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Will Nickelback be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Nickelback has had consistant solid hits with "How You Remind Me", "Someday", "Savin' Me" and "Far Away". Each album has consistantly sold more and more albums, with there latest (All the Right Reasons) still in the top 20 over a year later! If this trend continues, they'll be a shoe in.

Posted by Archangel17x on Sunday, 12.31.06 @ 11:05am

I'm sorry, but this link puts up a pretty convincing case why Nickelback whould never get in without paying for a ticket.

Posted by Kit on Sunday, 12.31.06 @ 13:18pm

Nickelback should be inducted simply beacuse their music is amazing,all their singles have reached high positions and have all stayed for a long time, their albums has sold millions across the globe, it's clear they should be inducted.

Posted by kfeointgh on Monday, 01.8.07 @ 04:17am

Why do people cite record sales as proof of talent?

Posted by William on Monday, 01.8.07 @ 18:42pm

Why are some people not able to pay respect to artist, who proved they they are very creative AND succesful songwriters ?

Nickelback certainly proved their talent in many ways, whether someone likes their music or not is not the main aspect in here.

Remember, "innovation and influence" are critical factors.

Their influence increased amazingly over the past years and that certainly is ALSO a proof of talent.

Watch them live and you will admit they ARE very talented.

Listen to all of their albums and you CAN see the innovation in it, if youīre open minded.

At least make up you own mind and TRY to treat the artists respectful. They derserve it..

Posted by Anna on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 15:23pm

They should definitely be inducted. All of their albums have had truly spectacular songs that connected and influenced a lot of people. Many other bands that came after them got their main style from Nickelback. They are more and more successful with each album and they should get into the rock n roll hall of fame.

Posted by Joe on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 17:04pm

The only thing Nickelback has influenced is my gag reflex and their only innovation is coming up with new ways to make my ears bleed. Creative? Come on. "Savin' Me" and "How You Remind Me" are the same song. The SAME SONG. The power chord progressions are exactly the same.

Once again, creative? For those of you who may be illiterate, creative means "Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative" This should remove any doubt that Nickelback is anything BUT creative.

Posted by James on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 18:45pm

According to (who, for the record, is never wrong), Nickelback is:
"the act of willfully allowing one's ears to bleed.

'I was Nickelbacking so the school nurse sent me home early.'"

Posted by Spike on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 18:51pm

Nickelback has proven their efforts repeatedly with constant scrutiny from nay sayers...why can't those who don't like them, keep opinions to themselves? No need to bash them. There are many of us who appreciate their hard work, their talent, their determination and their committment to keep going!

Rock on Nickelback! Congratulations on all of your awards and achievements to date!

Posted by MK on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 07:07am

If you want to criticise Nickelback at least listen to an entire CD and not just what is played on the radio, then you would see that it's not the same song over and over. These guy's push the envelope every CD and there for each CD gets better and better. These guy's have staying power and lots and lots of fans. And besides the great music and obviouse talent their just really nice guy's!

Posted by Becky on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 07:55am

People who are posting the same link over and over to bash Nickelback are definately NOT the persons to tell me what creativity is !!!

And writing that HYRM and Savin Me are the same songs is even one more indicator to show, that you are not the person to convince others about your opinion !Thatīs simply ridicoulous.

Taste is a very personal and individual thing per se. But there are some imressive facts about this band critics cannot destroy just by repeating the same disrespectful comments over and over:

Their influence over the music business increased impressively the last years. They changed their style from album to album and they are able to write catchy and groovy songs again and again thousands of people are affected by. They are brillant live and influenced a lot of other bands.

They truly deserve it !!

Posted by Susanne on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 09:47am

I completely agree. Critics have said the same things about Nickelback for 10 years. They have influenced many bands and millions of people have been affected by their songs. They deserve to get in. Period.

Posted by Joseph on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 09:56am

What is it with people dissing Nickelback!

Nickelback are at the top of what they do, and they didn't get there by sheer luck! To all the "anti" - go elsewhere and listen to what appeals to you, no one is forcing you to listen to Nickelback. I don't particularly like Enimem (just to name one), but I don't feel the need to criticize him for my own ego trip either!

A very wise friend told me recently, (and I quote):

"Good music has melody - good songs will appeal to mass audiences and at the end of the day nothing in rock and roll is new, it's all regurgitated, that is what makes it great."

Posted by Jo on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 23:23pm

They are one of the biggset Rock Bands on the Planet right now.Every album improves on its predecessor.

And there recent use of their popularity, to raise money for charity (releasing the song ''If Everyone Cared'') shows thir decency and power to change things musically and otherwise.

Good luck Nickelback.

Posted by mcbrearty on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 10:49am

I'm really tired of critics bashing Nickelback, their just jealouse. These are the nicest and kindest and most genuine people you'll every come across. They truely give Rock & Roll a Good name. Their music makes you feel good and what is wrong with that in this day and age? I know people from 12 to 55 who truely enjoy Nickelbacks music, and even better Live!

Posted by Becky on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 19:03pm


Posted by Katie on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 05:03am

You can't say this is a band of shit and that's a good band. All you can say is "I don't like them" or "I do like them" - either way, millions of people will disagree with you.

Their achievements are neither neclegtable nor deniable.l Nickelback has recently won tons of awards including the award for the world's best rock band.

Listen to their songs and you will see how deep they are. They are not surfaced like other songs. Have a look at their music videos - they are not surfaced either like e.g. Sugerbabes with Push The Button in which you only see girls shaking their a*ses or breasts. Watch the If everyone Cared videoclip - you can't deny it delivers a message to the world.

Somebody stated the (may I quote? "who, for the record, is never wrong") says

"Legends from Canada, they have to be one of the greatest rock bands ever!"

"An awsome band that kicks ass hard. They are not posers like other bands. *ehem cough* good charlotte *cough*"

"If the band Nickelback sucked, then I guess all of modern rock except for Green Day would go down the fucking drain. Let's face it. The songs Nickelback produces aren't like the bullshit hard/metal rockers emanate, which usually circumscribes the usual staid themes, such as drugs, shootings, tatoos or all that other kind of CRAP. As a matter of fact, most of their songs deal with human faith, which contributes to its popularity. And, of course, I have to say: at least Nickelback isn't a poser PUNK ROCK band, like:

Blink 182
Drowning Pool


"Fuckin awesome rock band from Canada that puts on one hell of a show and offers a variety of musical styles while continuing to rock hard on every album. Singer/Guitarist, Chad Kroeger, offers a new style of singing with his deep, raspy voice in comparsion to the ever-popular bitch-and-moan-winey-high pitched-emo voice seen in today's punk/emo."

They truly deserve it!
Nickelback, you rock!

Posted by Sabine on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 05:36am

Nickelback is a pathetic band, just like all of the fans. I think it is so funny how people think they are hard rock, they just put out a bunch of terrible sappy ballads. Get over yourselves you idiots, there is better music that doesn't have to deal with insignificant c*cksuckers.

Posted by Griffin on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 06:09am

people say we should listen to the whole cd and not just the radio? funny, all their songs are played on the radio - 7 singles from the latest album. god what garbage, the band stands for radioplay and everything bad about music. at least i can say i never wasted my time on this horse sh*t.

Posted by griffin on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 06:12am

I have experienced many years of music. From the 70's to the present and the one thing that is a constant is change. Everyone has a favorite type of music and right now, mine is Nickelback! For whatever reasons (and mine are personal) I connect with this band on many levels. For all the "critics" - well, evidently you don't! Whatever happened to "to each his own"? I'm sure if those who dislike this band were to include their favorite bands right now, it would be "open season" on you and yours! There is a TON of music out there that I don't care for, but I don't jump up and bash it. Yes, it's a free country, but why waste time with such negativity. Support the music and bands you prefer and leave mine alone!!! History speaks for itself in the music industry, and these boys are on their way - whether you critics like it or not! Congratulations to Nickelback on what you have already achieved and thanks for making ME happy!

Posted by Patricia on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 11:17am

Every artist who has so much successe deserve it to be in the hall of fame

As mentioned above Nickelback are an amazing rockband and they make good music

i love them and i hope so much that they will stay around as long as they can

their music is giving me so much
and i think this is the only thing what matters for me...not what critics ore what people say which think they know what is good or not.


Posted by Lara on Monday, 03.19.07 @ 12:10pm

and this is a good example why I am listening to nickelback
it seams that the "good music" metalhead is talking about
makes the brain and the manners disapear

i would love to see them in the hall of fame
they make so manny people happy with their music that they deserve it to be there


Posted by Lara on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 00:16am

Yeah and notice how people who bash Nickelback, like, lets say, that metalhead person. They decide to cuss out the band AND the fans! How low do you get? If I don't like a band I simply state it. I might say I think its terrible, but there is no need to cuss out the band and the fans. YOU need to get over YOURSELF before you make comments about THIS band! It seems the Nickelback haters are more immature than the people who like the band because every time I see someone bashing them it usually involves cussing out the fans. Congratulations on making yourselves look stupid. Thanks, your just making the fans sound smarter. ;)

Posted by Photograph on Friday, 03.23.07 @ 22:27pm


they,who think nickelback sucks, do suck!!!!
nickelback is not a softrockband!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nickelback is thee best!!!!

Posted by cowboyhat on Monday, 03.26.07 @ 11:01am

piece of shit filled with no talent..

Posted by realmusic on Wednesday, 03.28.07 @ 00:26am

i feel i must address some of the things being said here about nickelback and i will be the first to admit that i do not like their music.

many people here have written how much they deserve an induction because of their influence and creativity.

I cannot really agree and say that the band has been influential to the point that has been suggested - perhaps to that popular rock genre that lacks substance but to music or rock in general?

I do believe many of their songs seem recycled if not incredibly similar.
Fans argue that it is just their unique sound and style and of course they are going to be similar but to them i say look at a band like the flaming lips or arcade fire, distinctive sound but do all of their songs sound the same? It is common that as an artist or band progresses from one album to the next so too does their music as they strive for innovation or experimentation. As much as you may want to believe it, nickelback has not achieved this.

Yes I do like indie and alternative music but i do respect the choices of anyone in what they want to listen to and/or appreciate, it is just my opinion that nickelback should not receive such artistic merit.

thanks, dave

Posted by david on Friday, 03.30.07 @ 00:33am

who are the flaming lips or arcade fire ???

Posted by nblover on Friday, 03.30.07 @ 15:55pm

Google them. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Posted by William on Friday, 03.30.07 @ 16:20pm

well put William. :)

Posted by david on Sunday, 04.1.07 @ 05:56am

Whoa whoa whoa 77% yes? No, I'm not a hater and all...and I am aware they have harder hitting songs thanks to and stuff, but still...I don't think they have done anything innovating yet. They've been critically panned by a lot of far as I know, the only big awards they've won have been through fan voting and stuff.

The good news is...2021. That's the first possible year for them...they've still got some time to change up their sound and show their talent and stuff.

Posted by maplejet on Thursday, 04.5.07 @ 13:55pm

I literally burst out laughing when I saw them on the way. I'd rather see Panic! At The Disco in the Hall. And that's saying something.

Posted by fangirlhater on Monday, 04.9.07 @ 09:00am

Nickelback so deserves to be in the hall of fame. They are one of the most famous rock bands in the world and are the best!!!! I wish they could be inducted in the next few years.

Posted by Ash on Wednesday, 04.11.07 @ 17:50pm

Now, I think it is way too early to say these guys should get in, but eventually I think they will do enough to get in. they remind me, as far as what they are doing, of my favorite band of all time....Collective Soul. They have all the singles they need to get in, but just might not be influential enough. I hope they both get in though!

Posted by Cowman on Sunday, 04.22.07 @ 20:30pm

Top singels just don't cut it, sorry.
If you can't tell thier songs from the songs of others, they don't deserve it.
Popular dosen't mean shit.
Otherwise Shakira would be in.
She won't, and never will be (Thank God).
See what I'm saying?

Posted by TopHat on Monday, 04.23.07 @ 07:32am

To Anna,
I can respect music that I don't listen to, this has nothing to do with my tastes.
I can't even tell them apart from six of seven bands out there.

This ain't about my taste.
Don't asume that anyone who holds a different opinon then you is judging by taste.
We know, just as well as you, what we should be voting on.

Posted by TopHat on Monday, 04.23.07 @ 07:38am

Kit, OMG, your link.
I'm laughing xD
It's not exactly proof, but it's certinly entertaning.

I have a spelling issue, I'm so very sorry.

Posted by TopHat on Monday, 04.23.07 @ 07:41am

Fangirlhater: Panic at the disco??
No Way!
Their music are just bad and they don't deserve it!!
Panid at the disco sucks!
Nickelback rocks!!!!

Posted by mick_Freak on Sunday, 04.29.07 @ 06:41am

This one shitty band I hate sucks!
This other shitty band I like rocks!

Posted by William on Sunday, 04.29.07 @ 15:09pm

Popularity does not equal quality. Nickelback are an insult to rock music today and yet they're one of the main acts featured. They're basically Creed rip offs, which is pretty sad considering that Creed is a rip off of Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains. Personally I'll stick to the bands that actually innovated and have influence.

Posted by Jon on Monday, 05.7.07 @ 20:05pm

Their Canadian. That pretty much says it all.

Posted by dave on Tuesday, 05.29.07 @ 09:24am

What? What exactly does their nationality have to do with anything, and how do you mean that?

Posted by William on Thursday, 06.7.07 @ 00:14am

r u dissing canadians?

Posted by Dave on Thursday, 06.7.07 @ 15:24pm

You don't have to like Nickelback to realize they continually demonstrate innovation and influence. It's their creativity that takes very basic human topics and makes them into songs that attract a wide range of listeners, as evidenced at every sold out show. They've been creative in finding ways to use their influence for global causes (i.e. IEC). It's their quality that has attracted the popularity. They're proving with every year that they have longevity.

Posted by Athena on Friday, 06.8.07 @ 14:26pm

Innovation is nonexistant. Not only do they, like nearly every post-grunge band, rip off Pearl Jam to the point of parody, but as evidenced above, they even rip ofd THEIR OWN MATERIAL and try to pass it off as an entirely new song. They are so dull as to make ditchwater look exciting. No experimentation, no trying new things, just formula rock.

Science has already proven that "quality" is not the first thing people look for in music:

Posted by William on Friday, 06.8.07 @ 14:51pm

How can they NOT be inducted?? When each CD that comes out, does better than the one before...
One of their best qualities is that almost everyone can relate to at least one of their songs, if not many... whether it be "Never Again" about spousal abuse, or "Too Bad" which is about a father not being there for his children...or even "If Everyone Cared" which just tells everyone that it only takes one person to change the world...why not you?
Rosie -Nickelback Lover

Posted by Rosie on Friday, 06.8.07 @ 20:03pm

Proof positive that the casual music fan does not actually care about music enough to educate herself and become informed.

Posted by William on Friday, 06.8.07 @ 20:33pm

If the rock hall inducted artists based on how much albums they sold, then yes, nickelback would get inducted. But luckily for people who actually care about music, people who listen to more than whats on the top 40 currently, the rock hall inducts based on musical skill, something Nickelback doesn't have. And how can you argue that they have been influential? No bands list them as influences, maybe in future years some will, but none yet. All their songs are recycled, safe trash with no innovation whatsoever in any way. I used to kinda like nickelback, and I can see how some people might like their music, but if you listen to any of their songs more than a couple times, you realize how badly they suck. And on a slightly unrelated note, someone said the songs on were "How you remind me" and "savin' me", just wanted to let you know it was "Someday", not "Savin' Me".

P.S. If anyone tries to insult me and/or use that of evidence of how I must be wrong, that I'm stupid, etc., because of any words I misspelled, keep in mind this is the internet, no one makes sure they have no mistakes, and plus you'll probably make just as many mistakes as I hypothetically did.

Posted by Matt on Saturday, 06.9.07 @ 18:34pm

the only induction they deserve is electrostatic induction by way of lightning bolts. I don't care how how successful or well-played they are, I hate their music more than anything else on the radio.

Posted by Mitch on Sunday, 07.29.07 @ 15:51pm

It's obvious Nickelback will make it, maybe not sometime soon but deffinately in the future, they're a great band

Posted by Taylor on Tuesday, 08.14.07 @ 09:05am

"It's obvious Nickelback will make it...they're a great band"

It's also obvious you would have been an enthusiastic fan of LOVERBOY had you been a radio listener in 1982.

Posted by shawn on Tuesday, 08.14.07 @ 12:42pm

rofl. i love the paragraph long 'you cant touch this' speeches.

enough of the foreplay. nickleback blows.
and if thats too much to swallow, stick it in your eye, hahaha.

Posted by amerit-pal on Wednesday, 09.5.07 @ 16:52pm

Nickelback -- nik-uhl-back (noun)-- middle-of-the-road jock rock for people who dislike choices, music and spending more than $10 on a haircut.

Posted by Matt. on Wednesday, 09.5.07 @ 17:27pm

Click Nickelback.

Posted by Matt. on Wednesday, 09.5.07 @ 18:00pm

There's something wrong with $10 haircuts?

Nickelback? I don't think I've heard a band that sounded more... generic.

Posted by A-Killa on Thursday, 09.6.07 @ 09:19am

First of all to the person who wrote the canadian comment -- if that was a joke, ha ha; if it was serious, than you're ignorant...

I could go through all sorts of reasons why Nickelback is one of the worst groups out there these days, but why bother trying to explain anything to anyone who has a low enough I.Q. to enjoy Nickelback? It would be a total lost cause.

Posted by Chalkie on Thursday, 09.6.07 @ 13:33pm



Posted by caleb on Wednesday, 10.24.07 @ 14:54pm

In reference to the Canadian comment, I could be wrong, but I think the poster was just saying that the Hall of Fame seems to have a bias against Canadian acts and not expressing his own personal bias against Canadian acts.

Posted by Brian on Friday, 11.16.07 @ 08:41am

For every Neil Young there's a Bryan Adams. For every Joni Mitchell there's a Celine Dion. For every Godspeed You! Black Emperor there's a Nickelback.

Posted by denyo on Thursday, 11.29.07 @ 16:28pm

okay....this is retarted...that stupid website that compares both songs altered everything. He sped up Someday like crazy and took out various parts to how you remind me so they would match and if anyone plays guitar they would know its not the same song. im not saying its anything special on guitar but THEY'RE CLEARLY NOT THE SAME SONG, so dont use that website as proof. look at Nirvana, AC/DC, Creed etc...all great bands but they seriously sound all the same just as much as Nickelback does so everyone shut the fuck up and if u dont have anything good to say dont say it

Posted by Tay on Friday, 12.14.07 @ 19:28pm

"im not saying its anything special on guitar but THEY'RE CLEARLY NOT THE SAME SONG, so dont use that website as proof."

By "same song", most people are referring to the similiarites between the general arrangement of the two songs. Listening to the two songs, it's easy to haer the stark resemblance. Just like when Green Day ripped off Wonderwall...

Posted by l i a m on Monday, 12.31.07 @ 08:30am

Ahh, Nickelback. You are the Bay City Rollers of the Aughts. Here's hoping you've enough sensibility to invest the money you're raking in from all these deluded saps (points above) wisely.

However, I'm sure that you'll beat out the gobs of other worthy acts eligible this year due to a last-minute substitution by the reanimated corpse of Jann Wenner.

Posted by D on Wednesday, 01.9.08 @ 04:15am

they're not good or original. thousands of bands playing in bars around the world sound, have sounded and will sound like them. They're nothing special, they just got lucky!

Posted by donkey kong on Sunday, 01.20.08 @ 15:38pm

So many more deserving Artists will be up for selection that by the time Nickleback is eligible those who came before them will have a greater advantage to be inducted. Sorry NickleBack fans, I'm not trying to burst a bubble, just being honest.

Posted by JasonP on Thursday, 02.28.08 @ 08:05am

Nickelback is a group of no talent ass-clowns the likes of whom you could not pay me to see.

any band that re-hashes one of their previous hits and tries to pass it off as a new song doesn't deserve a record contract let alone induction into the rock and roll hall of fame.

Posted by MikeP on Sunday, 03.23.08 @ 11:54am

No one cares what any loser from Good Charlotte says.

Posted by That Guy on Monday, 07.28.08 @ 14:14pm

This band blow ass. They suck. Period. How anybody can say they have talent must have never heard talent before. Nickelback equal crap. Yes, I love to hate this band. How can I not? Chad's driving around in a fancy car because he sings: "We'll all stay skinny 'cuz we just won't eat." Perhaps visionary would be a better description of his insight to the human condition. Chad is proof that ANYONE can make it in America. Heh heh...

Posted by John Pate on Sunday, 08.17.08 @ 01:07am

Will somebody please talk about Nickelback?

Enough with Coven, already!

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 09.18.08 @ 05:23am


I am beginning to think that Jimmy Boy is the off-spring of Steve Perry and BSB fans.

And Nickelback, what can we say? Not much!

Posted by blah-blah-blah on Thursday, 09.18.08 @ 05:42am

Awesome music, awesome talent, awesome band,

I would be surprised if they wouldn't be inducted.
I wish them all the luck in the world. Everybody gets a chance in life and luck to make it...but only the good ones the hard-workers and the people which are creative grab this chance with both hands and make something good out of it.


Posted by Lilly on Monday, 10.20.08 @ 16:33pm

great band..!

Posted by mrxyz on Monday, 10.20.08 @ 16:38pm

I would be shocked if they were inducted.

Posted by blah-blah-blah on Tuesday, 10.21.08 @ 06:55am

you guy are the best!!!!!!!!!

Posted by danyl on Monday, 12.1.08 @ 11:59am

"For every Neil Young there's a Bryan Adams. For every Joni Mitchell there's a Celine Dion. For every Godspeed You! Black Emperor there's a Nickelback." - Amen...

It's the worst kind of vanilla rock. There are far more deserving artists out there. Other than popularity, Nickelback is an indistinguished and irrelevant band.

So it's a definite "No".

Posted by Jonas on Tuesday, 12.16.08 @ 03:07am


Posted by joker on Monday, 12.22.08 @ 18:28pm

Just because you're the most popular radio rock band in an era when all mainstream rock radio is trash doesn't mean it deserves to go into the Rock Hall... it's like watching MTV in HD.... trash in HD is still trash.

They don't deserve it, never have, and never will.

Posted by Arnold Jay on Wednesday, 01.28.09 @ 23:55pm

These guys put on one of the greatest live performances I have ever seen in my life, and I've seen the likes of Aerosmith, AC/DC, Pantera, and Dream Theatre live and in person. Some of these negative posts that I've read on here are down right shameful, ignorant, and border stupidity on several different occasions. Educate youself and actually watch someone in concert before you say stupid shit and make yourself look bad.

I wish Nickelback all the best.

Posted by Jeremy on Sunday, 03.1.09 @ 21:25pm

I think Nickleback is a damned good band & I expect they'll get to the Hall someday.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 05:22am

Jeremy - I have no doubt about what you say about their live performance. I am of the opinion that a great live band is as important as anything else when it comes to music. I am still reluctant to give them a yes vote. I am still not all that impressed with them. The music has not shown much growth, at least to my ears.

Posted by Dameon on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 11:55am

Thanks Dameon, You gave an honest opinion without reducing yourself to Elementary School logic and name calling, so much respect to you. I hope that perhaps in the future, this band will grow on you, and maybe others on this Message Board will follow your example of respectful disagreement. Take care!

Posted by Jeremy on Monday, 03.2.09 @ 14:22pm

Chad Kroeger sounds like he's constipated when he sings.

Posted by Erin on Monday, 03.23.09 @ 03:23am

I've been reading these comments and first off i like nickelback. Nickelback doesn't deserve to be in the hall of fame. The rock and roll hall of fame is the best of the best, and i cant put nickelback in there. People say they are a great live band. Honestly those people probably have been to ten concerts in their life. I have people who go to around five to six a year tell me they are one of the worst. I never personly seen them because i've been told its a waist of money. They haven't done anything really creative. They follow whats safe, and things that have been done before. There are still things out there that haven't been tried yet, and there will always be. Lastly I want you to ask yourself have you ever heard someone say nickelback influenced me to get into music. I never have. Once again I like them they just are not the best of the best

Posted by troy on Saturday, 04.4.09 @ 23:13pm

They're a pseudo-hard rock version of whiny, hippie, soapbox, coffeehouse crap. Really don't have a whole lot of respect for them.

Posted by Philip on Saturday, 04.4.09 @ 23:41pm

I do think this band sucks but they deserve it more than a lot of bands but by how much???

Posted by Rudy on Sunday, 04.5.09 @ 20:06pm

they should be because they have alot of good rock songs like
never again
how you remind me
too bad
fight for all the wrong reasons
something in your mouth

and many more

Posted by nico on Sunday, 04.26.09 @ 14:17pm

Although Nickleback is considered Rock. the band won 5 out of 11 nominations from 2003 - 2008. This is not counting Canada.. where they were nominated 14 times and won 12. and at the people choice awards they won favorite group in 2007. and being on the Top 40 everywhere. But where is the creativity, influence, and impact? or even the growth?

Posted by A.R. on Sunday, 04.26.09 @ 14:57pm

Madonna got in.... Think about it. Nickelback has made an effort to promote worthy causes through their music. They've created successful albums over and over again.
Despite critics they're a strong Canadian band that has managed to survive while bands with a similar sound faded away (Creed). The reason? An ability to evolve, and shape their music into something original and captivating.
It's impressive that a band from a small town in Alberta can rise from obscuity the way they did. It is definatly a testimate to their abilities and determination.
In 2020 I hope to see the boys earn their spot.

Posted by Alison on Monday, 05.11.09 @ 22:16pm

I canīt stand all these american "rock-bands" no nickelback neither good charlotte etc.

Not one of them deserves to get in.

Posted by Fipo on Saturday, 05.23.09 @ 10:38am

"I canīt stand all these american "rock-bands" no nickelback neither good charlotte etc.

Not one of them deserves to get in."

I agree that both bands don't deserve to get in, Nickelback is Canadian not American. Please don't confuse that.

Posted by Gassman on Saturday, 05.23.09 @ 12:01pm

also, when they were managing themselves in their very early days, they were able to sell like 100,000 records. Not only are they talented and a great live act, but they also play their music for the right reasons

Posted by Jen on Saturday, 07.11.09 @ 17:43pm

Why would anyone mention madonna- an entertainment/musical/cultural icon in the same breath as the safe, generic, made-for-mass-consumption music of Nickelback? I mean, if a Nickelback song is on theradio, I can tolerate it- but these guys have done nothing to advance anything and make basic music- Daughtry has followed its lead, and, think about it- other safe, commercially successful rock bands haven't been considered, ain't no way Nickelback will when the band is eligible.

Posted by JR on Sunday, 09.20.09 @ 20:54pm

I agree w/JR- no innovation, they won't influence anybody. They are very popular, pretty good, and as tolerable as any new rock out right now, but it won't happen as it stands.

Posted by Chris on Sunday, 09.20.09 @ 22:05pm

record sales have nothing to do with music quality

Posted by justin on Monday, 01.18.10 @ 16:24pm

nickleback back sound good but they are unoriginal and therefore shouldn't be inducted. hall of fame is for original artist. because they sell records don't mean they are original. like twilight is a popular book and movie yet its the most unoriginal saga ive ever seen!

Posted by John on Sunday, 01.24.10 @ 07:50am

I will protest outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if they are to be inducted. Although they have a fairly large fan-base, they are also probably one of the most hated bands in the world. I feel like they're not even trying in their songs, and if they are, bless their little, talentless hearts.

Posted by Dan on Friday, 06.25.10 @ 20:44pm

These guys are the Poison of the 2000s, and they've pretty much "inspired" every 25-30 year old douchebag to start their own mindless "hard rock" drivel where they think they're badass cause they write about drinking and whores.

Posted by Jimbo on Friday, 07.30.10 @ 23:19pm

Generic music from a very generic band...
They need to invent their own style before I'd even consider them to join.

Posted by TheGuy on Thursday, 08.19.10 @ 20:45pm

I find it stupid that some people say "If you don't like it go somewhere else!"
These pages arent just for Nickelback fans to suck them off.

Posted by GFW on Sunday, 11.14.10 @ 06:32am

Nickelback is a great live band???

I've been hundreds of concerts and music festivals, and can tell you without a doubt that Nickelback is a TERRIBLE live band. Playing the same sets over and over again and even using the same stage banter does not make you great live. Go see Radiohead or Phish then talk to me about great live bands.

Posted by Joel on Tuesday, 02.22.11 @ 12:07pm

"Nickelback is a TERRIBLE live band"

I was right there with you until you started talking about Radiohead and Phish as great live bands.

Having seen both, Phish was OK, and Radiohead was flat-out boring. Both are SEVERELY lacking in the energy department, to say the least.

It doesn't change your original point, of course. Nickleback sucks live as well. You can actually youtube clips of them getting booed offstage in Vancouver.

But if you want a great live band, check out Springsteen, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden, Social Distortion, Prince, Dropkick Murphy's, George Thorogood, J. Geils Band, or of course, break out some old Led Zeppelin, and get reminded of what a great live band can really do.

Posted by Ralph on Tuesday, 02.22.11 @ 12:37pm

Well Ralph its all opinion really...while I agree with you that Nickelback does indeed blow, but to call Radiohead boring is just laughable. The only bands you listed that I haven't seen are Thorogood and J. Geils Band, but I really have no interest in those anyway. Pearl Jam I thought was terrible and over rated after I saw them....mainly cuz Eddie Vedder blows live. I can say the same about Iron Maiden as they just seemed unorganized and incapable of putting on a good show anymore. Metallica I flat out just DO NOT like so I had no hopes when I saw them. Social Distortion and Dropkick I feel are not even on the same level as Radiohead or Phish so I won't even compare. Prince and Springsteen tho top notch stuff, not as good as Phish and Radiohead but not bad. But in my humble opinion Radiohead is easily the best band of the last 20 years and Phish is right behind them, I do appreciate someone with actual taste in music on here tho, so kudos to you Ralph for not liking complete garbage.

Posted by Joel on Friday, 03.25.11 @ 14:01pm

I love how the Nickelback haters come to the Hall of fame site to BASH on them. Get a life, Nickelback has had plenty of influence on their listeners, Chad Kroeger himself has had several "side-gigs", FYI before you Bash them listen to more than a few songs, for those of you saying they need to create their own style of music and whatnot i have news for you....ALL BANDS ARE RIPOFFS OF OTHER BANDS nobody "makes their own style" they listen to something they like and make it their own. its rock and roll people.

Posted by Albert on Wednesday, 09.21.11 @ 14:10pm

Disaster has struck Detroit! Nickelback is slated to play the Thanksgiving day game's halftime show! Hasn't Detroit suffered enough?!
Please sign the petition, gang. The good people of Michigan, nay, the whole WORLD will thank you.

Posted by Philip on Friday, 11.4.11 @ 17:13pm

I don't think Detroit will suffer after this year unless the recession gets worse, Philip. The Lions are winning now

Posted by Sam on Friday, 11.4.11 @ 20:08pm

They are, but having Nickelback play on Thanksgiving could potentially jinx them. More importantly, they shouldn't be performing period.... first this, and then Superbowl halftime. It can't happen!

Posted by Philip on Friday, 11.4.11 @ 20:47pm

Philip, it could be worse, you could have any of the following bands performing any of the following songs:

Ready for the World - Oh Sheila
Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight
Berlin - Take My Breathe Away
Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go / Careless Whisper
Starland Vocal Band - Afternoon Delight
Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
Asia - Heat of the Moment

Or you could have been stuck with Celine Dion, KeSha or the Black Eyed Peas.

I hope whoever reads this post hasn't eaten anything in the last few hours.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 11.5.11 @ 13:20pm

much rather listen to asia or wham then nickelback.

Posted by GFW on Saturday, 11.5.11 @ 13:25pm

Nothing against George Michael's solo output but those two Wham! songs just make my ears bleed.

And I guess Asia's ok if you're in the right mood.

But yeah, Nickelback is pretty terrible, I'll sign that petition Philip.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 11.5.11 @ 13:32pm

Replace "Heat of the Moment" with "Physical" by ON-J

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Saturday, 11.5.11 @ 14:00pm

Nickelback is a considerably better choice than Black Eyed Peas, I'll give them that. It's not that they're a god-awful and talentless band, they just took their insanely successful, pretty good debut hit "How You Remind Me" and repeated that formula - over and over and over again. It's not that their songs aren't distinguishable from one another, they're just all a slightly tweaked flavor departure from that original megahit. So they are aren't Hall of Fame worthy, but at the same time I'm not really offended that they're playing the Super Bowl. If anything it kind of suits the entire atmosphere; they've got enough tolerable hits (as long as they don't play "Rockstar") to carry on a half-time show, just not enough innovation, influence, or respect (critically or by popularity) to be enshrined as an artist.

Posted by Paul Kagebein on Saturday, 11.5.11 @ 15:12pm

No!!!!!!!!! All Nickel-wack does is make people's (and my) ears bleed. All their lyrical themes are redundant - strippers, sex, drinking, prostitutes - and they play such average guitar chords

PS They really are not one of the all time greats

Posted by DogJay88 on Friday, 11.11.11 @ 15:58pm

Nickelback IS A NAME OF CONTRY..

Posted by joe on Wednesday, 11.23.11 @ 11:04am

The only things that Nickelback knows how to do are to make me laugh at how outrageously bad their songs are and change the song to a better rock band, or rap artist (which I'm a hip-hopper). Their music is so mundane, they write really crappy lyrics that are all about drinking, sex, I broke up with that girl, prostitutes, my parent caught me doing this with that girl, blah blah blah. Their music is trash and they're one of the worst rock bands ever. Chad Kroeger needs like 30 cough drops for his god-awful raspy voice which isn't good. I've hated them since I first heard How You Remind Me in 3rd grade. Put Public Enemy or N.W.A. or Boogie Down Productions or LL Cool J in there, not Nickel-wack.

Posted by DogJay88 on Thursday, 12.1.11 @ 23:15pm

Here's the problem with Nickelback:

They, over the past 10 years, have become the face of one of the most detested genres of music. Like them or not, they're the definitive band of the 2nd, poppier wave of post-grunge and compete with STP (biggest band of 1st wave of post-grunge) for the title of biggest post-grunge band period.

It could be argued that they have an influence too. Like it or not, many mainstream rock bands today carry that same style of raunchy rock songs and AC balladry that Nickelback is famous for.

So on paper, being the biggest band of your genre and influencing others in it sounds like a decent case for the hall. But there's a catch.

They're musically detested by almost everyone. As the whole Super Bowl incident showed, anybody who doesn't like this music REALLY doesn't like it. And it doesn't help the band actively plays into the stereotype that "they suck and are unorginial" by repeatedly writing songs about the same subject and then rewriting those same songs and passing them off as new.

And overall, it could be argued that their influence really was a big reason mainstream rock got its ass kicked in the 2000s: many of the bands they influenced really had no talent and wrote songs that sounded just like Nickelback, causing people to get sick of mainstream rock as a whole and look different places (Rap and R&B namely), which could explain the lack of rock songs on the Top 40 lately.

So here's the issue: Does a band that technically meets the "influence" criteria (as well as having the commercial success), yet is so universially detested to the point where it may have damaged rock's popularity in general deserve consideration?*

*I personally say no, but this could all be a moot discussion 10 years from now depending on how history ends up viewing them.

Posted by Jim on Thursday, 12.22.11 @ 17:49pm

And overall, it could be argued that their influence really was a big reason mainstream rock got its ass kicked in the 2000s: many of the bands they influenced really had no talent and wrote songs that sounded just like Nickelback, causing people to get sick of mainstream rock as a whole and look different places (Rap and R&B namely), which could explain the lack of rock songs on the Top 40 lately.

So here's the issue: Does a band that technically meets the "influence" criteria (as well as having the commercial success), yet is so universially detested to the point where it may have damaged rock's popularity in general deserve consideration?*

Posted by Jim on Thursday, 12.22.11 @ 17:49pm
One other thing to note - Hip-Hop was willing to bow down to the money men at the corporate labels. They already showed it pre-Nickelback. Rock influenced pop music got caught up in this issue as well.

Most Hip-Hop is being sold through means other than music, i.e. slang, fashion, etc. On one side of the deal, Nickelback & others were coming from a place that didn't want to be as musically wild as the rock of a decade prior. They wanted chart success, but the pop market they sought had already been taken over by rap (and dance/Disney junk), & w/out all the lights & the glitter & the crap to fling up there, they were limited, to a degree.

As for real rock, that's been screwed since the late 90's. In terms of musicians creating a sound of their own in even a remotely organic manner, not much of it broke through to the mainstream.

The White Stripes / Queens of the Stone Age
Coheed & Cambria / The Mars Volta
Wolfmother / Cage the Elephant
Kings of Leon (the 1st two albums) / The Black Keys (recently)

maybe Mastodon (let's hope...)

that's really about it.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Thursday, 12.22.11 @ 19:36pm

I know a lot of people who absolutely HATE Nickelback (i.e. anyone on a comedy website) and a lot of people who absolutely LOVE Nickelback (i.e. half the people on this comment page). I like Nickelback. They have some good songs. They are not the best band, but they have potential. They have influenced most modern rock bands, and have good record sales. I think yes, despite how many people want to murder them.

Posted by Troy on Tuesday, 03.6.12 @ 17:09pm

Beautiful bit on Creed/Nickelback - that article posted.

Posted by Cheesecrop on Tuesday, 04.24.12 @ 11:09am

I doubt the committee will even think of Nickelback. I don't even know why do we have to have a page for them as they are not even a potential candidate. No chance they will be inducted, maybe into the Rock and Roll Hall of Shame along with Creed. They are good at what they do, making similar generic commercialized songs with pretty much the same chords progression that get a lot of airtime on radio. But that never was a criteria to be considered. If visibility on media is a criteria than Diana Sawyer, Brad Pitt, Obama etc. would also have to be inducted. Just because you are popular and everyone know you doesn't mean you get in. The Hall of Fame is about contribution to Music, specifically Music in Rock Era.

Posted by Lee on Monday, 07.22.13 @ 14:44pm

Chances are they will not be inducted or will all be very, very old. However, they do have one great album (Silver Side Up) another couple good ones & have probably had much more fun these last 10 or so years than you or I, Lee.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 07.22.13 @ 16:00pm

There is no need for them! They suck!

Posted by Roy on Monday, 07.22.13 @ 17:24pm

A lot of people would hate to see the RNR HOF induct them, but it is happening. Nickelback is more deserving of Blink 182 anyway since Blink 1&2 influenced the worst bands of all time!

Posted by Ldub20 on Monday, 08.12.13 @ 21:28pm

And Nickelback haven't?

Posted by GFW on Tuesday, 08.13.13 @ 07:34am

Nickelback is the Brittney Spears of rock. Huge gullible fan base. Their music is made using the same equation that poops out crap-tons of radio hits. The result is a flash-in-the-pan pop song that's easy to understand for the masses, receives loads of attention and then 3 months later grinds ears and activates your gag reflex.

Next, Rock and Roll by definition requires some level of unconventionism - Nickelback is as conventional and predictable as it gets. Their sound wasn't original to begin with and has never since offered anything new. Every time I hear Nickelback I feel like my intelligence is insulted, as if I can't tell they've been feeding me the same generic crap for 20 years.

Posted by Terrill on Saturday, 09.16.17 @ 15:44pm

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