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A bit surprised to see such low fan approval

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 07.14.10 @ 12:52pm

The Shadows were formed from members of several late 1950s UK skiffle groups: The Newcastle-based "Railroaders" (and also The Five Chesternuts on Columbia Records) who supplied Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch, both inspired by USA-pop music; and The Vipers Skiffle Group (on Parlophone records) who supplied Jet Harris and Tony Meehan from London, both inspired by UK jazz–skiffle music. The Shadows, although originally the live and recording backing band for Cliff Richard, were later marketed as an instrumental combo, following their explosive chart success with the Jerry Lordan composition "Apache". In the USA and Canada, they were briefly marketed as a 'surf' group with two special compilation albums on Atlantic records, The Shadows Know and Surfing with The Shadows, to compete with The Ventures and The Surfaris. Although both these albums failed to chart in America, the band had hits worldwide

Posted by mrxyzomg on Wednesday, 07.21.10 @ 20:30pm

This must be the American view....

The Shadows were MASSIVE in Britain, Europe, Australia & Japan !

Look at the UK version of The Beatles first album 'Please Please Me' - it states in the sleeve notes:

'Brian Matthew describes the Beatles as visually and musically the most exciting and accomplished band to emerge since The Shadows...'

The Shadows were the BIGGEST UK Band miles !

hence Lennon-Harrison wrote an instrumental called: 'Cry For A Shadow' recorded in Hamburg - George Harrison was highly influenced by the guitarwork of Hank Marvin...

Steve Stills & Neil Young credit Marvin as an influence on the first buffalo Springfield album....

Wishbone Ash's Andy Powell likewise - a copy of 'The Shadows Greatest Hits' on his floor in his photo on 'Wishbone Four' album...and Dire Starits Mark Knoplfer was a very big Shadows & Hank Marvin admirer !

The Shadows had over 20 British hit singles and many others in Europe, Australia & The Far many big selling albums the played a vital role in Cliff Richard's career, notably from 1958 to 1968 - writing a number of Cliff's hit records like 'Please Don't Tease', 'Summer Holiday','Batchelor Boy','In The Country','time Drags By' & 'The Day I Met Marie' etc...

Bruce Welch of the Shadows was later Cliff's Producer for a time ('Devil Woman', 'Miss you Nights','We Don't Talk Anymore' etc)

later Shadows member Australian John Farrar went on to mastermind Olivia Newton-John's career - writing & Producing many hits...even 'You're The one That I Want' from 'Grease'...while Hank & John co-wrote 'Sam'
... and Shadows Bassist the Late John Rostill wrote 'Please Mr.Please' & 'Let me Be There' for Olivia...

The Shadows also hat three vocal UK hits in addition to dozens of instrumental hits - a number of their hits were covered by American guitar band The Ventures ('Apache','The Savage',etc) - probably why the Shadows were not big in the USA...or The Ventures not so big in the UK - tho' both bands sound quite different (as did Sweden's The Spotnicks)

Shadows original bassist Jet Harris & drummer Tony Meehan were very big influences on Many Bassists & Drummers - John Entwistle & Keith Moon of The Who particularly - Harris & Meehan after leaving the Shadows even teamed up as a Bass guitar/Drums duo...and had three big British hits circa 1963 - 'Diamonds' topping the UK singles charts

Merseybeat band The Swinging Blue Jeans (of 'Hippy Hippy Shake' fame) covered two Shadows vocal tracks on one of their albums ('Don't it Make You Feel Good' & 'That's The way it Goes')

The shadows also became a fine vocal group 'Marvin, Welch & Farrar' circa 1971-72 cutting two excellent vocal albums in a style similar to CSN & America - including 'Silvery Rain' & 'Throw Down A Line' which were chart hits for Cliff Richard (Olivia Newton-John recorded 'Silvery Rain' - a ecology song- too)

The original Classic Jeff Beck Group (with Rod Stewart & Ronnie Wood) covered 'Throw Down A Line' - written by Hank Marvin

later Shadows Bassists Alan Tarney & Alan Jones have played on tracks by The Hollies, while Alan tarney has produced The Moody Blues.

The Shadows hey day was Pre-Beatles, however they continued having Big UK &overseas chart hits in 1963 & 1964...and right up to 1967...(they split for a year in 1968-69) ...and later on more in both 1975 ('Let Me Be The One' - coming second in that year's Eurovision Song contest) and then on into the 1980's (instrumental versions of; 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina, 'Ghost Riders in the Sky', 'Theme From The Deer Hunter, The Third Man, Equinox Five')

MANY British & European guitarists cite hank Marvin as being a major influence on them taking up the guitar, plus many Bassists cite Jet Harris as a major influence (He played Bass like a Lead instrument with amp turned full up...this can be seen later in bands like The who, Cream, Led Zeppelin - John Paul Jones even auditioned to become a 'Shadow' in 1963 when the slightly older & more experienced John Rostill got the job !)

Second & longtime Shadows drummer Brian Bennett has been a major influence on UK Drummers too.

Never properly launched in the USA....remember that Elvis had Cliff Richard & The Shadows single 'Living Doll' on his jukebox - and Cliff has actually had NINETEEN USA chart singles, a number with The Shadows !

The Shadows were one of the Classic British groups...the original UK 'Superstar' band - a fact readily acknowledged by The Beatles themselves when they first made it big in Britain...and the Beatles - and notably George Harrison (see 'Cloud Nine' album innersleeve) readily accepted them as an influence....

Paul McCartney dresses up as a 1963 era Hank Marvin - complete with specs & red Stratocaster (and it's Hank NOT Buddy Holly !! - note the distinctive moves of the guitar & pushing his specs up...pure Hank Marvin) in Paul's promo video for his single hit: 'Coming Up'

while Eic Clapton & Pete Townshed have also paid tribute to Hank Marvin & his band the Shadows.

Posted by John on Saturday, 12.25.10 @ 04:35am

A bit surprised to see such low fan approval

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 07.14.10 @ 12:52pm

Good to see this comment is no longer that applicable!

Considering how influential Hank Marvin is, I'm actually shocked they've never been considered.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Monday, 11.7.11 @ 13:05pm

Absolutely strange that this important and groundbreaking band is not in the Hall. Okay, they were sidemen for the great schamltzfest called Cliff Richard but their instrumental tracks are great. A great stinker, this one.

Posted by Robert on Tuesday, 11.15.11 @ 11:18am

Yeah, again, British juggernauts that were barely a noise in the States haven't really been able to get any traction towards the Hall.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 11.15.11 @ 12:48pm

In 1963 the # 1 money making band in the world was Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Elvis was at #2 and The Shadows were at #3. Now, for the Shadows 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Cliff Richard just released his 100th album and Hank B. Marvin has a new CD out this year (2014), so these guys are still playing. They made movies and were on TV in Europe every week for years. Most of the great British guitarists name Marvin as a principal inspiration. Jeff Beck, Peter Green, Clapton, Knopfler and David Gilmour to name a few.

Posted by Robert Mason on Tuesday, 12.23.14 @ 01:42am

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