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Will Scandal be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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No question Scandal should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Patty Smyth is one of the best of the best singers. Every song was a hit. They've made some of the best rock songs ever and should not be overlooked.

Posted by Andy on Thursday, 03.12.09 @ 08:51am

I've never heard of this "Scandal" group. So I'm in no position to say yes or no.

Posted by Keebord on Thursday, 03.12.09 @ 17:50pm

They had a hit (the only prominent one I can think of) in the early 80's called "Goodbye To You"...ring a bell?

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 03.12.09 @ 18:25pm

They also had a top 10 hit with "The Warrior" back in 1984 plus 3 more minor hits also.

Posted by Brian on Thursday, 03.12.09 @ 20:36pm

Brian...I totally forgot about "The Warrior", which wasn't a bad song. Didn't Patti Smyth marry John McEnroe?

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 03.12.09 @ 20:40pm are rigth she did marry John McEnroe. they were an OK band I guess, not hall of fame worthy like Andy thinks though.

Posted by Brian on Thursday, 03.12.09 @ 20:46pm

There are a lot of those "OK bands" out there, eh Brian...LOL

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 03.12.09 @ 20:50pm

You got that

Posted by Brian Snyder on Thursday, 03.12.09 @ 20:54pm

The next post will contain "LOL."

Posted by Mystic Meg on Friday, 03.13.09 @ 17:32pm

They are ok but this is a joke to consider this group what influence have they had? Goodbye to you and the Warrior! Monkees stand a better chance than this group.

Posted by Stephanie on Thursday, 12.16.10 @ 20:11pm

Scandal itself wasn't around for very long, just a couple of years, until reuniting and touring again recently. Patty's done a lot more and her voice is so great and distinctive that she should be inducted. Some current singers seem to have been influenced at least a little. Martina McBride even covers The Warrior in concert.

Posted by Andy on Tuesday, 04.5.11 @ 10:49am

Goodbye to You * Love's Got a Line on You * Beat of a Heart * Hands Tied * The Warrior

Posted by Roy on Monday, 11.7.11 @ 12:17pm

Scandal didn't enjoy a long enough career to really merit induction into any kind of hall of fame. However, I will say that Patty Smyth has one hell of a voice that rivals Pat Benatar's for raw power and emotion. Patty is one my favorite vocalists. If there a music hall of fame that solely used vocals as criteria, then Patty Smyth would be a no-brainer. I love her voice!

Posted by Zach on Tuesday, 01.3.12 @ 22:22pm

The next post will contain "LOL."

Posted by Mystic Meg on Friday, 03.13.09 @ 17:32pm
The next post did not contain lol...

Posted by Cheesecrop on Friday, 12.26.14 @ 16:43pm

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