The Jackson Five

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Performer

Inducted in: 1997

Inducted by: Diana Ross

Nominated in: 1994   1995   1996   1997

First Eligible: 1994 Ceremony

Inducted Members: Jackie Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Michael Jackson and Tito Jackson

Snubbed Members: Randy Jackson

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 1997 (ranked #151) .

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
I Want You Back (1969)
ABC (1970)
I'll Be There (1970)

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The Jackson 5 are one of the best.Their music is classic and little michael up front made everything even better.Their music will live on forever.

Posted by maira on Saturday, 08.11.07 @ 11:26am

The Jackson 5 and the Ronettes are the original "corporate rock" bands.

Industry fabrications.

Antithesis of The Replacements......

Posted by SG on Friday, 09.7.07 @ 01:20am

KISS are corporate rock icons with a carefully managed media empire and image.

Covered by The Replacements...

What does it matter if the songs of J5/The Ronettes were written by outsiders? They still were exceptional performers putting out some of the best tunes of their day.

Posted by Casper on Friday, 09.7.07 @ 01:50am

I agree the J5 is the finest bubblegum anyone could ever hope to step his Cesare Paciottis into.

Bar none.

The moral of this story is it's OK to have a corporate media empire and image (including lying about the age of the lead singer) It's OK to market pants patches, posters, coloring books, magazines and Saturday morning cartoon shows as long as the tunes are good.

Posted by SG on Friday, 09.7.07 @ 02:41am

"What does it matter if the songs of J5/The Ronettes were written by outsiders? They still were exceptional performers putting out some of the best tunes of their day." - Casper

Oooo - careful in these waters, Casper. What you wrote can easily be coopted by the likes of Britney Spears and her evil ilk; total "Products", vapid and souless and devoid of any true musicianship.
The word "Performer" is way, way too lenient to serve as a legitimate Green Card. Sexy/sharp dance choreography and a snazzy video image
should not be held in the same regard as great songwriting and authentic musical talent.

I take you rpoint with regard to Jackson 5, but ooo - be careful there.

Posted by shawn on Friday, 09.7.07 @ 10:31am

I actually could sense the go-nowhere Britney Spears argument approaching and nearly included it in my post just to stop you in your tracks. Britney Spears wasn't making the best music of her time like those other two artists were and none of it has aged well. Big difference, my friend. Let's not forget the fact that she lip synched, isn't a great vocal talent, blah blah blah.

Also, not sure how you can describe the Jackson Five as products or The Ronettes when both groups formed without outside influence. Nobody through these people together, they formed the acts themselves.

Posted by Casper on Friday, 09.7.07 @ 16:07pm

"The moral of this story is it's OK to have a corporate media empire and image (including lying about the age of the lead singer) It's OK to market pants patches, posters, coloring books, magazines and Saturday morning cartoon shows as long as the tunes are good."

You could honestly be talking about The Beatles there, just replace "lead singer's age" with "lead singer's marriage"...

Posted by Casper on Friday, 09.7.07 @ 16:09pm

I concur with you that musically the Jackson 5 and The Ronettes are in another category from the Ms. Spears crowd. I was not questioning their merit whatsoever.
My point was just that I think you would do well to reenforce your case for them past the "Performer" argument, lest it be adopted by the Crap Factory crowd who validate themselves by holding up their own "Performer" sign, when they are of no more substance than crass product (think boy bands, Fergie, & other overhyped packaged goods).

Posted by shawn on Saturday, 09.8.07 @ 00:11am

R.I.P Michael Jackson

Posted by Steve Z on Thursday, 06.25.09 @ 20:53pm

It's time for Janet Jackson to also be considered.

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 10.18.11 @ 08:32am

Did you know in the year 1970, The J5 knocked the Fab Four aka The Beatles out of the summit twice. First, "ABC" knocked "Let it Be" out of number one on April 25,1970 then a couple of months later, "The Love You Save" knocked "The Long And Winding Road" out of number one on June 27, 1970. A mere eighteen years later, Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" knocked George Harrison's "Got My Mind Set On You" out of number one on January 23, 1988

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Saturday, 10.29.11 @ 01:07am

The Jackson 5 should have been inducted as The Jackson 5 / The Jacksons, that way, Randy Jackson would have been inducted with them as well.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 01.10.12 @ 14:46pm

The reason they were not nominated and inducted in 1997 as The Jackson Five/The Jacksons is because The Jacksons were not qualified for The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame until 2001. The Rock Hall should have waited but they didn't. The Jacksons can still be inducted separately.

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 02.1.12 @ 08:39am

which will never, ever, happen.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 05.12.12 @ 14:14pm

Essential Songs
I Want You Back (1969)
ABC (1970)
The Love You Save (1970)
I'll Be There (1970)
Never Can Say Goodbye (1971)

Posted by Automatic on Monday, 08.20.12 @ 20:24pm

Shame younger brother Randy wasn't inducted, pretty much after the J5 left Motown Michael and Randy wrote all the good music for the Jacksons such as Shake Your Body, Lovely One, and some others. I also think the Triumph album should be an essential album. It is a very underrated album and it shows off the creative side in the Jackson 5.

Posted by TooLate on Sunday, 07.21.13 @ 01:42am

Why did they put these guys in the hall? I don't think that artists should be allowed in if they had a large part of their fanbase being kids. I mean... Seriously? LED ZEPPELIN appealling to 10 year olds? PINK FLOYD to 9 year old girls? The hall shouldn't induct artists unless the vast majority of their fanbase was teens and young adults. Yall can make a case for the Jacksons but still will fail. They were influential but INNOVATION!! How were the Jackson 5 innovative? Come on. What will you people say if they chose the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK over GREEN DAY. The BACKSTREET BOYS over PEARL JAM. *NSYNC over NICKELBACK. THE JONAS BROTHERS over THE KILLERS. What will yall say. They should have chosen FLEETWOOD MAC or SANTANA in '97 over THE JACKSON 5. I dare yall to make a case for any of these comparisons

Posted by Karl Singleton on Saturday, 03.15.14 @ 16:17pm

"The Jacksons"(post-Motown) should also be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Randy Jackson got cheated, and much of the independent songwriting talent of The Jacksons were ignored! The Jackson, Triumph and Destiny are AWESOME albums! And some of the best songs during The Jacksons era had , along with Michael, Randy Jackson's name written all over them. All of the brothers were hardworking, extremely talented and popular at that time and should be recognized.

The songs Destiny and Shake Your Body were and are really good songs and Can You Feel It is an actual masterpiece.

Plus, while Motown got a lot of recognition for their earlier work with The Jackson 5 as young adults, "The Jacksons" did a lot of work with Gamble & Huff, and there should be no denying what a talented team those two groups made. The songs from their self-title "The Jacksons" albums were some of the best of all time. Enjoy Yourself and Good Times are loved to this day, and Show You the Way to Go is up their with Stevie Wonders "As". Proof that the Motown-free Jacksons were industry savvy, prepared, smart and knew how to pick the best producers and songwriters to complement their evolving styles and voices.

Posted by Can You Feel It? I can! on Tuesday, 10.7.14 @ 15:37pm


01. The Jackson Family: $875,300,000
02. The Jacksons: $643,300,000
03. The Jackson Five: $603,300,000


01. Michael Jackson: $600 Million
02. Janet Jackson: $175 Million
03. Katherine Jackson: $50 Million
04. Randy Jackson: $40 Million
05. LaToya Jackson: $4 Million
06. Rebbie Jackson: $2.5 Million
07. Tito Jackson: $2 Million
08. Jermaine Jackson: $1 Million
09. Joseph Jackson: $500,000
10. Jackie Jackson: $200,000
11. Marlon Jackson: $100,000

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 05.7.16 @ 17:19pm

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