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Eligible since: 2016 (The 2017 Induction Ceremony)

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Will Paul Weller be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Why the low probability rating? Is this due to the overwhelming American bias (and I'm from the US) that seems to exist on the board?

Posted by mbrlr on Thursday, 07.12.07 @ 09:35am

This man is brilliant and has been in ALL of his incarnations. He is well deserving of a place in the hall of fame!

Posted by Robert on Thursday, 10.4.07 @ 17:30pm

There are only four great bands from the punk era - Pistols, Clash, Damned and the Jam. Only two - Clash and Jam - transcended the punk genre. Just watch the DVD set, The Complete Jam. They are so in control of their environment, I believe even more so than the Clash. The mucianship is impeccable. Few bands have ever been so good so soon.

Posted by steve salinas on Monday, 04.21.08 @ 22:24pm

You forgot The Buzzcocks.

Posted by Liam on Tuesday, 04.22.08 @ 06:30am

I wouldn't say that The Jam, whose entire career pretty much consisted of rehashing The Clash's eponymous, The Beatles and The Kinks, with a few hints of mod culture (apart from The Gift, which is just a failed attempt at artistic growth), transcend the punk genre particularly.

Posted by Liam on Tuesday, 04.22.08 @ 07:51am

Compared to this group the Buzzcocks are a generous B-. Remember, my term was transcendent.
The Clash is my favorite band outside of Led Zeppelin (so I have no Jam bias). The Jam, in no way, rehashed any of the Clash. How could they? Their albums were released minutes apart. I'm not saying the Jam were better than the Clash - no way. Just when they were on it was insane.

Posted by Stephen C. Salinas on Thursday, 06.5.08 @ 22:43pm

The Clash are a an absolute bunch of sell-outs. Expanding their sound? BS. They were tapping into the US market, and they knew it. If you listen to some of their pre-"The Clash" bootlegs you'll hear that they just started off as a bland RnR band and quickly changed their sound to tap into the punk rock boom.

Posted by Liam on Saturday, 06.7.08 @ 13:14pm

And as for the Jam...Christ, I can't think of a worse singer to be honest.

Oh wait, yes I can: Mick Jones.

Posted by Liam on Saturday, 06.7.08 @ 13:18pm

I think Billy Idol could join the list unless you think GenX should make the Hall.

Posted by Stephen C. Salinas on Saturday, 06.28.08 @ 23:30pm

Weller should get in on his solo career alone. Go see him live and you'll see how versatile he is. He is a God in the UK - best kept secret in the US. He would probably be embarrased to be inducted into a thing like this.

Posted by PreissDog on Thursday, 01.22.09 @ 07:47am

As stated Weller's solo career alone should get him in, but if you want to take into account his whole 32 year ( so far) career then there is not even an argument, it's a total no brainer,, which probably means he will not which would be a total disgrace. As for the guy who said about his singing, clearly never heard any of his solo stuff, he has an amazing voice that has changed and grown over the years, last years 22 dreams album ( no 1 in UK and universally acclaimed) was sublime, what an amazing piece of work. his legacy and body of work is truly unique.

Posted by Jamie on Thursday, 06.11.09 @ 05:04am

Only considering his solo career here.
Influence: His solo work has probably influenced a few artists, but not many. NO
Innovation: As a solo artist probably not a lot. NO
Sales: I'd say quite good sales, his albums have seemed to get quite high on the charts, in england at least. But in america he seems to be nowhere near as sucessful. IN BETWEEN

I'd say this is a no.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 03.26.11 @ 15:41pm

Patti Smith inducted and not Paul Weller---Please.

Posted by Lenny on Monday, 07.11.11 @ 23:08pm

Dude's an absolute legend and still creating top-notch albums, but the odds aren't in his favor. The Hall hasn't even inducted the Jam yet! A nasty example of the U.S.-centric nature of the Hall alongside the continued snubbing of Roxy Music and the Smiths.

Posted by David Holmes on Thursday, 04.12.12 @ 00:31am

Paul Weller is too good for the Rock and Roll Hall of Crap. Keep him out. It would be a taint on his career to be inducted by such a shit show.

Posted by MJAD on Sunday, 07.15.12 @ 17:59pm

I can't think of anyone who deserves to be in Hall of Fame before Paul Weller. Love him or hate him he has been making critical acclaimed albums
for 40 years and his a brilliant songwriter and musician.

Posted by David on Wednesday, 04.29.15 @ 18:27pm

An unmatched carear over 40 years,,, If Weller is not in then it is a daming indictment on the whole place!

Posted by bobby on Wednesday, 10.21.15 @ 10:42am

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