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Will Pure Prairie League be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Very underrated early 70's country rock group.

Posted by Chalkie on Sunday, 05.30.10 @ 17:11pm

Chalkie...you're absolutely right! Were you aware Vince Gill was their lead vocalist for a while?

Posted by Gitarzan on Sunday, 05.30.10 @ 17:14pm

who the hell iz this group? ... gonna havta say, No on PPL, cause I never heard of them.

Posted by Telarock on Sunday, 02.6.11 @ 11:54am

Dude, Telarock, there's a wikipedia link to help you out :)

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Sunday, 02.6.11 @ 12:11pm

They nelong in the Hall.

They were one of the earliest in the country rock game, forming in 1969.

John David Call and Craig Fuller were friends in the same town, played what many would call country rock years before PPL began.They appeared in HS bands together, life long friends.Their pre PPl work was country rock also.

Call is still cited today as a major influence by steelers. He appeared on 5 of the first 6 LP’s, then again on Mementos in the mid 80’s. He was recognized as a pioneer of pedal steel,highly influential,hailed by some of the biggest names in country music.PPL cites The Byrds and Beatles as major influences, along with some folk singers.

PPL and The Eagles were the two country rock bands most responsible for taking country rock into the national music mainstream.And as we know The Eagles turned to rock, but PPL continued on with their sound, playing about 200-250 shows a year right into the 80’s.

PPL had tremendous critical and fan acclaim through the 70’s and 80’s. Their first two Lp’s, Two Lane Highway, Live! Takin’ The Stage and Firin’ Up have all been cited by various sources as some of the greatest country rock ever made. PPL’s first two releases have been hailed as “as good or better than anything be The Eagles.” Bustin’ Out is considered by many to be the most influential of the genre, “one of the artistic high points in country rock history”, “unequaled in country rock”.That release is platinum, maybe multiplatinum by now, and Two Lane Highway gold. TLH, 1975, was hailed by Roling Stone as ” a worthy companion to The Byrds Sweetheart of The Rodeo and other gems of the genre.” The Live LP in 1977 was called “one of the greatest live recordings made” by the RIAA. Firin’ Up (with a then unknown Vince Gill) has been praised.” There’s not a bad track on Firin’ Up, an album that’s a fine example of adult contemporary, rock, and country formats all merging in the 1980s. More of a classic than it’s been given credit for.”and “this is the most significant album by the group since their second, Bustin’ Out.”

The band had a large and strong fan base in the 70’s up until they retired at the end of 1988 playing up to 250 shows a year.

PPL had 5 straight releases that landed in Top 40 Billboard charts in the 70’s, a feat unmatched by anyone in country rock. They addd a 6th, Firin’ Up in 1980. Again,only PPL has 6.They were the band that truly married country music and rock, the basic premise of country rock, by cracking the Top 40 Country Charts twice, with Dance and Live ! Takin’ The Stage.

PPL has been cited by many as extremly influential. Many groups claim to be an influence but PPL’s work has been recorded and /or performed and hailed by many of the biggest names in the business: Travis Tritt. Lonestar, Mick Ronson,Randy Scruggs, Patty Loveless, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Toby Keith, Keith Urban,Garth Brooks ( “I’m the world’s biggest Craig Fuller fan”),Dolly Parton and many more.PPL’s music appears on over 100 compilations.

Vince Gill and the man who succeeded him in PPL, Gary Burr, were both inducted into The Nashville songwriters Hall of Fame on the same day.Gill became one of the biggest names to ever hit the country scene.Burr has written with the biggest names in business including Ringo.

Fuller went on to form American Flyer, two LP’s with them, then did a release with bandmate Eric Kaz, The Fuller-Kaz Band.In the mid 80’s he returned to PPL, did Mementos, then left in the latter part of the 80’s to join Little Feat. No audition was required,the guys knew him from 1978 when Fuller-Kaz (along with John Call who Craig grabbed for the tour) opened for Feat. Fuller added another gold LP to his collection as Feats first release Let It Roll, with Fuller doing the larger portion of singing and songwriting went gold.It is Feat’s largest selling studio LP to date. He’s recognized today as a major talent and influence.

Incredibly PPL came back. From 1998-99 they did a few shows. From 2004 until present they have been doing about 30-40 shows a year, all over the country and have done extremly well. In the last weeks of 2005 they released All In Good Time which featured Craig Fuller and Mike REilly who joined during their 2nd LP and never left. Original steeler John David Call has also returned to the fold the past two years and the band has received huge acclaim. All In Good Time garnered the same critical acclaim PPL’s past releases did. Goldmine Magazine called it “an unlikely but potent candidate for CD of the year.” Numerous other magazines hailed it as a CD as classic.

If they ever consider country rock artists for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (they won’t !! ) PPL belongs there. It’s unmatched critical and commercial success in country rock, it’s far reaching influence, the impact various band members have had on the music scene, it’s ability to take a genre national when large market radio stations wouldn’t promote it, all make PPL one very special band, one that still stands the test of time.

Posted by Tom on Friday, 08.12.11 @ 10:17am

Tom, PPL is a prety good band, Personally, I think The Marshall Tucker Band was better.

Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, 08.12.11 @ 15:06pm

Hi Paul,

Well, MTB and PPL are two different styles, southern rock and country rock.

My post was geared more toward PPL's overall accomplishments in a genre that had a very small window of opportunity in terms of major radio stations and airplay etc. Yet their music opened the window and they did extremely well both critically and commercially and also crossed over into the country music world, which was another thing very few if any country rock bands did.

MTB was also a great band, I loved them , saw them many times.But I think of the two as apples and oranges from a musical standpoint. Southern rock was definitley given more of a chance on major radio due to the harder rock style.

I would put MTB in the Hall in a second ! But I also feel PPL deserves it too but it will never happen for dozens of reasons.I wasn't comparing bands, who likes this or that , just making some factual and historical notes re: PPL since there wasn't much here when I looked at itand thought some might find it interesting.

I saw PPL and MTB together in concert, one of the best concert nights I've ever had, they sold out the Nassau Colliseum on LI about 18K, a great night for country rock/sounthern rock fans!!Band members of PPL and MTB were very close friends, played together several times.

Take care,Tom

Posted by Tom on Sunday, 08.14.11 @ 14:31pm

Tom's remarks are terrific, what a great synopsis of PPL, the best I've read anywhere on the internet. I couldn't agree more re: the status of PPL, an incredible band with some outstanding talents in it. I still listen to their music and have seen them in concert a few times the past years.Their shows are still superior, their enthusiasm contagious, just like years ago.And John David Call is still the best steeler I've heard, he's playing better than ever, amazing. These guys are legitimate legends, they belong in the Hall for their influence and ability to do what many of the genre failed to do.If any country rock acts get in, start with them. Most bands hope to get at least one LP hailed as a classic or groundbreaking.These guys had several !

Posted by Hank on Sunday, 09.18.11 @ 22:44pm

Tom, just saw your response on this page. Excellent points you make. Lucky dude to see MTB & PPL at same concert. Wish I'd been there.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 09.19.11 @ 07:08am

Great band, great history, Hall worthy for sure as successful pioneers.Their last Cd a few years ago, All In Good Time,was a good as any country rock ever recorded,an amazing CD. PPL made the best. This band took it where most similar bands failed to get due to superior songwriting,vocals and musicianship. I saw then in concert recently at a Legends show where they blew everyone away with an unbelievable set. John Call still plays steel like no one else, the best ever. The best of the 70's is still the best today.

Posted by Jake on Monday, 08.20.12 @ 14:35pm

I grew up in Waverly, Ohio where PPL had their origins. John Call lived around the corner from us and was one of my older brother's best friends when we were in school. Craig Fuller's Aunt Mid was my mother's best friend until she died in the late 80's/early 90's from cancer. Jim Coughlin went to the same church as us (St. Mary's) and quite often after mass we would go to the Coughlin's house along with a bunch of other women for a coffee klatch. I remember Craig being in a local band called The Swiss Navy and also The Omars. Both groups were great.

If anyone is ever in Chillicothe, Ohio on a Tuesday night, you need to go to The Dock on Water St. John Call plays there now with a group called Loose Pockets, and they are wonderful!

Posted by Jo Ann Taylor on Saturday, 03.2.13 @ 16:01pm

I am in India. It was in 1967 when I joined Indian Navy that I got exposed to "Pop" music. I was so enamoured by Elvis that I had decided to christen my future first-born Elvis. My obsession enabled me to learn about and listen to 1000s of groups thanks to BBC, VOA, Radio Australia and Radio Kuwait who never once, as far as I know, played PPL. Pink Floyd, Gordon Lightfoot, Lobo, the Beatles, the Stones,Simon&Garfunkel, Elton John, CCR, CSN&Y and 100s of bands became favorites. I had never heard of PPL until last year. It was by sheer chance I happened upon it. I now count Amie, Sun shone Lightly and Long Cold Winter as the first three best songs of all songs. I listen the three songs, believe me, 10 to 15 times daily. The day I chanced upon PPL is the most memorable day of my life after the usual days for remembrance.

Posted by Asokan on Monday, 06.16.14 @ 00:17am

I have been in many bands over the years in the Toledo area with one of the guys from Swiss Navy we even played the high school reunion party in Waverly with another member of the Swiss Navy / PPL bands I think all of them were great musicians.

Posted by LENNIE on Friday, 08.29.14 @ 02:11am

I first heard John David Call in 1976 in a small club in New York. Many more shows followed and as he rejoined PPL a few years ago I saw him 5 more times and he is truly a gifted, innovative pedal steel master. There have been countless gifted steel players throughout the decades past and present and he is right at the top with the very best.

Posted by Dan Hildreth on Sunday, 09.28.14 @ 03:28am

Pure Prairie League is still touring! Just saw them about 2 months ago in NC with Charlie Daniels, the Outlaws, and Marshall Tucker. PPL sounded fantastic! Had no idea they were still together. Going to keep an eye out for other concerts. They were rockin, and even had some new songs they said to be recorded soon. I'm a new huge fan! Please put them in the Hall!!!!! Their origins are a huge part of music history.

Posted by Greg on Saturday, 12.16.17 @ 11:25am

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