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Eligible since: 2005 (The 2006 Induction Ceremony)

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Will The Smithereens be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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I think they'll get in, but not on the first try. Depending on my mood, they're either a garage band that succeeded as an arena act or an arena act that works just as well as a bar band. Either way, they built solid audiences in both the alternative/garage crowd and in the mainstream -- one of the handful of bands (along with perhaps The Clash, The Pretenders, Joan Jett, Patti Smith, R.E.M. and the Beastie Boys) to do so. Their musical references drip off their recordings, from The Beach Boys on their debut 7-inch 45 ("Girl Don't Tell Me") to Iggy's "Lust for Life" to the new "Meet the Smithereens!" (a front-to-back tribute to "Meet the Beatles!") In addition, few singer/writers have walked the tricky razor line between pop and the darkness of the soul the way Pat DiNizio has (with the voice to match; "Beauty and Sadness," "Blood and Roses," "Behind the Wall of Sleep," "Cigarette," to name some). I think they'll get in, but they might have to wait a year or two ... Of course, in a perfect world, they're first-ballot material ...

Posted by franorama on Tuesday, 03.13.07 @ 00:57am

I don't know whether they are first ballot or 10th year inductee or never at all; I do know that I always have enjoyed this band.

Posted by Dameon on Thursday, 04.10.08 @ 11:45am

Never. Just don't have the right ingredients for induction.

Posted by Bill on Thursday, 04.10.08 @ 13:15pm

I have seen them live about ten times and have most of their recorded material and to me, these guys are in my personal top five rock and roll bands, along with the Beatles, Doors, Ramones and Stones.
I personally believe they should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but if they are not considered mainstream enough or are not put in for some other politically motivated reason, then they're better off not being in their!
Either way, to me this band rock and rolls with the best of them!!!!!

Posted by Nicky Pliers on Monday, 07.27.09 @ 19:51pm

They'll probably never get in, but a good group nevertheless.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 03.27.11 @ 08:25am

Rock the Vote! Did they ever win the love of a girl like you? If you say or do anything for a girl, the girl will just spit in your face. Don't act desperate and just ignore her. Someday she will wonder what you are doing and contact you! Unless of course you screw it up and she never calls. If you have to wait for over two years, it's gone. What a sham. A downright low and dirty sham. No peace in appreciate.

Posted by John Jacob on Saturday, 11.22.14 @ 22:25pm

The Smithereens better be inducted into the rock n roll hall of fame because they deserve it just as much if not more than the next guys.I've seen some crappy was bands get inducted!! Actually it's not that great an honor anymore especially if The Smithereens don't get inducted!! My friends and I, in the 80`s loved hearing their music playing as our party soundtrack!! Man, I know they're worthy and whoever doesn't think so has no ear for music.These guys are very great.Just wait n see you unbelievers!!Haha!!Love u Smithereens.You got a whole gangbusters of real music lovers/fans that are backing you guys up for sure!!!!

Posted by Eileen sianez on Wednesday, 07.29.15 @ 10:13am

The Smithereens changed how I approached writing songs. During the early 80s, I was disgusted writing silly pop girl songs, so when I first heard Blood & Roses it was an epiphany that it was not only okay to have dark thoughts on a sunny day, it was also cool. The broke down the Lyrical barrier.

I've yet to see the Smithereens on a ballot, but it's long overdue.
DiNizio, Babjak, Diken ,and Mesaros are truly one of the few acts that transcend time.

Posted by John on Sunday, 10.22.17 @ 09:23am

RIP Pat DiNizio

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 12.13.17 @ 11:21am

The Smithereens made some good music.

Posted by Mark Tesla on Wednesday, 12.13.17 @ 15:04pm

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