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Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 2010 (The 2011 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

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Will Simply Red be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Simply Red is simply wonderful, one of the best ever. Their music is great, different and always soothing. Mike's voice is unique and beautiful. They've been around for a long time and they deserve the recognition.

Posted by Evelyn on Monday, 05.28.07 @ 21:31pm

Yes they should its a shame they are so under rated.Mickey is one of the best singers of this era.

Posted by Leon on Wednesday, 09.3.08 @ 00:24am

well, i think simply red is kinda hmmmm innovative when it comes to pop but not influential. it's just like the smashing pumpkins, innovative but not also influential.

so i guess i have to SIMPLY press the RED button.

Posted by akeem on Thursday, 05.21.09 @ 20:45pm

I'm not sure about the Hall of Fame, but they recorded at least one fantastic album. No chance of induction though.

Posted by Sam on Tuesday, 09.21.10 @ 13:20pm

Small correction, the singer's name is "Mick". Mick Hucknall. They just performed their final concerts.

Posted by Sam on Monday, 12.13.10 @ 05:45am

Simply Red

01. Mick Hucknall - vocals (1985–Present)
02. Fritz McIntyre - keyboards (1985–1996)
03. Tim Kellett - brass (1985–1991)
04. Tony Bowers - bass (1985–1991)
05. Chris Joyce - drums (1985–1991)
06. David Fryman - guitars (1985)
07. Sylvan Richardson - guitars (1985–1987)
08. Ian Kirkham - woodwind (1986–2010)
09. Aziz Ibrahim - guitars (1987-1988)
10. Simon Brooker - brass (1987)
11. Heitor Pereira - guitars (1988–1996)
12. Gota Yashiki - drums (1991–1995, 1998–2003)
13. Shaun Ward - bass (1991–1995)

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 06.9.12 @ 08:29am



1985 Picture Book
1987 Men and Women
1989 A New Flame
1991 Stars
1995 Life
1998 Blue
1999 Love and the Russian Winter
2003 Home
2005 Simplified
2007 Stay

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 06.9.12 @ 08:34am

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