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Trivium, though somewhat pretentiously claiming to be "the next Metallica", still brought back Thrash metal at its finest. Now, they've put the last nail in the coffin of "Nu-Metal", the death of which has been long overdue. Bands are now scrambling to meet the bar that Trivium has set with their musicianship and integrity.

Posted by G.M. on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 12:34pm

Trivium was at one time the best band I had ever heard. Then, they threw away there own awesome and original sound to become a re-incarnation of ####ing metallica. Hey guys, I don't know, but the world doesn't need another Metallica, the one we have sucks enough already. Trivium had the potential to be one of the greatest bands ever, but they threw it all away. What a bunch of dumbasses. #### Trivium, and #### METALLICA!!!!

Posted by Marshall on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 12:39pm

Marshall, you are a complete idiot. If you think Metallica and Trivium suck, then you know absolutely nothing about metal. Just because Trivium's sound has changed since they started out, doesn't make them a bad band. In fact their music has only gotten better over time. All of their cds are good. Besides Matt and Corey f'in shred!!! And I agree w/ G.M. Nu-Metal's demise was way overdue! Trivium rocks!

Posted by J.P. on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 14:11pm

Ah yes, metalcore...but who is the real force behind it? AX7? Killswitch? These guys...I'm not sure yet which band represents the soul of this genre.

Posted by maplejet on Thursday, 04.5.07 @ 14:06pm

Maplejet, you don't seem to realise that metalcore is the biggest shed load of musical tripe since nu metal and post grunge.

"...I'm not sure yet which band represents the soul of this genre."

Don't worry - this genre actually doesn't have a soul.

Posted by liam on Sunday, 12.16.07 @ 07:37am

trivium are allready huge
they are as good of shreaders since dimebag and kerry king
the main sound change was matt stoped screaming to show that they are true metal not screamo
they bring us back away from the mtv crap thats so popular
sure they have a video but what decenet band dosent and they are mostly just them playing no super expencive budjets just awsome music

Posted by AndreW on Wednesday, 01.30.08 @ 00:09am

nope....decent metal-core.....but metal-core, nu metal, grunge, post-grunge, emo(today's crappy pop-punk) are genres that should BE FORGOTTEN FOR GOOD!

Posted by HELLYEAH on Monday, 12.15.08 @ 03:05am


Posted by Bob on Thursday, 01.15.09 @ 09:46am

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