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Will Super Furry Animals be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Despite the fact that they DO deserve it, the Super Furries probably won't get in because...

"The Man Don't Give a F*ck"

Posted by liam on Sunday, 01.6.08 @ 10:30am

The best band in the '90s (apart from Blur, Fugazi and Stereolab)!!!

Shame their new record is so underwhelming...

Posted by Liam on Tuesday, 04.15.08 @ 12:01pm

WOW!!!!!!! Just got my first Furries cd - "Radiator" and I am blown away. Most engaging, complex, memerizing and fun stuff I've heard since Flaming Lips. Are these guys prog or psychedelic or pop or what?
Can anyone else hear all the stuff I hear in Super Furries?:
I hear The Beatles (heavy), Flaming Lips, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, XTC, Gang of Four, David Bowie and (am I nuts?) The freaking Beach Boys???.

Yea, I know I'm about 11 years too late for being enamoured with this band, but this is my first exposure.

Liam, you say their latest is not up to par with their older stuff? Which album should I get next?

Posted by shawn on Wednesday, 05.7.08 @ 23:13pm

I grabbed a leaked copy of Hey Venus! early last year and considered importing it, but decided not to. Even though it's been in the US since January, I just never got around to buying it. I think it's fine, though. At least as good as Love Kraft.

Posted by William on Thursday, 05.8.08 @ 00:50am

What's your favorite Furry's album, William? Is Fuzzy Logic good, too?

Posted by shawn on Thursday, 05.8.08 @ 00:56am

Radiator, and yes, they're all good.

Posted by William on Thursday, 05.8.08 @ 01:03am

William and liam = lameness. Innovation and influence for a what sucks in music! Only bands tht are indie and underground mean anything to you. So march on with your suckyness!!!! Your taste show your smarts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! losers!!!!

Posted by moterflu on Thursday, 05.8.08 @ 03:01am

SFA haven't been "underground" for over a decade. Their singles have consistently made the UK Top 50 since '96. They've also had albums distributed by Epic Records and Sony BMG.

You might want to try not being completely wrong someday, or failing that, learning to shut up.

Posted by William on Thursday, 05.8.08 @ 05:17am

William knows where it's at: Radiator
is also my fave. Guerrilla is my second favourite, Fuzzy Logic third...but as William pointed out, they're all great (although their 'wackiness' was stronger in the '90s than it is now).

I definitely hear all those in SFA, Shawn. I'm not sure that SFA took any influence from the Lips (wouldn't be surprised though), but they are definitely similiar bands.

I personally think Guerrilla or Fuzzy Logic would be a good place to go on to, Shawn, but you can't go wrong with this band. I prefer listening to '90s SFA than '00s, but I love both.

I'm not even sure what the second sentence in your comment meant, moterflu (moterfly feeling ill?). Not that it matters, and not that I feel the need to get your approval, but I actually like plenty of mainstream stuff. Feel free to carry on with the asshurt-baby routine as much as you want.

Posted by Liam on Thursday, 05.8.08 @ 10:55am

Liam does not represent the views and opinions, nor understand what's involved in the nomination, selection and induction process for The Hall of Fame!

Posted by (Anonymous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Selection Committee Member) on Thursday, 05.8.08 @ 19:15pm

It certainly is not like me to defend Liam - but this is an open forum where anyone can express their ideas of what and how they believe the RnR Hall of Shame views possible candidates. Liam is certainly allowed to express his opinion, and I will defend his right to do so. We just all wish he would use a little more decorum when doing it.

That being said, to me at least, it is quite clear that the Hall uses different equatations when calculating different band's credentials. This just proves to me that the Hall is a worthless piece of crap run by knuckleheads. The playing field is not equal for everyone.

Everyone here has their own belief system; William, Shawn, Bryan, Anon, Kit, Casper, Motorfly, Metalsmith, the legions of Tom Jones fans and Liam each have shared different opinions on the subject. And everyone's opinion has merit. However, this site seems to have become a battleground for the various Indie/Alternative genre's and the Hard Rock/Metal/Mainstream genre's. All these different genre's have impacted the RnR scene to a different degree and have helped perpetuate its continuation. Perhaps instead of disagreeing on its past, we should look to its future. And thankfully, some of this type of conversation has been appearing lately.

Rock and Roll is no longer the dominant musical art form that it was 45 years ago or even 15 years ago. It has been bypassed by "pure pop"; (thank you American Idol), and "pop r&b". I really don't know which is worse.

I am hopeful thath there is some new band out there that will not only have something somewhat new to say and play, but someone who will be able to play outside their genre and reignite the Rock and Roll scene for all.

As Def Leppard said "Is anybody out there? Anybody there?
Does anybody wonder? Anybody care?"

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 05.9.08 @ 08:45am

"Liam does not represent the views and opinions, nor understand what's involved in the nomination, selection and induction process for The Hall of Fame!" - (Anonymous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Selection Committee Member)

That's funny, 'cos I'm damn sure I'd do a better job at running the Hall than you idiots. What's the backlog now? 70-odd, last time I checked.

Posted by Liam on Friday, 05.9.08 @ 10:49am

I think Liam's right on the Furries, Dameon.
I too am lukewarm (at best) on the "lo-fi" genre (with some exceptions - don't mind the lo-fi production part of it at all - see Black Keys... love them - it's when a group sports obnoxious vocals or shits a reckless mess of ear pollution that I get irked) but I digress; sorry.
But SFA's are a truly remarkable band, one which I wil bet monet you will be glad for your time investment. I just picked up my second cd this week of theirs, 2007's "Hey Venus!" and it is so much fun to just absorb their originality and be surprised at almost every song. It is especially fun to try to decipher what obvious influence you are hearing in each song; I could easily hear ELO (!), Elvis Costello and again, The Beach Boys in the first 3 songs.

This band is a joy to discover - you won't be disappointed.

Posted by shawn on Friday, 05.9.08 @ 12:08pm

Well, I will certainly give SFA a soundcheck. Do I start at the beginning with them?

Posted by Dameon on Friday, 05.9.08 @ 12:29pm

I'm actually very happy with Hey Venus! now. The thing is, when I was in the car on the way to pick it up, I was listening to Radiator, so when I played Hey Venus! it was kind of disappointing.

If you liked Hey Venus! then you can't go wrong with any of their other albums. Have fun! But if you want to know where I think you should go next, I'd say.....Fuzzy Logic.

Also, Gruff Rhys (singer) had a superb solo album out year. It's called Candy Lion, and I recommend you check it out once you've tried a few more SFA albums.

And there's this one other band I think you'll really love too, they're called Stereolab (heard of them?). If you haven't, I'd recommend you start on their album Emperor Tomato Ketchup.

Posted by Liam on Friday, 05.9.08 @ 12:29pm

My last comment was for Shawn, in case it was unclear.

Dameon, I'm sure William and Shawn will agree when I say to start Radiator. Although you can't go wrong with this band on any album (even the B-sides/rarities comp!).

Posted by Liam on Friday, 05.9.08 @ 12:33pm

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