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One Thing Leads to Another (1983)

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The Fixx is still playing live and still making albums after 25 years together. 4 of 5 original members have always stayed with the band, and there has never been a breakup. Separate from perseverance, these guys are brilliant musicians. I challenge anyone from casual listener to music professional to attend one of their concerts and compare them with any so-called "big act" from the 80's. To me, there has always been more to a band than just the ticket/record sales, and certainly more than the dance routine or show. If you enjoy music, this is one of the gems you may have missed. Some people just wrote these guys off way too early. Any of their 80's records could be released today and it would be thought of as new music.

Posted by Joe on Tuesday, 08.15.06 @ 21:06pm

The Fixx is a truly underrated band. After several major hits in the '80s, These guys are still making great music today and can put on an unbelievable live show. One listen to Deeper and Deeper live and you'll know what I'm talking about. Their chances of making it aren't great but Everyone Believes in Something.

Posted by Andrew on Tuesday, 08.15.06 @ 22:03pm

I have to agree with the above two posters. This band is severely underrated. You have to appreciate an innovative band which stays together with the original lineup for 25 years playing 80-120 shows a year. Franz Ferdinand, The Killers, Bloc Party, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.... all these bands popular today sound like The Fixx, Joy Division and The Cure. The Fixx stuck to their guns doing their own thing long after their platinum pop success. Their albums are loaded with examples of great musicianship and probing lyrics. Everything a band should be.

Posted by Jake on Friday, 08.25.06 @ 21:50pm

Great live act and outstanding career, but they will never get in and it is to bad

Posted by Dave on Thursday, 12.27.07 @ 18:21pm

Ive never EVER seen anyone leave a FIXX concert disappointed. They are still the best band to see live. They have always been better than the bands they had to open up for also. They blew the Police out of the water in 1983 and the Moody Snooze in 1986. They just carry their unique solid sound from the studio right on to the stage. Its big and powerful and scars you for life-in a good way!

Now with no one caring about making singles and having a boatload of hits and tons of stats to validate greatest hits cds, what will be the qualifications to make the cut? I say the live shows separate the men from the boys.

The FIXX are the biggest men out there ;)


Posted by Diamond on Sunday, 09.21.08 @ 10:00am

Nice groove on One Thing and decent musicianship but please! The most inane lyrics ever put to disc.Song after song contains prose that is laughably bad ,criminally bad ,just basically how not to write lyrics 101.They range from rambling incoherence to mixed images and wordy image filled songs that rival the infamous Starcastle for the all time gibberish content per tune.Very,very funny when read aloud but inconceivable that anyone could call this good writing.

Posted by bob on Sunday, 08.2.09 @ 13:10pm

Bob evidently believes there is a right or wrong way to right lyrics? I'll take the insightful, thought provoking scriptures of Cy and the gang over the mindless repetitive DRIBBLE that is spewed by most of the "recognized" creatures of the industry any time.
Willy Wonka said it best, "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams"

Open your eyes, ears and mind before you cast judgement I say.

Posted by Gar on Friday, 04.23.10 @ 17:47pm

They are so worthy and more of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They've never stopped putting out new music for nearly 30 years- the same guys (with a few changes on bass). Cy Curnin's lyrics (BOB) are most always socially conscious, thought provoking, AND beautifully poetic. Bob, you're a troll. The Fixx are a force to be reckoned with live. Any Fixx album is proof they are masters of their trade.

Posted by Cary on Friday, 07.30.10 @ 18:12pm

rubbish that their lyrics are bad .
to each their own ~ i have grown from the crib absorbing rock music (is that healthy?) and the Fixx is one of the most brilliant bands ever ~ in the pop/rock idiom... i think their lyrics are BRILLIANT its part of the reason this is one of my all-tie favorite songs ever.
that is much like the (fiction) writing forum where everyone including me was slammed for 'bad writing' says who? what council of 12 (probably writers who never sold anything) came up with the deining "rules" of what is good or bad writing.
i think it's arrogant and ignorant for someone to place judgemental 'margins' on what any art form should adhere to to be 'good' or 'bad'.
plus they practically ended my confidence and writing for 6 years, with their bitter chastisment.
*constructive criticism* is GOOD... imho.. if it's goal is to help someone improve. not to punish them for your own book or music that flopped :)

Posted by matt on Thursday, 11.18.10 @ 06:28am

The Fixx will inextricably be associated with the 80's. And the 80's is synonymous with the British Invasion. 80's music was all about the synth, the compressed chorused effect on guitar, etc. But the Fixx were the masters of both of those musical elements. Lots of bands produced synth-laden music but were not masterful with the instrument -and that included some dominant bands. Cy Curnin is that rare lyricist who can write great lyrics that are not about love and relationships. It is really a shame (someone called it criminal) that the FIXX just dropped off the radar as radio and the digital music scene, not to mention the industry itself, stopped giving them the attention they deserved

Posted by Jen Solstice on Saturday, 02.23.13 @ 21:17pm

These guys are unique and they stand alone! Jamie West Oram's ability is just silly good and they're all so in sync! These guys should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame now! The song writing ability too! Prolific!

Posted by Arthur Ellis on Sunday, 07.9.17 @ 21:42pm

They are one of my favorite '80s bands, mainly on the strength of "Saved By Zero" and "One Thing Leads To Another" Very underrated songwriters. But I'm 56, so I'll probably be dead when they finally get around to nominating them.

Posted by Scotty Mac on Wednesday, 02.21.18 @ 22:16pm

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