The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Performer

Inducted in: 1992

Inducted by: Neil Young

Nominated in: 1992

First Eligible: 1992 Ceremony

Inducted Members: Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 1992 (ranked #9) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Are You Experienced (1967)
Axis: Bold As Love (1967)
Electric Ladyland (1968)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Hey Joe (1966)
Fire (1967)
Little Wing (1967)
Foxy Lady (1967)
The Wind Cries Mary (1967)
Purple Haze (1967)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (1968)
All Along The Watchtower (1968)
Crosstown Traffic (1968)
Star Spangled Banner (1970)

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Jimi Hendrix = Best guitarist ever.

Posted by Ian on Sunday, 07.30.06 @ 00:10am

Okay let me just say this.(including me)
Paul Mcartney 2 comments
John Lennon 1 comment
The Grateful Dead 2 Comments
The Jimi Hendrix Experience 2 comments

What ever happened to the 1960's

Posted by Mike on Friday, 10.10.08 @ 17:00pm

Mike... The lack of comments is due to the fact that everyone respects Jimi Hendrix and agrees that he's one of the (if not the) greatest guitarist of all time

Posted by Keebord on Friday, 10.10.08 @ 17:43pm

If they really respected Jimi, Mitch, and Joel that much they would comment!

Posted by Mike on Monday, 10.27.08 @ 13:22pm


It's not Joel, it's NOEL Redding. He was born on Christmas Day, 1945 so DON'T YOU EVER FORGET HIS NAME AGAIN!!!!!

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Monday, 10.27.08 @ 19:13pm

Oh snap!

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 10.28.08 @ 13:01pm

Mitch Mitchell is now dead. Rest in peace Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 11.16.08 @ 13:56pm

WHO EVER WORKS WITH THE ROCK HALL OF FAME DOESN'T KNOW ANY THING ABOUT ROCK, OR EVEN MUSIC. Why the hell isn't Jimi Hendrix in the hall of fame, he is the best guitarist to ever live.

Posted by A pissed of Music fan on Friday, 01.2.09 @ 20:55pm

I must say that I find it shocking that it took 22 years for Jimi Hendrix to make the Rock Hall of Fame. Jimi Hendrix was the most influential guitar player in the history of rock. Although I hate to categorize him as just a rock musician. He has been gone since 1970 and today I can still hear him via his own music on the radio or a guitar that was inspired by his work.

Posted by Paul on Friday, 02.13.09 @ 23:57pm

What are you talking about? The Experience was inducted in its first year of eligibility!

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 02.14.09 @ 01:25am

Jimi is without a doubt the best guitarist of all time. For those who say Clapton, just listen to Jimi's blues album. He beats Eric at his own game, hands down, if you ask me.

Posted by Chris on Saturday, 01.16.10 @ 10:14am

Hey Gitatzan,

Have you heard the new Jimi Hendrix record Valleys Of Neptune yet? If so what do you think of it. I would be grateful if you would jump over to and read my review and leave a comment. Also I recently did an interview with Niklas Salvind of the Swedish band WOLF I want you to hear. It's probably not your favorite music but the interview is pretty insightful about the struggles of a modern rock band and we do talk guitars and amps, check it out. It would be cool if everyone from here checked it out.


Posted by SpaceTrucker on Saturday, 03.13.10 @ 09:04am

Damn it, more type o's. Sorry about the 'Gitatzan'
Gitarzan. LOL

Posted by SpaceTrucker on Saturday, 03.13.10 @ 09:07am

Trucker...I see that album has been posted on Rhapsody, and I'll probably make time later today to give it a good listen. It seems strange to me that they waited 40 years to release this stuff, but I also don't know the specifics on where the tapes were, and how much "red tape" had to be cut (which is usually the case) to release it.

A little FYI for you to get a feel where I'm coming from, I think some of the most brilliant players I've ever seen or heard are heavy rock players...guys like Wylde, Rhoads, Abbott, etc..., are astounding musicians. The players that I've listened to and learned from since I first picked up a guitar (1967) are just all over the charts. my theory has always been to listen and study a lot of players, and hopefully something that's mine will drip off the end of it...

Easier said than done, I might add...LOL!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 03.14.10 @ 08:51am

Thanks, Gitarzan,

Since you were old enough to experience (no pun intended)Jimi Hendrix music as it came out are you feeling any excitement or anticipation to hearing Valleys Of Neptune for the first time? just curious.

I'm anxious to hear what you think of the record. If you don't mind I would really appreciate your take on the record on my review page for Valleys Of Neptune comments.


Posted by SpaceTrucker on Sunday, 03.14.10 @ 11:20am

To be honest with you, it kinda snuck up on me...LOL!!! I get wrapped up in my own little world sometimes, and hadn't heard much about it! Any time I can hear music that hasn't been heard before from a great innovator it's a nice treat.

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 03.14.10 @ 15:46pm

The greatest rock photographer of all time has passed away today. Should be inducted as a non-performer. RIP, Jim.

"Music photographer Jim Marshall, who spent more than a half-century capturing rock-and-roll legends including the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin at work and in repose, has died. He was 74.

Marshall's death in New York City was confirmed Wednesday by Aaron Zych, a manager at the Morrison Hotel Galleries, which hosted one of the photographer's last exhibits.

Marshall had been scheduled to appear at a reception Wednesday night to promote his new book with celebrity photographer Timothy White. He apparently died in his sleep sometime overnight while alone in his New York hotel room, Zych said.

"Jim's work is legendary," he said. "As far as music photographers, he is the godfather."

The cause of death was not immediately known.

According to his professional Web site, Marshall had more than 500 album covers to his credit. The San Francisco resident was best-known for his iconic images from the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival, where he photographed Jimi Hendrix setting his guitar ablaze, and 1969's Woodstock, where as an official photographer he captured The Who tearing up the stage at sunrise.

Marshall also was the only photographer granted backstage access at what turned out to be the final Beatles concert, at San Francisco's Candlestick Park in 1966. Good timing and his rapport with musicians also helped him catch Johnny Cash memorably "flipping the bird" at a 1969 performance at San Quentin Prison.

Other famous subjects included Bob Dylan, The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin and The Rolling Stones.

"This 'career' has never been just a job — it's been my life," Marshall remarked on his Web site.

Born in Chicago on Feb. 3, 1936, Marshall moved with his parents at age 2 to San Francisco's Fillmore District, then the heart of the city's jazz scene. He bought the first of his beloved Leica cameras in 1959, and a year later, during what he would describe as a "life-changing meeting" with saxophonist John Coltrane, he found his professional calling.

Before his lens discovered rock-and-roll, Marshall continued to find inspiration in jazz musicians, including Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk. He also depicted poverty in rural Appalachia and the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi during the early 1960s.

Marshall spent two years living in New York, but returned to San Francisco in time to witness the birth of the 1960s counterculture and to meet young talent like Hendrix, Joplin and Jefferson Airplane during the city's Summer of Love.

His more recent subjects included Ben Harper and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Marshall's work has appeared in numerous books, including four featuring only his own photographs. "Match Point," his most recent, a collaboration with Timothy White, was published this month." AP

Posted by classicrocker on Wednesday, 03.24.10 @ 22:53pm

Your guitar player is way better than me, and the horns are like one set of lungs.

-Jimi Hendrix

I'm pretty good man, but this Kath blows me away."

-Jimi Hendrix

Posted by Roy on Monday, 08.16.10 @ 09:19am


01. 1987 - Hank Williams
02. 1987 - B.B. King
03. 1992 - Jimi Hendrix (The Jimi Hendrix Experience)

Posted by Roy on Monday, 11.15.10 @ 18:40pm

Jimi Hendrix was ahead if his time. I have been listening to his music since I was 15 y.o. in 1971. He was not accepted in the USA at first... Jimi had to the UK and across seas to be recognized! I love all of his music! I have a huge poster in my music room of him playing in his guitar with a purple hue…"Purple Haze". It's too bad that drugs and fatigue took him so soon! Rock on 'above' Jimi!

Posted by Mary on Wednesday, 02.26.14 @ 08:06am

Jimi was inducted with his bandmates? That's great.
Jimi Hendrix is like the best guitarrist ever.

Posted by BulmaPunkRocker on Sunday, 07.6.14 @ 21:14pm

Hendrix was the first major musician to change people's perception of rock music. He definitely deserved the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame!

Posted by Luke Madigan on Monday, 05.8.17 @ 16:13pm

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