The Flying Burrito Brothers

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 1994 (The 1995 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? Yes  what's this?

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The Gilded Palace Of Sin (1969)
The Flying Burrito Brothers (1971)

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Will The Flying Burrito Brothers be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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no, the elitists do not/will not recognize Graham Parsons.
Remember kids, this is a clubhouse/corporation voted by members of the media, not people who actually like music.

Posted by Joey Hitler on Tuesday, 08.7.07 @ 15:15pm

Almost the entire alt-country movement can be traced back to Parsons, so yeah, let 'em in.

Posted by William on Tuesday, 08.7.07 @ 16:07pm

Their name alone, makes me run for the toilet.

Posted by sluggo on Friday, 02.15.08 @ 20:13pm

Very profound and insightful. We look forward to your next bit of useless "rhetoric" with great anticipation!!

Posted by Terry on Friday, 02.15.08 @ 20:22pm

Just listened to all their best songs (23 or more) and I can state for record: No way. Not enough quality songs (IMO).

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 03.17.08 @ 10:40am

They were and still are one of the most influential groups ever from the stones to beck.How can crap like Madonna get in what does she have to do with rock and roll?

Posted by KENNY SUTTON on Wednesday, 03.26.08 @ 19:04pm

When Gram Parsons joined The Byrds for the one off album "Sweetheart Of The Rodeo" they/he helped create the genre now known as country rock.
In the late 60's early 70's The Flying Burrito Brothers took it even further and influenced many KNOWN acts that have cited Parsons wonderful songwriting,heartfelt singing ability.
They/Gram surely werea big influence on The Rolling Stones as can be heard in The Stones incorporating country music/overtones into their music via their via (particularly Keith Richards who was very close to Gram Parsons)their friendship with Parsons.
The Eagles basically took the groundwork first laid down by The Burritos and added sheen to make it more marketable and built an entire career from it early on.

Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 10:11am

Eh... I could take or leave them.

Posted by Philip on Sunday, 03.22.09 @ 15:03pm

Great band, but the one great album may not be enough to get them in. Parsons should be in by now anyways. Also, where's the page for the International Submarine Band?

Posted by Chalkie on Sunday, 05.30.10 @ 15:00pm

If they get in at it would be likely be a joint induction with Gram Parsons solo career if a joint nomination were to happen.

Posted by Greg F on Sunday, 03.4.12 @ 03:34am

RIP, Chris Ethridge

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Monday, 04.23.12 @ 22:07pm

Not to disparage Gram Parsons, but he doesn't get within 500 miles of HOF until Nick Lowe gets in.

Posted by Joe H on Wednesday, 09.5.12 @ 18:41pm

This shocks the sh** out of me. How the hell are these fellas NOT in?? Talk to Henley! Frey! Some of the original members of Marshall Tucker! Talk to Greg Allman! Kid Rock may have some info. Ask Donnie Van Zandt!

Well actually, I know what it is. Like Joey Hitler said, "no, the elitists do not/will not recognize Graham Parsons.
Remember kids, this is a clubhouse/corporation voted by members of the media, not people who actually like music."

Posted by Jacob N on Thursday, 04.9.15 @ 16:26pm

Are you kidding me? The elite critics are the biggest Gram Parsons fans out there. His critical adulation always outstripped his popular appeal, and it is also what has kept his legend alive way beyond an actual body of work. (I like Parsons' work, by the way).

Posted by Dezmond on Friday, 04.10.15 @ 05:04am

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