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Along Comes Mary (1966)
Never My Love (1967)
Windy (1967)

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Will The Association be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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One of the most schitzophrenic bands of all time. They could do hard rock, soft rock, ballads, bubblegum, psychedelic, Lettermen-style vocalizing. In short a little bit of everything and not very good at any of them. Famous for the prom-rock classics "Cherish" and "Never My Love", they also did the rah-rah "Enter The Young" and the ultra-heavy anti-war "Requiem For The Masses". Once it was revealed that they did not perform the intruments on their two number one hits ("Cherish" and "Windy") they became persona non grata in the rock community. In the end by trying to be everything to everyone they were rejected by all. (Having said all that, I still get a warm and fuzzy feeling whenever I hear "Cherish".)

Posted by qoz on Sunday, 11.18.07 @ 20:20pm

Absolutely love the song 'Windy'. God, that takes me back to 67. Do not feel they should be inducted, however.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 03.17.08 @ 10:19am

They way I look at The Association is that they could craft a better prom rock song "Cherish" than Neil Sedaka or Frankie Valli, a better flower power generation song "Enter The Young" (led off Monterey)than Buffalo Springfield, a better party song "Along Comes Mary" than the Monkees, a better anti-war song "Requiem For The Masses" than Joan Baez, a deeper psychedelic meditation song "Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies" than Jefferson Airplane, and a better sing along pop tune "Windy" than Tom Jones.

The craftsmanship compared to today's POP tunes (not underground- I said POP so hold the flames) is vastly superior. The Association contrary to what is stated above did perform their instruments on every song they recorded-their primary instruments being their vocal chords. The Association is a vocal group that could harmonize better than every other group out there in the 60s. This is why they have been honored with induction in the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame.

The song Never My Love was the 2nd MOST PLAYED SONG OF THE 20th CENTURY according to BMI.

Any "corniness" aside, it is my opinion therefore that the Association is a relatively undervalued commodity at the present time.

Posted by SG on Tuesday, 03.18.08 @ 00:28am

Have a post from a few months ago saying they shouldn't be inducted. However, I've just recently read some news on this site that suggests that Hermans Hermits might be going in the next year or two.

The Association is a much, much better band than Hermans Hermits. If HH gets in, then the Association should have been inducted 10 years ago.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 07.28.08 @ 11:35am

I just really love these old 60's musicians so much feel an talent!, this band. had a sring of hits. They set the stage for some of the best music then an even today !

Posted by Happy on Saturday, 03.10.12 @ 22:29pm

They were one of the hardest working bands during their prime (1965--1970?) and still were touring 4 original members until 2013. They had solid hits, and harmonized better than many groups in RxR HOF.

They ALL sang and ALL played instruments
on tour and added some personality in rapport with their fans,
kind of like the Fab 4. One of best bands I ever saw during their prime and certainly deserve to be in Hall of Fame!

Posted by Leonard Garcia on Saturday, 04.5.14 @ 02:06am

Just found out Larry Ramos, guitarist & vocalist on Never My Love & Windy & many other great songs The Association did has passed away.

He was also a member of The New Christy Minstrels.

Mr. Ramos was a native Hawaiian. RIP, Larry. Sure enjoyed your music.

Posted by Paul in KY on Wednesday, 07.16.14 @ 07:45am

I have always been appalled that the Association has been snubbed by the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. Let's list just a few of their musical accomplishments:

1. They have THREE (3) songs listed by BMI as the top played songs for the ENTIRE 20th Century: Never, My Love, Cherish and Windy. The Beatles only had 3 and no other recording group had more!

2. A seriously significant run of million-selling Billboard songs including such hits as: Along Comes Mary, Cherish, Windy, Never, My Love, Everything That Touches You...

3.The breath-taking vocals and heart-wrenching words of Requiem For The Masses which was a so-called "B" side of a single. I don't think any other band in the history of Rock 'n Roll could perform a Gregorian Chant that could leave you breathless and you jaw dropping to the floor! They should be in the Hall of Fame for THAT song alone!

4. The Association wrote and performed the songs and score for the hit movie Goodbye, Columbus

5. How many bands in Rock 'n Roll history could successfully perform the enormous VARIETY of song styles that the Association did in their career? They did Pop, Rock, Hard Rock, Love Ballads,Swing, Folk, Protest Songs. Psychedelic, Country, Gregorian Chant...They could do it all!

5. Each member of this forever hard-working band played multiple musical instruments, often switching instruments numerous times during a typical concert. Terry Kirkman could play virtually every wind instrument in existence and do it well.

I could probably go on for pages but I think you get the idea. The Association more than deserves to be in the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame. It's high time to correct this horrible wrong of their exclusion!

Posted by Bytemeister on Friday, 09.5.14 @ 16:17pm

The Association was one of the greatest American bands from 1966-1972. They were top professionals on stage and could fill an arena with vocal harmony like no other band. Their musicianship and showmanship has been sadly overlooked in the RRHOF consideration, and the snide comments of some on this forum reveal that they have no first-hand experience with The Association at all. These guys should've been in the RRHOF in the FIRST induction. Hopefully, someone in Cleveland will see the error of their ways and make a change in their voting very soon. And one more thing--From 1968-1970, these guys sold more records in the US than the Beatles did. Get you some of that, RRHOF!

Posted by ulyssesmsu on Wednesday, 08.12.15 @ 23:05pm

Was listening to some of the Association the other day. Never My Love and Windy is good as it gets. They really had a good sound and I'm a sucker for vocal harmony. They deserve consideration I think in the next decade. Cole could play that bass. KING

Posted by KING on Monday, 08.17.15 @ 00:53am

The Association had delivered some incredible hits. Love the bass line from Cole had at the beginning of Windy. That is a Classic. Never My Love is almost perfect in delivery. Outstanding song! The Association showed how to do a love song with Cherish. Along Comes Mary more upbeat rocker. I have to admit The Association will start to get more consideration as most of the no-brain 60's acts have been inducted. These guys were Vocal Harmony Masters and deserve a KING salute!!! They were cool...The death of Cole was a shame. KING

Posted by KING on Wednesday, 09.2.15 @ 04:32am

KING: You'll hear no guff from me here: the Association were a great, great band. I even think to a small degree they're underrated as a band. Those vocal harmonies were excellent and the instrumentation was fantastic. Windy's still a constant favorite of mine, and Cherish and Never My Love just sweet songs.

Posted by SotN on Wednesday, 09.2.15 @ 07:51am

Joe Osborn played bass on Windy not Brian Cole.

Posted by BK on Thursday, 10.8.15 @ 17:08pm

Maybe it’s that they’re not just a rock and roll band. As previously mentioned, The Association covered many genres of music and covered them all excellently. The fact that they weren't "just" a rock and roll band shouldn’t prevent them from being in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, however….the Hall of Fame should be ashamed for snubbing them, and is considered incomplete without them.

Posted by sandie on Tuesday, 11.1.16 @ 18:30pm

Aside from any controversy the band may have had. The music speaks for itself. Why not let them in, lesser artists are in. This was a band that defined an era in history. From the many who mourned their friends forever from Vietnam to the forever moments of a wedding day, the music was there to mark it all. Let them in and allow other generations to enjoy the music too, controversies and all...

Posted by Dave on Wednesday, 06.28.17 @ 02:07am

The Hall of Fame is a joke. First of all the Hall should have been built in Philadelphia! Second, "Rock & Roll" doesn't seem to apply with a good number of groups in the Hall. The Association is clearly on of the greatest vocal groups of all time. I have everything the group has ever recorded and I can say these guys are, by far, better than half the crap that's already in the Hall.

Looking at the complete list of bands and artists it's pretty clear that those in charge haven't got a clue about the true history of R&R. Artists like Carol King, one of the great composers of all time is nowhere to be found. The Doobie Brothers have been waiting for 21 years! Insane! These are just two examples. And how Rap is considered R&R I'll never understand. It's crap!


Posted by Dig on Saturday, 11.11.17 @ 20:46pm

Have you ever listened to a rap album the whole way through?

How about reading a book on the history of hip-hop?

No? You haven't? Too much work?

Posted by AlexVoltaire on Sunday, 11.12.17 @ 07:28am

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