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Will Raspberries be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Antone who has listened to The Raspberries albums knows this band should be in the HOF. Period.

Posted by Steve on Wednesday, 03.12.08 @ 17:20pm

Just a fact correction here: The Raspberries have been around since 1972 and therefore would have been eligible since 1997.

Eric Carmen became eligible as a SOLO artist in 2000.

BTW, I agree they were a good band, but IMHO not quite hall of fame caliber. Then again, if The Pretenders can get in.......

Posted by Mike on Tuesday, 10.7.08 @ 22:59pm

One section of the song "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)" sounds as if it's coming from a transistor radio. This song predated Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" by a year. (The Raspberries song came out in '74 while the Floyd song came out in '75.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Monday, 05.4.09 @ 00:50am

I think Eric should be inducted All By Himself.

Posted by joker on Saturday, 07.25.09 @ 22:26pm

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Posted by amna yousif on Saturday, 05.29.10 @ 11:02am

Since when did Eric Carmen and the Raspberries produce albums as Eric Carmen and the Raspberries? Shouldn't there be two pages? One for the Raspberries and one for Eric Carmen?

Posted by Roy on Saturday, 05.29.10 @ 16:40pm


Posted by Roy on Saturday, 05.29.10 @ 16:48pm

Roy's right. This group was always known as "The Raspberries." Calling them "Eric Carmen and the Raspberries" would be like calling The Kinks "Ray Davies and the Kinks" or The Doors "Jim Morrison and the Doors"

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 06.1.10 @ 03:29am

Eric Carmen and the Raspberries never produce albums as Eric Carmen and the Raspberries. There should be two pages, one for the Raspberries and one for Eric Carmen.


Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 06.1.10 @ 08:28am

And now there is no more Eric Carmen until future notice.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 06.1.10 @ 11:49am

I'm not really sure how the voting process goes. I just hope it's a fair process and that all of the artist's meet the criteria for being inducted. The Rock Hall of Fame's home is Cleveland Ohio which is also home to The Raspberries. They boys were not one hit wonders and have enjoyed a following and large fan base long after they disbanded. They were inspirational to the progress of many other musicians and copied by many. I think they are worthy of consideration for a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Eddie on Thursday, 06.10.10 @ 07:09am

Come on people: If the band from Cleveland From is not inducted something is wrong: Read Wikipedia, the free encyclopedi.
Origin Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Genres Power pop
Pop rock
Years active 1970–1975
Labels Capitol (1970-75)
Rykodisc Records (present)
Website www.raspberriesonline.com
Eric Carmen
Wally Bryson
Dave Smalley
Jim Bonfanti
Former members
Michael McBride
Scott McCarl
John Aleksić

Raspberries are a power pop/pop rock band from Cleveland, Ohio in the United States. They had a run of success in the 1970s music scene with their crisp pop sound, which Allmusic later described as featuring "exquisitely crafted melodies and achingly gorgeous harmonies."[1] The members were known for their clean-cut public image, with short-hair and matching suits, which brought them teenybopper attention as well as scorn from some mainstream media outlets as 'uncool'.[2] The group drew influence from the British Invasion era—especially The Beatles, The Who, The Hollies, and The Small Faces—and its mod sensibility.[1] In both the U.S. and the UK, the Raspberries helped pioneer the power pop music style that took off after the group disbanded.[3]

The group's original lineup consisted of Eric Carmen (vocalist/guitarist/bassist), Wally Bryson (guitarist), Jim Bonfanti (drummer), and Dave Smalley (guitarist/bassist). Their best known songs include "Go All The Way", "Let's Pretend", "I Wanna Be With You", "Tonight", and "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)".[1] Producer Jimmy Ienner was responsible for all the Raspberries' albums in the 1970s, which often attempted to replicate Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound" production techniques.[4][dubious – discuss] The group broke up in 1975 after a five year run, and Eric Carmen proceeded to a successful career as a solo artist. Bryson and Smalley resurrected the group's name in 2000 and continue to tour,[1] taking in indie pop singer/songwriter Scott McCarl working as the vocalist.[5] In 2004, Eric Carmen rejoined the band, and the original four-man lineup undertook a well-received reunion tour.

After all these years they still draw crowds to see them! I live in Florida and I would love to see them play down here.

Posted by Nancie on Thursday, 06.10.10 @ 08:59am

I AM 48yrs. young the Rasberries have been around since I was 10, I still remember listening to them then, as well as now. That DEFINITLY gives them my vote for the Hall of Fame!!!

Posted by AprilRay Miller on Thursday, 06.10.10 @ 09:25am

Raspberries certainly OUGHT to be in the Hall of Fame! I hope they will be soon.

Posted by Steve Pierce on Thursday, 06.10.10 @ 18:19pm

Why...????? You people get pretty ridiculous sometimes. I'd have to say the Raspberries' contribution to rock music was pretty minimal...

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 06.10.10 @ 18:36pm

Gitarzan's right, sure they had some contributions in terms of power-pop but it wasn't anything nobody else wasn't already doing prior to them coming out with "Go All the Way." I like a few of their songs, but this isn't going to make me be critical. This may sound incredibly shocking to some but being critical EVEN to artists you like is actually a good thing!!!! It may sound obvious but from my experience some fans seriously need to be reminded about this before they give their "undying" support

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Friday, 06.11.10 @ 03:16am

I know the Raspberries were big part of my life in the 70's, and many other people's lives as well. They were still incredible at their reunions 30 years later! I definitely think they should be in the hall of fame!

Posted by Sherry on Friday, 06.11.10 @ 21:15pm

Any band that had influenced as many acts as Raspberries, belongs in the Hall! Such diverse people as Bruce Springsteen, Paul Stanley, Jon Bon Jovi, and Courtney Love have mentioned them as influences over the years.

Posted by Pat Griffin on Friday, 01.20.12 @ 17:33pm

I'm A Rocker-Raspberries 1973
I'm A Rocker-Bruce Springsteen 1980

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Friday, 01.20.12 @ 22:03pm

I think what will happen here will also happen for the Monkees: after the "major" legends have been inducted, then the time will come for the Raspberries, as well. If Ohio had their own R&R HOF, they would have been inducted already. Some things in life, you just have to wait for...

Posted by Cindy K Moser on Saturday, 05.12.12 @ 19:46pm

This is a big snub that they are not in. They are underrated. The things they did for power pop were incredible. They were pioneers. Even Springsteen, Joan Jett, Slash, Elton John, Sex Pistols, Tom Petty, Paul Stanley of Kiss, The Ramones, Cheap Trick, Nirvana, Jon Bon Jovi, and Motley Crue cited them as an influence. Rick Springfield, Steven Van Zandt, and Joe Walsh evidently love them so they could have more to say. John Lennon even had a Raspberries t-shirt in a picture!

Posted by Carlos on Wednesday, 12.11.13 @ 07:23am

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