The Pointer Sisters

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Eligible since: 1998 (The 1999 Induction Ceremony)

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I'm So Excited (1982)

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Will The Pointer Sisters be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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What incredible vocals these sisters had. They just blew you right out of your seat. Impossibly catchy post-disco soul that showed these ladies just sang their hearts right out. And you can't not belt their songs out listening to them.

I'm surprised the Pointer Sisters haven't already been nominated, and I'm also surprised they don't generate more comment here.

I miss them.

Posted by Moni3 on Tuesday, 05.8.07 @ 22:21pm

Definitely the greatest sister act in rock history, they went through so many styles and kicked major ass with all of them. If you see the early jazz years in video clips they will take your breath away!

Posted by jogrant on Wednesday, 05.7.08 @ 11:52am

the Pointer Sisters are way out front of any other so-called girl group, it's a mystery, actually a travesty, if they are not inducted ... just check out their "career highlights" ... the industry awards and multiple platinum albums speak volumes!

Posted by Ivan on Sunday, 08.3.08 @ 13:35pm

Previously Considered? "No"
No??????? there is something outta place in the stars - like Betelgeuse or Rigel missing ... the RHOF has to have their eyes opened. Pointer Sisters fans get active. "We gonna kick down all o' the doors!" Recognize!!!!

Posted by telarock on Saturday, 08.30.08 @ 10:58am

O Yes, Pointer Sisters should be in the RRHoF. They had a ton of hit songs and with incredible vocals. I could easy name 12 great songs of theirs just from the 80s alone ... due to space/time here will limit to 6:
Neutron Dance, Slow Hand, So Excited, Fire, Twist My Arm, Baby Come Get It
... I can go back to the 70s and forward to the 90s still naming their songs.

But here is the main key, they blast doors off in live concerts with quality like nobody else ever could match!

Posted by benny on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 22:08pm

Dont know if they will get it but sure they got my vote. They had wonderful harmony. I love there early blues & jazz songs. They sang soul r&b, rock, all kinds of songs.

Posted by Cokey on Tuesday, 10.14.08 @ 12:43pm

People, itsa good thing this site accepts only 1 vote per artist from an IP address. Ya just can't vote multiple times from your home PC. (I think you used to be able to do that?) Its a good thing because yours truly would try to vote about a 1000x for the Pointer Sisters just to get yor attention! Do they belong in? Yes. BTW, technically the Pointer Sisters should be eligible since 1996 (vs 1998). First album was in 1973, but they had a single which was released back in 1971.

Check out their official website or a few of their fan websites if you need convincing. Better yet, put "Pointer Sisters" into Youtube and spend a few hours enjoying the many videos. If you have a pulse, you will be convinced!

Posted by telarock on Tuesday, 10.14.08 @ 22:06pm

are they influential?

Posted by hydra on Wednesday, 10.15.08 @ 05:10am

are they influential?
Posted by hydra on Wednesday, 10.15.08 @ 05:10am
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Hi Hydra,

Your question is an intellectual one. I don't know, but suppose a case could be made that the Pointer Sisters influenced such "girl groups" as Destinys Child, En Vogue, and Bananarama and Sugababes recently in UK. The Pointer Sisters have been tremendously popular in Europe and UK.

Such artists as Elvis Presley, Queen Latifah, Salt n Pepa have sang or sampled songs written by the Pointer Sisters - yes they did write many of their own songs. Other Pointer songs have been featured in big movies, notably Beverly Hills Cop, Car Wash, and American Vacation.

So yes, I do think the Pointer Sisters are/were influential. But more importantly IMO, is they have incredible vocal talent and made good songs.

Posted by benny on Wednesday, 10.15.08 @ 10:09am

let me just say I'm a huge lover of the Pointer Sisters. they don't get talked about on this site, and may not ever get consideration from the RHOF. some of the metal-heads may (without knowledge) deride me; but ... if you offer me right now 1 free admission pass to give to any 1 unfavored group, I will give it to the Pointer Sisters. before you jump all over me, check out some of their concert videos. they are vocalists of course, and weren't exclusively rock. they did a lot of different styles. just to name a handful of their songs: Neutron Dance, Fire, Twist My Arm, Baby Come and Get It, Automatic, Yes We Can Can, Wang Dang Doodle, Goldmine, He's So Shy, Insanity ... when these ladies took stage, everyone was about to lose control, but you knew you liked it!!!

Posted by benny on Saturday, 10.25.08 @ 22:49pm

I was shocked when I read they were not in the HOF and even more surprised now that they have never been nominated. These ladies had three mid 70's hits in Yes We Can Can , Betcha Got a Chick on the Side (How Long) and Wang Dang Doodle, before they even went bigger with those string of top pop hits in the early to mid 80's. Not only did they record hits, they PERFORMED them.

Posted by Drebaby on Sunday, 12.7.08 @ 00:07am

The Pointer sisters Greatest female group of all times 30 strong years of excellent recording and cocerts everthing from jazz ,rnb, country and rock in roll they have done it all there has been no other group has even come close to there wide range name it any stlye and they can sing it .

Posted by Florenzo Mcmillian on Saturday, 12.20.08 @ 18:56pm

these fabulous ladies are already there in my mind (dreams), but don't know if the dream will come true. my vote is YES for Pointer Sisters. yes, three sisters wearing frocks who could rock the rafters!

Posted by benny on Saturday, 12.20.08 @ 20:02pm

Will they get in the Rock Hall? Probably No. But I really love these soul sisters. "Yes We Can Can" (written by Allen Toussaint) was one of their early hits that got me hooked on them.

Posted by Telarock on Tuesday, 01.6.09 @ 11:03am

I like the PS, as well- but the ladies more than likely won't be considered for the HOF. Just another act that was popular, had some nice songs, but weren't anything that special in the grand scheme of things.

I love Bonnie Pointer's "Heaven Must Have Sent You."

Posted by JR on Tuesday, 01.6.09 @ 11:18am

hey JR, thanks for the backup. As for Bonnie, she just did a new song "I Believe" which is pretty kool. Check it out.

Posted by Telarock on Tuesday, 01.6.09 @ 11:28am

They are just great,and if you saw them perform in the 1970's and see them with only Ruth, Anita and Issa( Ruth's daughter) They still got it. I think Ruth and Anita sound better today than in the 1970's. Bonnie still sings and sounds great as well, just released a new song, check out her myspace page, and June passed in 2006. Still missing June great voice. I hope they are consider because they are one of a kind.

Posted by toney on Friday, 05.1.09 @ 20:46pm

Am still carrying the torch for the Pointer Sisters. Not the darlings of the Rolling Stone crowd, but ... no so-called girl group could top them (my opinion) not even the Supremes. Jazz, r&b, pop, rock ... in the 70s and 80s no girl group could come close to their level of vocal talent.

Posted by Telarock on Saturday, 05.23.09 @ 09:53am

FRL: Where are the voting buttons for Pointer Sisters?
My vote for them would be Yes. They never have got a nomination, but I can make a case for them and will do so. Yes Gitaran, you can like a group, and not need them in the RHOF ... true that. I don't need these ladies in, but I am actually saying the Pointer Sisters should be in. I will put up a video that will make my case. It should make believers outta many of you. As their song (fm Car Wash) says, You Got Ta Believe! I will report back when my video is uploaded on Youtube. Stay tuned.

Posted by Telarock on Sunday, 08.16.09 @ 22:49pm

My vote would be Yes, but thats just a wish. BTW: heres that Pointers' video I promised:
"Come And Get Your LOve" (a Russ Ballard song - not the Redbone song by same name). This iz wat Im talkin 'bout!

Posted by Telarock on Tuesday, 08.18.09 @ 15:38pm

They are an "unsung" (pun) group in R.S. circles, but they do have a good chance of making it anyway. The produced a lot of popular hits, as well as rock, and are connected to tons of inductees.

Posted by Telarock on Thursday, 02.11.10 @ 15:11pm

The Pointer Sisters

Bonnie Pointer
June Pointer
Anita Pointer
Ruth Pointer

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 04.25.10 @ 13:18pm

What about their birthdays, astrological signs and favorite flowers??

Posted by joker on Sunday, 04.25.10 @ 13:33pm

I am not completely on board with this RRHOF sentiment - not because the Sisters don't deserve the recognition - I just don't pay that much attention to who gets inducted. I DO know that during the 80's - when I was doing my best to make it as a hard rock new-waver, the Pointers were literally a bright light on the music scene and to this day they are on my iPod. My personal favorite has always been 'Automatic' although I agree with others here that their jazz and jazz-pop recordings are compelling regardless of time-frames. Whatever it takes, they ought to be acknowledged heavily.

Posted by Cyranobob on Thursday, 05.6.10 @ 23:14pm

An added comment on the Pointers' "influence" - I understand the references to 'girl groups', 'vocal groups' and the like, owever I never considered thier work as an influence so much as an affirmation. The 80's were, IMO, a memorable decade because of the diversity of styles (and yes, races and ethnicities) that literally latched on to the combination of joy and social awareness that pervaded the music of that day. As a purple-haired white rocker of those days, I couldn't help but notice (not to say anything of enjoying) the way those girls pushed the envelope of skill, downright talent and contemporary style to the limit - and we just loved them for all of those reasons. HoF? They get my vote.

Posted by Cyranobob on Thursday, 05.6.10 @ 23:24pm

Great Act they should be IN

Posted by mrxyz on Friday, 05.7.10 @ 13:13pm

Should be Automatic.

Posted by billy on Sunday, 08.14.11 @ 23:42pm

My favorite girl-group (probbly misnomer?) of all time. So many big songs. Yes We Can Can was their first hit back in 70s. Four sisters, all strong singers. Bonnie went out on her own, but Ruth, Anita, and June formed the trio that scored big all thru the 80s and into the 90s. Would vote big Yes on these ladies.

Posted by Cokey on Thursday, 11.24.11 @ 11:09am

The Pointer Sisters

01. Bonnie Pointer (1969–1978)
02. June Pointer (1969–2004)
03. Anita Pointer (1969–present)
04. Ruth Pointer (1972–present)

Bonnie Pointer was with the group for nine years, but she left the group just before the rest of the sisters went on two score big hits with Fire, He's So Shy, Slow Hand, Jump (For My Love), I'm So Excited, Automatic, and Neutron Dance. The hits with Bonnie Pointer were Yes We Can Can, Fairytale, and How Long (Betcha' Got a Chick on the Side). Bonnie Pointer will be inducted with the other three Pointer Sisters. June Pointer died in 2004.

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 10.17.12 @ 13:39pm


Actually June Pointer died on April 11, 2006

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Wednesday, 10.17.12 @ 15:47pm

The Pointer Sisters

01. Bonnie Pointer (1969–1978)
02. June Pointer (1969–2006)
03. Anita Pointer (1969–present)
04. Ruth Pointer (1972–present)

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 03.27.13 @ 19:28pm

Love them.

Posted by Benny on Friday, 04.5.13 @ 21:19pm


Posted by Crayzay on Saturday, 04.13.13 @ 12:42pm

I saw the Pointer Sisters last night and I must say, there were AMAZING! Extremely talented and the energy of their songs was EXCITING! They are definitely an act that is worthy of Rock Hall induction. Ruth and Anita have carried the torch well for the Sisters.

Posted by Kirk Harrington on Tuesday, 05.14.13 @ 08:46am

I saw the Pointer Sisters last night and I must say, there were AMAZING! Extremely talented and the energy of their songs was EXCITING! They are definitely an act that is worthy of Rock Hall induction. Ruth and Anita have carried the torch well for the Sisters.

Posted by Kirk Harrington.

What about Bonnie ?

Posted by Bill G. on Wednesday, 07.3.13 @ 09:55am

Yes! Most definitely The Pointer Sisters deserve to be in the RRHOF! If they are not inducted, then its the HOFs loss. These ladies can make a song just explode and then it takes one more leap right to your innards - yes I said innards! They sure made me do a double take when I heard them and I said to myself, they deserve to be in the RRHOF.

Posted by Ali on Sunday, 09.29.13 @ 05:46am

Just pure sweet talent Yes

Posted by Happy on Friday, 11.8.13 @ 02:43am

The Pointer Sisters are still ANOTHER reason why the RRHOF's ban on Black R&B acts is...just STUPID!!!

Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 01.7.14 @ 01:30am

Amen to above comment. The RRHOF nominating committee once had a baloney sandwich who thought highly of himself, and he had very little regard for The Pointer Sisters. I will not name him. He was foolish and said foolish things. Last I heard he was seen exiting a RRHOF banquet with a sandwich in hand as he left. Now it remains for someone to open up the PS dossier and re-exam the contents. That these fabulous ladies have yet to even get "consideration" is mind-boggling to me. Cleveland is needing their excitement, get a space for them.

Posted by Telarock on Tuesday, 07.8.14 @ 18:58pm

Yes Dey Can Can.

Posted by bubba on Monday, 07.28.14 @ 16:28pm

Bonnie would of course be on board if Pointer Sisters ever get in. She maybe dropped out before they went platinum in the 80s but she was a big impetus in the formative years leading up.

Posted by Worm on Tuesday, 08.5.14 @ 20:26pm

I hereby appoint the Pointer Sisters to the RRHoF. No lie, those sisters kicked serious ass!

Posted by Worm on Sunday, 09.7.14 @ 13:04pm

I met Ruth Pointer at Cleveland Hopkins airport where I work and asked if she could volunteer to go the next day for a travel certificate. I asked her if she stayed overnight to get to Boston that i could take her to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. I was joking with her and she was serious,she said "I will not step foor in there until we are nominated" I could not believe she was not already with her sisters in there. Donna Summer is in there and there and they should be too!!!

Posted by sue mazzone on Monday, 10.6.14 @ 16:23pm

The Pointeer Sisters were some very hot sistas and they kicked big ass. Why the hell they not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame? It's a crime. Put them on the ballot now or Cleveland you aint nothin but ass!

Posted by Dippy on Saturday, 01.10.15 @ 15:57pm

Should have been inducted YEARS ago .

Posted by Bill G. on Thursday, 08.13.15 @ 03:25am

I just finished listening to the Pointer Sisters' Blue Note albums. Based on those recordings alone, the Pointers should have been inducted long ago. That they had major pop and R&B success in the late 70's through the 80's is just icing on the cake.

Posted by Paul on Friday, 08.21.15 @ 14:14pm

Total Agreement ,Paul !!!

Totally shocking that JUNE, RUTH,BONNIE, AND ANITA have never even been NOMINATED !!! They were a multi-talented group of sisters that did EVERYTHING well :Pop, R&B, Country, 40's Big name it !!! and they had a string of hits that were the envy of the industry...and are still well remembered today !!!

The ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME has REALLY BEEN DROPPING THE BALL on inducting deserving R&B acts in recent years...
No offense to Bill Withers...but for him to be inducted BEFORE :


Sorry. I just don't SEE it.

Posted by Bill G. on Friday, 08.21.15 @ 14:47pm

Now lissen up people! The Pointer Sisters in the decade of the 80's alone had some 18 songs hit in the Billboard Hot 100. I submit for you:
1980 He's So Shy
1981 Slow Hand
1981 Could I Be Dreaming
1982 Should I Do It
1982 American Music
1983 If You Wanna Get Back Your Lady
1983 I Need You
1984 Jump (For My Love)
1984 I'm So Excited
1984 Automatic
1985 Neutron Dance
1985 Freedom
1985 Dare Me
1985 Baby Come and Get It
1986 Twist My Arm
1986 Goldmine
1987 All I Know Is the Way I Feel
1987 Be There (Beverly Hills Cop II)

Now that's just the 80s. In the 70s they recorded Yes We Can Can, Wang Dang Doodle, Fire, etc. They also wrote and recorded Fairytale, a song Elvis called the "story of my life" and often sang in his concert performances. The P.S. got 3 Grammy awards and many more Grammy nominations. So much for the "Fame" part of Hall of Fame. They continued to record successfully well into the 90s.

So why no "consideration" as of yet for the RRHoF? These ladies been left out in the cold for far too long now.

Posted by Telarock on Thursday, 02.18.16 @ 15:12pm

Why are the Pointer Sisters not in yet???

Posted by dick on Thursday, 10.20.16 @ 13:34pm


The Pointer Sisters are still ANOTHER reason why the RRHOF's undeclared ban on Black R&B acts is...just STUPID!!!

Totally shocking that JUNE, RUTH,BONNIE, AND ANITA have never even been NOMINATED !!! They were a multi-talented group of sisters that did EVERYTHING well :Pop, R&B, Country, 40's Big name it !!! and they had a string of hits that were the envy of the industry...and are still well remembered today !!!
*They were awarded with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1994.
* They are multiple Grammy Award winners.
* They were the FIRST R&B group (ever) to play the Grand Ol' Opry.
* Their songs have been used in movies and T.V. commercials
* They wrote much of their own material.
They have won 3 American Music Awards
*They have had no less than 8 U.S. Certified Gold Albums, two of which went Platinum and one Multi-Platinum
They have had 3 of their albums go Platinum in Canada, one of which went 4 times Platinum.
Thet have had some 41 Pop and R&B charting singles...including 13 Top 20 singles and 7 Top 10's.
*They have recorded hits on the Pop, Rock, Jazz, Country, and R&B/Soul Charts...
* They had charted hits in the United States, Canada, the U.K.,Australia,The Netherlands,Belgium,Austria,Germany,Ireland,Sweden, and New Zealand....
Careful, RRHOF.... your Racism and Rockism is beginning to show..

Posted by Bill G on Thursday, 12.1.16 @ 17:35pm

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