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Indian Love Call (1952)

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Will Slim Whitman be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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"Indian Love Call"...required listening for Cheesecrop....Just remember, you'll have to be deprogrammed if you do listen to it. Look at what that song did to the martians in the movie "Mars Attacks"!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Wednesday, 11.26.08 @ 21:15pm

I enjoy a variety of music and I for one love Slim Whitmans music..,To me Slim could have done a wide range of music at anytime-but,his platform was country/folk/christian in his era..and I can say this if they can admit all of the other music stars out there who are dead or alive and for the variety of some of their folk songs they produced,most sounded almost country*..I believe they should* admit Slim Whitman into;"THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME."

Yodel on Slim - "Una Paloma Blanca" love that song.

Posted by lil redhead from kokomo on Sunday, 02.1.09 @ 16:27pm

I love Slim Whitman singing i think he need this on before he dieds.kathy

Posted by kathy on Tuesday, 02.3.09 @ 13:20pm

I think they need to add Slim Whitman to every music hall of fame there is and then build one specificaly for his style of music too!! Slim maybe country but,He sure still rocks in my world !!!!!!!!!!!! LONG-LIVE-WHITMANIA!!!!!!!!
The Little Redhead From Kokomo ;-P

Posted by Dawn on Friday, 03.19.10 @ 23:38pm

If Hank Williams can get in then I would have to say that Slim Whitman should!!!!!!

Posted by Gray on Friday, 06.25.10 @ 10:06am

If Hank Williams can get in then I would have to say that Slim Whitman should!!!!!!

Posted by Gray on Friday, 06.25.10 @ 10:06am

'Cept Hank Williams was inducted into the Early Influence category, not sure if Slim Whitman's got as much going for him, however Michael Jackson (believe it or not) was a fan (if that counts for anything)

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Wednesday, 03.16.11 @ 02:21am

I think Slim Whitman's greatest contribution to music was all those late-night infomercials back in the '80s and '90s that claimed he sold more albums than the Beatles and Elvis Presley combined. The other claim that was repeatedly made on his commercials was that he was the "biggest selling record star in TV music history." Like that's anything to be proud of.

Posted by Zach on Tuesday, 11.8.11 @ 22:43pm

Six decades of music, over 600 songs recorded in every genre, over 140,000,000 albums sold worldwide. Slim has more than earned his place in the, 'Hall Of Fame' in every genre of music. A Number 1 song in the British Charts for 11 consecutive weeks, a record he held for 36 years. No other recording star in history has achieved this record. I propose he be inducted this year, his 89th.

With regards to the comments of the previous posting. When the infomercials claimed Slim had sold more albums than the Beatles and Elvis Presley combined, they where referring to sales on Television. The claim has been substantiated.

Jim Whitman.

Posted by Jim Whitman on Saturday, 02.11.12 @ 20:28pm

Just curious Jim, but are you in any way related to Slim Whitman? If so, then I'd say you're doing a fine job of providing a free advertisement for a relative.

Don't take my previous post to heart. It was a light-hearted joke. I'm very much aware of the fact that Slim had the longest charting #1 song in Britain for 36. That record is pretty much common knowledge. As for the "140,000,000 albums sold worldwide" claim, I'd like to see some verification of that. I know Slim did sell a ton of album through those TV infomercials, but I've yet to find exact numbers.

Posted by Zach on Saturday, 02.11.12 @ 20:39pm

I grew up in the 50's when Rock & Roll was born. That is also when I discovered Slim Whitman. That beautiful voice took my breath away! As much as I loved Some of the Rock and Country singers, no one could come close to Slim Whitman. His Voice was perfect. He should be in every Hall of Fame. So many Singers in other genres of music have influenced by him!

Posted by Betty Stacy on Sunday, 02.12.12 @ 15:00pm

Their is no claim to fame on Slim's part that is exagerated. He is and always was true to any claims made. He just truely makes great music. Although he may have retired a few years back, he still actively records every now and then. Notably Twighlight on the trail 2011. And yes he does deserve his place in the Counrty Hall of Fame as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He really as warned his place in musical history. But then, maybe I am a little bias as I have been a fan since first hearing a Slim song in 1968.

Posted by Andy Batty on Sunday, 02.12.12 @ 21:05pm

Slim should be inducted into the country hall of fame, this should of happened years ago.Slim has earned his place there.

Posted by susan harrison on Monday, 02.13.12 @ 03:41am

Their is no claim to fame on Slim's part that is exagerated. He is and always was true to any claims made.

Posted by Andy Batty on Sunday, 02.12.12 @ 21:05pm

Easy there, cowboy. I never said that the "140,000,000 album sold" claim was bogus. I just wanted to see some sources that back it up. Believe it or not, I actually do like ol' Slim. He has a beautiful voice and is quite the snazzy dresser.

Besides Michael Jackson's admiration of Slim Whitman, there's two other major rock 'n' roll connections. Elvis Presley was an opening act for Slim Whitman back in 1954. Whitman was quite complimentary of Elvis's talents, saying "This guy is going to be the biggest." Both legends frequently exchanged Christmas cards and shared a tour bus on the Louisiana Hayride.

Paul McCartney has also cited Whitman as an influence, saying that he was the first person he saw to play the guitar left-handed. Paul said, "Nobody talked about being left-handed. So I tried it right-handed, and I couldn't get any rhythm because it was the wrong hand doing it. Then I saw a picture of [singer/guitarist] Slim Whitman in one of the music papers,' and I noticed-hang on, he's got the guitar on the wrong way 'round. I found out he was left-handed so I thought, That's good, you can have it the other way 'round. Then I changed the strings around. So that was the first thing."


Overall, I'd say there's enough evidence to support a case for Slim Whitman as an early influence.

Posted by Zach on Monday, 02.13.12 @ 12:10pm

Whoops, forgot to include the link to the interview with McCartney in my previous post. Here it is:

Posted by Zach on Monday, 02.13.12 @ 12:12pm

I don't think the Rock In Roll Hall of fame is the place to honor Slim. He should have been in The Country Music Hall of Fame front and center years ago.

Posted by Loren on Wednesday, 02.29.12 @ 17:10pm

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