Rod Stewart

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Performer

Inducted in: 1994

Inducted by: Jeff Beck

Nominated in: 1993   1994

First Eligible: 1990 Ceremony

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 1999 (ranked #112) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Every Picture Tells a Story (1971)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Maggie May (1971)
Reason to Believe (1971)
You Wear It Well (1972)
Sailing (1975)
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? (1978)
Young Turks (1981)
Forever Young (1988)
Have I Told You Lately (1991)

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they should've just inducted the small faces/faces

Posted by Chalkie on Sunday, 09.9.07 @ 13:12pm

Rod Stewart songs written by Bernie Taupin

1981 Never Give Up On A Dream
1981 Sonny
1982 Guess I'll Always Love You
1983 Satisfied
1986 Hard Lesson To Learn

Posted by Roy on Sunday, 11.9.08 @ 16:08pm

Hard Lesson to Learn was NOT written by Bernie Taupin, but by a great, long-time vet of the Washington DC-area music scene named Joe Triplett, of the bands (going back to the 60's) The Hangmen, The Reekers, Claude Jones, and most prominently, The Rosslyn Mountain Boys. He had, and still has, the greatest voice in country and rock. Story is that Hard Lesson to Learn made its way to Rod Stewart via Nils Lofgren, another guy from the DC area. While Rosslyn Mountain Boys had lots of great songs, written by Joe and others, one that can be found on the net pretty easily is "Been Awhile". If there was any justice, and the entertainment industry was a meritocracy, Joe (and the Rosslyn Mountain Boys) would all be huge stars.

Posted by Paul Schlesinger on Thursday, 05.28.09 @ 20:52pm

No, Roderick, I don't think 'ya sexy.

But then again I'm probably not the right one to be asked, since I'm not a blonde...

Posted by denyo on Monday, 06.29.09 @ 13:31pm

Rod Stewart: 'I'll Definitely Make Myself Available' for a Faces Reunion

'We were just always bloody drunk . . . It was a very fleeting existence'

By Andy Greene
December 7, 2011 11:45 AM ET

When Rod Stewart was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist in 1994 he was unable to make the event. An earthquake had just hit Los Angeles hard and he didn't want to leave his children. Stewart pledges to make up for that next year by heading to Cleveland to reunite with the Faces, who will be inducted next year – even if he's not exactly seeing eye-to-eye with his former keyboardist Ian McLagan.

Tell me your first reaction to the news.
I was absolutely over the moon, as one should be. I never thought that would happen. I was a little disappointed with Ian McLagan's remarks about how the two bands shouldn't be lumped in together. I think that was a little out of order. I think Mac should think himself lucky that he's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I know that Woody [Ronnie Wood] and I talked about it and we're over the moon. I'm in as a solo artist and now as a group member, and he being a Stone and a Face. I'll knock him into shape when I see him, McLagan. It's great. It's wonderful. Hopefully the band is going to get together. I said that I'd do it if we can get the rest of the band together. I was with Ronnie a couple of weeks ago. He came up to Las Vegas with me and he said, "I'd love to do it."

The Faces have always been a very under-appreciated group, so it's nice they get this spotlight on them.
Yeah. We're sort of partly to blame for that. We were just always bloody drunk, to be honest with you. It was a very fleeting existence. It was all over in four years, five at the most. It would be nice to get the appreciation.

I can understand why both groups are getting in at the same time. The Small Faces and the Faces are basically the same band with a different singer.
Yes, it was. I can give you a rundown of history. Steve Marriott left to chase a solo career. Ronnie and I were both out of work. Was I? Yeah, Ronnie had been fired by Jeff Beck. Once he left, Jeff knew that I wasn't happy. I decided to leave anyway because I missed my mate. The Faces got together in the Rolling Stones' rehearsal room in the East End of London and they were all playing away. Ronnie Lane was singing, but it wasn't very powerful and they decided that they wanted a new singer. Kenny Jones had already spoken to Ronnie Wood about where I was. Ronnie said, "Why don't you have a listen? Stand on the top of the stairs, have a listen, and see what you think of the band." I said, "Okay." I stood at the top of the stairs and they played well, but nobody was doing any singing [laughs]. They were just doing Booker T and the MG's songs. So, Kenny came up the stairs and said, "We haven't got a singer, do you want to join?" I went, "Yeah!" And that was it. We went down to the pub and the Faces were born.

You're definitely willing to perform with them again at the ceremony?
Oh, yeah! I'd love it. If they're all available I'll definitely make myself available.

Did you mind at all that they've toured without you these past few years?
No, not at all, mate. It's something that I would want to do, but it's getting a commitment from Ronnie –who is hanging onto what the Stones are going to do. He'll suddenly say, "Hey, let's tour next week!" I'll say, "Hold on Ronnie, I've got commitments! I've got commitments for the next year." If we all sat around and said, "Let's do it next summer, or let's do it for charity" or whatever reason, I would do it. It's not totally ruled out.

It's nice you'll get to attend this time, because you missed your own induction because of the [1994 Los Angeles] earthquake.
Yeah, I was supposed to leave the day after. Two of my children, Renee and Liam, they were just one and three. They were just terrified. Absolutely terrified. I just couldn't leave them, so I missed it. But I'll be there this time!

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 12.10.11 @ 07:11am

Paul is definitely right about Lesson to Learn, written and perfromed by Joe Tripplet. Nils Lofgren has given this song awesome life in his live performances and brought it to Rod when they worked together. Nils played on Rod's 1986 eponymous album, and I believe he also played on Rod's Lesson to Learn.

Posted by JCP on Sunday, 02.26.12 @ 09:37am

Rod Stewart Songs With Lyrics By Bernie Taupin

01. 1974: Let Me Be Your Car
02. 1981: Never Give Up On A Dream
03. 1981: Sonny
04. 1982: Guess I’ll Always Love You
05. 1983: Satisfied
06. 1986: Hard Lesson To Learn

Posted by Roy on Thursday, 01.14.16 @ 15:27pm

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