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Hair of the Dog (1975)

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Love Hurts (1974)
Hair of the Dog (1975)

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Will Nazareth be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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Great early hard rock band. They should get in, the Hall needs more Scottish rockers.

Posted by Metalsmith on Tuesday, 11.25.08 @ 11:21am


Posted by Roman on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 11:16am


Posted by Nazareth1986 on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 11:17am

Nazareth is a very good group...but the best ever??? I'm glad they're your favorite, but when do you people start being realistic and quit putting others down to bolster them???

Since there's so much buzz about plagarism, maybe we should overlay "Hair Of the Dog" and "Day Tripper" by the Beatles...they're very similar...

Posted by Gitarzan on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 11:41am

I like Nazareth, but I think anybody who calls Led Zeppelin a "shitty band" needs a reality check. If you have to insult artists, insult Madonna. If you can call her an "artist"

Posted by Keebord on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 14:02pm

Madonna is a genius!

Posted by Worm on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 14:06pm

No she isn't worm. Now shut up already. Name one thing that makes her a genius?

Posted by Freeze on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 14:09pm

Hard to escape you. The # of albums she has sold "talks" ... but your bullshit walks!

Posted by Worm on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 14:14pm

So I guess you also feel the need to induct Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion?

Posted by Freeze on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 14:21pm

Sorry worm, but calling Madonna a genius is not a very funny joke.

Posted by Mr. Octagon on Saturday, 12.6.08 @ 16:46pm

NNow your messing with a son of a bitc-, your messing with a son of a bitc-!

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 12.7.08 @ 12:05pm

huh Mike?

Posted by Firebrick on Sunday, 12.7.08 @ 14:00pm

Who is Worm? Whence came he, and wither hast he gone? Worm, wouldst be ye man, or be ye woman? Prithee, Worm, wherefore came ye outst yor hole in fury, danced about, and as quickly be disappeared?

Posted by Telarock on Monday, 12.8.08 @ 12:01pm

Nazareth is my favorite band! i guess zappelin r ok...but it's freakin unbelievable that they get in before Nazareth, Uriah Heep, Steppenwolf, Deep Purple and Dio!

Posted by Uriah Heepy on Wednesday, 12.10.08 @ 22:27pm


Posted by Child in Time 27 on Friday, 12.19.08 @ 04:19am

Yes! Classic hard-rock. Influenced tons of bands like Motorhead, Judas Priest. Also one of the best voices in the history of rock!

Posted by Steelheart on Saturday, 12.20.08 @ 13:41pm

Best band ever!

Posted by Sob on Sunday, 12.21.08 @ 03:07am

Speaking of covers, "Love Hurts" by Nazareth was a cover of an Everly Brothers song. Another I can think of off the top of my head is "Move It On Over" by George Thorogood, originally done by...Hank Williams.

Posted by Gitarzan on Thursday, 07.2.09 @ 18:53pm

“Love Hurts” could be considered as either one of the greatest songs of all time or one of the worst songs of all time depending on which way you look at it. In fact, “Love Hurts” isn’t the only song like that. Here are some other noteworthy songs that fit that description:

“Rock & Roll All Night” – KISS
“Everybody Hurts” – REM
“Band on the Run” – Paul McCartney & Wings
“We Are Family” – Sister Sledge
“Monday, Monday” – The Mamas & The Papas
“Yellow Submarine” – The Beatles
“I Am the Walrus” – The Beatles
“Hey Jude” – The Beatles
“Like a Rolling Stone” – Bob Dylan
“Anarchy in the UK” – The Sex Pistols

Here are some reasons behind each entry on the list:
“Rock & Roll All Night,” Rock’s Anthem or untalented garbage performed by painted freaks?
“Everybody Hurts,” one of the best songs performed by one of the greatest bands or one of the greatest bands’ worst songs?
“Band on the Run,” A solo masterpiece by ¼ of The Beatles or overrated dull crap?
“We Are Family,” An anthem of the 70s or the worst song of the 70s?
“Monday, Monday,” Their best song next to “California Dreamin” or one of the most moronically themed banal stains on the 60s music scene?
“Yellow Submarine,” A cute little ditty or a shamefully embarrassingly “castrate me now” anthem and the theme song to all the eunuchs worldwide?
“I Am the Walrus,” A psychedelic masterpiece or if looked at from a neutral perspective, a giant bag of nonsensical raw squid intestines (Is this even a song)?
“Hey Jude,” A pop masterpiece or shamefully overrated boring pop mediocrity
“Like a Rolling Stone,” Jann Wenner’s wedding song or Jann Wenner’s wedding song?
“Anarchy in the UK,” The best of the punk movement or the sole reason why the punk movement stinks?

Posted by Grant Grunt on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 06:29am

Interestingly enough Grant, I don't think I've ever heard anyone refer to "Love Hurts" as a bad song

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 09.6.09 @ 06:44am

Nazareth in the RRHOF? Why? What have they done that was so earth-shattering other than being another "good band?"

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Tuesday, 07.6.10 @ 02:57am

How long must they wait they should of already been inducted what the heck man. they were a great early hard rock band. They Need to be inducted

Posted by Spider on Friday, 07.30.10 @ 21:21pm

Nazareth has outlived most of the 'two year wonders'. Their versatility of the songs from hard rock to romantic love songs is undeniable. give them a break! They deserve to be recognized. Maybe the political 'players' in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (sic) just will not recognize real artists and only go by sales. Look at the sales charts for the last 40 years. And still going strong, Rock On Dan!!

Posted by lindakp on Tuesday, 11.27.12 @ 11:02am

I think that a bands total body of work should be a major consideration for induction.
Nazareth has performed in a top-shelf professional manner for decades. They have maintained traditional rock roots and didn't sway while others did.
Love Hurts is a classic and major cover throughout the world. Who doesn’t know and love that song. Its gets you (guys) on the dance floor making the better half happy.....
Quit trying to over think qualifications and go with an industry professional for all the right reasons...common sense

Posted by michiganrocker on Tuesday, 04.8.14 @ 09:07am

The R&R HOF overseers have ZERO insight to WHO is REALLY worthy as an inductee to their shrine. NAZARETH is one of the best 10 R&R bands of ALL TIME. WHY do U continue to ignore their impact wordl wide on the fans who KNOW WHO has the stuff and those who are POPULARITY inductees???

Posted by Tommy on Sunday, 03.15.15 @ 22:29pm

I've LIVED ALL of Nazareth's work and THEY are TOPS in R&R. Very few OTHER bands come close to the MUSIC these guys generate and Dan Mc has the BEST R&R voice and he can sing ANYTHING very, very well That is WHY Nazareth can cover ANYBODY'S music. ANYBODY's folks.

Posted by Tommy on Wednesday, 07.1.15 @ 18:27pm

Hell yes Nazareth should be in the hall of fame

Posted by Edward on Monday, 03.6.17 @ 16:40pm

Yes Nazareth should be in great music through the years and ever evolving sound Dan McCafferty had the best Rock voice ever.

Posted by Scott Forsythe on Sunday, 03.19.17 @ 13:51pm

Yes Nazareth should be in great music through the years and ever evolving sound Dan McCafferty had the best Rock voice ever.

Posted by Scott Forsythe on Sunday, 03.19.17 @ 13:52pm

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