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Will Rammstein be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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The industrial sounds of Ministry with the intentional shock tactics and general lameness of Marilyn Manson. I'm fairly sure we'll be able to look past them.

Posted by Kit on Thursday, 05.24.07 @ 19:58pm

oh the hall will look past them even though they are the top rock band to ever come out of Germany and probably one of the best Metal bands to ever come around, but American's don't have enough balls to appreciate Rammstein.

Posted by Spencer on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 22:44pm

One of my absolute favorite stories:

"The popular German musical group Rammstein has acknowledged influence by both the aesthetic approach and some Laibach material. When members of Laibach were asked by an interviewer about Rammstein "stealing" from them, they responded that "Laibach does not believe in originality… Therefore, Rammstein could not 'steal' much from us. They simply let themselves get inspired by our work, which is absolutely a legitimate process. We are glad that they made it. In a way, they have proven once again that a good 'copy' can make more money on the market than the 'original.' Anyhow, today we share the territory: Rammstein seem to be a kind of Laibach for adolescents and Laibach are Rammstein for 'grown-ups.'""

That's kind of a roundabout way for me to say I think Rammstein sucks.

Posted by William on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 23:10pm

they are not the top band to come out of germany. ever here of a little band called the scorpions.

Posted by Brian on Friday, 02.29.08 @ 22:16pm

Yeah, I've heard of Scorpions - Kraftwerk is about 100x better.

Posted by Liam on Friday, 03.28.08 @ 13:15pm

better at what?

Posted by Brian on Friday, 03.28.08 @ 21:29pm

Kratfwerk are mountains more influential than Scorpions could ever hope to be. Kratfwerk have masses more innovation than Scorpions (who have none). Kraftwerk are much greater song-writers than Scorpions.

So basically, Kratfwerk are overall better than Scorpions.

Posted by Liam on Saturday, 03.29.08 @ 14:57pm

they are not the top band to come out of germany. ever here of a little band called the scorpions. - Brian

So basically, Kratfwerk are overall better than Scorpions. - Liam

You may be correct in your statement except Bryan is right. The Scorpions are probably the most beloved Rock Band to ever come from Germany. At least that is what I saw in my many trips there. To me, being tops means being the most loved, exported and respected.

I hope they both get in.

Posted by Dameon on Sunday, 03.30.08 @ 07:20am

I'm pretty sure Kratfwerk gets more respect than Scorpions.

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 03.30.08 @ 08:34am

Liam - as usual - you think you are right. Guess what - no!

Posted by Dameon on Sunday, 03.30.08 @ 09:52am

So having an opinion is a bad thing? Thanks for setting me straight there, Dameon.

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 03.30.08 @ 10:08am

Sorry - hit the submit button before finishing.

Respect is a word that you cannot define in this conversation. How would you or anyone else know the level of respect either band receives? Do you have the ear of all the musicians in this world. Add in the fact that 'RESPECT' was not the point of either your comment or Bryan's. Clearly Kraftwerk is admired by many, but whether you like it or not, so are the Scorpions. It is understood here that you have little respect for the hard/pop rock of the late 70's and 80's. I am sorry to say, but it is not going away. And as far as I have experienced in my travels in Germany, The Scorpions reign supreme.

Posted by Dameon on Sunday, 03.30.08 @ 10:09am

I'm not quite sure why, but I've always thought that a group who as good as invented electronic/a would receive more "respect" than a boring, generic and dated rock group.

But I'm sure that Scorpions fans, with their shared all-encompassing knowledge of modern music history, would like to disagree?

By the way, "respect" and "popularity" aren't the same thing.

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 03.30.08 @ 10:17am

Sorry if it seemed that I was knocking your opinion. I hit the submit button by accident.

By the way, "respect" and "popularity" aren't the same thing. - Liam

No one said they were. All I did was comment on Bryan say that the Scorpions being the Top band coming from Germany and you saying that Kraftwerk were the better band. I said that you may very well be correct, but that Bryan's comment was correct as well. "Tops" and "Better" aren't the same thing.

Again, your lack of respect for those fans who don't want to listen to what you do amazes me. If the Scorpions are dated, then so is Joy Division. It goes both ways. But I am not going to think harshly of you because of your love for J.D.

I will think harshly of you for other reasons :-0

Posted by Dameon on Sunday, 03.30.08 @ 13:23pm

I honestly couldn't give a crap about Scorpions' fans, especially not the small-minded ones (eg 95+% of em). If they don't want to get informed, then they can f*ck off.

Joy Divison is dated? Guess you just missed/are missing all this post-punk revival that's been going on of late, then? Probably, considering that you think that grunge is "new stuff" (can't find where).

Posted by Liam on Sunday, 03.30.08 @ 13:50pm

Remember when they did a song with Korn? I think it was called Good God or something.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 10.5.08 @ 07:01am

Rammstein is, admittedly, a guilty pleasure of mine, but they're standing toward the back of a long line of both German and metal acts waiting for deserved recognition.

Posted by DarinRG on Saturday, 01.24.09 @ 17:33pm

DarinRG...people like you restore my faith that there are folks who like certain artists, but think they have a long road ahead to get into the HOF...if they ever get in at all. My list of artists that I like and probably won't be considered is a lot longer than those I like who are HOF-worthy.

It's fun to have good conversation about them all...

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 01.24.09 @ 18:01pm

Thanks. I just try to keep in mind that the question at the top of each page is "Will ___ be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?", not "Is ___ a significant band in Darin's life?".

I have some guilty pleasures like Dead Can Dance, Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim or Skinny Puppy that I'll throw some "Yes" votes towards when they pop up, but I could never go on one of their forums with a straight face and make an argument for them getting into the Hall (with the possible exception of Skinny Puppy, but that's an argument I wouldn't even consider making until around 40-45 electronic, krautrock, synth-pop, proto-industrial and post-punk acts have had their day).

Posted by DarinRG on Saturday, 01.24.09 @ 18:57pm

Dead Can Dance...really like them!!! We even had a discussion on here once (even though it was brief) about Silver Apples, who actually pre-dated Kraftwerk. So, these conversations can be pretty good (and spirited) at times. Since I have a subscription service, I spend a lot of time checking out artists that I've either never heard of or got reminded of after a long period of time...good stuff!!!!

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 01.24.09 @ 19:17pm

Ah, Silver Apples deserve a way larger audience than they have. I listen to the self titled album pretty regularly. I keep thinking about pulling the trigger on "The Garden" every time I log onto E-Music and see it staring at me on my saved list.

Posted by DarinRG on Saturday, 01.24.09 @ 19:58pm

I say yes to Rammstein being in the Hall. Aside from Oomph!, Rammstein are the main performers in the "New German Hardness" scene, as well as probably the only band from this scene to gain huge international attention. Remember that not many bands from countries outside of the UK, Australian, and North American regions do not gain such attention in other countries. What makes Rammstein unique is that they've been able to do it whilst singing IN THEIR MOTHER LANGUAGE, not singing English as other international acts do (i.e., Lordi, Scorpions, Loudness, etc).

Posted by Breaker on Monday, 09.21.09 @ 09:52am

A big YES for Rammstein

Posted by Frank on Friday, 10.9.09 @ 05:22am

Remember when they did a song with Korn? I think it was called Good God or something.

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 10.5.08 @ 07:01am

// They just remixed a song for the American faggotband Korn.

Posted by Dr. Gordon on Friday, 10.9.09 @ 05:26am

What do you mean American's don't appreciate Rammstein? BULLSH!T. We love Rammstein! Why are Europeans such buttwipes?

Posted by Rick on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 13:50pm

Why are Europeans such buttwipes?

Posted by Rick on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 13:50pm

Europeans aren't buttwipes, Rick. And buttwipe isn't even a word

Posted by The Drummer on Friday, 12.11.09 @ 15:10pm

I don't know how accurate this %7 chance is, but its not saying they're an impossible candidate either. I would hope Rammstein earns a place in the HOF one day. They're much more than shock rock, gimmick. Their mid to late 90s work was definitive. And everything they've done in the 2000s has been amazings save for 2005's letdown Rosenrot, which in itself was much better than most garbage.

It doesn't matter if you enjoy their music or not-Rammstein have done and achieved more than most bands and musicians E-V-E-R will. Their list of achievements goes on and on and on. This is a group who rose from the ashes of East Germany and got their start in a battle of the bands contest-now they're the one of the biggest German groups of all time. Don't fire back at me the Scorpions crap either-Rammstein made it where they are with lyrics in their native tongue, which in itself is quite something. They aren't THE most successful German group of all time, but they ARE the most successful German language band of all time. I'm not denouncing the Scorpions by any means, but you can't just brush off Rammstein.

R+ have always been genuine, legitimate artists. If you can't get their satiric humor or irony, I don't think any of you are in the place to be criticising them, or any group. They're much more than a puppet show, and if you understood German, you'd get a lot more of their songs.

I really hate to rant, but...Rammstein is really just something special. There's a difference between ripping off and being influenced, and they haven't ripped off Ministry, Laibach or Oomph. Mutter was one of the greatest records I've ever listened to. In unfortunately probable case they don't make into the HOF...They still have a minor planet named after them, which is more recognition than most other bands will get.

And being from and having grown up in Germany, they were and still are a definitive band for me. They changed music here, everywhere. Besidess I don't see any of us Germans forgetting them any time soon!

Just my thoughts. So yes for R+ <3

Posted by Lotte on Wednesday, 01.6.10 @ 10:34am

Unfortunately...No. But by no means do I see them being forgotten. Rammstein is and will always be amazing. They're truly great. For me, they're musically superior and tons more memorable than most successful bands of today...

Posted by Ingrid on Wednesday, 01.13.10 @ 22:08pm

I like them but Scorpions is better :P

Posted by Hannah on Tuesday, 03.16.10 @ 10:48am


Posted by warran on Sunday, 04.4.10 @ 16:24pm

I wonder if Liam has ever gone to a rock concert in life... Liam if you cannot feel the power that a rock song has, it is not definetely for you dude :)

If I would compare Scorpions with Kraftwerk, I'd cautious. They do different kinds of music, Scorpions performs hard/melodic rock and heavy metal and KW performs electronic music.

Scorpions was such an influence for other rock/metal bands IN/OUT of Germany such as Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Metallica, Accept, Sodom, Kreator and of course Rammstein. I don't know which artists were influenced by Kraftwerk, but I'm sure there are around.

There's a big difference between POPULARITY and RESPECT. Tokio Hotel can be popular among teenagers, but this band is not respected by the old rockers' generation. Most people like me believe that they suck. No offense.

Lots of album sales at the first year of release doesn't mean exactly that a band is good, that's called marketing and everybody knows that marketing often lies. Even underground/indie bands have more RESPECT than any other commercial band or "musician". The fact that anyone can write it doesn't mean that what anyone writes is poetry. Same with music. The fact that anyone can make sounds with presets in a computer or whatever else, is not a reason to call anyone a musician.

You gain RESPECT when you are able to keep humble after years of success, when your fans long for the next world tour, when a girl cries with a memorable love ballad you made before she was born, when you transmit the power and magic of what you do and others feel it too. When your fans proudly wear their outfit with the name of your band on it.

That's when you gain respect, and as Ralph Waldo Emerson would say, "that's when you have succeded"

Cheers! Stay heavy lml

Posted by leinadster on Sunday, 05.30.10 @ 21:35pm


Posted by warran on Sunday, 04.4.10 @ 16:24pm

How ignorant, you're comparing apples to oranges and what you think of Kraftwerk is your opinion, nothing more, nothing less. If however, you look at the two artists objectively as opposed to subjectively you'll find Kraftwerk have loads more influence and innovation while Scorpions have much more commercial success. If we're discussing entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Kraftwerk would most likely get in over Scorpions because the criteria is influence and innovation.

In future, please don't refer to a highly influential and innovative band like Kraftwerk as "nothing" without backing it up without any sort of evidence (see also your statement about Scorpions being in the "top 10 bands of all time"). It makes you lose all credibility and respect, at least in my eyes.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Thursday, 07.29.10 @ 10:27am

5 years ago,i listened to metal and rock bands like Metallica,Korn,Limp Bizkit and some others i cant rememeber and even now i listen to them but i wasnt great fan and listener of metal.if any one of you have told me that im gonna love a german language band named Rammstein showing me a video of their performance of song Buck Dich in US that Till pissed on people with a dildo,3 years ago,i would have laughed and kicked you out.when i first accidently listened to song Du Richst So Gut,i get curious to listen to other ones and the thing i find is now my favorite band that even i dont know german.i find out that they are very diffrent from other bands.their music leads you to DANCE and have FUN.being popular is not about album sales or being old band.look,you see a band singing in german(not English)and selling their live tickets in less than 1 hour in US.everytime they go on live you wound see more than 100000 people in every country they peforme.its not a thing that other bands can do that they all singing in English.todays popular bands have nothing to do about RAMMSTEIN...

Posted by Darkstein on Saturday, 01.1.11 @ 09:13am

Am I the only one who had no idea what the bottom of that comment meant?

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 01.1.11 @ 09:20am

Rammstein Ist Rammstein

Posted by Josue Rammstein on Saturday, 01.1.11 @ 15:56pm

Rammstein über alles - they sort the men from the pretentious.

Posted by mijj on Saturday, 12.31.11 @ 01:44am

Right, i'm a 16 year old from Glasgow, Scotland, Rammstein have been my favourite band for the past 5 years, i've been to see them, Rush, Motorhead, KoRn and Lamb of God, Rammstein blow all these bands out the water in terms of show, sound and passion. I was in the front row for Rammstein and could see everything, these are men who went from nothing to everything in about 17 years, the odds were totally against them, a small metal band from west germany that won a chance to record some songs at a local radio station, which turned out to be (in my opinion) one of the best albums they have, as soon as Rammstein is put on you can recognise them from the distinct sound that they pull of perfectly, they have done tracks with KoRn, Manson, Metallica, Apocolyptica and Tatu, they deserve to be in the hall of fame, not Madonna and britney spears.

Posted by Kyle Gordon on Friday, 04.13.12 @ 07:15am

they're not eligible yet and neither is britney spears.

anyway, britney's not gonna get in. madonna had critical adoration on her side, spears dosen't.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 04.13.12 @ 10:08am

Isn't this whole page dedicated to Rammstein?

Posted by SirWilliamDeCock on Saturday, 06.16.12 @ 07:01am

Ive been to one of their concerts in Arizona and it was Amazing to say the least.
The pyrotechnics went perfectly with the music.
The lighting was also incredible.
The whole set-up was unbelievable.
I think everybody likes the Scorpions better because they sing in English.
If that's the case you guys are idiots.

Posted by SirWilliamDeCock on Saturday, 06.16.12 @ 07:05am

I'd rather listen to a song about a psycho cannibal killer than a hurricane that rocks you.

Posted by SirWilliamDeCock on Saturday, 06.16.12 @ 07:05am

Actually Rammstein is more successful than Scorpions. They definitly deserve to get into the hall of fame, but they probably will be overlooked, which is pretty sad.

Posted by ghostcade on Tuesday, 10.9.12 @ 18:04pm

I certainly hope these guys get in, I have followed them since they made it big in America. And they always have one of the best concerts to ever attend. Sad that they probably won't but if you look at any of their videos other than du hast each one is amazing.

Posted by Dustin on Friday, 07.17.15 @ 14:57pm

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