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Will Ruby & the Romantics be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Long ignored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (like many other classic R&B groups), RUBY & THE ROMANTICS, (Ruby Nash-Garnett, Ed Roberts, George Lee, Ron Mosely, and Leroy Fann) have been announced as inductees into the very FIRST class of the new Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 14:44pm

*****RUBY & The ROMANTICS*****

From Wikipedia:

Ruby & the Romantics was an American R&B group in the 1960s. The group had several pop and R&B hit records, but are sometimes wrongly considered as a one-hit wonder for topping the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1963 with their first recording, "Our Day Will Come". The song, written by Mort Garson and Bob Hilliard,was a world-wide hit, selling over one million copies in the US, also topped the Billboard R&B chart and peaked at #38 in the UK Singles Chart.[1] it also reached #11 on the Australian Charts.[2]
They were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2007, and are winners of The Rhythm and Blues Foundation's prestigious Pioneer Award. In 1963, they were also nominated by The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for the Best Rock and Roll Recording for "Our Day Will Come".The members of the group were :Ruby Nash, George Lee,Ronald Mosely,Leroy Fann,and Ed Roberts .
Despite their relative obscurity compared to many of their contemporaries,Ruby and The Romantics reign as one of the most-covered and influential R&B vocal groups of the 1960's.
In 2013, Ruby & The Romantics became charter inductees into the inaugural class of the new Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame in Cleveland,Ohio.


Ruby Nash, the female lead of the group, originally sang with a group, consisting of her sister and three friends. They sang at record hops, mixers, talent shows and clubs in Akron and surrounding areas. Ruby attended Central High School in Akron. No one knew she could sing until after she graduated from high school. Some of the male members of the Romantics sang with The Embers. Eventually, The Embers became known as The Supremes[citation needed] (not to be confused with The Supremes of Motown Records fame), and then The Feilos.
Since they all grew up in Akron and knew each other, Leroy Fann, a member of The Feilos, asked Ruby to sing with them on occasions.[citation needed] After auditioning, the group was signed to New York-based Kapp Records; Kapp Records artist and repertoire chief Allen Stanton changed their name to "Ruby & the Romantics". Their hit song was originally intended for another artist on the label,crooner Jack Jones of "Wives and Lovers" fame, but the group saw its potential and persuaded Stanton to let them record it.
By the year 1963, "My Summer Love" reached #16 on the Hot 100 and a third release, the original version of "Hey There Lonely Boy" climbed to #27. Several more singles were released by Kapp which generally achieved minor chart status. A short spell with ABC resulting in three singles and an album was unsuccessful. A single for A&M in 1969, "Hurting Each Other", saw them re-united with Allen Stanton. Originally recorded by Jimmy Clanton some years earlier, it proved to be their final recording before the group broke up in 1971.
Ruby & The Romantics were known throughout the music industry for their,smooth rich, full-range harmonies-from high tenor , to deep, abyssmal bass. In a 2011 interview with Ruby, Tom Meros of Rock and Roll Universe revealed that , according to Damon Harris, David Ruffin, and Eddie Kendricks of The Temptations, The background harmonies of Ruby & The Romantics on "Our Day Will Come",actually served as the original model for The Temptations' background harmonies in 1963. In this, The Romantics proved very influential.

Cover Versions[edit]
In another measure of the group's profound influence,several of the songs they recorded went on to be hits for other artists, such as "Hey There Lonely Boy" (which was recorded by Eddie Holman as "Hey There Lonely Girl" and peaked in the US at #2 in February 1970); "Hurting Each Other" recorded for A&M in 1969 which became a #2 hit for The Carpenters three years later; The Carpenters also covered their song "Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore", whiched reached # 12 on the Adult Contemporary Chart. The Romantics' hit, "When You're Young and in Love" was covered by the Motown group The Marvelettes which peaked at #23 in the US in May 1967.It was also covered by Ralph Carter (of the T.V. series "Good Times") , and The Choice Four,both of whom reached the Pop & R&B Charts with their versions in the autumn of 1975. Stacy Lattisaw also covered the song in 1979 . The song has also been recorded by Donny and Marie - as "(When You're) Young and in Love" - and the Jets. British a cappella band The Flying Pickets also took the song to #7 in the UK Singles Chart in 1984).[7] Additionally, "Our Day Will Come" has had over 60 recorded cover versions by other artists, including Frankie Valli ,(whose version peaked at #11 in the US in the fall of 1975),Cher, Donny and Marie Osmond, Bobby Darin, Patti Page, Dee Dee Sharp, Pat Boone, Amy Winehouse , Nancy Wilson , Trini Lopez, The Supremes, Cliff Richard , James Brown , and numerous others. The Searchers covered their song "Does He [She] Really Care for Me".

The "Romantics" were:
Ed Roberts (second tenor) - worked as a bank teller and died of cancer on August 15, 1993.

George Lee (first tenor) - died of cancer in 1994.

Ronald Mosley (baritone) - died on December 3, 2011.

Leroy Fann (bass) - was shot and killed in New York in November 1973.

Contrary to popular belief, Ruby & The Romantics had remained intact, with all 5 original members, throughout their entire 10-year recording career,(1961-1971), as confirmed by Ruby in an interview in 2008 with Marv Goldberg (R&B Notebooks). She returned to the Akron, Ohio area after the break-up and remained there as of 2012.

As of 2013, Ruby is the only surviving original member of the Romantics.Sadly, she receives no royalties for the group's hit records.

The "Last FM" website stated: "Ruby & The Romantics continued to produce outstanding music such as "By The Way", "(When You're) Young and in Love" and many more favorites. Fans of the group continue to place them among the best groups of the 1960’s."

In August of 2013, Ruby & The Romantics became charter inductees into the new Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame in Cleveland,Ohio.


*Ruby & the Romantics were given a Pioneer Award by the Rhythm and Blues Foundation in 1997.

*Ruby & the Romantics were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2007.

*Ruby & The Romantics received a Grammy nomination in 1963 for "Our Day Will Come".

*Don Preston drummed for the group.

*Ruby's married name is Garnett, and she has been married for over 40 years.

*In the 1980s a New Wave group took the name of the original R&B group, naming themselves "The Romantics". (no lawsuits were ever filed)

*In 2005, Ruby retired from the Barberton, Ohio, Salvation Army thrift store.

*In Aug. 2013, Ruby & The Romantics were charter inductees into the new R&B Music Hall of Fame.

Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 15:19pm

*****Ruby & The Romantics*****


Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 15:37pm


"Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore"


(later covered by The Carpenters)

Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 15:41pm

"Your Baby Doesn't Love You Anymore"

by The Carpenters


Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 15:43pm

******RUBY & THE ROMANTICS******

"When You're Young And In Love"


Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 15:46pm

"When You're Young And In Love"


by The Marvelettes


Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 15:55pm

It seems like every time I flip through old Vinyls "Our Day Will Come" has been covered by somebody that I didn't expect or realize.

Posted by Chris F. on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 16:18pm

Chris F. wrote:
"It seems like every time I flip through old Vinyls "Our Day Will Come" has been covered by somebody that I didn't expect or realize."

Chris, I was shocked to find out that there are over 60 recorded cover versions !!!

And , although is is their most-covered song, Ruby & The Romantics' OTHER songs have been covered by a wide range of other artists, as well. For example...

Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 16:46pm

Bill G.

I always liked the Brenda Lee version, but found a Doris Day album with it on it not to long ago. I've always liked the song, but kind of surprised it was such an all around choice for artists. I had no idea there were 60 covers of it. It isn't even my favorite Ruby & The Romantics song, which has always been and always will be "Hey There Lonely Boy". That is a classic, a phenomenal piece.

Posted by Chris F. on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 16:55pm

******RUBY & THE ROMANTICS******

****Hey There Lonely Boy*****


Later became a big hit for EDDIE HOLMAN as

"Hey There Lonely Girl"


It was also covered by: Martha & The Vandellas ,Donny Osmond, Will Downing, The Softones, Shaun Cassidy, Barry Biggs, Stacy Lattisaw, and Robert John.

Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 16:56pm

OH, YEAH... "Hey There Lonely Boy (Girl) has ALSO been covered by :ANDRE KOSTELANETZ, THE BUCKINGHAMS, and NEW EDITION.

*****Ruby & The Romantics*****

This group's "influence factor" is through the ROOF !!

Why they've never even been nominated, I'll never know.

It's probably due to the general neglect of classic R&B Groups in recent years on the part of the voters.

The FACT that Ruby & The Romantics got into the R&B HoF On their VERY FIRST TRY is very telling.

Here's how the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME stands on classic R&B groups in the last 10 years:

(THESE results are very telling TOO)...

Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 17:09pm


Here's what I mean:

2004: The Dells.

2005: The O'Jays.

2006: 0.

2007: 0. (Grandmaster flash & the Furious Five are NOT a "classic R&B group").

2008: 0.

2009: Little Anthony & The Imperials.

2010: 0.

2011 : 0. ( It MIGHT have happened , if the Hall had inducted The Blossoms instead of just Darlene Love...but, no.)

2012: The Miracles, The Famous Flames, The Midnighters * (Special Committee Inductions -not inducted by the Voting Body)*

2013: 0.

What do these statistics tell us ?

That , in the last TEN years, only 6 Classic R&B groups have been inducted.

And, an even more ominous fact: If you remove the three groups inducted by Special Committee, which the voters DID NOT induct...

*(these groups should have been inducted with their lead singers in the FIRST place...their inductions were corrections of The Rock Hall's OWN screw-up)....

Then that means that ONLY 3 Classic R&B groups have actually been inducted into the Rock Hall by the Voting the last TEN YEARS.


That doesn't bode well for Ruby & The Romantics....AT ALL.

It simply CAN'T BE because there are not enough deserving groups out there...

The nominations and subsequent rejection of The SPINNERS, THE MARVELETTES, and RUFUS is just the tip of the iceberg.

And, a very telling one at that.

And people wonder just WHY there is a need for an R&B Hall of Fame....and just WHY several RRHOF execs have left THAT organization to launch it...

Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 17:12pm


From Wikipedia:

"Our Day Will Come" is a popular song composed by Bob Hilliard and Mort Garson, which was a #1 hit in 1963 for Ruby & the Romantics.

Ruby & the Romantics' Original Version[edit]

The song's composers were hoping to place "Our Day Will Come" with an established easy listening act and only agreed to let the new R&B group Ruby & the Romantics record the song after Kapp Records A&R director Al Stanton promised that if the Ruby & the Romantics' single failed Kapp would record the song with Jack Jones. Stanton cut two versions of "Our Day Will Come" with Ruby & the Romantics, one with a mid-tempo arrangement and the other in a bossa nova style; the latter version, featuring a classic Hammond organ solo, was selected for release as a single in December 1962 and reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in March. "Our Day Will Come" was a world-wide hit, also being a chart hit in Australia (#11) and the UK (#38). the Personnel on the original recording include Leroy Glover on Organ, Vinnie Bell, Al Gorgoni and Kenny Burrell on guitar, Russel Savakus on Bass , Gary Chester on drums and George Devens on Percussion.

Cover Versions:

Amy Winehouse

April 1963: Billy Fury on his album Billy

May 1963: Julie London on her album The End of the World

July 1963: Bobby Darin on his album 18 Yellow Roses & 11 Other Hits

September 1963: Patti Page on her album Say Wonderful Things

December 1963: Brenda Lee on her album Let Me Sing
George Chakiris on his album You're Mine, You

Les Compagnons de la chanson as "Ce Jour Viendra" on their EP Vol. 4

1963: The Earls on their album Remember Me Baby

1963 Percy Faith and his Orchestra on his album Themes for Young Lovers

1963: Dee Dee Sharp on her album Do the Bird

January 1964: Bobby Rydell on his album The Top Hits Of 1963

September 1964: Pat Boone on his album Boss Beat

November 1964: Julie Rogers' - B-side of "Like a Child" United Kingdom #21

1964: Betty Everett and Jerry Butler on their album Delicious Together

1964: The Lennon Sisters on their album #1 Hits Of The 1960's

1964: Trini Lopez on his album The Love Album

1964: Nancy Wilson on her album Today, Tomorrow, Forever

1964: Sonny Stitt and Bennie Green on their album My Main Man

March 1965: Doris Day on her album Latin for Lovers, arranged by Mort Garson.

1965: Willie Bobo on his album Spanish Grease

1965: The Supremes recorded their song for the album There's a Place for Us, but remained unreleased until 2005. Mary Wilson was the lead singer on the recording (not Diana Ross).

February 1966: Cher recorded a version for her album The Sonny Side of Chér. The song was the B-side of the hit "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)". Cher's version was also issued as an A-side single in November 1972, following its inclusion on a United Artists compilation disc entitled Cher, however, the single did not chart.

October 1966: Cliff Richard on his album Kinda Latin

November 1966: Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass - B-side of their single "Mame" United States#19/ parent album: SRO

1966: Fontella Bass on her album The 'New' Look

1966: James Brown on his album Handful of Soul

1966: Claire Lepage (fr) as "Ce Jour Viendra" on her album Bang! Bang!

1966: Chris Montez on his album Time After Time

1966: The Vibrations on their album New Vibrations

1967: Buddy Merrill on his album The Many Splendored Guitars Of Buddy Merrill

1967: Sharon Tandy (single)

1967: Cal Tjader on his album Along Comes Cal

1967: We Five on their album Make Someone Happy

May 1968: The Lettermen on their album Goin' Out of My Head

1968: Jimmy Castor on his album Hey Leroy

1968: Toni Lamond on her EP A Touch of Toni

1968: Inga Sulin (fi) as "Kun Aika" on her album Niinkuin Jokainen

1969: Classics IV on their album Traces

1969: Spiral Starecase on their album More Today Than Yesterday

1970: Isaac Hayes on his album ...To Be Continued

1970: The Peter Ivers Band with Asha Puthli (released in 2009)

1972: Charles Brown on his album Driftin' Blues

1972: Bobby Vinton released a version on his album Sealed with a Kiss'

June 1973: Lorna Luft (single)

1973: The Carpenters on their album Now & Then

August 1974: The Undisputed Truth on their album Down to Earth

May 1975: Charity Brown - B-side of her single "Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)" Canada #5/ parent album: Charity Brown

May 1975: Carl Carlton - B-side of his single "Morning, Noon and Nightime" United States R&B#71 / parent album Everlasting Love

October 1975: Frankie Valli - single featuring Patti Austin United States #11 - parent album Our Day Will Come

1976: Cascade (fi) as "Korvissa Soi" on their album Cascade

1976: Willem Breuker Kollektief on his album Live in Berlin

1979: Esther Phillips on her album Here's Esther Are You Ready

June 1982: David Frizzell and Shelly West: B-side of their single "I Just Came Here to Dance" United States C&W #4/ parent album The David Frizzell & Shelly West Album

1982: Dionne Warwick on her album Heartbreaker

1983: Tony Joe White on his album Dangerous

1989: k.d. lang recorded a version for the soundtrack of the 1989 film Shag.

December 1994: Ronald Muldrow on his album Facing Wes

1994: Pete Anderson on his album Working Class

April 2 1996: The Slackers with Doreen Schaefer on the Slackers' album Better Late Than Never

1996: Christina Aguilera recorded a version as a demo in 1996 and the track was included on the 2001 album release Just Be Free.

1998: Linda Purl on her album Alone Together

2001: James Darren on his album Because of You

2003: Jimmy Ponder on his album Alone

September 26 2005: Jamie Cullum on his album Catching Tales

2005: Bobby Caldwell on his album Perfect Island Nights

2007: Waldeck on his album Ballroom Stories

2012: Katharine McPhee as Karen Cartwright on the NBC show Smash.

(but Ruby & The Romantics don't deserve induction.YOU figure it out).

Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 17:28pm

******MOONLIGHT and MUSIC******

My favorite song by Ruby & The Romantics is THIS one.

The Flipside of "Our Day Will Come" , it was a regional hit in many areas of the country...and a Doo-Wop Classic.


Posted by Bill G on Tuesday, 10.8.13 @ 23:51pm


"Young Wings Can Fly" (1963) # 47 Pop.

Posted by Bill G on Monday, 10.14.13 @ 00:39am

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