The Temptations

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Performer

Inducted in: 1989

Inducted by: Daryl Hall and John Oates

Nominated in: 1989

First Eligible: 1987 Ceremony

Inducted Members: Dennis Edwards Jr., Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin, Otis Williams and Paul Williams

Snubbed Members: Damon Harris, Richard Street

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 1988 (ranked #42) .

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
My Girl (1964)
Ain't Too Proud to Beg (1966)
Get Ready (1966)
(I Know) I'm Losing You (1966)
I Can't Get Next to You (1969)
Ball Of Confusion (That's What the World is Today) (1970)
Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) (1971)
Papa Was A Rollin' Stone (1972)

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Saw The Temptations last nite in concert at Frankfort, KY. Gave a Hell of a show. 1 original member, Otis Williams. 2 of the other 4 have been with group for 20 or more years.

Played all their hits.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 09.27.10 @ 08:39am

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Posted by Shamima on Wednesday, 03.14.12 @ 15:37pm

I have seen The Temptations twice in recent years, and I don't like the lead singer (overweight gentlemen) with the current group. He seems more appropriate for a Hip Hop/Rap group. Very rough, harsh voice. The smooth buttery vocals of Eddie and David are greatly missed. The Tempts are still my favorite Motown group!

Posted by Kariann Hart on Saturday, 05.19.12 @ 09:33am

Aren't all the original members of the Temptations dead now? Why did the record company give permission to all the replacement members to still tour and produce albums under the Temptations name? This is strange. Are we still going to have a Temptations tour in 20 years too?

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 05.19.12 @ 10:13am

No, Roy, Otis Williams, the group's founder, is still alive and with the group today, He is the last living original member. But, he never sang lead on any of their hits. Dennis Edwards, who replaced David Ruffin in 1968, and sang lead on almost all of their hits from that point, starting with "Cloud Nine", is also still alive and touring with a Temptations splinter group, "Dennis Edwards & The Temptations Review" (not "Revue"). This was decided after much litigation between Otis' camp and Dennis'legal people.

Posted by Bill G. on Saturday, 05.19.12 @ 10:51am

Temptations Singer Otis 'Damon' Harris Dead at 62
Sang lead on 'Papa Was a Rollin' Stone'

Why wasn't he inducted with the Group?

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 02.23.13 @ 20:55pm

That Rolling Stone article could be wrong. Harris was not the one who sang lead on Papa Was A rollin Stone

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 02.23.13 @ 21:09pm


Hot on the heels of the death of Temptation DAMON HARRIS comes word that another member of the legendary group, RICHARD STREET, The 3rd-longest-serving member of the Temptations, after OTIS WILLIAMS and MELVIN FRANKLIN, has passed away today(2/27/2013) at the age of 70.

Posted by Bill G. on Wednesday, 02.27.13 @ 13:48pm

Word came to me via e-mail this morning from my good friend JEANNE SORENSEN of The Miracles organization. Street was 70.

The MICHIGAN CHRONICLE just posted the above article just this morning.

Richard sang lead on such 70'S Temptations hits as "FIREFLY","HEY GIRL (I Like Your Style) , and "HEAVENLY". He was also lead singer of the lesser known Motown group, THE MONITORS, who had hits with "SAY YOU" and "GREETINGS (This Is Uncle Sam).

R.I.P. to Richard, and condolences to his family, Motown , Monitors, and Temptations fans everywhere.

Posted by Bill G. on Wednesday, 02.27.13 @ 13:59pm

Richard was on such Temptations classics as PAPA WAS A ROLLING STONE (He sang the immortal line "Papa was never much on thinking...talking 'bout saving souls and all the time weechin' DEALIN' IN DIRT...and stealing in the Name of The Lord)", "SUPERSTAR"(Remember How You Got Where You Are), "MASTERPIECE",and other hits. Street was married to The Velvelettes' lead singer Carolyn "Cal" Gill from 1969 to 1983. They have one son, Richard, Jr. Street also has three children from additional relationships named Brandi Chapman, Januari Street, and Brandon Street.

Posted by Bill G. on Wednesday, 02.27.13 @ 14:08pm

Richard was an original member and lead singer of the pre-Temptations group "THE DISTANTS" where he sang with original members Otis Williams and Melvin Franklin.He left the group before they merged with THE PRIMES (which featured Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams) to become THE TEMPTATIONS. He was the replacement for original member PAUL WILLIAMS who left the group in 1971 due to alcoholism, health problems and depression.

Posted by Bill G. on Wednesday, 02.27.13 @ 14:15pm

Saw The Temptations about 3 years ago. Great show. RIP Mr. Street.

I can tell you he sure looked like he was having fun doing what he did.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 02.28.13 @ 07:38am

Turns out I did not se Mr. Street perform, as he had left band by then.

I can tell you that whomever the Hell was up there sure looked like they were havin fun.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 02.28.13 @ 10:05am

Roy, you should definitely watch that Temptations TV movie that came out about 15 yrs ago. They air it on Vh-1 Classic every now and then. Great story about the original lineup. And Bill is correct, Otis is the only surviving member as others were gone too soon. Truth be told I have never heard of Richard Street until now, since he wasn't mentioned in the movie. I don't know why he wouldn't have been nominated

Posted by Jason Voigt on Thursday, 02.28.13 @ 13:38pm

VH-1 actually aired it just last night .

Posted by Bill G. on Thursday, 02.28.13 @ 15:40pm

YouTube is actually FILLED with Temptations performances with Richard Street.Here's one. The members pictured here are: Dennis Edwards, Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin,Richard Street, and Ron Tyson.

Posted by Bill G. on Thursday, 02.28.13 @ 19:33pm

Thanks to their fine tuned choreography, The Temptations were the quintessential male vocal group of the 1960s. Being one of Motown's most elastic acts, they tackled both lush romantic songs and politically charged funk with ease and offered an even finer blend of voices along with stylish moves.

With help from Motown's best songwriters and producers, The Temptations lived up to being called "emperors of soul". During the golden age of soul music, they delivered delightful harmonies of street corner serenaders and polished choreography of a great 60s soul group.

Despite all the tragic losses that they've endured over the years,

The Temptations have continued to fill radio stations with their rich harmonies and songs like "My Girl", "Ain't Too Proud to Beg", "Ball of Confusion" and "Just My Imagination” still serenade us to this day and their influence is still evident in soul singers like Al Green and Chic.

Posted by Andrew on Wednesday, 04.24.13 @ 13:32pm

If I was to choose the presenters for the 1989 inductees, they would be:

Neil Diamond for Dion
Rod Stewart for Otis Redding
Steven Tyler and Joe Perry for The Rolling Stones
Daryl Hall and John Oates for The Temptions
Michael Jackson for Stevie Wonder

Marvin Junior for The Ink Spots
LaVern Baker for Bessie Smith
Dionne Warwick for The Soul Stirrers

Tina Tuner for Phil Spector

Posted by Andrew on Sunday, 01.12.14 @ 17:18pm

Rest in Peace Jimmy Ruffin

Posted by Joe on Wednesday, 11.19.14 @ 20:02pm

Actually, though Jimmy Ruffin was the elder brother of David Ruffin, the Temptations' lead singer, Jimmy himself was never a member.

Posted by Joe on Wednesday, 11.19.14 @ 21:00pm

Jimmy was considered for the Tempts, but David was a better dancer and showman, so he was chosen for the group instead.

Jimmy's main claim to fame were the Top 10 smashes "WHAT BECOMES OF THE BROKENHEARTED" and "HOLD ON(To My Love)",(on Motown and RSO respectively) The Top 20 worldwide Motown hit "I've Passed This Way Before", and UK Top Ten hits with "I'll Say Forever My Love", "Farewell Is A Lonely Sound" and "It's Wonderful (To Be Loved By You)" -all on Motown . I'm surprised he has no page here (well, not really).

Posted by Bill G. on Thursday, 11.20.14 @ 01:50am

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