The Ventures

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Performer

Inducted in: 2008

Inducted by: John Fogerty

Nominated in: 2008

First Eligible: 1986 Ceremony

Inducted Members: Bob Bogle, Nokie Edwards, Gerry McGee, Mel Taylor and Don Wilson

Snubbed Members: Howie Johnson

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2022 (ranked #210) .

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The Ventures (1961)

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Walk Don't Run (1960)
Hawaii Five-O (1968)

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Remember, "innovation and influence" are critical factors.

As a 55 year old artist & musician, I can tell you that "The Ventures" easily fit the above criteria.

Thank you,

Von Ehman

Posted by VON EHMAN on Monday, 01.8.07 @ 11:11am

The Ventures deserve to be in. All of them are fine musicians in their own right, and as a group.. the most popular, and famous instrumental band. But who really cares anymore. The whole induction process is a joke. I cant wait til Justin Tmberlake gets in !! It shouldnt be about pandering to current day popularity. Do your homework, selection committe !! And maybe take some vitamins/herbs to improve your memory.


Posted by Ed on Monday, 01.8.07 @ 17:56pm

The VENTURES sont le groupe instrumental qui a produit le plus grand nombre d'albums (plus de 150)et que nous, fans d'instrumental en France, avons plaisir à acquérir, soit en provenance des USA, soit du Japon, ou toutes les rééditions européennes.Mille excuses pour le texte de mon message en Français, seule la musique compte, et encore une fois : BRAVO THE VENTURES.
D'ailleurs, je ne comprend pas pourquoi il aura fallu attendre près de 50 ans pour que The Ventures soient nominés au RNR hall of Fame.

Posted by GONTHIER Francis on Saturday, 10.6.07 @ 06:56am

I bean a fan of the ventures for many years.I meet them in person 3 times and have all their american vinyl records and two music videos from japan. I also have 45s plus many cds, I did pick up their latest cds from japan. GO VENTURES

Posted by bert marble on Saturday, 10.20.07 @ 08:57am



Posted by rumble73 on Saturday, 10.27.07 @ 19:40pm

The best example of Surf Music, which was and still is highly influential, fun to listen to and still good after all of these years. There needs to be someone in the hall to represent. ADD THESE GUYS AND DICK DALE!

Posted by M. Phatic on Monday, 10.29.07 @ 19:28pm

It's about time they got the nomination. The Ventures are one of the most influential bands in history. The ouput in their first decade was amazing, 40+ albums. The great Aussie guitarist Tommy Emanual has been influenced by The Ventures, there are countless other musicians too. I used to have a copy of Play Guitar with The Ventures, what a classic, wish I still had it. If the band don't get the acceptance then I will feel as let down as the band.

Posted by Rob Crasti on Sunday, 11.18.07 @ 04:19am

So there I was 12 years old in the middle of nowhere Alabama with a Stella guitar and a 45 of Pipeline. The first time I heard Nokie Edwards play that famous lick I was hooked. Now here I am over 60 and thanks to the Ventures I've never had to do anything in my life but play Rock & Roll. I owe them everything, and I'm sure there are hundreds of other Professional musicians out there that will tell you the same story. Without The Ventures Rock & roll would not be the same. So please for once remember our roots and give them respect they deserve.

Posted by Jeptha on Sunday, 11.25.07 @ 08:28am

This nomination is long overdue. THE VENTURES have a unique sound and have influenced so many instrumental bands. Their longevity and influence certianly says they belong in the R&R Hall of Fame. Innovation and influence is a key factor. Let's put these guys in before we're all dead and can't enjoy the ride.

Posted by Ed Jackson on Sunday, 11.25.07 @ 23:50pm

It has been said that The Ventures are a "cover" group . . . that couldn't be farther from the truth! Their album and concerts are full of numerous originals. And even their covers are more like originals . . . in many ways being better than the original!


Posted by Frank Marsala on Tuesday, 11.27.07 @ 03:26am

The VENTURES by far are one of the best groups in the world. NOKIE EDWARDS is one of the best guitar players in the world. They played to fame in the 50's 60's 70's till now there music is what America love's to hear. They should have been in The R&R Hall Of Fame many years ago.

Posted by ROGER BAYLY on Tuesday, 11.27.07 @ 19:29pm

Does anyone realize the original technique and movement that you are listening to when you here a VENTURES recording ...every type of music has been used in the years of the VENTURES recording ...VENTURES IN SPACE used back tracking years before SARGEANT PEPPER..finger rolls as used on LONELY GIRL by NOKIE EDWARDS was unheard of in rock and roll...the wah-wah pedal on PEDAL PUSHER was another original idea ..when you listen to DIAMOND HEAD [the bridge part] its disco!!!!!!! 15 years before there was such a thing ..and it goes on and on ...the 50 year longevity of a rock group and the group only playing guitars is a miracle within itself ..THE ''COUNTRY CLASSICS'' ALBUM STILL SOUNDS GREAT TODAY ..using techniques in the 1960's that sounds like it was recorded today ...LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THIS IS NOT YOU AVERAGE COVER BAND ..THEY ARE TRULY GUITAR GENIUSES ..REGARDS MIKE KEMPER ;NASHVILLE TENNESSEE

Posted by mike kemper on Tuesday, 11.27.07 @ 21:31pm

The Ventures are an icon in American music, and without question should be in the Music Hall of Fame. People forget just how many recordings they have made. Next time you're out to a resturant, casino, store, and hear a ventures song, remind yourself of the fact that their music is still being played out there. Also, in reference to the "cover band" comments. They have played the music of others, but so have all the other artists. They have plenty of their own music, and long ago, earned the right to play any darn thing they want without criticism. Congrats in advance Ventures, it's a given!

Lore' Cirrincione Phoenix, AZ

Posted by Loreta Cirrincione on Wednesday, 11.28.07 @ 08:16am

The Ventures have influenced more guitarists and bands than almost any other band in history. They should have been in the Hall of Fame years ago. They are all great musicians in their own right and are all gentlemen as well. They have always been in the forefront of innovative sounds on guitars and in music in general. Many bands today use their ideas and styles. The American public should get back to listening to The Ventures and other instrumental bands as well. There is more to music than just singers. These guys can actually play the heck out of their instruments we need more like them. I wish the Ventures could still be heard on the radio instead of having to listen to only bands that do vocals, most of which are not that good anyway. The Ventures need a big come back in the US and it's time for that to happen now!

Posted by Bill von Zangenberg on Friday, 11.30.07 @ 08:14am

The first time I heard the Ventures, I was High School age. What beautiful music it was. They became so popular, there wasn't a High school dance anywhere, the kids didn't dance to their music. Their music was played everywhere.
The Ventures are America's music. We need to hear more from them and get them back on the charts!
They should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame many years ago.
Congrats to the Ventures, your music is timeless, beautiful, and America is proud of you.

Posted by Shar Bayly on Friday, 11.30.07 @ 09:31am

The Ventures have deserved to be in the Hall for a long time. It is amazing that they have been overlooked for so long. One has to take time to listen to the Ventures Live in Japan in 1965. It is amazing that they rocked so hard and yet so precisely. Only the M-Ventures have captured that sound and they actually do the concert note for note like most symphanies do Beethoven! BTW The Ventures actually are the chamber music of rock and roll. The truth is that the only other actual rock and roll group up for a nomination is Melloncamp. If Madonna goes in why do we leave out Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby?

Posted by Chris Anderson on Sunday, 12.2.07 @ 20:53pm

ベンチャーズされるまでには、 1つのグループは、世界最高のです。 nokieエドワーズの1つは、世界最高のギタープレーヤーです。彼らの名声を演じ、 50の60の70の音楽は今までにどのようなアメリカの愛を聞いています。かれらなければならなかったの休養兼娯楽の殿堂何年も前にします。

Posted by Sig on Tuesday, 12.4.07 @ 08:59am


Posted by zzy on Thursday, 12.6.07 @ 09:45am

Nokie Edwards received a standing ovation with his performance on the world famous Nashville Ryman Auditorium Stage (Home of Grand Ole Opry) on June 2005. Hollywod Actor, Wes Studi was Master of Ceremony calmed the crowd as Nokie, (Mr. Guitar), drew from his fan base in Nashville: the Guitar Town!!
Producer, Native American Dance Theatre, Chero Mangus..."just another story with a happy Indian"

Posted by Chero Mangus on Tuesday, 12.11.07 @ 20:17pm

Finally! I commented a short time ago here, but I just wanted to add The Ventures are NOT simply a surf band! They've played, recorded and performed every type of music out there. They could be considered classical, bayou, country, jazz and simply put, the greatest instrumental musicians there in the world. And please do NOT forget their special talent for Japanese 'eleki pops' songs, better known as Pops in Japan music, of which they've written so many huge Japanese hits like "Ginza Lights," "Kyoto Doll," "Hokkaido Skies," "Forever Love" and "Stranger in Midosuji." And THAT is only barely touching the surface of their great Japanese hits! Congratulations!


Posted by MICUS on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 08:20am

It's about Damn Time! Good On You Guys Congrats!!!!

Evil in Austin Tx

Posted by Evil In Austin on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 11:28am

Way Overdue on the Ventures

Approaching 100,000,000 units sold.

14 chart singles (6 top 40, 3 gold top ten) in the 1960s.

Walk Don't Run - Grammy Hall of Fame. Gold

Walk Dont Run '64 - First act to go Top 10 with two different versions of the same song. Gold

Hawaii-5-0 - Surf anthem and biggest TV theme hit of the 1960s. Gold

1962's 2,000 Pound Bee - first single ever to chart using the fuzz tone on the electric guitar. The Ventures had a customized fuzz box created as Maestro was designing a commercial model.

Huge album sellers, ranking 6th among 1960s album acts according to Joel Whitburn's Top Pop Albums (33 charted in the decade, 16 top 40). They rank 4th on that list when considering only rock-related artists after Elvis, the Beatles, and Ray Charles. Among the first rock acts to sell on a style and sound, not needing hit singles to sell albums.

1965's "Play Guitar with The Ventures" - first musical instrument instruction album to chart. Thousands, including future rock stars, learned to play from this.

Credited by the 'All Music Guide To Rock' as among the first to create thematically oriented or concept albums, rather than just collections of songs.

'Guitar Player' magazine ("20 Who Mattered") - The Ventures influenced not only styles, but also a generation's choice of instruments.

'Encyclopedia Brittanica on-line' - The Ventures were a prototype for the guitar bands which followed.

Major influence on surf music, two years before the Beach Boys first hit and at least one year before Dick Dales's first regional hit.

Among artists listing them as a favorite/influence; George Harrison (Beatles), Joe Walsh (James Gang, Eagles), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Carl Wilson (Beach Boys), Stephen Stills, Peter Frampton, Roger Fisher (Heart), Jeff Baxter (Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan), Gene Simmons (Kiss), Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith). Elton John, in his Starbucks Christmas collection, pays homage.

Opened the Orient to electric guitar rock (40 million units in Japan).

Posted by Greg on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 12:24pm

The Ventures are not only superb musicians,but some of the nicest guys you could ever meet! My sons Steve & James and I heard them play in person about 10 times. They are awsome!!!! And after they're concerts, they take the time to not only sign autographs, but talk with their fans. We have talked with Don, Bob B.,Mel,Nokie,Gerry,Bob S.,and Leon.Great Guys and Well overdue on being inducted into hall of fame!!Go Ventures!!!!!!!

Posted by Jerry A. Sherman on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 13:16pm

I'm Jerry Sherman's sons and like he said the Ventures are in my opinion one of the best bands around!! They should have been the hall of fame a LONG TIME AGO!! For guitar super stars the are very down to earth. And you can tell they really care for their fans. I think you guys are awsome!!

Posted by steve sherman on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 15:50pm

When I got my first record player at 8 yrs old, my Dad gave me his "old" Ventures albums. That was in 1974 and I was hooked. Their style; Their influence; Their sound...and still going strong after almost 50 YEARS!!! I consider them as important to early rock and its development as Elvis. They introduced the electric guitar to Japan; they introduced the "Fuzz boz" (distortion); they are true pioneers and, having met them, true gentlemen.

Posted by Grant Gottgetreu "The General" on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 18:18pm

The Ventures deserve this amazing honor. As pioneers in not only surf music but in Rock and Roll as well, they inspired great guitarists. Congrats to The Ventures, this day has come for you

Posted by danny on Friday, 12.14.07 @ 10:04am

The Ventures' "Walk-Don't Run" in 1960 is one of the greatest rock instrumetals of all time. It shows off the basic American band of lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and drums. Each instrument is heard loudly and plays a prominent role in in this great instrumental. The song is pure and simple with outstanding drive. I remember other hits like "Perfidia," "The Fugitive," and "Hawaii Five-O." We played many of them in our own instrumental band in the 60's. Congratulations to The Ventures.

Posted by Paul Gardner on Saturday, 12.15.07 @ 10:33am

Let's hear it for the fifth Venture, Billy Strange.

Posted by Clint Whitmer on Monday, 12.31.07 @ 01:54am

i remember riding my bike with my transistor radio and hearing walk-don't run. I was 13 yrs old .within 2 weeks my best friend and i purchased electric guitars.. teaching each other licks as we figured them out listening to ventures albums..our first band was instrumental..I owe all of my musical savy to the ventures, and i still have 30 of the original vinyl albums..this honor for the ventures is way past due...too bad mel Taylor is no longer with us ..He's prpbably smilin down from Heaven

Posted by charles mayer on Saturday, 01.5.08 @ 21:57pm

Case and point name the most influential instrumental group in Rock & Roll history? The Ventures. Instrumental groups are also an important part of Rock history. Many of the above comments also solidify why they should be in. I am making a simple statement; think instrumental groups the number one group is the Ventures. Plus I find the Ventures to have been way more influential than fellow inductee Madona.

Posted by Randy on Sunday, 01.13.08 @ 09:19am

I think Dick Dale should've been inducted before The Ventures...he pretty much created the "Surf Sound".

Posted by Terry on Friday, 02.15.08 @ 19:18pm

I have just heard that John Fogerty will introduce THE VENTURES. WOW! I can't think of anyone better and I was not even thinking of him! I thought that Jeff Baxter would be the best but I am now in shock at this honor! WOW!

Posted by Chris Anderson on Thursday, 03.6.08 @ 12:13pm

If The Ventures can be in the Hall of Fame because they did the music for Hawaii 5-0, then Boots Randolph should be in for Yakety Sax.

Posted by Metalsmith on Monday, 03.24.08 @ 11:29am

Did The Ventures write any original material, or were they strictly a cover band?

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 05.21.08 @ 19:03pm

Well.... Thanks to their recent induction into the RRHOF... A lot of the albums in the Ventures catalog are finally being released on CD.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Thursday, 05.22.08 @ 12:47pm

Did The Ventures write any original material, or were they strictly a cover band?

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 09.23.08 @ 05:11am

They couldn't have for anyone better to induct them than John Fogerty. I hope Fogerty gets inducted as a solo artist.

Posted by Mr. Octagon on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 16:26pm

hey couldn't have for anyone better to induct them than John Fogerty. I hope Fogerty gets inducted as a solo artist.

Posted by Mr. Octagon on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 16:26pm

Hmmm the Ventures... I have to say they have been around way to long.. They copied other bands hits tried to make them their own.. I find most of the renditions boring at best.. As far as Fogerty goes.. He was the almost perfect person.. Credence was great John is bore..
Birds of feathers fly together

Posted by mrxyz on Saturday, 09.27.08 @ 20:21pm

I did a little research the Ventures did not write Hawaii five 0 nor did they play it on the TV shows I got this from the Fan Page of Hawaii 5 0

Who played the main theme? Was it the Ventures?

The main theme was played by studio musicians under the direction of Morton Stevens, who composed it. The Ventures later made a popular recording of the main theme on Liberty Records.
I have know idea why they are in the RHOF..LOL
They didn't even write Walk don't Run..
What ever.. It should of been The Shadows , Surfaris or even Dick Dale ps Link Ray should also be in and Sandy Nelson!!!!

Posted by mrxyz on Saturday, 11.22.08 @ 23:03pm

Oh for crying out loud, xyz, read the other comments, and re-listen to John Fogerty's speech. Good surf bands influence other surf bands. GREAT surf bands influence bands both in and outside of surf music. That was the Ventures. That was Dick Dale And The Del-Tones. You put up a mildly decent argument that that was also the Surfaris. It doesn't freakin' matter who wrote what. If it did, Elvis wouldn't be in, most of the Motown acts wouldn't be, etc.

Viva La Ventures!

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 11.22.08 @ 23:50pm

"GREAT surf bands influence bands both in and outside of surf music. That was the Ventures." Posted by Philip
LOL If they were GOOD....!They influenced no GREAT SURF BAND..! Do you think they influenced Dick ,Shadows, Surfaris ,Chanteys, Link Ray, Dwain Eddy .. I doubt it... they copied there songs
Get over it !!! they did so so boring copies...!

Fogerty was best when he was in Credence.Their copies were good.. As mentioned before he is a bore..Do you think he was going to bad mouth them at the induction ?? LOL
Surfs UP!!!

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 00:33am

Whoa Nelly, reread what I read... I didn't say that Great surf bands inspire other Great surf bands, though that may sometimes happen. I said, "Great surf bands inspire both surf bands and non-surf bands." Whether you want to admit it or not, the Ventures did do that. You simply cannot get around it. Fogerty said it himself: back in the early and formative days of CCR, they spent a lot of time listening and re-listening to records by... wait for it... the VENTURES and learning to play what they played. And CCR weren't the only ones. Just a simple fact. The Ventures were influential. Maybe not to Duane Eddy (who wasn't actually surf, despite being "twangy"), Dick Dale, Sandy Nelson (who wasn't really surf either) as they came before the Ventures, but to myriads of other bands that came after the Ventures. Get over it yourself. The Ventures were influential, they are in the Hall, and that's that. I'm sorry you think their covers are boring, but that's just a matter of taste and personal opinion.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 01:00am

I need a yes or no answer.

Did The Ventures ever write their own material?

Or were they strictly a cover band?

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 04:15am

Roy...I know their best known hit, "Walk, Don't Run", was written by Johnny Smith, a pretty well known jazz guitarist out of Colorado Springs. Other than that, I really don't know of any real big hits they had or wrote.

I'm more partial to the Pyramids and Astronauts from that genre anyway. It's really hard to pinpoint who started making surf music, anyway. I'm still of a belief that the Beach Boys were more of a pop/rock band who just happened to sing about beaches, surfing, cars, etc..., but didn't really capture that distinct sound that I associate with "surf music".

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 08:48am

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 04:15am

I need a yes or no answer.

Did The Ventures ever write their own material?

Or were they strictly a cover band?

Their so called Hits were covers.. Walk Don't Run was not a big "HIT" until the Ventures covered it and they did a great job on it...
It is funny lot of folks think they had the original hits or even wrote them..on Pipeline, Wipe Out ,Apache,Telstar etc.. but they didn't.. .
They wrote some tunes but they never were big in the charting world..More LP Fillers..They are a cover band in my opinion..After the fact From Pipeline to Hawaii Five O...
That is why I can't understand of all of the instrumental bands with the real HITS,, Why they got in the RHOF..

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 08:51am

Who were the other Rock instrumentalists from the 50s and 60s? Besides The Ventures and The Surfaris!

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 10:13am

The Shadows and The Tornadoes.

Posted by Stevie The Guy on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 10:17am're talking about a pretty long list. Here's an example by the Astronauts called "Baja" (this group was from Boulder, CO....go figure for a "surf" band).

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 10:18am

They weren't surf, but for rock'n'roll instrumentalists, I'd mention Johnny And The Hurricanes, too.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 11.25.08 @ 12:43pm

R.I.P. Bob Bogle, guitarist and co-founder.

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 06.16.09 @ 17:51pm

Bob Bogle RIP ...He did a wonderful "Wipe Out"... next to Jim Fuller of the Surfaris it was the BEST. He played to play and kept Surf Music breathing... !
Surfs UP!!!

Posted by mrxyz on Wednesday, 06.17.09 @ 21:37pm

I don't understand why Howie Johnson was not inducted with The Ventures, considering he was the drummer for the influential hit "Walk, Don't Run."

Posted by Steve Z on Monday, 07.20.09 @ 22:21pm

Why weren't the first two drummers, Skip Moore and Howie Johnson inducted?

Posted by Qaz on Monday, 09.21.09 @ 09:49am

The Beach Boys
The Ventures
The Surfaris
Jan and Dean
Dick Dale

Posted by Roy on Friday, 11.19.10 @ 10:50am

great band.Other than them and the Beach Boys the other Surf band should be the Surfaris Great Forum

Posted by justtim on Monday, 05.9.11 @ 01:03am

You know, there really should be a page for Johnny and the Hurricanes on here.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Friday, 10.14.11 @ 09:46am

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