mean where you're from?

Posted by Shock on Saturday, 04.19.14 @ 02:44am

I find the dictionary's primary definition to be quite sufficient, thank you.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 04.21.14 @ 11:03am

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