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Will The Box Tops be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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The Box Tops really didn't endure for that long, and by the standards of their day (the late 60's) were fairly average. Their biggest song "The Letter" (Give Me A Ticket For An Airplane...) was #1 for 4 weeks in 1967.

But compared to the pop music of today The Box Tops shine like a floor just scrubbed with Mr. Clean. Take a tune like "Neon Rainbow." Nowhere on today's charts could you find a song with lyrics so thoughtful and unpretentious, finely crafted music to match that thoughtfulness. It almost brings a tear to my eye whenever I hear it because it's immediately obvious how far down the quality of pop music has tumbled in the last 40 years.

Their chances of making the Hall Of Fame are probably less than 1 in 4, though, because of a lack of real innovation; but the lead singer Alex Chilton did go on to form Big Star which did influence some of the newer pop/rock groups.

It's nice to see Future Rock Legends giving them a 16% chance which is more than they're givin' Donovan.

Posted by classicrocker on Thursday, 05.28.09 @ 14:17pm

Alex Chilton also played in Big Star

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 07.8.09 @ 19:27pm

The only reason the Box Tops have a 16% chance is because Alex Chilton was later in Big Star. Box Tops were more successful, Big Star was artsier, well why not just make Chilton a Clyde McPhatter Club member?

I gotta say no to the Box Tops. Their music just doesn't hold up, imo.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 09.5.09 @ 13:55pm

I guess not if you base their success simply on the strength of "The Letter" and "Cry Like a Baby" but both of which were huge when they came out. I really don't know the exact criteria that FRL goes through when putting up a certain % for Induction Chances

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 09.5.09 @ 14:00pm

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