The Doobie Brothers

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 1996 (The 1997 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? Yes  what's this?

Inducted into Rock Hall Projected in 2022 (ranked #195) .

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Toulouse Street (1972)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Listen to the Music (1972)
China Grove (1973)
Long Train Runnin' (1973)
Black Water (1974)
What A Fool Believes (1979)

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Will The Doobie Brothers be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Whether it was Tom Johnston or Michael McDonald leading the way, they are a classic. "Listen to the Music"? Yes: theirs!

Posted by APSR on Saturday, 11.18.06 @ 23:48pm

The Doobie Brothers have been on the top 10 on this poll:
for over 2 years. According to the rock fans that have voted, The Doobie Brothers are one of the most deserving but overlooked bands.

Posted by Garrett on Thursday, 11.30.06 @ 11:21am

The Doobie Brothers will forever be linked in my mind with the classic "What's Happenin'" episode where Rerun gets busted bootlegging their concert. So great.

Posted by c.w. on Monday, 12.4.06 @ 15:55pm

It is a travesty that The Doobie Brothers are not a part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, especially when other, clearly less deserving groups (The Pretenders? Give me a break).

Does anybody have any ideas what can be done, what pressure can be applied, to correct this injustice?

Posted by JWP on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 15:59pm

I am honestly surprised at this omission. They have to be inducted soon.

Posted by Joe on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 16:58pm

I was 10 years old when I first heard of the Doobie Brothers(1977). Mike Mcdonald was my favorite lead singer and keyboard player at the time. As a kid I was exposed to a lot of music because my dad was/is a muscician. Naturally this was one of the reasons why I latched onto the Doobie Brothers.
My love for The Boy's continues today at the age of 40. Six years ago I got to see the Doobie's play in concert for the first time in my life(a dream come true). Let me tell you, these guy's are incredible both vocally and instrumentaly. My jaws just dropped. I will never forget that concert. Just Awesome.
Im writing this because I want to express my deepest concern. The Doobie Brothers deserve to be recognized for their work. The talent and diversity in writing/singing/instrumentaly have influenced music both past and present.
*Dedicated in memory of Keith Knudsen(an amazing drummer/percussionist).
Laura C. 3-23-07

Posted by Laura Cole on Thursday, 03.22.07 @ 11:42am

I first started tracking the Doobies when I heard they were scheduled to play at my Baltimore high school in 1971-1972. Just then, Toulouse Street was released, and needless to say, they never had to play any more high school gyms. The Doobies deserve to be inducted to the Hall because of their range of musical ability - acoustic pickin', blues, rock, jammin', smooth-jazz, and perhaps even the disco-doobie years (not my personal favorite). These guys are still rockin' hard and really care about the music. They also generously support worthy causes like veterans and wildlife. They have paid their doobie-dues. It's time to reward the band for their solid contribution to American music history. It's hard to believe I've been following them for over 35 years! The band does have some stuff including a Pat Simmons' guitar in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame showcase "California Sound" - early 70's along with Eagles, Warren Zevon, Little Feat, etc. I donated a "Live Aid" t-shirt and concert program to "The Hall" last year and spoke to the curator about this major oversight.

Posted by C. P. Parr on Tuesday, 05.1.07 @ 20:27pm

HOLY SHIT!!! The new formula for induction chances only gives these guys a 13% shot?!

What is the case against The Doobies? Why are they so foresaken?

Posted by shawn mc on Monday, 06.4.07 @ 12:37pm

A much more difficult question to answer, yet needs to be addressed before your own question is answered: What is the case FOR the Doobies?

Posted by Dezmond on Monday, 06.4.07 @ 14:02pm

Their first few albums, especially The Captain and Me, Toulouse Street, and What Once Were Vices Now Are Habits, demonstrate some very cool cajun sensibilities and are some good solid rock tunes. After Michael McDonald came on board, the whole thing went to hell quicker than you can take it to the streets.

Posted by Kit on Monday, 06.4.07 @ 16:30pm

"After Michael McDonald came on board, the whole thing went to hell quicker than you can take it to the streets."

Would it be accurate to say that many people feel the Doobies became MM's backup band from 1976 on?

You don't find charm in their blue-eyed soul, keyboard and horns enhanced sound from the 3 McDonald albums? Really, you don't like "Takin It To the Streets' and "What a Fool Believes"? I always thought hose were pop gems.

Posted by shawn mc on Monday, 06.4.07 @ 17:23pm

Saying the band went down hill after Michael McDonald came on board is just off the mark. Shawn is right here.....He sang back up vocals for many bands, including Steely Dan and Bonni Rait. Then went on to win grammys for duets (i.e. "On my own") and his own songs (i.e. I keep forgettin'). Has also been a producer. Essentially, he has been an icon and very versatile singer in both Rock and Pop...

Would you look Mr. McDonald in the eye in person and tell him how "bad" you think his music is? What do you think someone of his caliber and talent would say? Probaly nothing...he would just laugh at you

Posted by Anonymous on Thursday, 06.7.07 @ 20:36pm

Honestly, compare What a Fool Believes to Black Water, Listen to the Music, Long Train Runnin', or Eyes of Silver. The Doobies under McDonald dropped what made them unique, their New Orleans sound, and turned them into another boring MOR blue-eyed soul act. McDonald is a good pianist and a nice voice, but he's much better doing what other people tell him to do than anything creative.

Posted by Kit on Thursday, 06.7.07 @ 23:49pm

good points....esp with him being better at being told what to do...I always did like his voice though...

Posted by Anonymous on Friday, 06.8.07 @ 16:59pm

Artistically speaking. I think the best album in the Doobie catalogue is STAMPEDE from 1975. Then after that McDonald came aboard the ship and saved it from sinking. You see the Country/Rock and Boogie biker music sound that made the group famous just wasn't in style anymore by the mid '70's. Don't forget the album MINUTE BY MINUTE was a triple platinum smash that won the covenant "Best Album Of The Year" award at the Grammy's in 1979.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Monday, 06.11.07 @ 18:14pm

I double-checked. "52 Street" by Billy Joel won the Album of the Year award at The Grammys in 1979. The Doobies won Song of the Year for the #1 hit single "What A Fool Believes". Written by Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Thursday, 07.12.07 @ 11:18am

I've seen the Doobs six or more times between '80 and today, the most recent this past August at the Wisconsin State Fair. Musically, these guys don't miss a beat. Instrumentals and harmonies are still tight. I've also seen them with Pat Simmons, Tom Johnston and Michael MacDonald all together, and it was a freakin' hit factory! I think what the Hall people are looking for is the innovative and influential thing. But based on that, there are alot of people that should be in, and alot that you have to scratch your head about how they got in! In my opinion, if you're going to include The Eagles and Steely Dan (and I love both) as influential '70's groups, then you have to include the Doobies.

Posted by Paul F. on Friday, 09.28.07 @ 13:55pm

This band has been around for 36 years and yet younger acts are getting in. I love:

Listen to the Music
Long Train Runnin
China Grove
Takin to the Streets

Posted by danny on Saturday, 09.29.07 @ 17:41pm

Is there a cover band in America that hasn't played "Long Train Runnin'"? They should have been inducted 10 years ago and I don't even like them!!

Posted by steve k on Sunday, 11.25.07 @ 22:00pm

Double Dealin' Four Flusher....

Posted by Joe-Skee on Wednesday, 12.5.07 @ 12:30pm

This band--whether in the Michael McDonald era or before--deserves induction. Most of their songs are now classics that have stood the test of time, and have taught generations of acoustic ("Black Water", "Listen to the Music") and electric ("China Grove") guitarists. Induct them already.

Posted by Joe on Saturday, 12.22.07 @ 16:33pm

Anyone who has seen them in concert knows that their range, rhythm, musicianship, energy, and legacy over time is just spectacular. This is real artistry at work- folk rock, hard rock, soft rock, soul, beautiful acoustics, and incredible talent. If they don't get in, then something is really, really wrong. They span generations- just look at who goes to the concerts. If you don't believe me, check one out - it'll blow you away. Or, if you can't go, listen to Long Train Runnin on YouTube. Get with it! They should be in, now!

Posted by barje on Thursday, 12.27.07 @ 18:20pm

The HOF is a Joke

Posted by dave on Friday, 12.28.07 @ 10:46am

Unlike some of my other personal favorites, I do think the Doobies will be inducted sometime in next 5 years or so. They have too many great songs.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 03.17.08 @ 10:51am

The Doobs are my favorite it's such a shame Bonnie Raitt got in before them. what has she done?

I would agree with the fact that the Doobies under Tom were way better before Mike took over. and yeah as a matter a fact we are on a first name basis.

Posted by Greg on Tuesday, 05.6.08 @ 18:48pm

Still waiting on those Doobie remasters.... From the original master tapes. Know what I'm sayin' ???

Posted by Joe-Skee on Wednesday, 05.7.08 @ 11:13am


Posted by Wayne Thurston on Saturday, 07.26.08 @ 18:31pm

The Doobies are a powerhouse who have gone through many changes over the years - all good, and all influential. Once again, the Hall has selective amnesia. Shame shame.

Posted by Vince on Sunday, 03.15.09 @ 22:05pm


Posted by RUSTY ELLIOTT on Friday, 04.10.09 @ 03:18am

Ted Templeton

Posted by Joe-Skee on Tuesday, 06.16.09 @ 10:39am

The Doobie Brothers were one of the most dominant groups of the seventies and early eighties.They managed to do it under two very different line-ups. The Tom Johnston era had a truckload of funky country tinged rock and roll that even got played in the discos as well as dominating the radio. Michael Mcdonald added some blue eyed soul and continued the hit writing machine.Why they are not already in is one of the bigger mysteries.

Posted by Rob Silber on Wednesday, 08.26.09 @ 07:56am

A wonderful band.. I was lucky enough to see and hear them at their glory

Posted by rockinsue on Tuesday, 09.1.09 @ 10:17am

Could it possibly be that the Doobies' own name (California slang for a marijuana joint), is a stickin' point for them bein' denied the Hall? Shame on the votin' committee for that! Peace.

Posted by Dave Wollenberg on Tuesday, 09.8.09 @ 14:29pm

Let's look at the facts of "who is still performing" from the 70's, the DOOBIE BROTHERS are STILL packing venues across the Nation and sell out every concert and if you ask every music fan that has been around for the past 35 years and ask them fill out a questionaire "Do the Doobie Brother's deserve the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yes or no?" You would get a resounding 90% YES!!! the question is why are the secular Artsy liberal handful of H.O.F. voters against the most beloved favorite band in America? No wonder the place is in..CLEVELAND,, Cleveland, is not called "the arm pit of america" for..nothing. This isn't about "Art" or disco or rap..for these groups to go in before the DOOBIES's about..ONE thing..and that is ROCK AND ROLL..LISTEN TO THE..MUSIC!!

Posted by LTRAIN on Wednesday, 09.23.09 @ 20:16pm

Today (Oct. 17) is the 20th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake, aka the World Series earthquake. The Doobie Brothers mentioned Loma Prieta in their song "Neal"s Fandango" from the album "Stampede which came out in 1975, fourteen years before the place was made famous by the earthquake.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Friday, 10.16.09 @ 22:18pm

They should be a lock!!!!!!

Posted by Chris on Sunday, 10.25.09 @ 10:45am

I don't get it. I mean C'mon RunDMC,Madonna are you kidding that's not rocknroll.The Doobies are excellant musicians who play rock and roll and O yeah are FAMOUS. It's the biggest dis-service the hall ever performed. Whenever I bring the topic up people are suprised that they're not in. Put them in make it right. i

Posted by Ken Ferguson on Monday, 03.15.10 @ 19:25pm

The Doobie Brothers were one of the biggest dominant groups of the seventies and early eighties. I myself didn't care much for the Michael Mcdonald era. In the early to Mid-70's you couldn't listen to the Radio without here China Grove, Long train running,Listen to the Music or Black Water. How in all that is right can this band not be in the RRHOF? Madonna,ABBA, BLONDIE before the Doobie brothers? Think the hall members have been smoking some Doobies to have this happen...... For goodnees sake put these very inportant part of Rock history in the RRHOF!!!!

Posted by Jim Williford on Tuesday, 03.23.10 @ 02:28am

Rock & Roll Jeopardy
Category; If They Collaborated

If Jackson Browne were to do two songs with the Doobie Brothers, one with Tom Johnston, the other with Michael McDonald, they would be called...

What is "Long Train Running on Empty" (Johnston) and "It Keeps You Running On Empty" (McDonald)

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Thursday, 05.13.10 @ 21:33pm

The Doobie Brothers are not in this Hall of Shame? Maybe if Mike McDonald would have dived into the crowd like Iggy Poop they'd be considered!! You people are an EAST COAST JOKE!!! It took you how long to put Bill Haley in? Who do you think started Rock and Roll? Ike Turner (Rocket 88) before Tina, Johnny Ace, hell, you oughtta call it Bop and BS, fits better than Rock and Roll for you!

Posted by Bill Coale on Tuesday, 05.18.10 @ 19:22pm

This is a band that deserves the HOF honor. They are truly a classic American Rock and Roll band. The Tom Johnson/Pat Simmons partnership produced so many 70's rock radio classics like: Listen to the Music, China Grove, Long Train Runnin', Jesus is Just Alright With Me, Without You, South City Midnight Lady, Black Water, Rockin' Down the Highway, Take Me in Your Arms, Another Park Another Sunday, The Doctor, Neal's Fandango, Takin' it to the Streets, ...) Going to one of their concerts today is like sitting through a "Greatest Hits of the 70s", and they don't even play any of the Michael McDonald stuff (except for Takin it to the Streets). And you can never question the musicianship or guitar playing in this group. These guys rocked, and they still do 40 years later. They seem to just tour and tour back and forth across the country all year long. A great show if you can catch it.

Conincidentally, the Doobies are releasing a new album today 9(/28/2010) "World Gone Crazy". I for one am hoping for some recognition for this influential American Band before long.

Posted by Paul on Tuesday, 09.28.10 @ 13:35pm

From what I know, and this comes from someone in the band, is that they pissed off someone LONG ago that has POWER within the rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Sad but true!

Posted by CP on Tuesday, 09.28.10 @ 15:14pm

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will remain incomplete without this Classic Rock Band!!!!
Great style, great songs, great rockers. The current nomination committee doesn't have a clue as to who belongs. Add the Moody Blues and Chicago too.

Posted by John K on Tuesday, 09.28.10 @ 15:57pm

Just lookin' at the news this mornin', 9-29-10. Doobs STILL weren't nominated. I really dunno what the Hall's problem is. They should've been nominated their 1st year of eligibility, right, gang? Though, I always did enjoy their era with Tommy as leader, more than Michael. God bless! Very egregious error on your part, HOF Committee!

Posted by Dave Wollenberg on Wednesday, 09.29.10 @ 06:14am

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will always be a joke until the Doobie Brothers and Chicago get in. They became eligible in 1996 and 1994, respectively. Unbelieveable to me....

Posted by Jeff on Wednesday, 09.29.10 @ 11:42am

Can't that incident where 1 of the Doobs ticked off 1 of the selection committee be swept under the rug? Let bygones be bygones. Life's too short not to forgive each other. Since it's not their name that's keepin' 'em out of the RRHOF, the Committee should grow up, and welcome the Doobs to the Hall with open arms, right, gang? God bless!

Posted by Dave Wollenberg on Tuesday, 01.4.11 @ 14:35pm

I suppose a case could be made for their 'perpetuation' of rock 'n' roll. They are a good, solid band with chops who can play any style well.

However, the argument against The Doobies would be that they tried to be all things to all people and just weren't that original or influential.

As much as I was a fan, particularly after Black Water (which I would definitely vote for on your site's song list once we get to 1975), I just never thought of them as particularly groundbreaking or anyone to pattern my style after as I was learning to play the guitar.

Wouldn't be unhappy if they got in but there are lots of bands ahead of them.

Posted by Mike Scott on Wednesday, 02.2.11 @ 12:23pm

I was wonderin' if the Doobs, as a band, can send a collective note of apology to the RRHOF exec they ticked off long ago? I'm sure that'd greatly increase their chances of inclusion in the Hall. God bless! Listen to THEIR music, and also, us fans.

Posted by Dave Wollenberg on Wednesday, 03.23.11 @ 13:28pm

The Doobie Brothers "Best of the Doobies" sold more than 10,000,000 albums. Among eligible Hall of Fame groups that partciular album is the most popular . It's the 23rd most popular album of the 60s and 70s It did better than Stevie Wonder's "In the Key of Life". For many of us in our 50s and 60s songs like "Minute by Minute" and "Blackwater" are our shower songs.

Rock historians should take note that musicians who endure, music that takes us back to important times in our lives, gets on our play lists in the gym deserve to be part of the Hall of Fame.

The Doobie Brothers continue to fill large venues. Pat Simmons current hit, "Far From Home" is 25, on the Adult Contemporary Radio Charts. I think the historians have it wrong.

Posted by Jerry Rightson on Sunday, 05.22.11 @ 00:31am

Category: If They Collaborated

If Van Halen were to do two songs with the Doobie Brothers, one with Tom Johnston, the other with Michael McDonald they would be called...

What is Long Train Running With the Devil (Johnston) and It Keeps You Running With the Devil (McDonald)

Note: Michael McDonald was an uncredited co-writer on VH's "I'll Wait" and both the Doobies and VH were produced by Ted Templeman

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Monday, 06.20.11 @ 19:33pm

Can't believe Pat Simmons, Tommy Johnston, Mike McDonald and the rest of the crew, have yet to be voted in. They pumped out many top ten hits, along with many album cuts, that would make you pull your finger nails off.

Posted by Dennis Richardson on Saturday, 07.9.11 @ 06:08am

The R&R HoF has yet again refused to recognize what millions of rock and roll fans know - the Doodie Brothers are one of the truly great American rock bands and long overdue for induction. They were my first concert experience in 1975 at the original Boston Garden. I have followed them through their different iterations and have been amazed by their musicianship and versatility. Everything they have done they have done well, as they continue to do to this day. I challenge anyone who was a teenager during the 70s to deny that they have at least one good memory that has a DB song playing in the background.

Posted by Mark on Saturday, 10.15.11 @ 19:40pm

It is blatant omissions like the Doobie Brothers who are still touring and releasing new material after 40 years....and ridiculous inclusions like Madonna (she NEVER sang rock n roll) that make the Hall a farce.

Posted by Bobby Rogers on Monday, 11.28.11 @ 10:44am

If you've seen the 1982 farewell concert tour DVD, you'll definitely scratch your head and ask WHY they are not included in the rock and roll hall of fame. pat simmons etc are simply amazing..

Posted by rey mercado on Monday, 01.2.12 @ 04:46am

The Doobie Brothers are in my hall of fame. I haven't a clue why they haven't been inducted. I am sure they are satisfied with their success, anything else is simply icing on the cake.

Posted by Scott on Saturday, 01.21.12 @ 22:24pm

RIP, Michael Hossack

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Tuesday, 03.13.12 @ 20:04pm

The Rock Hall of Fame is bogus. Since the committee inducted bands without longevity and versatility parameters, I am convinced there is no criteria. Besides,rap artists and Nat King Cole were inducted into a "Rock nusic" organization, of which,defrauds the concept.
I could name 10 Doobie Songs that all sound unique without cookie cutter 5 chord arrangements like the Cure or Iggy Pop. We should also recognize Little Feat, Los Lobos,Steve Miller,The Fixx,The Moody Blues,Albert Lee, Sonny Landreth, Paul Revere & Raiders,William Clarke and Tommy Castro.Musicians know the hall sucks and it now stands as an insult to be there.

Posted by phil on Saturday, 04.7.12 @ 08:52am

"The Rock Hall of Fame is bogus."

I stopped reading right here. If you have a point to make try not to lead with a boring, tired cliche that I could find in any post on a Yahoo thread. Thanks.

Posted by DarinRG on Saturday, 04.7.12 @ 08:57am

I could name 10 Doobie Songs that all sound unique without cookie cutter 5 chord arrangements like the Cure or Iggy Pop.

because when I think originality and musical brilliance i think of the doobie brothers.

back to bed grandpa.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 04.7.12 @ 09:53am

Couldn't that comment from 1 of the Doobs be swept under the rug, and, forgotten about? Life's too short, to hold a grudge THAT long against somebody!

Posted by Dave Wollenberg on Tuesday, 05.8.12 @ 15:34pm

This one is hard. They had way too many short-lived members. This could take a while.

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 09.5.12 @ 19:53pm

This one is hard. They had way too many short-lived members. This could take a while.

Posted by Roy
Think how many were in the

Posted by Happy on Wednesday, 09.5.12 @ 20:03pm

This one is hard. They had way too many short-lived members. This could take a while.

Posted by Roy
Think how many were in the

Posted by Happy on Wednesday, 09.5.12 @ 20:03pm

The Doobie Brothers: The Inductees

01. Tom Johnston
02. Patrick Simmons
03. John Hartman
04. Dave Shogren
05. Michael Hossack
06. Tiran Porter
07. Jeff Baxter
08. Keith Knudsen
09. Michael McDonald
10. Bobby LaKind
11. Chet McCracken
12. Cornelius Bumpus

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 09.5.12 @ 20:10pm

The Doobie Brothers: The Inductees

01. Tom Johnston
02. Patrick Simmons
03. John Hartman
04. Dave Shogren
05. Michael Hossack
06. Tiran Porter
07. Jeff Baxter
08. Keith Knudsen
09. Michael McDonald
10. Bobby LaKind
11. Chet McCracken
12. Cornelius Bumpus

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 09.5.12 @ 20:14pm

The Doobie Brothers: The Inductees

01. Tom Johnston
02. Patrick Simmons
03. John Hartman
04. Dave Shogren
05. Michael Hossack
06. Tiran Porter
07. Jeff Baxter
08. Keith Knudsen
09. Michael McDonald
10. John McFee
11. Bobby LaKind
12. Chet McCracken
13. Cornelius Bumpus

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 09.5.12 @ 20:17pm

01. Tom Johnston
02. Patrick Simmons
03. John Hartman
04. Dave Shogren
05. Michael Hossack
06. Tiran Porter
07. Jeff Baxter
08. Keith Knudsen
09. Michael McDonald
10. John McFee
11. Bobby LaKind
12. Chet McCracken
13. Cornelius Bumpus

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 09.5.12 @ 20:17pm

Don't forget Wllie Weeks

Posted by Happy on Thursday, 09.6.12 @ 00:39am

Wllie Weeks was there for only two years, 80-82.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 09.6.12 @ 01:17am

Wllie Weeks was there for only two years, 80-82.

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 09.6.12 @ 01:17am

So what is your point .? Lets hope they "ALL" get IN

Posted by Happy on Thursday, 09.6.12 @ 14:46pm

The Doobie Brothers: The Inductees

01. Tom Johnston
02. Patrick Simmons
03. John Hartman
04. Dave Shogren
05. Michael Hossack
06. Tiran Porter
07. Jeff Baxter
08. Keith Knudsen
09. Michael McDonald
10. Wllie Weeks
11. John McFee
12. Bobby LaKind
13. Chet McCracken
14. Cornelius Bumpus

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 09.8.12 @ 08:16am

I wish the RRHOF would listen to the fans a whole lot more on this one. In many lists, the Doobie Brothers (along with Rush and Chicago) are the most underrated bands out there for a spot in the HOF. Even though their first #1 hit didn't come until "Black Water" on "What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits", their hits from "Toulouse Street" and "The Captain & Me" were still chart-toppers, no doubt.

It is indeed a travesty this group is not in yet (eligible since 19*95* since their first album was released in 1970), but it is a bigger travesty that groups like Grandmaster Flash and possible NWA are getting in . . . let's see, let's make a Rap HOF and put the Doobie Brothers in. Yeah right.

The Doobie Brothers, no doubt, need to get in. If I had a favorite year for inductees, these would be it:

-Doobie Brothers
-whoever else. I'll hope for Seals & Crofts honestly . . .

Posted by Double D on Thursday, 11.29.12 @ 23:54pm

The one thing you cannot deny is that they are the perfect example of "Music Excellence" and not to mention a great bunch of guys. I am deeply saddened that they have not yet been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Matthew Banks on Tuesday, 04.2.13 @ 12:53pm

The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame needs a great rock & roll band to be inducted in 2014, The Doobie Brothers would make a very good choice.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 04.28.13 @ 11:58am

The Doobie Brothers

01. Tom Johnston (1970-Present: guitar, harmonica, piano, harp, vocals)
02. Patrick Simmons (1970-Present: guitar, vocals)
03. John Hartman (1970-1991: drums)
04. Dave Shogren (1970-1972: bass, organ, keyboards, vocals)
05. Michael Hossack (1971-2012: drums)
06. Tiran Porter (1972-1992: bass, vocals)
07. Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (1974-1987: guitar, steel guitar)
08. Keith Knudsen (1974-2005: drums, vocals; Southern Pacific)
09. Michael McDonald (1975-1987: vocals, keyboards)
10. John McFee (1979-Present: guitars, backing vocals; Southern Pacific)
11. Cornelius Bumpus (1979-1995: tenor saxophone, organ, vocals)
12. Chester "Chet" McCracken (1979-1995: drums, vibraphone, marimbas)
13. Bobby LaKind (1976-1989: percussion, vocals)

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 05.23.13 @ 10:22am

The Doobie Brothers are long overdue to induction into the Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame.

They have been making great music for over 40 years, they have sold over 40 million albums in the US alone, and they are a recipient of the rare DIAMOND RECORD award for sales of 10 million units (or more) for a single album (Best Of The Doobies, Volume 1).

Their latest album ("World Gone Crazy") was released in 2010 and produced at least four chart hits, some of which crossed over from Pop/Rock to the Country, MOR and Gospel charts.

If you would like to add your voice to the growing call for the induction of the Doobie Brothers into the Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame, you can do so by visiting our Facebook Page and Twitter Account. Here are the links:

Facebook Page

Twitter Account

Come join us and let's get this done together.

Posted by Mick on Sunday, 07.7.13 @ 21:33pm

I agree Mick
these rocker should be IN..

Posted by Happy on Sunday, 07.7.13 @ 22:01pm

If the Doobie's aren't in the R&R Hall of fame there should be no R&R Hall of fame, what? Has some one fell asleep at the switch?

Posted by Sleepy Sam Green on Saturday, 09.28.13 @ 10:41am

The only bands that mattered during the middle 70's and early eighty's were The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan. and coming in a close second were the Eagles, Heart, and Thin Lizzy.

Posted by Sleepy Sam Green on Saturday, 09.28.13 @ 10:44am

The only bands that mattered during the middle 70's and early eighty's were The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan. and coming in a close second were the Eagles, Heart, and Thin Lizzy.

Posted by Sleepy Sam Green on Saturday, 09.28.13 @ 10:45am

Sleepy Sam Green: lolno

Posted by Gassman on Saturday, 09.28.13 @ 11:04am

Sleepy Sam Green,

You're missing so many other bands that mattered like Electric Light Orchestra, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, Foreigner and The Cars!

Posted by Rick Vendl II on Saturday, 09.28.13 @ 13:31pm

don't mock green, pity him. he suffers from a very bad case of rockism, a horrific disease that causes the afflicted to be unable to think straight when it comes to music.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 09.28.13 @ 16:54pm

No Doobies or Chicago in Hall? Who's running this friggin' funhouse?

Posted by Drew on Friday, 11.29.13 @ 12:09pm

My list of possible inductees for 2014:

1. Duran Duran
= art rock + great dance music + new wave + video revolutionaries (the inductions of Rush, Heart and other bands) will make this possible.

2. The Moody Blues- Since, Rush is in, it's now time for the forefathers of "prog rock" to get in.
3. Carly Simon- Rush, Heart, Randy Newman and others will make this possible
4. Nirvana- the shoo in
5. Jeff Lynne and/or E.L.O.- huge buzz about him from major
6. The Doobie Brothers- they need a good rock & roll band to go in.
7. Styx- There is a huge buzz concerning them, plus since Rush & Heart are already in, Styx is probably next!
8. Deep Purple? Yes? (2015 probably, unless the induction committee chooses more bands)
9. Procol Harum?

By the way, back in June of last year, I had predicted 3 of the inductees 4 months in advance of the announcement of the nominations.

Posted by Enigmaticus on Friday, 04.5.13 @ 10:12am


I have been supporting The Doobie Brothers induction for most of the year. Unfortunately, they were not nominated. Will next year be any different?

Posted by Enigmaticus on Friday, 11.29.13 @ 12:33pm

Who, exactly, is this individual connected with the Hall that 1 of the Doobies made a disparagin' comment about? I believe that this Doobie is very sorry for what he said, all those years ago. It's definitely time to let the Doobs have their long-overdue induction into the RRHOF.

Posted by Dave Wollenberg on Friday, 12.20.13 @ 15:18pm

Dave, if the person disparged had last name = 'Wenner' or 'Ertegun', then they may be waiting alot more.

I love em & they should be in. Long overdue for this band.

Couldn't be name 'Doobie Brothers' could it? Lots of times it seems to be jealously by Hall members towards acts that sold alot more records than they did back in the day.

Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, 12.20.13 @ 15:31pm

Do Jann Wenner, and the now-deceased Ahmet Ertegun, wield THAT much power in the RRHOF? Gosh!

Posted by Dave Wollenberg on Friday, 01.10.14 @ 15:50pm

The Doobies absolutely SHOULD be in the rock hall. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

Posted by Dave Wollenberg on Wednesday, 04.2.14 @ 10:05am

Doobies not in and yet some of these groups in the hall appealed to a much smaller audience, what in the name of sane is going on! At one time they were just about the only true rock and roll band to represent american music! And did that in a very impressive fashion! Wake up R&R HOF voters! Your drug addled ears need to be opened and eyes too!! It's well past time to put these guys in!

Posted by Keith on Friday, 04.11.14 @ 12:04pm

Keith - I think that if you could just add another two or three vague cliches to your pitch they'll be a lock next year.

Posted by DarinRG on Friday, 04.11.14 @ 12:57pm

I've been yelling at the top of my lungs about this for at least ten years, maybe more. A total injustice. I think perhaps part of reason is the amount of members that have passed though their portals. It certainly can't be their record. They need to be included, along with, Barry White, The Stylistics, Neil Sedaka, Ed Sullivan & Don Cornelius. I was very pleased that they finally elected Daryl Hall & John Oates.

Posted by deenet32 on Thursday, 05.8.14 @ 03:12am

Following up on yesterdays post, I omitted the name of LUTHER VANDROSS.

Posted by deenet32 on Friday, 05.9.14 @ 03:28am

a really good band ive enjoyed since 1972. lots of good hits,listen to the music,jesus is just allright,black water,the doctor. a band which has long belonged in.

Posted by john jarvis on Friday, 06.13.14 @ 15:44pm

Why should the Doobie Brothers be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? Because, to me, they represent the perfect amalgamation of rock, pop, R&B, and even country music. They did not suddenly "break on the scene" like other major bands, but gradually and steadily built an impressive body of recorded work (from 1972's "Listen to the Music" to 1989's "The Doctor"), as well as a large, devoted, worldwide fan base over the years. The instrumentation of their mid-70s recordings anticipates the emergence of the Americana movement (when they are not serving up a crunchy guitar-based wall of sound), while their late '70s songs crystalize the "California sound" of that time, and often cross into R&B, such that some of those recordings are sampled within the hip-hop genre. The Doobies boast a vivid concert experience (consult YouTube if you doubt this), and have influenced hundreds of rising club and bar bands. They have earned Grammys, have been mainstays on AM/FM/Satellite radio, and have achieved several #1 albums and singles on the Billboard charts. They have made an historic mark on rock and roll, and can be considered the quintessential American rock band. To me, there is little doubt they belong in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Posted by Jim W on Friday, 07.25.14 @ 01:53am

The Band is in. Creedence Clearwater Revival is in. The Eagles are in. The Allman Brother's Band is in. Lynyrd Skynyrd are in. Steely Dan is in and Hall & Oates were just inducted this year. Why aren't The Doobie Brothers in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame?

Posted by Enigmaticus on Sunday, 08.17.14 @ 12:39pm

There ought to be a petition drive, sent to the Hall, asking them to sweep whatever disparaging remark 1 of the Doobies said, YEARS ago, under the rug, and FINALLY have them inducted into the Hall.

Posted by Dave Wollenberg on Tuesday, 12.16.14 @ 09:40am

the 'E-Street Band' made it in. Doobies are about 2 years older, and much better. this alone really tells you how much to respect the voters for HOF. at least it tells you how much I respect the voters. not.

Posted by Sterling Leon on Wednesday, 01.28.15 @ 19:46pm

They have been making music for 45
Years and are still touring today. How about that

Posted by Dale hodgdon on Saturday, 01.31.15 @ 09:08am

I am in utter disbelief that one of the greatest and most influential bands in music are still not in the hall of fame. Between Tom Johnston, Pat Simmons and Michael McDonald as well as the best backing musicians they crafted a unique sound and incredible songs, they were a beacon of light shining through the horrid period of Disco. They were as influential as Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Jackson Browne and Steely Dan as well as the Savior of Rock and Roll Bruce "The Boss"Springsteen. Of course there were others who carried the torch and one of the greatest holders was The Doobie Brothers. Induct this incredible band into The Hall where they rightfully belong. Doobie Brothers keep the Train Running.

Posted by Michele on Sunday, 02.1.15 @ 18:26pm

How is it that some of the most beloved bands are all too often overlooked? I know that the fans are wondering about the induction process that includes many well deserving artists while seemingly ignoring others which have made substantial contributions in their genre. I am referring specifically to the doobie brothers and chubby checker. How can you even open the doors to such a place without chubby checker? This is denial of foundational work by an artist recognized around the world. And so , like many I question the soundness of the induction process and recommend more fan involvement, at least give us some voice in these matters. Poll those who have supported these artists and their music for decades. This would only be fair and reasonable.

Posted by chuck g on Friday, 02.27.15 @ 13:31pm

The selection committee need to stop actin' like children, and induct the Doobies into the hall, after all these years of eligibility!

Posted by Dave Wollenberg on Thursday, 12.17.15 @ 10:05am

First of all, few rock bands have had so many classic songs covering more styles more convincingly than the Doobies: hard rock, country rock, rhythm and blues, blue-eyed soul, good-time, pop ballads, etc. Along with the Allmans and Dead, they were one of the early and best practitioners of double drummers that propelled their triple guitar attack along with great soulful keyboards and electric violin. They could do it all - acoustic guitars, lead electric guitar dogfights, beat-keeping rhythm guitars, multiple harmonies at the high and low end of the vocal spectrum, violin, etc. We saw them live in 2015 and were blown away by their enthusiasm and musicianship. What happened to bands that can just go up on stage, play their own instruments, and jam away without gimmicks, canned backgrounds or vocals, etc. Get these guys in the Hall where they belong ahead of so many other acts in there. Joan Jett? Green Day? Steve Miller? I could go on and on. Finally Chicago gets in. No its time to turn a wrong into a right.

Posted by Mark on Monday, 05.2.16 @ 17:03pm

Today is the 68th birthday of former long time Doobie Brothers' bassist and vocalist, Tiran Porter. Happy Birthday Tiran, thank you for contributing to all of those great songs over the pas several decades!

Posted by Enigmaticus on Monday, 09.26.16 @ 10:30am

Today is the 68th birthday of former long time Doobie Brothers' bassist and vocalist, Tiran Porter. Happy Birthday Tiran, thank you for contributing to all of those great songs over the past several decades!

Posted by Enigmaticus on Monday, 09.26.16 @ 10:31am

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