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Baby Got Back (1992)

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Will Sir Mix-a-Lot be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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He had one hit and it was about booties. WTF????????

Posted by WTF??? on Tuesday, 03.20.07 @ 20:50pm

hes a fucking one hit wonder.

Wow one freaking hit and it sucked

Posted by nick on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 13:05pm

Why are his induction chances set to 17%? Granted, a third of the morons here voted yes, so that increases it to an extent, but those in charge of the site should have started him with a 0%. I don't have to argue that he did nothing influential, but he also did nothing popular, aside from that one atrocious single, to even earn any percentage points.

Posted by Casper on Saturday, 04.21.07 @ 22:26pm

His one song is indeed mediocre - as a song - but as the backdrop to a movie short, I could see it working.

Posted by Rick on Friday, 09.21.07 @ 20:27pm

The Jack Back!!! Burn'em Burn'em Burn'em...

Posted by Joe-Skee on Saturday, 09.22.07 @ 13:22pm

The O'Jays and Percy Sledge are in, and they only had one hit.

Posted by SSR on Tuesday, 02.26.08 @ 21:55pm

Wrong SSR. Percy Sledge had numerous hits other then "When a Man Loves a Woman" the best ones being "Warm and Tender Love" and "My Special Prayer."

Posted by That Guy on Saturday, 07.26.08 @ 18:45pm

My understanding is that "When A Man loves A Woman" was the first number one hit for Atlantic Records. The founders of Atlantic Records were also founders guessed it...The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame!!! They should've tried to be a little less obvious!! Sledge's other "hits" never reached the top 10.

Percy Sledge didn't exactly turn the music industry on it's ear, he wasn't innovative or influential at all, and is largely forgotten, except when "oldies" stations are wearing out "When A Man Loves A Woman" (They have a habit of wearing out a lot of songs).

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 07.26.08 @ 19:06pm

The O'Jays also had several other hits. "For The Love Of Money," "Back Stabbers," "Use Ta Be My Girl." I believe those all made the Top Ten on the Hot 100 as well.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 07.26.08 @ 23:49pm

The O'Jays had 10 top 40 hits, I think. "Back Stabbers" and "Love Train" (their only NO. 1 hit) were written by Gamble & Huff, who also produced a lot of their albums, and were inducted into the RRHOF last year. I didn't really agree with the O'Jays' induction, either. I liked their music a lot, but I don't think they were nearly innovative or influential enough. They were part of the "Sound of Philadelphia" along with the Stylistics, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes, etc...all similar in style, and all popular at about the same time.

A good group that definitely put out some good music, but another head scratcher as far as HOF induction goes.

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 07.27.08 @ 09:13am

Kinda got off the Sir Mix-A-Lot subject. Goes to show how important his contributions have been...

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 07.27.08 @ 09:16am

Actually Sledge's "Warm and Tender Love" was #2

Posted by That Guy on Wednesday, 08.27.08 @ 13:05pm

Correction That Guy it was #5. However "It Tears Me up" was #7 and "Take Time to Know Her" was #6

Percy Sledge also had 12 other hits in the top 100 but outside the top 10.

Just pointing out that contrary to popular belief he was more than a one hit wonder

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 08.27.08 @ 13:30pm

I can't believe how many people are calling Mixalot a one hit wonder. My Posse's On Broadway was a national hit long before Baby Got Back. In fact, he had two platinum albums before the album that contained the "one hit" that people are mentioning. I'm not saying he is HOF material, but he's definitely NOT a one hit wonder.

Here's a list of his hits just off the top of my head:

Posse's on Broadway
Buttermilk Bisquits
Iron Man
My Hooptie
National Anthem
My Testerosa
Baby Got Back
Put 'em on da glass

Posted by Sneak on Monday, 09.22.08 @ 19:45pm

If he's the "Sir" of anything it's of crap

Posted by King Shit on Saturday, 10.4.08 @ 13:31pm



Posted by OKTOBERFEST on Thursday, 06.18.09 @ 17:41pm

The modern generations have forgotten what a lyrical genius he is.
Yes, today he's known for one track that wasn't great but that's because people today base their assumptions of someone on very little.
Sir Mix-A-Lot has been a pioneer of certain sounds in hiphop, one of the first to cross rock sounds with hiphop sounds and a very talented all rounder.

Anyone is free to disagree, but you should listen to a bigger range of what he made. I checks my bank, national anthem, you can't slip, I'm your new god, hiphop soldier and Iron Man should all be listened to at the very least, as well as others listed above before you make absurd conclusions as to how talented he is.

Posted by Mastermind on Friday, 10.30.09 @ 11:22am

I'm Your New God.... Cocaine. Smoke me !!! ha ha ha... lol.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Thursday, 12.3.09 @ 14:55pm

its called the "ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME"
Sir-Mix-A Lot isn't even a rock artist and he had only one hit

I'm still pissed that they let crappy rap artists in, when there are bands like Metallica and Black Sabbath that should have gotten in 20 years ago

Posted by Chris on Monday, 02.1.10 @ 19:00pm

Nope! That's all I can say.

Posted by Troy on Tuesday, 03.6.12 @ 16:55pm

Nope! That's all I can say.

Posted by Troy on Tuesday, 03.6.12 @ 17:26pm

Since you've said it twice, I believe you.

Posted by joker on Tuesday, 03.6.12 @ 17:35pm

He's too good for it.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 09.21.12 @ 16:48pm

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