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Will The Psychedelic Furs be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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The Psychedlic Furs? Really? Who gives a damn?

Posted by Bruno on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 00:51am

Yeah who gives a damn what a guy named "Bruno" thinks. Seriously, was your mom mean or what?

Posted by Starr on Sunday, 06.24.07 @ 12:26pm

The best EVER. Period!

Posted by Sean on Thursday, 11.15.07 @ 23:41pm

I am just sorry that they allowed one of their songs be used as an inspiration and title to a Molly Ringwald film. Their music was excellent and I have a feeling that if that film and video were never made, then the Furs would be looked at differently.

Posted by Dameon on Saturday, 11.24.07 @ 16:31pm

Liam...any listening suggestions on this group? Outside of the stuff that was mainstream, I didn't hear a lot from them. I noticed that the list of contemporaries includes bands you have mentioned...

Posted by Terry on Wednesday, 03.5.08 @ 14:43pm

I haven't listened to the Psychedelic Furs in ages...I can't remember which albums were good and which weren't. The "All of This and Nothing" compilation is well-worth getting - that much I can remember.

Posted by Liam on Wednesday, 03.5.08 @ 15:02pm

Okay...that compilation is on Rhapsody...I'll give it a listen. On thing that I just thought of...I could never understand why there was an MTV...and an MTV U.K.! The playlists were different, but not a lot (in my case, just enough it seems). I could never understand the seperation.

Liam, as you can tell, my musical focus during the late 70's to early 80's was primarily on what we were playing...didn't really give me time to sit and listen a lot. Your input on some of these groups I seemed to overlook has been greatly appreciated. It's like a whole new chapter of musical appreciation has opened up for me, and that is always nice! Let me know if I can ever return the favor...

Posted by Terry on Wednesday, 03.5.08 @ 15:12pm

Hey Terry, check out this site:

Just plug in a band and away you go...

Posted by mel on Wednesday, 03.5.08 @ 15:55pm

Thanks for the info., mel!

Posted by Terry on Wednesday, 03.5.08 @ 16:06pm

I am so glad to see the Furs being brought into the conversation. For my money, "Talk Talk" (1981)was their best album, but they released quite a few which were excellent. That being said, upon their re-recording of "Pretty in Pink" for the John Hughes movie of the same name in 1986, IMO, Richard Butler was becoming a bit full of himself. Although he had always been the focal point of the band, he seemed to be morphing into another Diana Ross type diva by the release of "Midnight to Midnight" (1987). This was their highest charting LP. By this time, I was fully expecting the name of the band to change to Richard Butler and the Furs. Although it was more of a (return to ones roots) lp, I thought "Book of Days" (1989) had way too much filler on it. They only released one more studio album after this in 1991 "World Outside". I own them all and I am proud to say that it is all on vinyl.

I saw them a couple of times in the 1st half of the decade. They put on a great show in the clubs. I cannot say if it would have worked in the larger arenas like MSG. Their music was covered by a lot of different bands.

The Furs, The Jam and another band which shall rename nameless (for the sake of not getting screamed at by a few of you) were my favorite bands in the very early stages of the 80's. Forget the genres, I thought both of them were just great Rock bands and I think both deserve serious consideration for this HoF.

Posted by Dameon on Wednesday, 03.5.08 @ 19:26pm

Dameon...just listened to an compilation called "All Of This And Nothing"...immediately put it into my Rhapsody library. I pretty much liked everything on it. I'll listen to the albums you mentioned, too.

Posted by Terry on Wednesday, 03.5.08 @ 19:40pm

You have to get the "Talk Talk" recording. Excellent music.

Posted by Dameon on Thursday, 03.6.08 @ 12:23pm

Definitely one of the more distinctive New Wave (if you wish) acts in the 1980's. If you had to choose a commercial act from this genre I can't perceive too many groups getting in ahead of them. This of course is when & if the voting committee get's it's act together regarding 80's New Wave.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Saturday, 08.2.08 @ 15:59pm

One of my favorite bands of all time, (I have seen them live nearly 20 times), but alas, the Hall does not await them. If they ever were to get selected, I would drop everything to go to the ceremony though.

Posted by mike on Wednesday, 09.17.08 @ 18:13pm

Short story:

Listen to "Talk Talk Talk" if you want to hear the band at it original best. Then try "The Psychedelic Furs".

Longer spiel:

I must say that when they were first around, I wasn't much of a fan--took almost no interest in the early years (even though once I even saw them play for free in the park) and by the mid 80's I just totally wrote them off.Years later, I bought "Talk Talk Talk" (their second record) from some guy on the street for $2, and after listening to it a few times, decided it was one of the coolest records ever recorded (yes, I'm aware that's a big claim).

The original sax player was truly revolutionary--did all kinds of stuff I never heard before (or since)--really turned sax into a "power" and "psychedelic" instrument and made amazing sounds that really defined the band. The drums were amazing, some fantastic songs--the whole thing is just sort of a sonic tour de force. I've never heard anything quite like "Dumb Waiters. It sounds exactly like the soundtrack to a paranoid 20-year-old's world; twisted, screeching, lurching, discordant, rumbling, lopsided.

The record gave me a whole new respect for Steve Lillywhite's (producer) work--it was surely some of his best. I still listen to it all the time. It has real staying power.

That caused me to get their first record also. It's pretty remarkable as well, though not as bulletprooof, probably because they weren't experienced in the studio and had concentrated on songs that sounded good live. But a GREAT first record.

After "Talk Talk Talk", the original sax player left, and after the 3rd record the drummer left. The band mighta been left kind of high and dry by that.

Lately, I've gotten a bunch more of their stuff, because I was really wrong about them initially. I figure that even if their later stuff is mostly lame, I'd be surprised of they don't have some really good songs and recordings in there somewhere.

I agree that if they'd never done the movie song, they'd be viewed as much more legendary.

Just on the strength of their 2nd record, I think they belong in the hall of fame.

Posted by JesseG on Monday, 11.3.08 @ 00:01am

Really solid band. Not sure if they have enough going for them overall to make them stand head and shoulders above the rest of their post-punk/New Wave contemporaries though.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 03.16.11 @ 06:14am

Saw the band in Lexington the other night. Was not familiar with them before show. Knew the bassist brother was now living in Kentucky, but that was about it (he met & married a girl from Casey County).

Really enjoyed their performance. The lead singer brother still has an excellent voice & was in control of the crowd. The current sax player also did a wonderful job. Glad I went & saw them.

Posted by Paul in KY on Tuesday, 09.27.11 @ 14:26pm

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