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Eligible since: 1995 (The 1996 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Steeleye Span be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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A great band - it's about time Steeleye got the recognition they deserve.

Posted by Brian on Saturday, 01.5.08 @ 16:51pm

I have been a huge fan of Steeleye Span, almost form their very beginning. Their music is great, and Maddy Prior voice is pure magic! Yes, it is time that Steeleye receive the recognition they deserve after creating wonderful Folk Rock music for more than 37 years!

Posted by Wil Tirion on Tuesday, 01.8.08 @ 10:40am

Yes, they do deserve recognition for all they have done over the years. They are a band that made people aware that folk/traditional/rock music can be great.

Posted by Pauline on Thursday, 01.10.08 @ 21:12pm

"Criteria include the influence and significance of the artist's contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll."

Steeleye Spans significance can’t be overstated in terms of the 39 years they have spent bringing the traditional music of the British Isles to a truly global audience. Their particular brand of Folk-Rock gave birth to a whole new genre of Music and has influenced several generations of Musicians and Audiences to explore their own Musical Heritage, an achievement that surely merits recognition in itself.

Their hit singles may possibly be viewed as a mixed blessing, but the Material explored on their many Albums, several of which went Gold, consist of a series of ‘Big Ballads’ that are ranked as not just Folk-Rock classics but classics when measured against any Yardstick. They are handled with consummate musicianship, sensitivity, creativity and a uniqueness that has ensured that no other Band has been able to emulate their distinctive style and sound.

They have been actively instrumental in perpetuating the development of not only rock and roll but also the rich diversity of our musical heritage, ensuring that the traditional songs and tunes of these Isles stay within present day consciousness.

Posted by Debs on Monday, 01.14.08 @ 03:40am

one of the few bands to make english Folk Music accessible to the masses. Their appeal is wide, to old and young alike (including the very young).
For me they added the colour to dusty old folk songs, in a way that others have never quite done.
They are long overdue some wider recognition.

Posted by Geoff on Tuesday, 01.15.08 @ 12:34pm

Unlike many eligible bands, Steeleye Span is still active and has been consistently active for four decades. Their music continues to be inventive, fresh and explores the entire range of the musical spectrum.

Ignoring the significant contribution to music of such an extraordinary band would demonstrate an inappropriate limitation on the part of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and everything it stands for.

Posted by Michael Higgins on Tuesday, 01.15.08 @ 20:00pm

They have pushed the musical envelope in many ways - who else has had a hit that was written centuries ago and was in Latin? Their musicianship is fantastic, and their ability to bring traditional songs and make them rock is special.

Posted by Dave MIllard on Wednesday, 01.16.08 @ 13:02pm

For 39 years Steeleye Span have consistently tried to explore musical styles while remaining committed to their folk-rock roots. Their early combining of electric instruments with traditional music was innovative and ingenious, and they have maintained a strong following worldwide while continuing to develop newer and fresher approaches to rock music.

Posted by Mark Edward Askren on Thursday, 01.17.08 @ 09:27am

It cannot be true that Maddy Prior & Steeleye Span have never been considered - this must be rectified without delay! They show progression in the world of folk/rock which are examples to all!

Posted by John Chilcott on Saturday, 02.2.08 @ 02:48am

If folk rock is truly within the criteria of "rock and Roll" then yes. They deserve to be inducted, I have been a fan since I was 13, back in the 70's
But I think it somewhat unlikely because the rock and roll criteria seems less accomodating to folk rock, and a British folk rock band with 2 hit ingles in 34 years (in the UK charts) is not likely to qaulify
Whilst one should support the induction if it is feasible, I would not say that steeleye are a rock and roll band, even though many tracks are given that energy and approach
There ought to be other halls of fame to accommodate the different genres of music

Posted by Andrew Brown on Friday, 02.15.08 @ 04:23am

This is unbelievable. When artists of much lesser talent have been nominated and given the honor of being recognized is just incorrect. Steeleye has been a steering factor in much of the music of today. Maddy's voice, Peter's violin, Tim's (both of them) musicianship, and the others have given the world a celebration of not only folk, folk-rock, rock, but just darned good music. Recognize the group for what it is--a world-class musical treat.

Posted by TAG on Tuesday, 02.26.08 @ 10:37am

Great band and one of the most significant of the British folk-rock acts along with Fairport Convention.

If the Hall goes with one of the two, however, my money is on Fairport Convention. Still, you never know.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 11.29.11 @ 12:03pm

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