The Dave Clark Five

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Performer

Inducted in: 2008

Inducted by: Tom Hanks

Nominated in: 2006   2007   2008

First Eligible: 1988 Ceremony

Inducted Members: Dave Clark, Lenny Davidson, Rick Huxley, Denny Payton and Mike Smith

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 2006 (ranked #257) .

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Glad All Over (1963)
Because (1964)
Catch Us If You Can (1965)

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They were a hard driving group who played with all their heart and soul. Their music is still played today by a lot of people. Mike Smith had one of the best voices of the time and maybe in all of rock and roll. They sold over 50 million records as a group and they should be in the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Larry C. Humphreys on Monday, 07.24.06 @ 19:28pm

With over 50 million records sold and 20 top forty singles from 1963 to 1966,plus being one of the only bands that were self managed at the time, plus they constintly toured(yes they did play their instruments)they made rock and roll fun. If it's any testiment.just like the Beatles, their songs sound just as good today as they did 42 years ago.The DC5 should have been inducted a long time ago.

Posted by Frank Gardner on Friday, 08.4.06 @ 18:37pm

The Dave Clark Five should have been inducted the first year the hall opened.

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 10.29.06 @ 13:52pm

The Dave Clark Five were a tremendous foot stomping sixties band who are shamefully ignored these days.
Come on, get them in this time.

Posted by Iain Childs on Monday, 10.30.06 @ 09:25am

How can you not induct the DC5 into the Hall. They were one of the first British bands to tour the US had the most appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, had one of the best lead singers in music history. The Hall needs to become something for the fans and not just a bunch of pompus jerks seeing how much they can still make off of these acts.

Posted by Paul Carter on Monday, 10.30.06 @ 12:47pm

This is the group that went head to head with the Beatles in the mid 60's, sold the 2nd most records of any of the British invasion groups in that time period. Led by the keen mind of Dave Clark, along with Mike, Denny, Rick, and Lenny, they were a key component in the shaping of the 60's music scene and into the years to follow. Not having this group in the hall is a shame. Other groups from that era that belong are Gerry and the Pacemakers, yes, even Hermans Hermits, The Animals, Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas, as well as others. I believe this is the DC5's year, and we will all feel as their song goes, "I'm Feeling, Glad All Over!"

Posted by Steve on Monday, 10.30.06 @ 19:37pm

"Because" Is one of the greatest rock ballads ever written.

Posted by Michael Boyd on Tuesday, 10.31.06 @ 09:10am

Great records, and believe it or not a great live
band! It's obvious that Mike Smith was the talent that made the band so good but the others
complimented him well. I can't imagine the 60's
or the British Invasion without the DC 5. I saw them live with the Young Rascals and they were both excellent. I do not imply that the DC 5 were better musicians than the Rascals although
I would put Mike Smith up against anyone but their tunes were more "catchy" that night and
got the audience really involved. They should
definitely be in the hall.

Posted by paul d on Sunday, 12.17.06 @ 19:22pm

The DC5 give me a boner.

Posted by Paul Fioretti on Tuesday, 12.19.06 @ 19:36pm

What in the world is the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame waiting for? Quit playing politics and get the Dave Clark Five inducted already.

Posted by Brenda on Friday, 12.29.06 @ 19:21pm

People who didn't play on the records should not be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Vote for Bobby Graham and Eric Ford instead.Good music but it wasn't "real".

Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 01.3.07 @ 15:56pm

I don't know who the "experts" were listening to in the 1960's, but the rest of us were listening to the Beatles, the Stones and THE DAVE CLARK 5. "Glad All Over", "Anyway You Want It", "Because", "Catch Us If You Can", "Bits and Pieces" - I can go on - are rock and roll classics.

Posted by miriambob on Thursday, 01.11.07 @ 06:53am

Some kind of Hall of Fame, but not wondeful...

Is it politics of something else? Maybe Independance (as the DC5 were) is not an american value anymore?Ó

They should have been there long time ago, but then, we could name other big stars of rock that have not been nominated yet.

Posted by PierreG on Sunday, 02.11.07 @ 19:44pm

The DC5 should have been inducted in 1990. Great band. Saw them perform live, and they were fantastic. Dave and the boys could really play those catchy/lively tunes.

Posted by Eric on Friday, 03.9.07 @ 11:13am

According to a reported inside source at the R&R HOF, the Dave Clark 5 actually recieved more votes than Grandmaster Flash, but Jann Wenner decided that a rap group needed to be inducted, so he dq'ed the DC5's votes on a technicality.

Posted by John on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 19:09pm

That is quite an accusation! Anything more you can add?

Posted by Ken on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 19:13pm

Here's my source:

Posted by John on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 19:15pm

The reason I took up music, learned to play, and joined a band was due to the DC5. They could brighten any day with the upbeat songs.
Springsteen asked Clark one time how the echo effect was obtained on Any Way You Want It. KISS has actually covered Any Way... on ALIVE II (last cut). Finally one only needs to look at an ALMANAC to see much lesser talents have been voted membership in the HOF. I could go on & on but the picture should be clear.

Posted by bob on Saturday, 04.7.07 @ 23:42pm

Will we ever *really* know what happened at those recording sessions? Probably not. But I saw the DC5 perform live twice. Their musical (and instrumental) skills were good enough. They could sell a song (and a show) all by themselves. They were, in short, dynamite!

It would seem that one of Mr. Clark's major "flaws" was that he was too much of a perfectionist when it came to recording. Too bad - I think he sold himself short, as well as Misters Davidson and Huxley.

Perhaps they could be inducted along with Mr. Graham and Mr. Ford, if such a thing is done. But regardless of where the band stands with Cleveland, theirs is a story of a lot of hard work and genuinely deserved success. And nobody can take that away from Dave, Mike, Denny (God love him!), Lenny and Rick. They are in the only "hall of fame" that really matters . . . our hearts.

Posted by Dutch on Saturday, 06.2.07 @ 10:00am

The DC5 should be in. They did write most of their own material. They influenced Springsteen, Kiss (as pointed out above), Joan Jet covered Bits and Pieces, which I believe could re-enter the charts today just like it was a new song if released. They had more power than anyone, growly vocals, driving bass lines, stomping, high energy. They could do some good ballads as well, they slightly dabbled in psychedelic sounds. Pretty versatile band. They arranged it, they produced it, they performed it, and maybe not every time in the studio, they did play on recordings. Even the Beatles brought in session players on occasion. They deserve to be in for the work they did in the '60s, and their influence on enough of the greatest artists since should be enough to do it.

Posted by Chad S. on Sunday, 09.2.07 @ 11:58am

I always wondered WHY we never hear any Dave Clark 5 songs anymore and why they are not in the Hall of Fame, now I see it's a conspiracy by Jann Wenner and the rest of the elitists at Rolling Stone Magazine!

Posted by Jonathan on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 19:29pm

this band has been eligible for almost 20 years what the hell are these commitee members waiting for. induct them and be done with it

Posted by danny on Sunday, 09.23.07 @ 08:30am

They were ripped off last year when Grandmaster Flash and his crappy rap group got in.
Go DC5

Posted by Brian Yauger on Wednesday, 10.10.07 @ 14:02pm

The absence of the DC5 in the HOF tarnishes and brings into serious question the integrity and qualifications of those who vote for inductees. I don't understand how anyone with an ounce of appreciation for accomplished, talented, and progressive musicians can ignore the DC5. This group sold more records, had more top 40 hits, introduced more innovative ideas and concepts to the music industry than the vast majority of present HOF inductees. I just don't get it, where in the hell are the true R&R purists. Certainly not with the corporate facade HOF

Posted by cto on Thursday, 10.18.07 @ 13:03pm

Yes, they are so important that not a single album of theirs is in print or available here in the U.S. I know, because I have looked.

Posted by Dezmond on Thursday, 10.18.07 @ 15:14pm

Yes, they are so important that not a single album of theirs is in print or available here in the U.S. I know, because I have looked.

Posted by Dezmond on Thursday, 10.18.07 @ 15:14pm

Their music is not available because Dave Clark owns the master recordings.
DC5 is still my wife's favorite band from the 60's. One of my favorites from that era as well.

Posted by Spikester on Wednesday, 10.24.07 @ 04:05am

The so-called "Rock and Roll" Hall of Fame is becoming a joke in recent years. I wonder if it's because the people voting weren't really listening to the music of the British Invasion or they are just caught up in the myth that the Beatles were the only good band around in the sixties. The Dave Clark Five had a distinctive, powerful, sound that rivaled, not imitated, the Beatles. They were talented songwriters, vocalists, and musicians. Thundering drums, growling sax, groovy smooth organ, guitar hooks all over the place, bluesy harmonica and superb vocals. They will get in this time - too late for Denis Payton to celebrate - but they will get in.

Posted by sophie on Saturday, 10.27.07 @ 23:19pm

DC5 were amateurish and their music hookless. Everything I've heard goes beyond the banal and blasÚ and their appearance on the ballot has all to do with Mr. Paul Schaffer doing a benefit gig for one of its members (and constantly raving on Letterman about the underwhelming fact that the DC5 were on Sullivan every fortnight) and absolutely nothing to do with their talent. If this band had honestly inspired anyone their recordings would actually be in print and I'd still be hearing them on the oldies stations. Yet I don't. And you know what that makes me? Glad all over.

Posted by Casper on Wednesday, 10.31.07 @ 01:04am

I heard that once upon a time....They rivaled The Beatles. Of course we all know who won that battle.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Wednesday, 10.31.07 @ 08:23am

Rivaled The Beatles in record sales......there's probably sixty acts from the time that did a much better job in challenging them artistically.

They're dorky, they're dated, and I don't hear their sound in anybody else. Also, a quick Wiki read had evidence that mister Clark was a business nut and actually hired session musicians to play drums for him. :/

Posted by Casper on Wednesday, 10.31.07 @ 14:13pm

the dave clark five were right up there with the beatles .there music was superb and the songs were brilliant to listen as they had great talent as a group.the concerts they played and tv appearances all over the world will stand the testament of time forever .this is why they should be inducted into the hall of fame.

Posted by charles inglis on Monday, 11.5.07 @ 07:20am

The DC5 deserve to be in the HOF. No band had a lead singer like Mike Smith, NO ONE!!!Their loud, fun and lively tunes blew out the old transistors in those mid sixties radios we all had. They sold over 50 million records worldwide and their run at fame lasted longer than most other bands in the 60's. You can't do that unless you have TALENT. Denny is gone & Mike is paralyzed from an unfortunate accident. What r u guys waiting for? Get these boys in now!

Posted by Johnson on Thursday, 11.15.07 @ 23:09pm

They 're electrifying, they're everlasting and they're not able to be duplicated by anyone else.
If they don't make the Hall Of Fame I will be in bits and pieces.

When George Harrison brought in Eric Clapton to play on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" there wasn't any chorus of critics saying what a lousy guitarist George was.

You don't hear much DC5 on the radio anymore because most oldies stations employ what is known as a "40 year trailing stop." This means that the cutoff point for most playlists right now is 1967. Anything before that is being phased out except for a few Elvis tunes. Buy the end of this decade the only 60's tunes you'll hear will be "Hey Jude" and "Something" from the Beatles. The reason for this is because, like the old Muzak
stations of 25 years ago, every time a program director looks up and sees an ambulance or a hearse going by the chances are good that their oldies station is in danger of losing another listener.

Posted by SG on Thursday, 11.15.07 @ 23:37pm

The DC Five don't need the Hall, but the Hall may need the Five if they ever want any credibility with those of us who remember the effect this group with its electrifying hits had on us at the time.

Posted by Tom Cox on Sunday, 11.18.07 @ 10:23am

The DC5 were one of the few British Invasion groups to make it to the Summer Of Love. Their clean cut conservative image is probably what has kept them not only out of the HOF but they didn't even get nominated until a couple of years ago. They were anti drug, invested their royalties, and kicked out some of the heaviest rock and roll during the B.I. period. Once considered the heir apperant to The Beatles, their blend of Merseybeat with early Motown was unique. Only the DC5 would have the 'nads to cover The Contours "Do You Love Me" and make it work. As stated earlier, their conservatism didn't last past the Summer of 1967 and they broke up in early 1970. Their refusal to perform on the oldies circuit has left their music forever young. These guys should have been in years ago.

Posted by qoz on Sunday, 11.18.07 @ 20:39pm

I have long been a fan of the D.C.5.As one of the main front runners in the British Invasion,it seems a disgrace to what the HOF stands for that it has taken THIS long for them to be admitted-especially when you look over the list which includes acts that have not had the notoriety nor the successes that the D.C.5 have had.Truely a disgrace.

Posted by barry j. regan on Wednesday, 12.5.07 @ 15:44pm

It's a real shame the DC5 are not yet in the HOF. I visited Cleavland last summer and couldn't believe some of the acts inducted. I still hear their music on radio in Canada. Many 60's acts had studio musicians on their recordings, it just wasn't as well known. As far as influencing other acts,the Ramones do a great version of "Anyway you want it" on their "Greatest Hits Live" album. The DC5's entry to the HOF is long overdue. Do the right thing now. JUST GREAT MUSIC!

Posted by Jim N. on Friday, 12.7.07 @ 11:42am

After hearing what Jann Wenner did last year changing is vote at the last minute to Grandmaster Flash from the DC5, I lost respect for him completely. I just hope that the DC5 get in this year and then the HOF will have one more great British Invasion band in their hands

Posted by Danny on Saturday, 12.8.07 @ 10:00am

Get your facts straight. Wenner didn't tamper with any votes. There was a deadline and Grandmaster Flash was in the Top Five of votes received at the deadline. Then a lot of decaying seventy year olds sent in their ballots AFTER the deadline and voted for DC5 and not Grandmaster Flash (as you would expect)....GF is rightfully there.

Posted by Casper on Saturday, 12.8.07 @ 15:31pm

Congrats to the DC5 for getting into the RnR HOF

Posted by thomas on Sunday, 12.9.07 @ 17:34pm

"DC5 is still my wife's favorite band from the 60's."

Is your wife Jann Wenner, or in any way closely related to Jann Wenner?

Posted by liam on Wednesday, 12.12.07 @ 10:18am

Three cheers for the DC5 and Bobby Graham who played drums on the hits and Ron Ryan who wrote Because and Any Way You Want It and most of Bits and Pieces and suggested others they recorded. About damn time. Plenty of groups are in the HOF that used session players on records - I saw the DC5 twice and they were very good live. Its a shame it comes a year after Denis passed away.

Posted by Chuck on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 09:05am

Well, it's about time! I've been campaigning for the DC5 to get into the Rock Hall for years..they first were eligible in 1989 (25 years after "Glad All Over" in 1964). Hope Denny Payton can see this posthumously from Rock heaven. Hope Mike Smith is able to attend, being paralyzed. I wrote a scathing letter recently (before the induction announcement) to the Rock Hall nominating committe in NT..Is there a way I can send this to you?..Jeff Glazer

Posted by Jeff Glazer on Thursday, 12.13.07 @ 11:44am

Finally, there is some justice! I still think the "Hall of Fame's name should be changed to "Music Hall of Fame." Ten years from now you'll have the Eminens, Beatsie Boys, Jay Z's and everybody else in there, which will result in it's complete worthlessness!

Posted by rocknronnie on Friday, 12.14.07 @ 12:23pm

Bravo! Their music is still played today and was influencial to a lot of new wave bands.
It is a shame it took so long.

Posted by bunker on Monday, 12.31.07 @ 14:30pm

I thought the Dave Clark Five were already in the "Rock Hall Of Fame".. I'm glad to hear that they are in there now though.. All the Great bands of the Fabulous Sixties were Fantastic, they all had There own unique sound that met somewhere in the middle.. The music was about fun,love, excitement & experiment..Ive listened and studied The Dave Clark Five and musically they did evolve just as The Beatles & The Rolling Stones & The Kinks & The Who did.. All the bands mentioned had songs that sounded similar they also had songs that sounded uniquely there own style.. If you listen to the mid sixtes sound late 65-66-67 that had sax & horns & marching Band drums with a touch of gimiks that sound was The Dave Clark Five Sound Pioneered by DC5.. Respect to The Dave Clark Five..

Posted by howard on Friday, 01.4.08 @ 20:07pm

About time!!! I have to echo everyone on this subject...the Dave Clark Five should've been inducted a long time ago. Furthermore, let the hip-hop people get their own hall of fame!!! Grandmaster Flash in & Chicago's not??? Rock & Roll is all about NOT being politically correct!!

'Nuff Said!!!!

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 01.20.08 @ 15:08pm

It's about time a band of this caliber is inducted. Believe me...if you ever visit the R&R Hall of Fame you will agree with me that half the inductees are one hit wonders or totally unknown!
Go Dave!!!! Been a major fan since the 60's!!

Posted by Patty on Tuesday, 01.22.08 @ 16:28pm

I'm thrilled they're finally recognized as Hall of Fame entrees. Some of my fondest music memories growing up was hearing their string of great hits. I only wish that as they are inducted that we can get hold of all their songs. What a shame they've been kept of of circulation.
Go DC5!!!

Posted by Joe on Saturday, 02.2.08 @ 15:06pm

Congrats to to the DC5 on finally getting inducted. Besides all their top 40 hits they had many great ballads on their b sides or album tracks. Hope Mike Smith can make the ceremony if he feels well enough to make the trip or at least simulcast by satelite and the surviving members all show up. Would be great if they could rehearse and actually play with a subsitiute for Denis and have someone stand in for Mike that he would hand pick. Any ideas here?

Posted by Jazzson on Saturday, 02.16.08 @ 20:06pm

I actually heard somewhere that Springsteen might stand in and do Mike Smith's vocals.

Posted by Terry on Sunday, 02.17.08 @ 10:10am


Posted by jim otis on Thursday, 02.21.08 @ 20:02pm

jim's hoping your daughter is doing better! I wanted to add this video because it shows that the DC5 could, in fact, ROCK!!!

I certainly don't have a problem with their induction.

Posted by Terry on Friday, 02.22.08 @ 18:42pm

Mike Smith, lead singer of the Dave Clark Five, passed away today.


Mike Smith, the lead singer and keyboard player of The Dave Clark Five, one of the premier bands to emerge during the 1960's "British Invasion", died today from pneumonia at Stoke Mandeville Hospital outside of London. His devoted wife, Arlene, who is known as Charlie, was by his side. Smith was 64 years old.

Smith, who was due to be inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame with his band mates on Monday, March 10th, was admitted to the hospital's Intensive Care Unit yesterday morning with a chest infection, a complication from a spinal cord injury he sustained in September, 2003 that left him a tetraplegic (paralyzed below the ribcage with limited use of his upper body). Smith had been in the hospital since the accident, and was just released in December 2007 when he moved into a specially-prepared home near the hospital with his wife.

Posted by Future Rock Legends on Thursday, 02.28.08 @ 14:41pm, just no. It would be cruel, and the joke really wouldn't be worth it...

Posted by Liam on Thursday, 02.28.08 @ 14:47pm

This is just a real shame...Well done Mike Smith. Thank you for being part of bringing rock into my world at a young age. Rest In Peace!

Posted by Terry on Thursday, 02.28.08 @ 17:50pm

I saw Mike Smith a few years ago in Cleveland at the Rock HOF performingwith his group. His raspy vocals were still there. What a talent! He had some voice !!!!!!!!

Posted by Barry on Friday, 02.29.08 @ 22:36pm

The Dave Clark Five have made so many people enjoy good clean fun music for such a long time . I hope their induction into the Hall of Fame will enable many more to enjoy what we have enjoyed since the early sixties.

Posted by Al Nelson on Saturday, 03.1.08 @ 17:47pm


Posted by DAN BARCAN on Sunday, 03.2.08 @ 11:26am

After reading these posts, I agree with most of them. The "not playing their instruments" argument is only of shallow non-thinking minds. This is truly one band that deserves Hall of Fame status and had one of the great vocalists of our Mike George Smith. Thank God for real talent!!

Posted by Allan W. Crummett on Friday, 03.7.08 @ 19:14pm

I am still heart-broken over Mike's passing. i saw him perform a few years ago at the Indian Casino in CT, he was unbelievable - he sang as if his entrance into heaven depended on it. Such a good man, why anyone feels the need to knock him or the DC5 is beyond me. I hope to hear some great DC5 reprises at the HOF ceremony. I feel lucky to have seen him perform.

Posted by Peter Lucas on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 19:41pm

Damn shame that Mike Smith died. He was a great singer and a great keyboard player. I am fifteen so I wasn't able to see the DC5 in their heyday but man it would have been so great to see them play again, even though Denny Payton is dead as well so even before Mike died I didnt expect them to play. But their was this little voice inside of me that said that they would find a way to perform, perhaps with some other sax player like Clarence Clemmons or something. But now that Mike is dead there's no way. Such a tragedy that he died. such a tragedy.

Posted by Jamie Williams on Saturday, 03.8.08 @ 22:31pm

Sorry, folks. I can't agree with most of the accolades I've read here. With the exception of Mike smith, who had a hell of a voice, the rest of the band were stiffs. They added mothing to the lexicon of rock. You want some truly overlooked artists who should be in the Hall but aren't? How about the Guess Who? Bachman and Cummings should both be in individually as well as part of the group. How about John Mayall? Is there anybody who contributed as much as he did? How about Jethro Tull? The list of those who are more deserving that the DC5 goes on and on.

Posted by misterapplegate on Monday, 03.10.08 @ 12:13pm

misterapplegate, you're out of your mind. The DC5 won many awards for live performance -- hardly the thing "stiffs" would do.

The others you mentioend may or may not deserve induction, but it's clear that the DC5 DO deserve to be in the RRHOF -- and should have been YEARS ago. It's also clear that there have been, and will continue to be, many injustices in the voting. But 50 million records sold should stand for something.

Even Ron Ryan, who wrote some of their tunes, agrees that the DC5 were good musicians on their own -- and that session musicians were used by MANY bands.

The DC5 were terrific, and they are long-overdue for HOF induction. Period.

RIP, Mike and Denis.

Posted by Jim Haught on Monday, 03.10.08 @ 16:54pm

When Sir Paul McCartney was inducted in 1999 (five years after John Lennon) Stella McCartney, who accompanied her dad to the ceremony, wore a t-shirt that said "About Fkncuig Time."

Induction of the Dave Clark 5 was long past due. I agreed with Stella's statement that night in 1999 and I would like to borrow her sentiments on the 2008 induction of the DC5.

"About Fkncuig Time."

Now, if I can just get a copy of Tom Hanks induction speech. It was a chronicle of my youth and was absolutely brilliant!

Posted by Jeff Reeb on Tuesday, 03.11.08 @ 01:20am

I'am very pleased to see at long last that they made it. However; how sad it was not to see the other two Mike and Denny not there as well. Mike Smith was not only front man for the group, but his smile and resounding voice was heart and soul of it.

Posted by Pat on Thursday, 03.13.08 @ 11:13am

I'm very pleased to finally see the great Dave Clark Five inducted into the Hall Of Fame. Mike Smith was an example of not simply an outstanding singer and keyboardist, but an example of how to "roll with the punches". Under the most daunting circumstances, Mike maintained a positive and optimistic outlook on life. He lost his son in a tragic accident in 2003, and a few months later he became paralyzed and spent the next 5 years confined in a British Hospital. Yet he remained charming and warm towards his Doctors, his fans, and his darling wife Charlie. He is an example of fortitude and rock-steady faith for ALL of us. Rest In Peace Mike "Boomer" Smith, the best of the British Invasion singers bar none!

Posted by Bernie Medina on Sunday, 03.23.08 @ 20:18pm

Of course they should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame a long time ago, but what do you expect? Deep Purple and Alice Cooper have not been inducted yet! Yet Madonna made it in? Give me abreak.

Posted by john on Tuesday, 04.15.08 @ 16:13pm

You people need to stop kidding yourselves--DC5 was nothing more than an ok and highly-commercialized band, and even so they never had more than 5 or 6 songs that were any good. They never rivaled the Beatles in any meaningful way and don't deserve to be in the same category as the Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin. Keeping them out of the HOF was the right choice.

Posted by Tom on Wednesday, 07.9.08 @ 16:44pm

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Tom...but they are in fact in the HOF. In the early years they did in fact rival the Beatles. As Dameon previously mentioned, AM "top 40" radio was a whole different era, and the DC's appearances on Ed Sullivan pumped up the request lines right along with the Beatles. You heard them a lot because they were in the top 40 a lot. They were one of the original, more successful members of the British Invasion, which shook up the music industry pretty good, especially in the states. I thought they were deserving...and I experienced it. Guess you had to be there...

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 07.9.08 @ 18:06pm

I've been through this before, so I'll just say it succinctly and leave it at that. I'm happy that the DC5 made it in. Tom Hanks' speech really resonated with me (even though I didn't grow up in the hardships he described, or grow up in the 60's for that matter). It made perfect sense to me. I also found it somewhat telling of Mike Smith's vocal talents that Joan Jett was a little bit flat in the higher range of "Bits And Pieces."

That's all I really wish to say. I've debated this before, and I'm not gonna change any minds, and no one's changing mine.

Posted by Philip on Wednesday, 07.9.08 @ 20:02pm

I'm sorry, I should have clarified that keeping them out for twenty years was the right thing to do. They never evolved from being just another cheap and commercialized pop band. Appearing on the Ed Sullivan show about 50 times (not much of an exaggeration there) and having a top 40 hit in the same year as the Beatles does not make them icons. They were not even slightly innovative or influential. Not a single one of their albums is in print anymore. Having five or six hit singles does not make you legendary. Are the DC5 part of the 60s history? Sure. Are they otherwise forgettable? Yes.

Posted by Tom on Thursday, 07.10.08 @ 10:01am

Opinions vary, Tom...and you are most certainly entitled to yours. You should go back and listen to Tom Hanks' induction speech, because it really does describe perfectly how things were back then. Ed Sullivan wouldn't let just anybody on his show...he was after ratings, and he got a boost from the DC5. Now, I don't pray to the altar of those 5 gentlemen, but their contribution was a little more significant than a lot of people think. Coming to the states, getting your music played on the radio, and appearing on national TV didn't just "happen".

I respect what they did and I'm glad they were part of my initial introduction into rock music.

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 07.10.08 @ 18:22pm

The idea of an actor who never played music inducting a band really suggests something is wrong with the rock hall.

Ordinarily, a band would be inducted by an artist whom they influenced or who admired them. If the Nominating Committee can't find anybody obviiously influenced by the DC5 or even somebody who admired their music without owing anything to it (far from rare) then something really is wrong with Wenner, Landau and the other veterans who run the Hall!

Posted by Julien Peter Benney on Monday, 10.13.08 @ 22:07pm

One can only assume that this had to do with the Hanks movie in 95? 96? 97? where he was the manager (I think?) of the one hit band. Perhaps Hanks admitted they were inspired by the DC5 and Wenner ran w/it.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 10.14.08 @ 05:38am

The Dave Clark Five were one of the greatest bands of the British Invasion. They had influence and a huge amount of singles. They should have been inducted around the same time as The Animals, The Kinks, and Cream. They shouldn't have had to wait so long for an induction.

Posted by Welcolm Samuels on Sunday, 11.16.08 @ 10:30am

Welcolm Samuels

Well they are IN so that is all that matters!! If RHOF even matters LOL
I agree a great band "glad all over" they are IN...

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 11.16.08 @ 10:35am

Can someone give me a reason why it took 20 YEARS for THE DAVE CLARK FIVE to get inducted? They should have been inducted in the early 90's!! This is THE DAVE CLARK FIVE were talking about!!

Posted by Firebrick on Thursday, 12.18.08 @ 18:42pm

I have so little faith in the hall, I'm just glad The Dave Clark Five eventually got inducted.

Posted by Keebord on Thursday, 12.18.08 @ 19:39pm

Inducted by Forrest Gump.

Posted by Mike on Thursday, 02.12.09 @ 18:18pm

You people need to stop kidding yourselves--DC5 was nothing more than an ok and highly-commercialized band, and even so they never had more than 5 or 6 songs that were any good. They never rivaled the Beatles in any meaningful way and don't deserve to be in the same category as the Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin. Keeping them out of the HOF was the right choice.

Posted by Tom on Wednesday, 07.9.08 @ 16:44pm

Maybe, but somehow I doubt they could be foolish enough to come up with something as whiny, hookless, over-polished and lacking in balls as "Pet Sounds". The most overrated album ever, bar none.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 07.9.10 @ 14:08pm

First artists to be inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame while original studio albums are out of print?

Posted by Roy on Friday, 08.27.10 @ 13:17pm

Dave Clark Five was the first powerhouse , footstomping rock band i feel. Band like The Who followed in their footsteps.

Posted by bob on Tuesday, 08.31.10 @ 20:16pm

"You want some truly overlooked artists who should be in the Hall but aren't? How about the Guess Who? Bachman and Cummings should both be in individually as well as part of the group."

misterapplegate, I'd like you to meet my friend "irony".

"How about John Mayall? Is there anybody who contributed as much as he did?"

Yes. I can post a list if you like.

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 11.7.10 @ 11:57am


Posted by xQDdlkSCrlJX on Friday, 01.14.11 @ 19:58pm

In 1964, US Top 40 radio stations played the Beach Boys, the Four Seasons, early Motown and girl groups. Fine music, but where was the BIG BEAT? Then the DC5 showed up with the biggest goddamn beat of all time. It wasn't safe to drive when the DC5 came on the radio, because you'd be stomping in time to "Glad All Over" on the accelerator! I remember it!

Posted by BobBerkeley on Wednesday, 03.2.11 @ 15:13pm

I had the pleasure of meeting the group(the D.C.5) in the summer of 1965 in Ft Laud. Fla. My dad was a booking agent and the company he worked for booked the band. Meeting them was a real joy as I learned alot about them as individuals. The were good natured, well dressed and very polite.
My dad being of the older generation wasnt a fan of new rock and roll, but he did like the DC5,due
to the fact they played music you could hear and understand. The sad part about the DC5 is it tookso long for them to be inducted innto the hall of fame. They should have made it the first time they were eligible for induction. Also the shows that you see on the tv never mention them as part of the British invasion..Fora long time kids in the early sixties were either Beatles or DC5 fans. Wish they got more credit for their contributions than they have. D.C.5. fan forever!!!

Posted by mike williamson on Wednesday, 06.29.11 @ 11:07am

I saw the Dave Clark Five back in the mid sixties in Sacramento Ca at Memorial Auditorium. All the girls just went ape over them myself included. They were great. I had pictures of all the 60's groups that I had seen in Sacramento but they were stolen from me in a move from one home to another. :( I still to this day love their music.

Posted by Claudia Fortado-Fassett on Thursday, 09.29.11 @ 19:32pm

I would have to say that the Hall of fame had there collective heads where heads are not suppose to be not very much air there. As I grow older and think of songs to put on a play list of British bands. I find myself popping off songs one after another of the DC5 surprise surprise. Considering that I had about the same amount of BEATLES albums as The DAVE CLARK 5 a few less of The ROLLING STONES. Which inspired me the most to learn how to play the guitar was THE DAVE CLARK 5. My playing was nothing out of the ordinary. So when I got bored during those long summer vacations I would turn of the stereo along with my amp and play along with you guested it the DC5. It's been along time the guitar is slowly coming back slowly but it is coming along and you guessed it playing with THE DAVE CLARK 5 once again. Anyways the should have been inducted in 1988 when they were first eligible.(ROCK ON MIKE AND DENIS)

Posted by Jim Newton on Tuesday, 12.4.12 @ 05:24am

can't really agree there, 1988 had so many massive acts that making the DC5 a first time inductee wouldn't make sense.

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 12.4.12 @ 10:54am

DAVE CLARK 5 WERE N OT THE BEAtles but they were a damn fun and fine band

Posted by tom snouffert on Thursday, 08.8.13 @ 15:15pm

I think the people who really deserve to be inducted are Mike Smith, Ron Ryan, Eric Ford, Bobby Graham, and the rest of the session musicians that played on the albums instead of the "so-called" true musicians. Dave Clark may only belong there for being maybe business savvy, like a pioneer in that field but I don't positive thoughts on that at all. This man was horrible. I don't like him anymore than I like Don Arden.
Ron Ryan once said that he wasn't able to get into the studio where they were recording because Dave Clark didn't allow anybody in. Clark in fact was bored when it came to getting down and discussing the music, so he left it to Mike Smith to handle songs that were offered, and how to arrange them and so forth. Clark was there for the money.
I have a big suspicion that Big Jim Sullivan played on the first two albums, and Jimmy Page and Vic Flick played on the rest. Eric Ford, Bobby Graham, Ron Ryan, and the rest who's names we'll probably won't know at this time due to Dave Clark still trying to protect his image. These guys should be in. What did Lenny Davidson, Rick Huxley, and Denis Payton do? They just stood there. I am not convinced until we find what some call "incredible live performance" footage, with sound of course. By the way, notice that these three fellas didn't perform at the Rock Hall?? They just stood and watched.

Posted by John on Monday, 04.6.15 @ 16:17pm

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