The Mothers of Invention

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 1991 (The 1992 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

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Freak Out! (1966)

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Will The Mothers of Invention be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Some wild and crazy stuff.. Again I wonder wonder why.. I am so honored to be the first post.. With player like 1.Stevie Ray Vaughan 7396
2. Bon Jovi 6416
3. Metallica 6371
4. Red Hot Chili Peppers 5162
5. Britney Spears 4235
6. Nirvana 4036
7. Guns N Roses 3180
8. Good Charlotte 2647
9. Backstreet Boys 2577
10. Tom Jones
How could this band of dead musician/has beens even compete?? I mean look and see what is REALLY HOT..LOL

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 03.8.09 @ 23:49pm

It doesn't make much sense why the Mothers were not inducted with Zappa. I really can't see any chance of them getting in as performers or sidemen.

Posted by Dude Man on Sunday, 07.26.09 @ 14:19pm

the problem here is that the personnel were always coming and going, rotating in and out of the band according to what Zappa needed or wanted . . . don't know if you could actually identify a group of musicians called the Mothers of Invention . . .

(of course, that didn't stop Steely Dan from being inducted . . . hmmmm . . .)

Posted by Michael on Tuesday, 02.15.11 @ 14:51pm

Does this mean Estrada won't be inducted with The Mothers of Invention and Little Feat?

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 02.26.12 @ 22:08pm

one would certainly hope not.

Posted by GFW on Monday, 02.27.12 @ 11:54am

"Does this mean Estrada won't be inducted with The Mothers of Invention and Little Feat?"

Shouldn't mean a thing: It has nothing to do with his recording career.

Posted by Chalkie on Monday, 02.27.12 @ 14:13pm

The Mothers of Invention (The Mothers)

01. Frank Zappa
02. Ray Collins
03. Jim Black
04. Roy Estrada
05. Henry Vestine
06. Elliot Ingber
07. Jim Fielder
08. Don Preston
09. Bunk Gardner
10. Billy Mundi
11. Euclid James Motorhead Sherwood
12. Ian Underwood
13. Arthur Dyer Tripp III
14. Lowell George
15. Buzz Gardner
16. Jeff Simmons
17. George Duke
18. Aynsley Dunbar
19. Mark Volman
20. Howard Kaylan)
21. Jim Pons
22. Bob Harris
23. Ralph Humphrey
24. Jean-Luc Ponty
25. Sal Marquez
26. Tom Fowler
27. Bruce Fowler
28. Ruth Underwood
29. Napoleon Murphy Brock
30. Chester Thompson
31. Terry Bozzio
32. Denny Walley

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 06.2.12 @ 23:30pm

Ray Collins R.I.P

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 12.29.12 @ 13:47pm

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