Sufjan Stevens

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Eligible in: 2025 (The 2026 Induction Ceremony)

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Illinois (2005)
Carrie & Lowell (2015)

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Chicago (2005)
John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (2005)

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Will Sufjan Stevens be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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By the time he's elligible, millions will have caught on to his music and one of America's finest ever singer/songwriters will be inducted.

Posted by Casper on Monday, 12.11.06 @ 02:46am

If his career continues as it has already, he's going to be a very strong contender. His status as a critic's darling would suggest he has one foot in the door already. Every generation has a crooning poet... from Dylan to Simon to Costello to Beck to... Sufjan Stevens.

Posted by lightninli on Sunday, 01.7.07 @ 00:42am

Over at, some stats, there are around 282,403 total listeners. He's currently ranked at #52 on the weekly artists chart there, over well known bands like GNR, REM, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, The Clash, and many others. At the rate he's going, he might become an icon by his first year of induction.

Posted by maplejet on Friday, 04.6.07 @ 11:02am

The fact that he's shown so much raw talent and ambition with decent variety at such a young age tells of possible future greatness. At least some... I forsee a vast, utterly labirynthine catalogue with myriad bizarre EPs about random holidays and the state of Alaska...

Posted by J.H.M. on Sunday, 04.29.07 @ 20:42pm

Certainly on track to becoming a huge musical influence in songwriting, Stevens has created some beautiful stuff.

I can still sit and relax to Illinois and feel that it's pretty much perfection. With single songs like "To Be Alone With You" he also has the ability to make some heart-felt hits.

I'm not sure whether Sufjan will become massive or small in the next few years, time will tell.

The constand critical acclaim should only help him in his rise though.

Posted by Cabbeh on Wednesday, 05.9.07 @ 13:05pm

He's probably the singer-songwriter I dislike the most actually. I actually wonder if he isn't just a joke being played on the hipster community, someone with a vault of Elliot Smith outtakes and a random word generator trying to see just how far he can take the sensitive poet motif.

Posted by Kit on Wednesday, 12.26.07 @ 14:25pm

Yeah, I've always thought of him as pretty shit. But the singer-songwriter you hate the MOST. What places him heads-and-shoulders above (or should I say below) the rest?

Posted by l i a m on Wednesday, 12.26.07 @ 14:32pm

I misspoke to be honest, I was referring mainly to the post-2000 breed of songwriter, which has some incredible talents like Conor Oberst, Devendra Barnhart, Andrew Bird, and Patrick Wolf. Next to these merchants of greatness, Sufjan is exposed for the snake oil salesman he is.

Obviously he's still better than sub-tripe like Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, that's just self-evident.

Posted by Kit on Wednesday, 12.26.07 @ 14:35pm

Yeah, don't worry, I don't pay shit like Newton Faulkner any attention.

Posted by l i a m on Wednesday, 12.26.07 @ 14:41pm

None of Sufjan's lyrics come out of nowhere. You apparently just can't read them. To each his own when it comes to poetry, but Sufjan is this generation like it or not. He has a long way to go and I expect great things from his seeing how fantastic his music is already.

Posted by Lauren on Sunday, 01.27.08 @ 13:37pm

Gave "Illinoise" another listen today, and I feel myself edging closer and closer to Kit's argument.

What is it with this guy? What is it that people see in him to strike him out from the rest of the crowd? In fact, there's hardly much to strike him IN what said crowd.

His voice is absolutely terrible, and does no favours for his trite lyrics. His compositions are generally acceptable (and even sometimes 'interesting'), but I'd have much rather have listened to "The Magic Position" today than "Illinoise".

Posted by Liam on Friday, 02.15.08 @ 14:21pm

Four ongs of his I find some of the most brilliant songs I have ever listened to. Inspiring, beautiful, musical perfecion.

"The seers tower"
"John wayne gacy Jr."
"Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland"
"The owl and the tanager" (live version)

With that said, I have not heard most of his catalogue. I tried listening to an album of his in full, and 11 minutes in, I wanted to burn it. It was AWFUL. Electronic, filled with homosexual accents that do NOT work with the music(The type you would hear in blood on the dancefloor which is the worse act in musical history), ect.

So I am torn on opinion for him.

Posted by mikhail on Saturday, 07.7.12 @ 21:13pm

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame website says Chicago's legacy lives on with artists such as Journey, Toto, and Sufjan Stevens.

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 10.30.16 @ 20:01pm

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