Porcupine Tree

Not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Eligible since: 2014 (The 2015 Induction Ceremony)

Previously Considered? No  what's this?

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Will Porcupine Tree be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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MY FAVORITE BAND EVER. One of the best bands around right now. Theyre so amazing. Out of all these future rock hall of famers, they deserve to be in the most. And Steven Wilson should be in as a solo artist too.

Posted by Rob on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 18:38pm

they should be but they won't be. the R&R HoF hasn't even inducted King Crimson

Posted by jeff on Wednesday, 12.5.07 @ 16:08pm

These guys suck ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If they get in I will die!!!!!!!!!!!
Worst band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by bill on Sunday, 01.20.08 @ 15:45pm

I think they're great, Bill. But then again you're probably the type of guy who sits in front of his computer, mutes a Britney Spears video, and whacks off to it.

Posted by Kidd on Wednesday, 04.16.08 @ 13:02pm


As much as they deserve to be inducted, bands like Rush (and the aforementioned King Crimson) haven't been inducted despite being eligible for years. I don't see them inducting PT unless the band either gets mega huge or turns into R.E.M. by the time their eligible. *rolls eyes in disgust* It's really sad. So many great bands and artists deserve to be recognized but never will be. *should start her own hall of fame*

Posted by aquadonia on Wednesday, 05.7.08 @ 02:59am

To add...

Steven Wilson deserves an award as an all-around jack-of-all-trades über talented human being. Surely the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame can create on just for him. ;o)

Posted by aquadonia on Wednesday, 05.7.08 @ 04:09am

To add...

the award that you are talking about is called God...

and Steven wilson has earned the right to be called God

... just saying

Posted by Eric on Wednesday, 10.15.08 @ 16:40pm

Really good band; seen them twice, in Philly and NYC. I'm listening to Deadwing now. There's still time, but I'm not sure how influential they are, plus the original prog guys have to get in first, and even if they do, the fact that they still have a cult following will probably keep them on the bench.

Posted by Sam on Friday, 02.5.10 @ 12:39pm

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