The Cranberries

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Eligible since: 2016 (The 2017 Induction Ceremony)

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Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? (1993)
No Need to Argue (1994)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Dreams (1992)
Linger (1993)
Zombie (1994)

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Will The Cranberries be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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At a time when grunge had been the top music genere, The Cranberries did completely the opposite, by creating a artistic style of pop/rock music with a strong and unique traditional irish influence! Some of the best musicianship and lyric writing! Probebly one of the greatest bands of the 1990's!!

Posted by Byron on Saturday, 09.23.06 @ 04:42am

Yuck. Represented everything that was wrong with 90's music.

Posted by Creepozoid on Tuesday, 04.10.07 @ 03:08am

Oh, Holy Love yes the Cranberries. I'm all happy when a band has a single song that represents a generation, but Linger, Zombie, Dreams, and Ode to My Family, all.

This band was everywhere, and not on the radio and MTV. I mean, every person I knew (and still do) has the obligatory Cranberries CD. And Linger has to be one of the most perfect songs ever.

Posted by Moni3 on Monday, 05.14.07 @ 22:09pm

Love the album 'To the Faithful Departed'. Love the lead singer's voice.

They need another killer album or two to make it in, IMO.

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 07.17.08 @ 11:46am

Definitelly they should be! They were so different to the bands in their time, and they are still rocking our world :D

Posted by Somebody on Sunday, 04.19.09 @ 13:11pm


Posted by Mike on Monday, 03.7.11 @ 08:40am

The Cranberries were and still are amazing. Just because they are different than other bands who people think are worth of being inducted, doesn't mean they shouldn't be. The Cranberries are amazing, I love them, and they WILL be inducted in 2016.

Posted by kori on Thursday, 05.31.12 @ 16:54pm

Have to agree with Paul.The Cranberries need 1 or 2 more killer CD's to warrant induction. There's something about the Cranberries music that gets in your blood & under your skin.Early U2 & Counting Crows as well.

I like that yellow album.To The Faithfully Departed.That really rocked! Hollywood,FREE TO DECIDE particularly great. I think those 1st 3 CD's (rewe) were outstanding. Still need some work to do.Love D's singing. KING

Posted by KING on Saturday, 02.15.14 @ 19:46pm

The Cranberries, 1994

Ode To My Family - My father he liked me. Does anyone care?

Is this about child abuse?

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 02.15.14 @ 20:13pm

Yeah no.

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 12.29.15 @ 16:48pm

Sad to hear about Dolores O'Riordan's passing today. Only 46 years old - WAY too young. R.I.P.

Posted by Steve Z on Monday, 01.15.18 @ 12:58pm

Oh, that really sucks! O'Riordan's voice was one of the most beautiful female voices in all of rock and roll. A bit like the classic folk chanteuse, only with an Irish accent. So gorgeous. I still love Salvation, Dreams, Linger, Zombie, Analyse, When You're Gone, Free To Decide, etc. Such a gorgeous voice.

If "Unquestionable Musical Excellence" is the only criterion after 25 years, then a big yes to the Cranberries. Doubt it'll ever happen though. Love their music though.

Posted by Philip on Monday, 01.15.18 @ 13:33pm

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