The Soul Stirrers

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Early Influence

Inducted in: 1989

Inducted by: Al Green

Inducted Members: Roy Crain Sr., R.H. Harris, Jesse Farley, and E.A. Rundless

Snubbed Members: Sam Cooke, James H. Medlock, T.L. Bruster, Paul Foster, Bob King, Johnnie Taylor

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 2004 (ranked #18 in the Influences - Pre-Rock Era category) .

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"One of the most popular and influential gospel groups of the 20th century, the Soul Stirrers were pioneers in the development of the quartet style of gospel and, without intending it, in the creation of soul music, doo wop, and motown, some of the secular music that owed much to gospel." - wikipedia

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 06.26.10 @ 10:43am

Had The Soul Stirrers only launched Sam Cooke's career, they would have earned their spot in rock and roll history, but they did much more then that.

They are among the premier gospel groups of the 20th century, pioneering the modern quartet sound in the Forties and the Fiftieths, pushing the music away from traditional jubilees and towards the deep emotional hard gospel style so popular among the post-WWII music scene. They also set the stage for later gospel and soul groups and they played a high role in the development of R&B. The group's arrangements were innovative as they were the first gospel ground to have a second lead and sexually charged presence blurred the barriers between religious and secular music.

They represented a change from the old ways of gospel to a new form of the music that would later influence such soul singers as Al Green, Marvin Gaye and Wilson Pickett.

Posted by Andrew on Monday, 03.25.13 @ 11:54am

Does anyone know which members of The Soul Stirrers got inducted?

Posted by Joost on Monday, 08.17.15 @ 09:32am

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