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Will Ray Stevens be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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The man that created Humor ROCK..LOL

Posted by mrxyz on Tuesday, 09.23.08 @ 21:59pm

Gosh this place it to Chill I am the only one writing about Ray...That is to funny ,,Speaking of funny Ray is Fun Rock . Music City News Comedian of the Year "Ahab the Arab" .. More vogue now than in the 60's ..The Guy was/is light years a head. Took what 30plus years LOL Hello anyone Home YET????
Then his Grammy for"Everything Is Beautiful"(1970), a non funny song ,,,just real and "GOOD" like Ray is and years a head of most on this forum (1970),,14 vote so far for Ray wow !!! this palace is to may things??? come on Hollywood Hyped fans go beyond if you can {SMILE}

Posted by mrxyz on Sunday, 10.26.08 @ 21:55pm

Thinking of Neil.. here is another Rock and Roll leader.. Light years ahead..! Humor Rock with politics most didn't even get... To songs with a heart...!
All ya need is EARS

Posted by Mrxyz on Friday, 12.5.08 @ 20:04pm

mrxyz...where do you think "Gitarzan" came from...yuk! yuk!

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 12.5.08 @ 20:07pm

mrxyz...where do you think "Gitarzan" came from...yuk! yuk!

See I am happy that you get it....lol To bad about the Surfaris I know you are working on it.. Believe me.. Jim Fuller is /was light years a head... I just found on "youtube" His Surfaris band not Berryhills and his other band Jim Fuller and the Beatnik an all 50-60's stuff from surf to well you listen to it... I don't know of any band that can do surf and soul and blues and really pull t off like Fuller ..He has great players in both bands...His Surf band is he best live surf you can hear!
All you need is EARS

Posted by mrxzy on Friday, 12.5.08 @ 20:13pm

Well, I was at least interested enough in "Wipe Out" that I learned how to play it...LOL!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Friday, 12.5.08 @ 20:18pm

Listen to Point Panic and Waikiki run on youtube.the original recording
Then think 1963 no producer 2 track kids 15/17 years old... .. As mentioned it was Wipe Out and Point Panic Moon of the Who dug And the Van Halens just wanted to sound as good as the Surfaris Wipe Out It was one of their dream goals I know that for a fact
Surfs Up! All you need is EARS!

Posted by mrxyz on Friday, 12.5.08 @ 20:27pm

this man has my YES Vote 5x's Over

Posted by mrxyz on Tuesday, 02.23.10 @ 22:41pm

Wouldn't be wonderful If he got In I wonder if they got the guts to do it..? LOL

Posted by mrxyz on Wednesday, 06.30.10 @ 12:16pm

If you're going to induct WEIRD AL... you've got to induct Ray Stevens FIRST . He's the king of Comedy Rock, and was there DECADES before Weird AL was....since the late 50's.

Posted by Bill G. on Monday, 08.29.11 @ 17:00pm


"Napoleon XIV is also '60s act, but no one tries to pretend that he was a significant artist who made any important contributions."

"They're Coming To Take Me Away" is one of my FAVORITE novelty songs. But, let's be frank. NO NOVELTY ARTIST, including Weird Al, should be inducted,until RAY STEVENS gets in FIRST. He is the FATHER of comedy rock...and has had hit after hit. He is a two-time Grammy Award winner, and has had numerous Gold Albums and singles, including "Gitarzan", "The Streak", "Everything Is Beautiful", "Ahab The Arab",'Mr Businessman","Harry the Hairy Ape" , and numerous other hits on the Pop and Country charts from 1961 well into the 2000's. Ray Stevens should be inducted.

Posted by Bill G. on Tuesday, 08.28.12 @ 23:33pm


As I've said many times before:

You CAN'T induct Weird AL without inducting RAY STEVENS first. He was doing the comedy thing in music DECADES before Al was ever even HEARD OF !

Anybody out there remember GITARZAN ? (a Top 10 Hit)

How about THE STREAK ? (A #1 Hit)
And there was the Top 10 1962 smash "AHAB the ARAB".

And the Top 20 hit "HARRY The HAIRY APE"

Not to mention his very FIRST hit, from 1961
(with the longest title of ANY song in HISTORY...
"Jeremiah Peabody's Polyunsaturated Quick-Dissolving Fast-Acting Pleasant-Tasting Green and Purple Pills".
RAY STEVENS has had no less than 11 Grammy Award nominations, and has won two of them , one of which was for his worldwide #1 smash, "EVERYTHING'S BEAUTIFUL" (probably his only "serious" hit.
RAY STEVENS has been around since the 1950's , and has amassed an impressive string of Gold Singles and Albums, including: (and this is from Wikipedia:)

1969: Gold Single "Gitarzan"

1970: Gold Single "Everything Is Beautiful"

1970: Grammy "Everything Is Beautiful" (Best Male Pop Vocal Performance)

1974: Gold Single "The Streak"

1975: Grammy "Misty" (Best Arrangement of the Year)

1980: Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame induction

1980: Georgia Music Hall of Fame induction

1984: Gold Album He Thinks He's Ray Stevens

1985: Gold Album I Have Returned

198694: Music City News Comedian of the Year

1986: No. 1 Country Album Plaque from Billboard I Have Returned (week ending March 15, 1986)

1987: Platinum Album Greatest Hits

1987: Gold Album Greatest Hits, Volume Two

1990: Gold Album All-Time Greatest Comic Hits

1992: No. 1 Home Video Plaque from Billboard Comedy Video Classics

1992: Ten Times-Platinum Home Video Comedy Video Classics

1993: Billboard Home Video of the Year

1993: Platinum Home Video Ray Stevens Live!

1995: Platinum Home Video Get Serious!

1995: Country Weekly Golden Pick Award for Best Comedian

2001: Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame induction

2002: Gold Single "Osama Yo' Mama"

2009: Christian Music Hall of Fame induction

He has charted on the Pop,Country,and Christian Music charts, and has won several BMI Songwriters awards.
He is a writer, producer, music publisher, and multi-instrumentalist.
His songs have charted worldwide - in The U.S. , Canada, the U.K. , and Australia .

Look him up in Wikipedia , and I think that you'll agree:

Ray Stevens FIRST...THEN Weird Al !!!

Posted by Bill G. on Saturday, 08.29.15 @ 17:18pm

Bill G.
Another excellent post this time Ray Stevens. My Grandma used to listen to Ray Stevens,Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, George Strait. Few groups or artists passed muster with her. She wasn't in to the real bang your head or loud music. Ray Stevens might not make the RRHOF but you bring up some good points with his gold albums & hits plus his ability to have success in Christian, Country Music and other genres. Songs like The Streak & Everything's Beautiful were big hits. He has a long music career and deserves some consideration. With the RRHOF created logjam of deserving artists waiting induction, I'm afraid that Ray Stevens will be waiting too. KING

Posted by KING on Saturday, 08.29.15 @ 19:50pm

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