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Will The Searchers be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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The Searchers have been long credited with "creating a particular sound". They have been widely recognized and imitated by Springsteen,Petty, and the Byrds etc.
The are still very active and tour the world.Long forgotten by popular radio their sound and performance still are a high quality.To go unregognized for the quality of work is unfortunate. Your consideration will be greatly appreciated by their fans worldwide.

Posted by tom murphy on Saturday, 07.14.07 @ 16:29pm

I agree. The Searchers should have been inducted long ago. They were one of the most influential Liverpool bands of the 1960s, and nearly 40 years on they are still touring the world, playing to enthusiastic audiences. In fact, they are better than ever, led by founder member John McNally, Frank Allen who has been with them since 1964, and newer but longstanding members Spencer James and Eddie Rothe.

Posted by Wendy Burton on Friday, 07.20.07 @ 14:52pm

This band have influenced more artists than I can remember. Chris Hillman of The Byrds only recently paid tribute to their influence on the early Byrds. Covers of their songs have been made by Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and The Ramones to name but three. In fact, Markey Ramone loves the band so much he attended their recent New York gig and got up to play Needles and Pins with them!

They have worked continuously since 1959 and in 2007 alone, The Searchers will have played over 200 dates taking in tours of Australia, New Zealand, UK (headlining an 80 date Solid Silver Sixties Tour), Northern Ireland, USA and Canada - and that's just the first six months!

There's a hole in the Hall Of Fame inductee list waiting to be filled by a band which is in a class of it's own - The Searchers!

Posted by Gary Jackson on Sunday, 07.22.07 @ 05:16am

The Searchers were arguably the second most popular group to emerge from the Merseybeat era.
As previous writer has stated Springsteen, Petty and Ramones admired the band as did Roger McGuinn.

Still one original member in John McNally and Frank Allen has been there so 64 so virtually an original. Very few groups from the 60's still have so many original members.

In the late 70's they released two critically acclaimed albums on the Sire label.

The fact that they play so many dates in a year is testament to their enduring popularity.

Posted by ROY CLOUGH on Sunday, 07.22.07 @ 06:09am

It's time for one of Liverpool's influential bands to be included in the R and R Hall of Fame. Their sound personified all that was so special of the early British Invasion, and they in turn influenced so many other artists, both in the UK and here in the US.
This long gigging band is still at it, after all these years. Not only are they great performers, but nice guys as well.
Gary in Santa Rosa, CA

Posted by Gary Feikert on Sunday, 07.22.07 @ 11:57am

I have been listening to the Searchers for over thirty years. Several years ago I had the opportunity to hear them in person at the Wolf's Den in Connecticut. I met every member of the current band and they all signed my copy of their cd. How many acts in today's world would do that- not many. I have a Beatles DVD which has old interviews and footage. In one of those interviews the Beatles themselves comment when asked who their favorite groups were one of them was the Searchers. They have been touring longer than the rolling stones, they are still releasing music(one live album is available), their music still has that certain quality to it, and many artists have been influenced by them. If they are left out of the Hall of Fame it will be a tremendous blunder. Sam Crandall

Posted by sam crandall on Tuesday, 08.7.07 @ 10:04am

Searchers with Pender, Allen, McNally and Adamson were the best line up, especially the Rockfield era. They should have been in the Hall of Fame YEARS ago.

Posted by Roy on Friday, 08.31.07 @ 14:55pm

Die Gruppe The Searchers ist die beste Live-Band, die ich je gesehen habe. Seit Anfang der 60er Jahre bis heute absolut top !!!!

Posted by Erhard Preuß on Saturday, 09.1.07 @ 06:10am

Ignored by trendy djs for years, their emission is a crying shame

Posted by seanpatterson on Saturday, 09.1.07 @ 11:28am

The Searchers being inducted into the R & R Hall of Fame is long overdue. Their sound was distinct and influential. When you hear a Searcher's song today it is instantly recognisable and takes you right back to the sixties which to me was the greatest music decade of the century. The fact that they are still touring and have a huge fan base all around the world speaks volumes for their talent, popularity and the longevity of their music.

Posted by Mike B on Saturday, 09.1.07 @ 20:52pm

The Searchers have at least 2 songs that are still favorites for all age groups: Love Potion Number 9 and Needles and Pins. These are heard on the radio very frequently. When you hear their music, their guitar sound is like no one else's, even their Liverpool neighbors The Beatles. You know what their sound is, it is still played on the radio, and copied by many. The Searcher's live act rivals ANY band anywhere. They are dedicated to their fans, with Frank Allen actually responding to emails from them in pretty short order. I don't know of any other band that pulls this off. It's time for The Searchers to be Hall of Famers.

Posted by Chad S. on Sunday, 09.2.07 @ 11:42am

The longevity of The Searchers speaks volumes about there contribution and dedication to the music industry and music in general.
Today they are still in heavy demand not only in The Searchers native UK, but around the world,year after year.
Older fans of the 60's are revitalised by there songs and music, as are the new generations of supporters of The Searchers that are keen to live the ambiance and magic of a quality 60's super group.
Still playing,touring and thrilling audiences around the world and enjoying it themselves
They are arguable “iconic” in every respect. They have inspired many musicians and The Searchers music is held in great respect by many who have now aspired to the music scene.
Not being included in the Hall of Fame can only be described as a miscarriage of justice.

Posted by Peter Reading on Sunday, 09.2.07 @ 20:17pm


Posted by spacepatrolman on Tuesday, 09.4.07 @ 14:31pm


Posted by SPACEPATROLMAN on Tuesday, 09.4.07 @ 14:35pm

The Searchers' influence on rock and roll is undeniable. They are THE connecting link between the Everly's harmonies , Buddy Holly's guitar chording, and the sound of the Byrd's guitars and vocals. Their vocal harmonies were and still are exquisitely beautiful. They have been performing CONTINUALLY since 1962. NO other band can make this claim. Let's give this band it's due. They are true legends!

Posted by Dom DeFranco on Friday, 09.7.07 @ 18:27pm

The Searchers were one of the most innovative bands to come out of the early '60s. Aside from superlative musicianship and exquisite harmonies, the Searchers pioneered what became "folk rock". Even before "What Have They Done to the Rain", their early body of work included "All My Sorrows" and "Where Have All the Flowers Gone", with electric accompaniment, and a rock influenced delivery.

Much has been made of the "Searchers' Sound", as well it should. The Searchers use of fills and hooks inspired [to put it kindly] the Byrds, and continue to influence a large segment of guitar bands to this day. Their use of the 12 string as the principal lead guitar on singles and album cuts stood out. Their selection of material was eclectic. The Seachers CLEARLY deserve to be in the Hall. Their admission is long overdue; and their continued absence from it is a travesty.

Posted by John Ribeiro on Sunday, 09.9.07 @ 09:37am

The Searchers have preserved their sound and typer music now for decades. As a US fan I personally believe they are one , if not the most, underrated and unrecognized rock group of the decades. Their performqances are impeccable and their show is fantastic. I saw them in both 2004 and 2006 in the US. These guys deserve the recognition they have earned. Just have a listen. Their music is not bounded by an era.... Don

Posted by don mauldin on Monday, 09.10.07 @ 15:40pm

There is no reason why The Searchers have not already been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Their influence has been documented over the past 40 years via cover versions, and testimony from musicians like The Byrds, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen etc. Their live shows are still vital and exciting and their fans still extremely loyal. Let's put The Searchers where they the Hall of Fame.

Posted by peter silversides on Friday, 09.14.07 @ 11:58am

I've been a Searchers fan from first time I heard the intro to "Needles and pins" and still enjoy their music. It was obligatory to be a Beatles fan back in the 60's but it was always the Searchers next single that I looked forward to. To this day I'm instantley transported back to the 60's when I hear the opening guitar intro to "When you walk in the room". They were the most underrated group of the 60's and they're being overlooked today. The Searchers induction into the Rock&Roll Hall of fame is long overdue, lets right this wrong.

Posted by Bill Kisto on Thursday, 09.20.07 @ 17:14pm

The Serchers sound was [and still is] instantly recognisable as were many of their songs - if hear today those of use of a certain age gorup will still know ALL the words.
Other groups/singers with big reputaions acknowledge the Searchers influence on music over almost 50 years, and just as importis they are still doing it today. After attending a show recently in Australia I was so impressed not only by the sound that if anything has improved over the years but by the whole stage performance that was so professional and entertaining. It was surprising how many in the audience rocking in the isles were not born in the 60's / 70's. They have done more than enough to be included in the R & R hall of fame - in fact not to include them would be a travesty.

Posted by Janet on Sunday, 09.23.07 @ 07:41am

There are numerous examples of the Searchers' influence,but I'd like to offer a less commonly cited one.
When I first heard Brilliant Disguise by Bruce Springsteen, I thought I noticed something about the rhythm guitar. More recently, when Springsteen played in Manchester, England, his band made a point of tracking down John McNally (at his home!).
It's nice to see credit given when it's due. Isn't that what the Hall of Fame claims to be all about?

Posted by Steve Corbett on Sunday, 09.23.07 @ 15:38pm

A true inspiration.Would be hard to find any group to compare.
KC(Leicester) 25/09/20007

Posted by KC on Monday, 09.24.07 @ 01:08am

The Searchers were and still are one of the best early Mersey Beat groups, their unique harmony will never be replaced.Listen to the beautiful calming sounds on "What Have They Done To The Rain".
We say yeah to this fabulous , long standing group being inducted into the hall of fame.
Margie Earl.

Posted by Marg Earl on Monday, 09.24.07 @ 03:34am

surely a group as influential as the searchers, now in the 45th year of their never ending tour,are more than deserving of this recognition.200 shows a year is a testimony to their enduring popularity and class.induction is long overdue and is fully deserved.

Posted by colin on Monday, 09.24.07 @ 14:44pm

The Searchers..
Folk Rock when no one had heard of it...
An ecological song when no one had heard of ecology (What have they done to the rain?)
12-string electric guitar in a rock song when no one had heard of it (double tracked 6-string, no less!)
John Lennon's fave Liverpool band!

Seroiusly, how much more convincing is needed?

Vince from Vancouver...long time fan.

Posted by Vince Bubica on Wednesday, 09.26.07 @ 19:36pm

The Searchers, while greatly admired by the music community, seem to be underrated and overlooked by much of the general public and this is very sad and unfortunate.

This ground breaking group was the second most popular band (after The Beatles) from Liverpool and a strong run of hits in the early/mid 60's and pioneered the use of the 12-string electric guitar in popular music.

Even when the hits dried up in the latter 60's, the band stayed together and produced quality music with their two albums for Sire in 1979/1980 "Searchers" and "Love's Melodies" ("Play for Today" in England) being perhaps the best work of their careers.

The group is active today playing hundreds of concerts a year and deserves to be recognized by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Posted by David Bailey on Saturday, 09.29.07 @ 12:37pm

The Searchers deserve to be included in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame even though they have more fans and listeners outside the US. Precisely because rock and roll has fans worldwide and not just in the US should be enough reasons for them to be included. And how many early sixties British bands from Liverpool has lasted well into the new century, over four decades later? Not even their most famous Liverpudlian counterpart, now down to two survivors, can claim that distinction. (Of course, they're in the rock and roll hall of fame, and were inducted over seven years after their founder met an untimely demise.)

I have personally heard The Searchers perform in two concerts in late May 2004 and their famous songs like DON'T THROW YOUR LOVE AWAY, TILL I MET YOU, SUGAR AND SPICE, WHEN YOU WALK INTO THE ROOM, SWEETS FOR MY SWEET, and NEEDLES AND PINS, sound exactly like the original we hear on CDs, never minding the fact that three original lead singers of those tracks from the sixties have fallen by the wayside and two already in the afterlife. The current lead singer, Spencer James, was really meant to be a Searcher, something he probably dreamt on only wildly when he first heard them as a kid. He really sounds like those three others Searchers.

Even their current drummer Eddie Rothe fits into the band perfectly.

Of course, founder John McNally and bassist of 43 years Frank Allen are to be commended for keeping the band together.

For these reasons, The Searchers should be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by JOHN PAUL WARNE aka MOPTOP, THE SIXTIES MUSIC LOVER on Sunday, 09.30.07 @ 14:37pm

There is little to add to previous comments, all of which should be enough to have The Searchers added, if somewhat belatedly, to the Rock Hall of Fame.
Their only fault would be that they have just entertained and done their job without courting controversy.
Judge them only by their past contribution to music and the fact that they are still producing their original sound.

Posted by Dave on Thursday, 10.4.07 @ 07:52am

Beyond any shadow of a doubt The Searchers have influenced other musicains. They were 6 months ahead of The Byrds with "power pop," and forged a live sound system for use on stage/radio/tv that was, and is, matched by very few other bands; long before the advent of foldback speakers.
Finally, John McNally, as an exponent of the rythmn guitar is matched by only Bruce Welch of The Shadows, and is surpassed by no one.
I rest my case.

Posted by Keith on Thursday, 10.4.07 @ 12:46pm

as a young lad from liverpool in 1966 saw the searchers in australia touring with the rolling stones ,the searchers were perfect ,stones couldnt hit a right note.saw the searchers again at club forster in australia and they brought the house down ,standing ovation, my wife whos an aussie has lots of sixties records of the searchers had never heard them live was stunned at thier perfomance. the best live band ive ever seen john.........

Posted by john on Wednesday, 10.10.07 @ 23:13pm

It's ridiculous that the Searchers isn't in the Hall of Fame, where they should be long ago. A band which is still going very very strong and which has meant a great deal to a lot of people since they appeared in the top of the charts all over the world just like the Beatles. I was just a teenager at that time and the one I did like the most is still "When you Walk in the Room", "Four strong winds" and "Till I met you" up to the very day. When there is 60's Rock at a Festival in Denmark, they are the top of the bill. The same when "the Golden Sixties" are touring Denmark. I will be there. Yes, even at the Solid Silver 60's in Great Britain. I do even use a lot of my holidays to go to their solo-shows in Great Britain. I'm nuts about them still. So is my husband and a lot of fans in Denmark. So get out of your sofa and put them in the Hall of Fame where they really belong. Smokie sings a lot of their songs, Bruce Springsteen sings their songs, Byrds wouldn't have had the hit "Mr. Tambourine Man" if that song didn't had the Searchers' sound. A lot of Danish bands sing their songs. It's a mistake they aren't in the Hall of Fame, so correct the mistake as soon as possible.

Posted by Linda Nybo Andersen on Tuesday, 10.16.07 @ 12:46pm

Yes- of course they must be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame !!
They were and are still one of the best bands from the sixties !
I have been to concerts several times here in Denmark and it is still the same guitarsound from
John McNally -as on the LP´s from the 60´s - fantastic !

Posted by Erik Friis on Wednesday, 10.17.07 @ 00:09am

The Searchers the finest 60s group ever and so very friendly always got time for their fans.Even played for my husbands 60th Birthday last year Anight we will remember for ever. They must be inducted into the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame.They Deserve It So much.

Posted by SANDRA HOPPER on Thursday, 10.18.07 @ 09:22am

The Searchers are without doubt one of the most successful groups to have emerged from the 1960s Liverpool beat era (second only to the legendary Beatles),and have a unique 'sound'.

Over forty years on, they still have fans all over the world and tour throughout the year in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The group's present line up and past members are and were 'down to earth' guys who have never let success go to their heads. At most venues(where crowd numbers permit),they are quite happy to chat to their fans,sign autographs and pose for photographs.

Their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is long overdue. To deny them this accolade wuold indeed be a travesty of justice.

Posted by Harry Hogg on Friday, 10.19.07 @ 14:38pm

long time fan , since 63. for their contribution to the music industry for 44 years. their influence on other artists. tom petty, bruce springstein ect. have met them personally, great guys, dedicated to their craft.
still travel all over the world, sensational "live"play everthing plus new material.
have to be inducted to hall of fame. [alan v/melbourne ausrtalia]

Posted by alan voss on Monday, 10.22.07 @ 21:16pm

The Searchers should certainly be inducted into the Hall of Fame! Their influence during the sixties was immense - the sound of the 12 string guitar being the thing that leaps immediately to mind - and they continue to bring the joy of an evening's live music of outstanding quality to today's audiences across the globe. They have enormous appeal across all age groups - my own children are ardent fans at the ages of 9 and 13 and have enjoyed their concerts for themselves. The Searchers are defined by their tightness as a unit, their harmonies and their musical ability - they neither use nor need any other gimmicks with which to sell themselves. Their many fans would love to see them get the recognition they richly deserve.

Posted by Julia Porter, Jersey on Wednesday, 10.24.07 @ 06:46am

How incredible it is that after being so popular for over 40 years and still constantly touring the world, that the best band to come out of the Mersey era, namely The Searchers, has not been inducted in the Hall of Fame!

I have been a huge Searchers fan from the first day I heard them sing Sweets for my Sweet and I first saw them live the following year when they brought out Needles and Pins which has forever been my favourite record. Even in 2007, as soon as I hear those jingly opening notes of Needles and Pins it is just so uplifting!

A band who are still touring the world over 40 years after they started out, should certainly be in the Hall of Fame. They have such an instantly recognisable, very distinctive sound and their songs are played regularly on the radio and still sound as good now as they did in the 60s.

Frank, John, Spencer and Eddie are fantastic to see playing live on the stage, they are superb musicians, they have such warm and friendly personalities and they always meet and greet their faithful fans after the concerts. Who from the present generation of artists ever do that?

I have seen many groups come and go over the years and could never imagine any of them having the long lasting appeal of the Searchers and I have to say that the Searchers are SIMPLY THE BEST and without doubt they should be in the Hall of Fame!

Posted by Sylvia Beaumont on Wednesday, 10.24.07 @ 17:53pm

May Justice be served and The Searchers get elected to the R&R Hall of Fame in 2008 !

Posted by jim blake on Tuesday, 02.12.08 @ 16:09pm

The joyous sound of this fabulous group always raises my spirits. I love Pink Floyd, The Stones, The Who, and to a lesser degree the Beatles, but for me these boys still push the buttons better, we recently saw them at Cliveden,Fabulous.

Posted by Geoff Payne on Saturday, 08.16.08 @ 02:12am

Tony Jackson
Mike Pender
Chris Curtis
John McNally

The Searchers rule!!!

And without Chris Deep Purple.

Posted by Moe on Tuesday, 10.28.08 @ 10:43am

They're one of my all time favorites. The addition of Spencer James makes them now my favorite. His voice is incredible and I can't get enough of his singing.
They have shown to be loved by all though all this time.

Posted by Collette Stickney on Friday, 11.14.08 @ 13:41pm

Hello. I’m a fan since Needles and Pins. No band sang duets (Pender and Curtis) so incredible harmonious and clear. Their voices still intrigue me till today. The sound of The Searchers really was unique for many years. The band was one of the first who dared to let loose the real merseybeat in the sixties and found their very own sound and style. They inspered lots of other muscicians. Their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a must. They even have a tributeband in the Netherlands ( (Egbert / Enschede, The Netherlands)

Posted by Egbert de Wit on Sunday, 11.16.08 @ 04:51am

Egbert de Wit

I agree they are a great band... Not copy cats or followers true rock leaders!!

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 11.16.08 @ 09:53am

my wife and i have seen them at least 30 times over the last 5 years and we have never seen aless than superb show.they just seem to get better and better

Posted by andy stewart on Thursday, 02.5.09 @ 14:29pm

Next to The Beatles, The Searchers were the strongest pop group which came out of Liverpool, in early 60's. Having been originators of a much copied style characterized by tight vocal harmonies and a jingle-jangle electric guitar sound they truly deserve their place in the Hall of Fame. Their hit records are classics, still being aired on radio stations throughout the world - the best proof of the fact, just how ground-breaking they were. And the group's still around.
Fan since 1963 -

Peter Gyllan / Copenhagen / Denmark / October 13th, 2009

Posted by Peter Gyllan on Tuesday, 10.13.09 @ 06:38am

if anyone ever deserved to get in it is these boys, i have seen them live three times and have met them all each time, more freindly boys you could nt find anywhere, and their stage presance is second to none, they must surely get real soon ( let us all hope so) ann

Posted by ann smith on Tuesday, 01.19.10 @ 13:56pm

If The Searchers are going to make it into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame the nominating committee will have to be given Love Potion #9.

Posted by joker on Tuesday, 07.20.10 @ 17:39pm

If The Searchers are going to make it into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame the nominating committee will have to be given Love Potion #9.

Posted by joker on Tuesday, 07.20.10 @ 17:39pm
Does this mean the Clovers will also have to use Love Potion #9 as well, or will the general good luck their name embodies carry them through?

Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 07.20.10 @ 18:04pm

Does this mean the Clovers will also have to use Love Potion #9 as well, or will the general good luck their name embodies carry them through?

Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 07.20.10 @ 18:04pm


I think they'd better use Love Potion #9 too because based on the fact that they've already made The Doo Wop Hall of Fame and The Vocal Group Hall of Fame, I'd say their luck has run out.

Posted by joker on Tuesday, 07.20.10 @ 18:48pm

Too bad because the Clovers really do deserve it.

Posted by Philip on Tuesday, 07.20.10 @ 18:50pm

The Searchers should have been inducted very long ago. Haven't they fit the criteria enough? You don't see many bands as of to-day who are still playing with the original members. They are a longstanding band. PLus, the way Frank Allen just slaps that bass guitar! I'm speechless. These boys are special. But anyways, I am not surprised. The Hollies too were inducted pretty late, and they too fit very well with the criteria this Hall is looking for. Gotta work faster boys! Us fans are waiting!

Posted by Anne Pauline on Wednesday, 02.2.11 @ 23:48pm

I like their version of "Sea of Heartbreak." Great song.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 03.31.11 @ 15:27pm

More eclectic than the early Beatles, more mature-sounding. Used strings before Beatles' "Yesterday" and recorded protest songs before there was such a thing as folk-rock.

Posted by Lindsay Wilcox on Saturday, 04.18.15 @ 07:59am


1. More eclectic? The Beatles performed old Sophie Tucker ballads, and auditioned with Besame Mucho, in addition their covers of R&B tunes, and also of country and rockabilly. The Searchers reached back for songs from the Clovers and the Orlons, and re-did one quasi-country song.

Eclecticism: Point for the Beatles.

2. Mature sounding is rather subjective; however, the Beatles' first album had "There's A Place," talking about the safety and inner sanctum of one's mind and imagination. Pretty philosophical for a 3 minute song. Nothing the Searchers did (except maybe Secondhand Dealer, and even then it's a toss-up) touches even that. And the Beatles only got more mature from then on.

Maturity: Point to the Beatles.

4. Strings. Guitars are stringed, vibraphonic instruments too. Beatles were before Searchers there as well.

Point to the Beatles

5. Protest songs before folk-rock? Seriously? I've even seen a musicologist suggest the Tokens' "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" as the first example of folk-rock as it took and old African folk song and adapted in into a rock'n'roll style. Barring that, I'd say it's pretty indisputable that the Springfields' "Silver Threads And Golden Needles" is folk rock: folk banjos, lyrics and stylings behind a solid backbeat. Plus, "Blowin' In The Wind" was written in '63.

Point: not for the Searchers

Result: you fail on 5 counts. Do your homework next time.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 04.18.15 @ 21:08pm

Sorry, four counts. Messed up in my count there. But you fail four times. My point is still the same.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 04.18.15 @ 21:09pm

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