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Eligible in: 2028 (The 2029 Induction Ceremony)

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Will The Fray be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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its near impossible to tell a this early stage of their rise to fame, are they a fad, or are they a legend.

Posted by anna on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 17:21pm

hey you guys are good but not good enough i dont think you are ready to be in the futurerockhall yet i should know im in a band myself lol so maybe nexst year but i do lov da music

Posted by kayli on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 07:43am

The Fray SUCKS!

Posted by Katherine on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 11:35am

The Fray SUCKS!

Posted by Katherine on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 11:36am

I say yes. They are tallented. Lets see them go even bigger!! If they don't get bigger, I won't expect much.

Posted by Natalie on Wednesday, 03.21.07 @ 14:26pm

The Fray sucks! Won't make it 5 years, in my opinion. After How to Save a Life, what songs do they have?

Posted by Andy on Sunday, 04.29.07 @ 09:39am

THE FRAY SUCKS! I don't like any of their music at all! "Over My Head (Cable Car)" is one of the worst songs I've ever heard, along with "How To Save A Life"! They are the most dull and boring band I've ever heard.

Posted by Swaroop on Wednesday, 09.5.07 @ 14:35pm

The Fray's singer is the worst singer in the world! He sounds like he is drunk or something. I can barely understand the lyrics. Who let that guy on the radio?

Posted by peggy-sue on Wednesday, 09.12.07 @ 14:47pm

The Fray just provide further proof that music of today is horrible. This isn't even music these are just sounds that have no apparent flow or logical progression. That lead singer is one of the worst the music industry has had in a long long time.

If you want music to depress the sh*t out of you and give you a migraine listen to that crap along with Snow Patrol.

Posted by Fraylickdick on Tuesday, 10.9.07 @ 14:34pm

"The Fray just provide further proof that music of today is horrible."-idiot

Please explain how a single band, however bad, can reduce the accomplishments of a thousand others. Show your work.

Posted by William on Tuesday, 10.9.07 @ 21:37pm

I love the fray, but that's my opinion. I want to know why "THE FRAY SUCKS" Katherine.

Posted by Jane on Monday, 12.3.07 @ 08:38am

Here's why, Jane:

1) They are talentless
2) They are a singles band, but not in the good sense like Franz Ferdinand (see Pitchfork), they are a singles band in the sense that they can't/don't write good albums
3) They are like Coldplay, except shit
4) Anyone who thinks of them as 'innovating' deserves to be blindfolded, led into a field and shot dead. If you failed to ,pick up the jist, I mean to say that they are not innovating
5) The vocalist is a whining piece of MOR shit

Posted by liam on Tuesday, 12.4.07 @ 10:30am

It all depends on what you like. TO me The Fray sound good but This katherine person probably listens to the oldies crap, is single and has a grudge of intra or interpersonal feelings toward them. Hell she probaly doesnot know what that means.

Posted by Jesse Erickson on Monday, 03.3.08 @ 14:27pm

OK - I gave them a shot -
from the opening of the first song on the album:
If you like Coldplay - STAY AWAY - these guys are the cheap imitation version!
Ever see those cheap colognes/perfumes for, like $5 that say "If you like 'Eternity', then try this!" or whatever..... THESE GUYS ARE THAT CHEAP COLOGNE!!!
Older people without a sense of 'good music' may still enjoy it though... but they'd have to be 38+...

Posted by FraySucksMajorAss on Tuesday, 04.8.08 @ 08:07am

Coldplay are a poor man's Smiths.

Posted by Liam on Tuesday, 04.8.08 @ 08:21am

The Fray is terrible. They fit right in with the rest of today's terrible music.

Posted by Flair on Tuesday, 04.8.08 @ 10:47am


Posted by Brooke on Saturday, 04.26.08 @ 07:43am


Posted by Fricky on Saturday, 04.26.08 @ 13:22pm

^And that's the hardcore fanbase.

Posted by Liam on Saturday, 04.26.08 @ 13:25pm

The Fray are one of those bands that I just can't get past the sound of the lead singer's voice. He sounds like he's fighting the urge to bawl his eyes out while he sings... snivelly at that. Just drives me nuts.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 04.26.08 @ 14:16pm

i loved how you spit on me at a concert...definately dont think that you are good enough to get in this rock hall though.

Posted by Brooke on Tuesday, 05.13.08 @ 12:32pm

But will his spit be inducted?

Posted by Dameon on Tuesday, 05.13.08 @ 12:43pm

no...nothing will be inducted.

Posted by Drew Brees on Thursday, 05.15.08 @ 11:07am

the fray can fry in music he%ll along with panic at the disco,my chemicle romance,tokyo hotel, +44, angels and airways,james cu%nt, soul ja boy,jonas bros, . . . . . these bands are either whining about a break up,or jes mix mumble jumple with toilet lyrics

blame the socail media and J-14 mag teeners (-:

Posted by pissed artist on Tuesday, 09.16.08 @ 22:02pm

I think teir a good band bet slade does look and act gay most of his songs have like guy themes bet to who asked about what songs they have what about look after you that one is GOOD

Posted by DuBb on Sunday, 11.23.08 @ 19:55pm

There good, someone wrote about how their lyrics make no sense, well a little advice, maybe u need to actually THINK about the lyrics? or are u just retarded or something? The fray rock. End Of.

Posted by Jenn on Friday, 01.23.09 @ 16:16pm

"how to save a life" is a "feeling sorry for myself" boo ka ka song. boo hoo. Lyrics are incomprehensible. I had to actually read in English to understand.

Posted by Janice Alverado on Thursday, 02.5.09 @ 08:53am

The Fray is a mediocre-talent adult alternative band... but that's it until you throw in the fact that they are massively overrated (decent, but in no way deserving of the massive hype and having multiple songs advertising various commercials and TV Shows that deserve a better theme like Grey's Anatomy and Lost)... a band with potential that's too soon to tell, but I just think they screwed themselves over by becoming too big too fast for such little deserving material. They're a band where everything but the biggest couple of singles sucks... and as of now I'm voting 'No'

Posted by Paul Kagebein on Thursday, 02.5.09 @ 09:19am

A really lame band that makes me want to do evil things due to their lameness. Note to the singer: learn how to sing words rather than mumbling and slurring you loser!

Posted by TheFrayAreCrap on Tuesday, 02.10.09 @ 03:39am

If The Fray do indeed get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, I'll stop listening to music. Because the quality would have to have dropped so badly for these losers to be regarded as "rock" legends...

They aren't even "rock" anyway. They are boring, bland, middle-of-the-road AM radio garbage.

I absolutely HATE this band so much, I really wish they would split up and all their cds are burnt so no-one ever has to be subjected to their lame music EVER again!

Posted by TheFrayAreCrap on Tuesday, 02.10.09 @ 03:44am

So, are you saying The Fray are not good? (laff)

Posted by Worm on Tuesday, 02.10.09 @ 07:07am

the fray is retarded. Isaac Slade sings like a fag, and looks like hes taking a shit when he sings, and the lyrics make no sense.
plus they're indie POP, not rock.
Anyone and i mean ANYONE who likes the fray is caught up in a dopey fad that won't last much longer.
Both their albums suck

Posted by Bspeaks on Wednesday, 02.25.09 @ 16:37pm

Wow. It seems that you guys really like this band alot.

Posted by S.R on Tuesday, 03.17.09 @ 18:29pm

Well, I kind like a couple of their songs but the rest are way too monotonic and boring. Some of them could be saved were they sung by an intelligible singer. Seriously that Slade guy sounds like he's drunk when he sings, I have to check the lyrics on the internet to understand what he's saying. And you're right, they try to be Coldplay but fail miserably beacuse Coldplay is unique.

Posted by Ali on Saturday, 03.21.09 @ 16:24pm

I'm so glad that so many here seem to agree with my thoughts that this group represents everything that is wrong with the music business today. Calling this rock and roll is an insult! I want to tear up my ears everytime I hear this crap. Such mediocre bands shouldn't even be taken seriously.

Posted by RGF on Wednesday, 06.17.09 @ 10:16am

The Fray should stay in 2005 where it belongs. I remember hearing Chris Brown's "Run It!" and thinking it was the worst song of the year...until I heard "Over My Head (Whiney Annoying Emo)" every time I started my car. Who can honestly separate the band from Grey's Anatomy? They may as well call themselves The Grey's Anatomy Band. Since they owe 95% of their success to that show.

For a name like "The Fray", their music is pretty monotonous and mellow. Fray my ass. More like a fray fought by the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy guys and the cast of I Love Lucy.

Posted by piroca on Tuesday, 07.7.09 @ 18:03pm

okay guys

your bashing every and their is TODAY!

sooner of later nobody will come to be elvis, beatles, mj, ac/dc..

so you gotta put someone in their

these are the bands that aregoing to be put in their in the future.

so lighten up

Posted by f on Thursday, 07.23.09 @ 00:33am

"the fray is retarded. Isaac Slade sings like a fag, and looks like hes taking a shit when he sings, and the lyrics make no sense."

Bspeaks, I am a fag and I sound nothing like Isaac Slade when I sing. I do agree that his vocals are mediocre and his lyrics cliched though.

Posted by Josh(ua)Allen on Monday, 07.27.09 @ 23:19pm

The FRAY absolutely positively BLOWS. This is more of an ear assault than you's find in an elevator in a Newark Holiday Inn- and I mean way worse. It is perhaps some of the worst shit that has ever been recorded. Why are they on radio and mtv? They should all die in a firey car accident, slowly burning in an excrutiatingly painful death.

Posted by Robert on Saturday, 08.1.09 @ 04:04am

Ugh, The Fray are beyond terrible. The fact that any of their songs were ever considered good is just a testament to how bad the music scene has become.

Posted by Lisa on Saturday, 10.24.09 @ 01:07am

Lisa.. They're eligible in 2028!! They HAVEN'T been considered! And firstly it's not songs that are considered, but ARTISTS

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 10.24.09 @ 09:03am

how did these whiners ever get on the radio? hell no they will never be in the hall of fame. some clown whining "don't leave me now" over and over for three minutes isn't songwriting, it's crap. i don't think coldplay should even be in the hall let alone these wannabes. let's see there's the beatles, rolling stones, elvis, pink floyd, and....the fray? i don't think so.

Posted by bob jones on Tuesday, 10.27.09 @ 20:31pm

One of you is ranting about how they should 'all die in a firey car accident, slowly burning in an excrutiatingly painful death.' That sounds a tiny little bit insane dosen't it.

Nobody likes a hater, exept of course for their fellow haters.

Posted by Emily on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 16:22pm

Again, stop using the word "hater!!!" Find something that sounds more...educated

Posted by Keebord on Tuesday, 12.1.09 @ 16:24pm

Personally The Fray ae my favourite band in the whole world and i cant wait to see them nextyear wth my friend , whoever says they can't sing you need to get some taste in DECENT music


Posted by Louise on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 12:37pm

Use something more mature? Like Negative Nellies!

Posted by Emily on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 12:44pm

Use something more mature? Like Negative Nellies!

Posted by Emily on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 12:44pm

I said "educated" not "mature" (there's a difference). Yes, frankly anything works better than "hater." (Sorry if I sound childish for policing other peoples' word choice but I can't stand the word "hater".)

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 12.2.09 @ 17:25pm

Ammmm..... well lol! I can't belive waht I'm reading. One of the most intriguing momments in life are once just as these. Where you have critics seating behind a cumputer idiotically making negitive comments on a band that is undeniably making senseble music. Not the other shit that we hear every day, thats raping and murdering our minds. You obviously have nothing better to do. If you think the fray suck. That Go do somthing about it! Always be the solution not the problem. Shut up and make a diffrence. Because aperantly weather negitive or positive the fray is making a difference. Even in your life.

Posted by WISE ONE on Tuesday, 12.29.09 @ 22:26pm

WISE could make a difference as well, by learning to type...and proofread!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 12.30.09 @ 00:31am

An attorney representing dishwater has formally requested the phrase be officially changed to "dull as The Fray"

Posted by Trent on Wednesday, 12.30.09 @ 18:35pm

Ok Gitarzan, sue me.

Posted by Wise one on Thursday, 12.31.09 @ 20:27pm

Wise one...I'm gonna report you to my soon as I figure out who he is...!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 01.1.10 @ 07:40am

ok. lol. I have diplomatic immunity.

Posted by Wise one on Friday, 01.1.10 @ 15:21pm

If you hate the Fray it's none of my business... but it's obvious that more people like them than hate them because they're very popular.

Posted by Bob on Monday, 01.11.10 @ 18:29pm

Actually Bob, I think the 5% fan approval and 50% No vote goes against your claim

Posted by Keebord on Monday, 01.11.10 @ 18:44pm

It's a 50-50% fan approval so get your facts straight

Posted by Bob on Tuesday, 01.12.10 @ 17:23pm

My facts are straighter than the straightest line. 50/50 means that more people don't like them than hate them. Hence, your statement is incorrect. I never said more people hated them than liked them

Posted by Keebord on Tuesday, 01.12.10 @ 18:15pm

what are you talking about? The bottom line is they're popular. End of story.

Posted by Bob on Friday, 01.15.10 @ 15:22pm

I think their band is decent, but then that ISAAC SLADE whiner opens his damn mouth and makes me want to vomit into my own mouth. He sings as if he has turds in his mouth. Ugh his voice is one the worst voices ever. Same thing with U2. Love the band. Lose the Bono.

Posted by Ken on Thursday, 01.28.10 @ 12:12pm

I could care less about the Fray but lol
@Ali: I can't believe you just called Coldplay 'unique.' They are anything but that. Try uninspired.

Posted by AGH on Wednesday, 02.3.10 @ 12:28pm

I could never get into The Fray. I'm just a fence sitting kinda guy.

Posted by joker on Wednesday, 02.3.10 @ 12:40pm

"but in no way deserving of the massive hype and having multiple songs advertising various commercials and TV Shows that deserve a better theme like Grey's Anatomy and Lost)" WHAT?! They had music played on Lost? Shame on Lost!

"The Fray is a mediocre-talent adult alternative band... but that's it until you throw in the fact that they are massively overrated" Exactly. I encountered someone online who used the phrase the most "soulless, white-sounding, non-swinging bands". He wasn't talking about The Fray, but the phrase certainly applies to them. I'm willing to give them a chance to improve their boring music though.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 03.11.10 @ 16:46pm

As a fellow artist, I find it fascinating how ridiculously negative these comments are. Honestly, when I don't like music due to one thing or another, I don't listen to it. They invented iPods for a reason. You put what you want to listen to on them.

And I don't really understand why The Fray would be considered for this. I mean sure, they have rock influence, but so many of their acoustic and piano ballads seem to out weigh the rock side. Also, they are heavily influenced by the Pop genre.

I love the music. However, if you are looking for a typical singer that epitomizes qualities A, B, and C, in his vocals, than you will definitely not like this music. Especially as modern rock leans towards the lower, edgy sounds, The Fray seems to be bumped out of this genre. (I cite 3 Doors Down, Shinedown, Nickelback, etc.--and I enjoy these bands as well.)

In my opinion, The Fray is so unique in their genuine approach to moving with the music. When the music calls for the emotion of electric instruments and drums in the middle of a song, it changes to it, when it calls for a near whisper and soft piano, it moves towards it. I just hope that the music is seen for its own thing and not put in the box of modern rock and roll. Just my two cents.

Posted by PureLuk on Monday, 05.17.10 @ 18:49pm

3 Doors Down, Nickleback and Shinedown aren't edgy, PureLuk. And I say that as someone who thinks they have some good songs.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 05.28.10 @ 21:33pm

You guys who say that The Fray suck well they are great, they have feelings, oh yeah and people actually like them. My opinion well is mine.....Think it Over:time is a luxury!

Posted by Gabie on Thursday, 06.24.10 @ 14:32pm

That's great.

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 06.24.10 @ 14:41pm

The fray sucks, to put it simply. their music video "Over my head (in a cable car)" was just awful. Their are at least one thousand songs like that, but definately 500. if they are inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame... that's it. i've lost all hope in mainstream society.

"Like the Spanish Inquisition, no one ever sees it coming."

Posted by Lone Wolf on Tuesday, 08.3.10 @ 21:52pm

I don't understand why you guys are spending so much timing hating and complaining about The Fray. If you don't like it don't listen to it. No one is forcing you to. It's sad that no one has respect for anyone's opinions.

Posted by Hannah on Tuesday, 08.10.10 @ 22:06pm

your all assholes his voice is fine and lyrics and deep if u guus werent shallow retards who sit at a computer all day. i bet none of you tool bag losers even play an instrument. so suck my wet cheney hoes!!

Posted by cheneymonster on Monday, 09.20.10 @ 02:12am

So the depth of his lyrics and quality of his voice is dependent on whether we sit at a computer all day? Interesting. I actually don't play an instrument right now, but I did. I may have been a bit harsh in my comment, but the very sign of a fanboy is someone who overreacts to any comment that doesn't agree with what they think. I didn't even mention the numerous spelling and typing errors in your post. This is an open forum, and respect is earned. If a band hasn't earned our proper respect then we're perfectly entitled to say so. If you want to see only positive comments go to the band's fan club site.

Posted by Sam on Thursday, 09.23.10 @ 05:58am

To me, music is one of the very best things you experience in life. Thats because there are so many different types of it and everyone is entitled to listen to what they like. Now if you don't like the fray, that's fine, no one ever said you had to. Just remeber that everyone's tastes are different and lots of people might not like your taste in music either. I really can't see how posting something saying how much you hate the fray helps your cause. At the end of the day one person's opinion does not really matter. The fray are very popular based on the vast majority of how people see them. So go ahead, sit there at your computer and rant on about how much you hate them. You won't have any impact on their music or popularity. Try to remeber YOUR opinion is not the only one that matters.

Posted by Jillian on Sunday, 12.26.10 @ 18:42pm

yes the fray leader singin like shit boring! And Yes Everybody HES GAY!

Posted by Slikvoice on Monday, 12.27.10 @ 02:26am

... and him being gay has WHAT to do with anything?

Posted by GFW on Monday, 12.27.10 @ 09:02am

Hmmm Silkvoice, your comment is really offensive, 1. Because Issac Slade has a wife (as do all of the other members of the band, and one of the members even has 2 daughters) 2. And as GWF said being gay has nothing to do with the subject at all, your homophobia is just sad.

Posted by Jillian on Monday, 12.27.10 @ 10:20am

The Fray have that ubiquitous common denominator sound of the times, a badly devolved mix of U2 and REM sounds, among others, into a whiny emo idol mush, some top 40 Nashville machine tossed in, the look carefully selected to fit the low expectations of the dumb scum of America.

Posted by stentor on Sunday, 01.30.11 @ 22:25pm

I was looking up The Fray for a school project and i wanted information. Not all this crap you guys put on this site. Find a new hobby, at least a better one than commented on how sucky The Fray are. I have some cold water to splash on all of you low life's faces: The Fray are a better band than you are, they can also sing better than you and don't spend all day commenting on gay websites.
Get a life.

Posted by Georgia on Tuesday, 06.14.11 @ 02:55am

Why on earth would you go here for info?
Also we have hobbys, well, most of us.
Were ahrdly low life's, if you're so brilliant why do you get so annoyed by all this?
Also who caares if they can sing better than us? were not singers.
Also you're telling us to get a hobby, the perso nwho looked through what must be about 15 or so pages to find this?
haha, wow.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 06.14.11 @ 12:39pm

IMO, The Fray is the best band in the world. A lot of you hate it, because you all don't THINK. The Fray's songs are emotional and inspiring. Their lyrics are really really deep.

But I guess all these internet haters just don't even have brains to think on how deep The Fray is. They may not 100% Rock, but that doesn't mean they suck.

They have really meaningful songs that doesn't have a specific meaning. They make songs that you can interpret yourself on how you want it to be. Just like poems.

You can't interpret the meaning of a poem by merely reading them. You really have to think through it and decipher the meaning yourself using your own knowledge and life experiences.

Haters just don't understand how impactful The Fray's music are.

Posted by Anon on Saturday, 06.18.11 @ 11:24am who ever is like "the fray sucks, die in a firey flame(WHOA),the singer doesnt even say words" shut your mouth....obviously you have nothing better to do but be mean, and rant and crap.Yeah, sure maybe they not that great to be in the rock hall of fame thing, so! doesnt mean you have to go on and say your dumb hating opinion that they suck, boring, and crap, ok. Be decent, JEEZ! Its not like your making anything of yourselves......, some people like them, some people dont ok! we get it, we understand, but really? just stop.....ever heard of the phrase "if your going to say something, say something nice" gosh people. Just shows how crude and foul-mouthed we are. What I'm saying is if you dont like dont go going on how sluggish and how they burn your eardrums out, keep that to yourself...if you like them good for you, celebrate and move on!!!!!!(yes i am a The Fray fan :D) ok so calm down!

Posted by Carrie on Tuesday, 07.5.11 @ 21:39pm

im going for a yes!!!!

Posted by Cinthia on Tuesday, 07.5.11 @ 21:42pm

i know you may not understand this but certain things happen in peoples lives and they have to get their emotions out somehow. well the fray do it by singing it because that may be the easiest way of sharing their feelings. as for how the voice of isaac slade sounds, it is indescribable. it is that of a voice of an angel. one that lifts your spirits high, a place you can relate to. isaac slade along with the rest of the fray members are highly inteligent and talented and it doesnt take me to say it for people to know it. for you to play a roll in any part of the fray members life is a blessing. every time i hear isaac slades voice i get goosebumps. and when i hear joe's guitar,ben's drums, dave's base and isaac's piano it inspires me to do more than my capabilities. i am going to leave it at this, i hope that the music that is produced by the fray lives forever. and just think of what the fray would think if they stumbled across this wedsite and found all the hurtful coments posted. not only would it affect them but it would also hurt all the fray fans out their. isaac,joe,ben,and dave, no matter what you hear or see negitive about you personally or your band just ignore it and keep doing what you are doing, because you do beautifully at your job. never lose hope or faith no matter what anybody tells you.


Posted by ilovethefray on Thursday, 07.7.11 @ 05:05am

very very very very very very very very very very VERY TRUE! @ilovethefray, i competely, sincerly agree with you. They r truly inspiring people. <3 isaac! and his b-e-a-utiful voice! can't go a day without listening to them. They deserve it! You guys r awesome! and i love you!!!!!

Posted by Cinthia on Friday, 07.8.11 @ 22:03pm

Any of u dipshits who have to tlk shit about the fray are losers the fact is people like hearing them and they get to sing for a living and make millions what the hell do u do for a job a boring ass 9- 5 I'm sure ur just jealOus that they sound better than ur tiny garage band made with ur office buddies. So u suck all u nobodies putting them down

Posted by Alex vega on Tuesday, 07.26.11 @ 05:01am

i personally dont really listen to the fray but rock hall of fame is not a place for the to be compared with. i say hell to the na. there not that popular and probly only have a handful of fans. i really dont give a crap if they go in. i personly dont like their music cause they are kinda a cheap knock off of coldpay. say what ever you want to say to me. yall dont pay my bills.

Posted by nagga on Tuesday, 07.26.11 @ 20:48pm

first of all if you think the fray is so bad then why spend your time talking bad about them?

Posted by ilovethefray on Thursday, 07.28.11 @ 19:52pm

I like the Fray. They have a few good songs and they get stuck in my head often.... BUT I do not get the music videos!! Whats up with that - no story, no plot? Or am I missing something?

Posted by VideoFreak on Friday, 10.21.11 @ 12:26pm

whther they make it in or not.....they will always be great rockers to me :D

Posted by someone on Sunday, 11.27.11 @ 23:35pm


Posted by josh on Friday, 12.2.11 @ 20:28pm

The Fray are derivative... The guitarist trys to sound like greenway and the singer listened to too much of "the bends" as a child...
They just sound like a mashup of radiohead coldgay...

Posted by napper on Monday, 02.6.12 @ 17:23pm

I was watching TV last night and the fray was on. I listened to 3 songs and asked myself why are tese guys on TV. They suck. So I typed in the Fray sucks on the internets and got this site. Since people want to know why they suck I'll tell you my opinion. I don't care how a band looks, I care to listen to good music. This is dribble. The lyrics are stupid, the music is boring, and the singer seems to be doing a bad bono imitation. There is good music out there today, but not this band.

Posted by tom on Sunday, 04.15.12 @ 11:48am

They are everything that is wrong with music today. Formulaic and boring, catering to teenage girls and the radio. I see no signs of musical ability whatsoever, much less creativity.

Posted by Jack White on Tuesday, 05.1.12 @ 16:41pm

this band is awsome sum people r just haters wich i think wdf r they writing stuff if they dnt like them the fray is awsome

Posted by jackie on Monday, 05.14.12 @ 20:16pm

Some people just need to clean out their ears so they can hear that The Fray obviously makes some of the most meaningful and heart felt songs ever. Also, when you say negative things about The Fray not only are you hurting them but you are hurting all the fans that feel that The Fray is their world [including me].

Posted by Flower on Monday, 07.9.12 @ 01:26am

I'm sure The Fray are man enough to take criticism.

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 07.12.12 @ 15:13pm

Just another soccer-mom band with bland music.

Posted by Jason on Wednesday, 08.1.12 @ 20:55pm

Writing is good on the first release but the singer sounds like he is singing with his mouth full. I cannot listen to them anymore. It drives me crazy.

Posted by Robert on Friday, 01.25.13 @ 14:47pm

They are just another ridio frendly rock group whose songs are all about the same things. I would vote no for these hacks.

Posted by Andrew on Wednesday, 11.6.13 @ 18:53pm

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