My Chemical Romance

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Eligible in: 2027 (The 2028 Induction Ceremony)

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The Black Parade (2006)

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Welcome to the Black Parade (2006)

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Will My Chemical Romance be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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I think they will be inducted. They've had a huge impact on music, both positive and negative. Positive in the fact their music actually has a message, but also negative impacts due to their fanbase.

Posted by Matt on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 14:43pm

My Chemical Romance shouldnt be inducted. All they are is a stupid aprt of these scene that everyone likes to call Rock N Roll. Its not. Rock N Roll was GnR, who lasted a long time. Id be surprised if anyone even recognized the name My Chemical Romance in a few years.

I deffinately do NOT want them inducted.

Posted by Maggie on Monday, 03.12.07 @ 21:14pm

Well, MCR is doing well right now and unlike imitators like PATD, are talented. It's really tough to put them under a genre, so just call them alternative. They have the best chance right now of making the hall of fame, but they still got work ahead.

And i'm the 3rd commenter here...I thought there would be a war...probably is coming in the near future...

Posted by maplejet on Wednesday, 03.14.07 @ 14:11pm

I think MCR are amazing, and deserve to win. They've done so much, and been through so much, they should have this.


Posted by Sam on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 12:25pm

I think My Chemical Romance defintley deserve this. For the second dude who commented, yes, when they started out, they were apart of the "scene", but since then they have advanced above it, ove comrades still stuck behind like Fall out Bot (no offense to them). Their music is so mature and they deserve this over the other applicants in their category.

Posted by Lance Banks on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 12:29pm

I think that My Chemical Romance is a band that should be looked up to.
Not only are they shaping the rock genre from MANY bands, they actually have a message to send to people.
They're saving people's lives.
They are a band that has taken risks and changed their sound more than once, the genre going from alternative, to emo, to goth rock, to harcore, and they never let any of these labels hold them down.
A lot of bands get influence from them, not only with their sound, but the message they send people, and their attitude toward the "rock n roll" scene.

I think that they deserve to be remembered from now, because they made an impact on many people's lives.


Posted by Shannon on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 12:30pm

My Chemical Romance.
People are saying "Guns and Roses are true Rock N Roll." "Metallica is true Rock N Roll."

You are VERY correct.
They were true rock n roll.
Notice that's why MCR is up for 2027.
Just like MEtallica was big in the 80's but now they're up for induction in the new milenium.

My Chemical Romance has had a great impact on rock music today. They are turning out to be a modern day Metallica. Not the "Oh yeah, those guys are sick" but they're similar as in to where when people hear a Metallica song they're like "Hey, that's Master of Puppets."
That's what's happening to My Chemical Romance. They've created such a unique sound and their vocals are always fresh so when you hear it it's like, "That's definately Vampires Will Never Hurt You."

My Chemical Romance has definately developed into a class A group going from the Teen Scene to a fully mature band. What they have done with "The Black Parade" has totally set them apart from their "scene" giving them room to expand their fan base (which is working very effectively) and to create a sound desirable to them. What they have right now is great and I encourage them to build upon what they have.

And as stated above.
They save lives.
They are not "the norm" when it comes to rock bands.
Groupies are a negative.
They are spreading a positive message in their words and while most ignorant people who never take the time to listen to them declare it as "emo-emo go cut yourself" music, they are just to close-minded to take the time to open up and hear what someone has to say.

This band.
I believe deserves it in 2027 if not then earlier.

Posted by Clint on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 12:46pm

MCR so deserves this... I am actually listening to 'Thank you for the Venom' right now. Like said in the above comment, MCR saves lives. I have contemplated suicide and listening to MCR always cheers me up. And I know personally it has helped many of my friends in the same way.

Posted by Finkleton on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 13:53pm

My Chemical Romance has had an impact on many people's lives, not only on saving lives, but inspiring people. their music is so incredible and "The Black Parade" really proves that.
if you've ever listened to "Bullets", then "Revenge, then "the Black Parade" in order one after another, you can see how much they've changed. compare "Vampires Will Never Hurt You" to "I'm Not Okay". and compare "I'm Not Okay" to "Welcome to the Black Parade".

they have a sound all of their own. those three songs you can hear, and immidiately say, "this is My Chemical Romance."

i say that they deserve to get in the Hall of Fame. definitely.

Posted by Hilary on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 14:04pm

this band has left a huge impact in today's society. even if you don't appreciate their music, you need to realize that. they have helped suicidal teens confront their demons and have helped many other teens in self-discovery. the hall of fame is made for bands like these, those bands which leave an impact in the world around them and change people forever. therefore they deserve this. yes they were influenced by many bands, but i'd like you to name 5 bands that never had atleast one influence to their work.
think about it.

Posted by madi on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 14:26pm

im not even sure
their new music isnt so great
their old music was beyond amazing

and now they are MTV icons?

ughh mtv can suck it

Posted by Alex on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 14:33pm

I like a lot of MCR songs, but they are fakes. They do not play in concert worth crap. Every concert Ive been too and seen on tv, I didn't know which song they played because i couldn't understand them.

Posted by Sean on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 14:38pm

My Chemical Romance needs to be in the rock and roll hall of fame. They started in basements and worked their way to the top. Their music is real and incredible. Oh and I've seen MCR 7 times, and they are amazing every time.

Posted by erika on Thursday, 03.15.07 @ 14:48pm

Nothing special about this band.
Absolutely horrible and utterly boring live onstage.

Posted by Matt on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 00:00am

MCR, I personally couldnt think of a band more worthy candidate of being entered into the Hall of Fame.
There's no other band around at this moment in time that sounds like them.
They've developed this epic, huge sound on The Black Parade that hasn't been seen since Queen's Night at the Opera, or Pink Floyd's The Wall (both of which inspired The Black Parade)
These boys have worked extremley hard to get to the point they are at today, and I have no doubt with the amount of work and effort they put into this band, not just with the records, but with touring, interviews and taking their time out to meet and talk with fans, that this band has so much more left to give.
Their live shows aren't something to be sniffed at either. I've seen them 4 times and they just keep getting better. The energy and feeling of ecstasy they create when they play live is something that no other band, in my experience, has been able to replicate. Even in a festival setting their energetic and cathartic stage show is one of the best around.
Theyve been having a rather interesting relationship with the press as of late. They challenge peoples opinions and perspectives. People just cannot decide whether to love them or hate them. And thats all there is with this band, you either adore them or loathe them. This 'War on Emo' battle that was started by the likes of that ridiculous Daily Mail article and continued by NME has painted MCR in some very unfair lights. But the bands collective intelligence has seen them dismiss the comments and get back to talking about what really matters, the music.
My Chemical Romance has a fanbase unlike any other band. Their fans are loyal, devoted, loving and very protective of their band. I've never seen anything quite like it. As a huge MCR fan myself, I can honestly say the devotion and love Ive seen from fellow fans, restores my faith in the human kindness.
So theres just a few of the millions of reasons My Chemical Romance should be worthy of a spot in the Hall of Fame.

Posted by Natalie on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 05:48am

I think My Chemical Romance should be put in here because the songs all have heartful meanings and thats what reaches out to people. Thats also what keeps most the fans alive as well, i would know from my own near death experiance. if any band should be put in here, its definatly them. They never told their fans to be any one but themselves an the music has never failed to be from their hearts. My chemical romance should be in the Hall Of Fame

Posted by Holly F. on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 06:19am

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is the best rock/punk album I've ever heard.

MCR we salute and thank you for making music worth listening to!!

Posted by BadWolf on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 07:33am

My Chemical Romance really deserve this, it would be amazing for them to get this!

I love MCR til the end!

Posted by Melanie on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 10:38am

definitely not. they're popular at the moment only because that genre of rock is what's cool amongst the kiddies at the time. their music is something the majority of their fanbase will grow out of, and i highly doubt their band is one that'll be remembered.

mind you, i don't think they're too awful, but definitely nothing worth remembering.

Posted by dylan on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 16:06pm

I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said already.

My Chemical Romance truley deserve this. They've always been a band that challenged themselves, and did the best they could. They're apart of the "scene" because of their fans, not because of them or their music.

They are a band with a message, with a meaning. They are a band that set out to save lives, and they actually have. Their musical talent is amazing, the organisation of the songs, everything, it gives me chills when I listen to it.

They are a band worth remembering, because unlike so many other bands, they are constantly trying new things. Just because they're theatrical and over the top doesn't make them a bad band. It just makes them anal xDD

As for being boring and bad live, well I've seen My Chemical Romance live ten times. Yeah, ten times. And I can't get enough of seeing them live, they're just so fantastic. Even though the first time I saw them it was their first show in my country, supporting Green Day in an arena, and they were at the end of their tour and utterly exhausted, they were still incredible. They were compelling.

As for saying their music is something their fanbase will grow out of, well I loved them before they got massive. I loved them when I thought all other "scene bands" were shit. I love them now more than ever, because their music is amazing, and they're just incrdibly genuine people.

It's in my experience that the biggest My Chemical Romance fans are the ones that aren't "scene" or "emo" at all. They're the ones who have the wide music tastes, the ones that defy all genres.

Posted by Kathleen on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 16:20pm

I think My Chemical Romance has had a positive impact on our youth. If you actually had time to talk to the genuine fans, you'd know it. They've saved lives and continue saving them, and they promote very very positive messages.

Don't listen to the idiotic media when they say it's all a "death cult" and "emo scene". It's nothing like that, and if you gave them a chance you'd know they definitely deserve to be inducted.

Posted by Colette on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 20:35pm

My Chemical Romance is an innovator in the rock music industry, unlike Panic or fall out boy. their music has saved many lives, including mine, and many people can testify to it,as seen at: []. their sound is violent yet beautiful and they do make sense. its not about overrated love, sex or anything that most rappers and poseurs sing about.

Posted by milf3zaux on Friday, 03.16.07 @ 22:08pm

Their my favorite band but still not led zepplin I think fall out boy is more hall of fame but I'm still voting for my chemical romance and I've only heard like 5 of their songs not even and fall out boy has been on like 5 million magazine covers like spin and rolling stones so their more than worty still screaming own =)

Posted by Lucas on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 03:09am

the black parade has a real message. Also three cheers was a very personal cd i think they have a good chance of making it to the hall of fame

Posted by Dezzi on Saturday, 03.17.07 @ 07:17am

If they're still around, making incredible music, by the time 2027 rolls around, then yes, I think they should be inducted. Long live The Black Parade!

Posted by Shannon Stover on Sunday, 03.18.07 @ 19:40pm

mcr definately deserve to win because not only have they impacted music, but they have saved lives, and not that many bands are powerful enough to be known for that.

Posted by steph on Tuesday, 03.20.07 @ 16:28pm

My Chemical Romance deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...DEFINITELY!!!


They have a realness to their music, they're raw. Im sick of people slagging them off by saying they're negative and they wont last. Granted, they wont last forever but they will last a long time! And how can a band who are negative save so many peoples lives (mine included)?! They have a message to those who choose to listen and it's a message worth hearing. They struggled to get where they are today and I hope they have many more years of success.

If My Chem dont make it into the Hall...There's something seriously wrong with the world

Posted by Danielle on Thursday, 03.22.07 @ 15:18pm

this is their no.1 fan and know one knows them more than i do and i will would like to say that they are one of the greatest rock/punk band in the world and that is my comment to those that will be reading this message and if i sound cocky then i am sorry but nit is true that i am their no.1 fan and no one can tell me different so thet are the best band in the world and on the lists of band names thank you

Posted by lg~gdm on Monday, 03.26.07 @ 10:49am

their songs are very heartful and that is great in a band but some people do not know what their music means and alot of people like me and a few of those people out there in all different parts of the world thier music has saved many lives including mine but that is what they are all about they can't stop giving that is a good thing in a band like this very one not many people won't to listen but if they keep on giving then i will still keep on buying as many cds and dvds and books as they bring out in to this world at this time when that time comes around for me and all their fans they are bringing out the best music ever been brought out and the people that are buying and listening are the best people ever been born in to this world the black perade and three cheers of sweet revenge has made make the best decision of my life so please my chemical romance dont stop now no matter any one says to you we will not ever stop loving your music xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Posted by lg~gdm on Monday, 03.26.07 @ 11:16am

Sunny Day Real Estate > MCR

Posted by William on Monday, 03.26.07 @ 15:34pm

there so shit i mean there first album ok but second man that sucked so bad

Posted by braden on Thursday, 03.29.07 @ 04:54am

Hell no, they will loose popularity in a few years, like the whole emo movement. And they are crap

Posted by Aaron on Friday, 03.30.07 @ 05:33am

I just want you to know that that anyone and everyone who knows better is laughing at you for saying such dumb things.

Can you not read or something? Because I'm pretty sure I've already covered this, possible more than once.

This piss-poor third-rate pop-punk band is not emo.

Emo came and went between '85 and '95. It was never popular. In all likelihood you have never heard any of it. You do not even have a clue what it sounds like.

Now scamper away, kids.

Posted by William on Friday, 03.30.07 @ 06:12am

Everything that I wanted to say has been said. Of course they'll make it into the Hall. Their rabid(and I mean it as a compliment, it includes me, too) fans would DEMAND that they have a spot. And to all you haters who say they'll be gone soon....didn't you say that before "The Black Parade" came out?

Now, don't you feel stupid?

Posted by fangirlhater on Monday, 04.9.07 @ 09:18am

my chemical romance amazing. only the people who been through enough to see right through the lyrics and see the whole picture are true fans.
when I was a few years younger and saw the band on a bus poster, I didn't know what to think of the freaky guy with the black hair and scary band members. I deffinatly found out what I wanted to know when I was debating on what life was about. I discovered mcr and was instantly amazed. this band felt everything I did, except I couldn't describe...
so, mcr saves someone again. and proves to teens everywhere that there is someone feeling what they do...and gives them hope. my chemical romance of all bands should be put into this hall of fame because they are so original. plus, this gerard way guy (who discovered is adorable) and his brother (jjust as cute) keep it real enough for them to be people I look up to.

thank you my chemical romance.

Posted by vikiiiii on Tuesday, 04.10.07 @ 16:01pm

I remember when people used to be inspired by literature, not 8th grade poetry set to awful alt. pop guitar.

Posted by William on Tuesday, 04.10.07 @ 18:45pm


Posted by PEYTN on Tuesday, 04.10.07 @ 20:00pm

As I said above:

Sunny Day Real Estate > MCR.

In every way. Lyrically, musically, voice quality.

They also happen to predate MCR by about a decade and are countless times more influential.

Posted by William on Tuesday, 04.10.07 @ 20:28pm

YES definatly, they're amazing

Posted by ash<3 on Thursday, 04.12.07 @ 08:56am

MCR is a whole lotta' suck. Bands like them, Falloutboy, and Panic shouldn't get in, period. We don't need one hit wonders in the hall......

Posted by EPN on Saturday, 04.14.07 @ 17:15pm

According to Billboard, they've had about six hits.

Posted by William on Saturday, 04.14.07 @ 18:49pm

yeah dude screw that emo crap! its not rock and roll. they cant be put in the same halls as the beatles,the who, and way man no way

Posted by adam on Sunday, 04.15.07 @ 22:54pm

Emo = '80s emotive hardcore (as in hardcore punk) movement centered in D.C.

You're all idiots for different reasons.

Posted by William on Monday, 04.16.07 @ 04:35am

MCR, along with all this emo crap and their fans, need a good smack to the face. People hate emo's (especially me) MCR ripped off the Misfits and claim to be this "great rock band". Bull. if even one emo band gets in, I am really going to be pissed.

-Wake up and smell the coffee RRHOF! They're not getting in

P.S: I also agree with EPN. Not that they're bad, they just sold out

Posted by Mike on Saturday, 04.21.07 @ 13:59pm

I'm convinced you're all illiterate.

Posted by William on Sunday, 04.22.07 @ 00:15am

MCR rox my sox and i'm 1oo% sure they will be in the rock hall of fame :]

Posted by Claire G on Sunday, 04.22.07 @ 12:08pm

mcr r the best they make me feel different than any other band has made me feel its like they understand me tha should deffinatly make it in

Posted by demz on Thursday, 04.26.07 @ 14:25pm


Posted by PERSON on Saturday, 05.12.07 @ 15:17pm

F/14 on the loose, people. Mind your heads.

Posted by William on Saturday, 05.12.07 @ 18:19pm

Actually I change my mind. MCR to the hall of fame!

Posted by William on Monday, 05.14.07 @ 12:59pm

^^^Clever, but no. Actually, not clever either.

Posted by William on Monday, 05.14.07 @ 13:06pm

No seriously, I think they'll make it in. They sound much different than those other emo poseurs.

Posted by William on Thursday, 05.17.07 @ 11:35am

This "pretending to be someone else" gimmick is pretty lame and easy to see through. Maybe if you read more growing up you'd have the patience to scroll through what I've already written and see where I said that MCR aren't emo in the first place.

Now go enjoy your shitty radio music, kid.

Posted by William on Thursday, 05.17.07 @ 11:47am

A nonexistent impact on the mainstream and crap music means NO

Posted by Liam on Thursday, 05.17.07 @ 12:06pm

They may not be emo, but I was lying again about My Chemical Romance. They made the radio listenable again. They'll make it in during their first year.

Posted by William on Tuesday, 05.22.07 @ 11:33am

Too early to tell. A couple albums and a few hit singles now won't mean squat in 20+ years.

Posted by dbos on Monday, 07.9.07 @ 21:29pm

I can tell this ones going to be quite a fight. Cause a lot of people hate MCR. But as a huge fan, I think they deserve it.
But thats only judging on their first 3 albums.
Who knows, the next few may suck so bad that they'll fade faster than bad hair dye.
So I don't think it can really be determined so early in their career.
True, they've been around for 6 years, and made a lot of impact on a lot of people (mostly teenyboppers who lack lives), but considering how long people like Led Zeppelin have been around and still remain famous...It just depends on how well My Chem does with their next few albums.
But for now, yes.
Rant over.

Posted by Karli on Sunday, 07.15.07 @ 19:18pm

these emos? they suck! they are more pop then rock!

Posted by MCR BLOWS on Thursday, 08.16.07 @ 12:41pm

My Chemical Romance ROCK.
In both ways.
They aren't emo, and commenter above me, how the frick can they be pop if they are 'emo' as you say? They don't classify themselves as emo, and I am a huge fan - I'm not an emo.
They kick butt.

Posted by RockandGrohl on Thursday, 08.23.07 @ 10:45am

fuck off. stupid smiths wanna-bes.

11 out of 10 of the mcarmy are basically just frickin teenagers with nothing to say for themselves.


teenagers ive grown up with.

why not listen to some decent music; arctics, kasabian, kaisers.
if youre that intersted check out the stone roses, the smiths and oasis(even if it is a bit in the past)

ive seen them live (unfortunately) and i can tell you theyve got about as much stage presence as a fucking toad.

what pisses me off is the sucess gotten off such a lack of talent, and the fact that bigger talent has gone unrecognised

Posted by liam on Tuesday, 08.28.07 @ 07:41am

They will indefinably be inducted. There's no doubt about it. I'm not going to post a gigantic comment about it because many people have already but..they deserve it.

Posted by Kelsey on Monday, 09.3.07 @ 16:39pm

"They will indefinably be inducted. There's no doubt about it."


"how the frick can they be pop if they are 'emo' as you say?"

The same way an apple is both round AND red. Wow

"They don't classify themselves as emo"

Stone Roses didnt classify themselves as 'Madchester'. Oasis didn't classify themselves as 'Britpop'. There's a thing called the NME that does that for them.

Posted by liam on Saturday, 09.8.07 @ 12:16pm

Ok let me try to make this as short as possible.
My Chemical Romance Deserves this! They have made
a huge impact on music! Their music helps people
go through everyday things. They Save Lives, They Give Hope, and They make you happy! And To all of you people that think that MCR is EMO you are compltely wrong ! They are unique different and innovating ! If you say tha you don't like MCR
your lying your probably singing one of their songs in your head right now.

Posted by SaveTHEanimals on Sunday, 09.16.07 @ 13:32pm

"and They make you happy"

don't speak on my behalf. theyre shit

"They are unique different and innovating"

Iron Maiden + Morrissey = MCR. Simple as

"MCR your lying your probably singing one of their songs in your head right now."

if i was, it'd be more singing than gerard way ever did

Posted by liam on Sunday, 09.16.07 @ 14:14pm

"They may not be emo, but I was lying again about My Chemical Romance. They made the radio listenable again. They'll make it in during their first year." - William (?!)

please tell me that this was fanboy sabotage. PLEASE

Posted by liam on Saturday, 10.27.07 @ 16:14pm

The second post above it says as much.

Posted by William on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 04:12am

"Iron Maiden + Morrissey = MCR. Simple"

Liam, whats the deal with trying to reduce art / music to mathematical equations? Also, if you had a clue: 2 + 2 = 4. Last time I checked, 4 is different than two. Point is, what is wrong with being influenced by two or more bands?

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 06:55am

Plus, any idiot can do the same thing with your garbage pop band Oasis:

Sex Pistols + Beatles = Oasis (Simple)

See, how fuckin' dumb that sounds?

Isn't wonderful Liam when someone forces you to look in the mirror?

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 06:59am

Wait, are you actually supporting MCR, or just looking for yet another fight?

Posted by liam on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 08:05am

Not at all looking for a fight - merely pointing out how stupid your thought process is at times. Anyone can take almost any band (i.e. even Oasis) and then plug some prior bands in to create some cheesy mathematical equation...what's the pointt?

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 12:23pm

The point is I hate MCR, and there really isn't alot to them. I'd never use equations for anyone that I thought was worthwhile.

Posted by liam on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 12:25pm

Well, if you hate them, then say so and drop the math equations, because as I said, you can do that with just about any band.

Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 12:41pm

don't speak on my behalf. theyre shit"


Posted by liam on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 13:13pm

"Iron Maiden + Morrissey = MCR. Simple"

"Well, if you hate them, then say so and DROP the math equations."


Posted by Anonymous on Sunday, 10.28.07 @ 19:13pm

"don't speak on my behalf. theyre shit" - liam

what part of 'they're shit' confuses you?

Posted by liam on Monday, 10.29.07 @ 09:23am

MCR are insignificant pieces of shit.

And fuck off to the MCR fangirls/boys who think that listening to "Tonight, Tonight" by The Smashing Pumpkins on Youtube makes them cool. And fuck off for the Billy/Gerard look a like comments. Just fuck off, MCR will fall off the map, along with the so called emo scene.

Posted by Tom on Sunday, 11.11.07 @ 10:58am

Come on people, it's not about only the fans. A band deserves to be inducted when people that aren't fans think thry sound fine. MCR are just a fad and you will grow up to hate yourselves for loking this music.
Just wait and see, you'll be sorry for spending your youth listening to this shit when you could've listened to Black Dice, Lightning Bolt, Cartola, Madvillain, Do Make Say Think.

Come on, if you like the artists already in the Hall Of Fame then you don't like MCR crap. And if you listen to the inductees you'll notice that the Hall of fame is not about saving lives and crying all the time, it's about good timeless music, not emo fads.

Posted by Zazenpan on Monday, 02.25.08 @ 16:02pm

Rock and roll, the genre, died in the 70s; rock and roll, the era, is still alive. Therefore, GnR was never a 'rock and roll' band in terms of what type of music they make. Likewise, MCR isn't a 'rock and roll' band under these terms, neither.

However, both bands will be inducted. Gnr will be inducted first nomination; MCR, years after they are eligible.

Posted by Ziggy on Monday, 03.17.08 @ 12:31pm

Mr. Stardust, you're forgetting about the bit where they both suck a fat one.

Posted by Liam on Monday, 03.17.08 @ 12:36pm

i would much rather have these guys in there than fall out boy to say the least.

Posted by Chris on Saturday, 03.22.08 @ 22:05pm

QUOTE = "My Chemical Romance shouldnt be inducted. All they are is a stupid aprt of these scene that everyone likes to call Rock N Roll. Its not. Rock N Roll was GnR, who lasted a long time. "

Please, name one band amongst today's music who even resemble GnR's style. No? Because music CHANGES all the time MY CHEM have also had a part in this change. If you don't recognise this, then maybe you should call yourself an expert and flame at a perfectly great band.

MCR deserve to be inducted. If you don't have a good reason for them not to be, then please, don't bother numbing my brain with your stupidity.

Posted by Demet on Thursday, 04.3.08 @ 23:11pm

"Please, name one band amongst today's music who even resemble GnR's style."

Avenged Sevenfold. Not that that's a good thing...

"Because music CHANGES all the time MY CHEM have also had a part in this change."

MCR haven't (and most likely won't) changed anything at all. Generic as a cord of rope is long.

"If you don't recognise this, then maybe you should call yourself an expert and flame at a perfectly great band."

Nothing there to recognise, and I've explained why above.

"MCR deserve to be inducted. If you don't have a good reason for them not to be, then please, don't bother numbing my brain with your stupidity."

Actually, doofus, since they aren't in yet, you've got to make a case for them.

And I actually have plenty of reasons for them to be excluded.

Posted by Liam on Friday, 04.4.08 @ 15:22pm

Well, these guys certainly do have alot of Talent, Liam. So don't go flaming the band, as you yourself said. Don't make a fool of yourself. Don't flame.

Posted by ... on Thursday, 04.10.08 @ 07:44am

No Period.

I don't care what they are they are not doing my ears a fvor at all

Posted by Freak on Wednesday, 04.16.08 @ 17:10pm

Wow, Liam & I agree. This band are awful.

Posted by Luke on Thursday, 04.17.08 @ 14:10pm

They are a shit band, they arnt even rock. They are whats called "Prep Music".

Posted by y1p33y0 on Sunday, 04.27.08 @ 04:08am

they can be as emo as you want them to be, their music can be as shitty as you want it to be, but no matter what they're still probably THE MOST infuential band in the EMO scene, and before the black parade they actually had some good music...

Posted by Jottunrot on Monday, 06.30.08 @ 18:22pm

MCR is probably the most popular band of the century they've done so much like saving lives(and that's really important). The other bands that are out like PATD,Paramore(dont know how to spell it not a fan),ect. they have not done as much as MCR. MCR has sold millions of albums of each one that they produced and yes i will admit that they're lyrics and music is emo but the lyrics are really about their life experiences. But I say that we give them a chance but wait until the come out with a little more albums they only have 3 and their most recent one was The Black Parade released in october of 2006.So give them a chance they can become something really big.

Posted by David on Saturday, 07.5.08 @ 14:21pm

and u wanna know another thing? MCR is such a big hit that if u go to it actually SAYS.

Gerard Way, lead singer of the band "My Chemical Romance"

So do you guys think that MCR is still not a big hit?

Posted by Gerard on Saturday, 07.5.08 @ 15:09pm

Whiny emo bands have no place among real men. Keep these dimwitted wrist cutters out.

Posted by Kirk on Tuesday, 07.22.08 @ 07:24am

I think it's to soon to tell, I mean they have only a few albums out. I think they're pretty good (i'll never admitt it, i'm a punk fan), Teenagers has even been called the Smells Like Teen Spirit of the 21st century, I would say that is big.

Posted by yako bam on Saturday, 08.2.08 @ 13:57pm

Um..... No. Radiohead, Coldplay, White Stripes. Yeah... that's good music. My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! at the Disco can all go die in a hole. And for all of you saying they are "Above" The status of PATD and FOB, yeah, they may be above the status of crap, so what does that make them? Toilet? They are terrible, they will die in the mist of the new millenium. The White Stripes, Radiohead, Eminem, Coldplay. They will rise above and be remembered for generations to come. No one will care about My Chem.

Posted by Calzone on Thursday, 09.4.08 @ 22:32pm

I am a huge MCR fan. They are very good and talented, but they need to do a bit more to get into the Hall of fame. I think if they can release just 1 more standout album it will cement them.

Posted by RKSO on Saturday, 09.20.08 @ 20:17pm

MCR sucks

Posted by TZN on Sunday, 09.21.08 @ 17:05pm

MCR are a decent band, but we also can't be talking about something that's going to happen in 19 years right now.

Also, I'm sick and tired of their fans. They'd make the world a lot happier if they all topped themselves.

They're no Manic Street Preachers, that's for sure.

Posted by Pete on Tuesday, 09.30.08 @ 12:23pm

NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!! NO!!!!


Posted by hidan on Thursday, 10.9.08 @ 01:47am

In response to this William person that keeps popping up...

Seriously. If you have got nothing better to do with your time than bash "piss-poor pop-punk bands", and then suddenly have a revelation and decide they are prime candidates, I suggest you get a hobby. I hear taking long walks off short piers is becoming increasingly popular.

And, emo was a genre between '85 and '95. There is a reason it lasted only ten years, there is a reason it was unpopular, and in case you haven't yet noticed, your highly prized Sunny Day Real Estate is a part of that genre.

Classic example of not being intelligent enough to realize that our words will come back to haunt you in the form of someone that is.

Moving on to the topic of whether or not My Chemical Romance is Hall of Fame inductee worthy, I say they are perfectly good candidates. They've produced highly impacting music on a large portion of the youth of America. They seem to speak directly to the teenagers they once were, and the number of those teenagers seems to be on the rise. I, for one, am a supportive fan of the band and believe that they have the potential to become even more than they already are.

They're certainly more rock than Hilary Duff, Justin Timberlake or Rihanna, anyway.


Posted by Allie on Tuesday, 02.17.09 @ 20:16pm

Is it impossible for any of these threads not to be plagued with blind opinions...

not a fan at all
but they may well influence a lot of bands some day
2028 should be an interesting year... an awful lot of influential bands started at the same time

Posted by Pierrot on Wednesday, 03.18.09 @ 19:56pm

Judging by that last comment looks like this fake "Gitarzan" is a woman. But what kind of woman would call herself "Gitarzan?"

Posted by Keebord on Wednesday, 04.22.09 @ 14:29pm

Does that mean the fake Gitarzan is actually G.I. Jane?

Posted by The_Claw on Thursday, 04.23.09 @ 01:00am

The MCR emos need to die and stop ruining our population with terrible music that has fake emotions and no decent technical skills at all. And lets not forget the gay lead singer

Posted by Deathmetalrules on Friday, 05.8.09 @ 14:39pm

Hell yeah Deathmetalrules! Obituary! Now that's a band that wrote truthfully about the depth of the human experience! Right on, bro! Wasn't that guitar solo in Rotting Ways totally complex and awesome!??

...All sarcasm aside...

MCR? No, probably not. Any chance they might have depends on their staying power. Frankly, the band is part of a genre of music that people should grow out of once they reach a certain age (college?).

Posted by Elastic Man on Saturday, 05.9.09 @ 03:19am

they're pretty awesome, and these days everyone is coming off lenient toward what qualifies as what, finally and thank god

so I could see it

Posted by this on Friday, 07.3.09 @ 01:43am

GNR was not rock and roll. Gnr is the most overrated band in history. Axl sounds like a dying rodent when he sings. They're sound is terrible and annoying.Real music is my chemical romance. They are influenced by actual bands like iron maiden, the misfits, and black flag. Those bands are legendary . GNR is generic radio rock and they are so overplayed .Screw GNR!

Posted by Andrew on Sunday, 09.20.09 @ 01:14am

NOOO!!!!! Keep emos out of the RARHOF. Mcr has noooo talent

Posted by xDeathMetalx on Thursday, 10.29.09 @ 21:31pm

NOOO!!!!! Keep emos out of the RARHOF. Mcr has noooo talent

Posted by xDeathMetalx on Thursday, 10.29.09 @ 21:32pm

Have to agree with Allie's comment above. MCR is a fine band, doesn't yet have the catalog to get in, but they're on the right track.

Posted by Paul in KY on Friday, 10.30.09 @ 08:01am

MCR should certainly be in the Hall of Fame. They deserve it. They are definetely influential. I've read at least 70% of the comments on this page and what is it with people thinking MCR is emo? If you are thinking "emo" music genre, that was around 80's through mid 90's. If you are thinking about "emo" as go cut your wrists, MCR does pretty much the exact opposite of what some of the people think on this page. MCR influences potential suicidal teens to keep their life. They DO NOT influence suicide at all. MCR is still young and plans on making more albums. I am just interested to see two generations of rock in the HoF by 2027. You get to see Pink Floyd and then (hopefully) a band inspired by Pink Floyd. (you know black parade was inspired by the wall and all that) By 2027, they should be one of the top candidates.

Posted by Richie on Saturday, 07.31.10 @ 23:08pm

If you are thinking "emo" music genre, that was around 80's through mid 90's.

Posted by Richie on Saturday, 07.31.10 @ 23:08pm
No offense meant here, cause I know you feel you'd like to see MCR in the Rock Hall. Someday in the future they might in fact end up there.

That being said, I think perhaps you've got those dates wrong. Matter of fact, you've pretty much encapsulated everything prior to "emo" in those dates...

Posted by Cheesecrop on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 09:58am

despite their so called emo label, i think these guys might get in but solely for the black parade because i can picture people remembering that album 20 years from now.

Posted by ryan on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 20:16pm

i hope i never see that day....

Posted by Brittany on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 08:14am

i hope i never see that day....

Posted by Brittany on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 08:14am

i hope i never see that day....

Posted by Brittany on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 08:14am

i hope i never see that day....

Posted by Brittany on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 08:14am

i hope i never see that day....

Posted by Brittany on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 08:14am

i hope i never see that day....

Posted by Brittany on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 08:14am

MCR Hits: At least 6

Green Day Hits: Pretty much every song they've ever written, seriously.

Posted by Brittany on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 08:18am

i hope i never see that day....

Posted by Brittany on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 08:14am

You won't.

Posted by DarinRG on Thursday, 09.30.10 @ 14:24pm

MCR is a joke. hahaha....ha

Posted by Brittany on Tuesday, 10.19.10 @ 09:36am

My Bloody Valentine

Posted by xdc on Thursday, 01.13.11 @ 18:50pm

I don't get how something so dull can "save people's lives" as a whole bunch of people have said up their.

Posted by GFW on Friday, 02.25.11 @ 07:00am

Saw band on 8/21 at Riverbend. They played before Blink-182. Didn't do all their hits, as they were playing songs off their new album.

Had the 4 members of band, with another 4 musicians doing backup duties. Gerard Way is very popular with the young ladies.

Good show, just wish they'd played a few more older songs.

Posted by Paul in KY on Tuesday, 08.23.11 @ 09:13am

para mi deben ganar es titulo son geniales

Posted by crazy vampire on Friday, 08.26.11 @ 11:26am

Every band has their time. Just like Guns and Roses had theirs. I'm pretty sure that during their career, they had a lot of haters, just like MCR. but the bands that deserved to be inducted are the ones that prove the haters wrong. MCR has had a good ten year run, and I have a feeling they're going to have at least another ten years up their sleeve. They definitely aren't Hall of Fame material right now, but by 2027 they will

Posted by Sylvia on Tuesday, 06.19.12 @ 17:37pm

any band that can get Queen's Brian May to play with them deserves the hall of fame

Posted by ... on Wednesday, 06.20.12 @ 18:27pm

I seriously think people hugely underestimate mcr's music and the influence they've had on people. I can't tell you how many musicians and artists I know who are in awe of them. And I don't mean "kiddies". besides, how come someone liking something as an adolescent make it less good and valid? Do all these people forget that 99.9% of the things inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame they probably liked and were passionate about as teenagers? There is nothing wrong with that. Those ages are when you begin to cement your personality, and figure out who you are and in fact, it is usually the things you like as a adolescent that stay with you. So the very fact that they are popular among ze youngsters I think actually make them more likely to have staying power..,lmao.
All the just don't get them. You are blind as bats if you can't understand what good artists they are. but I'll tell you this much: if a single band can make people so passionately hateful that they search for them on the future rock and roll hall of fame page just to give negative comments...I think that they're pretty successful in what they're doing. Art that doesn't inspire passion on both sides of the spectrum is bad art. You are belying the very notion that they are a bad or unremarkable band by being here to spread all you brings a smile to my face :P

Posted by Ella on Sunday, 09.8.13 @ 15:28pm

My Chemical Romance's music not only has a message, but they intend to save people's lives, and I have seen examples throughout my life.
To all people who call them "stupid", "emo", or any similar words, probably it is due to them not accepting new music.
Rock has been reeinvented with time. They, as well, have been influenced by many great rock bands. To anyone who says MCR is not rock, this is the new rock.
In their albums, they experimented with their style, but they have remained true to what they want.
All of the stereotypes and close-minded people shouldn't influence in the choosing of this group in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They truly deserve it, as they have poured their heart and soul in their music, and have rocked with it.

Posted by GFQ on Sunday, 12.29.13 @ 17:36pm

ur name sounds like mine.

Posted by GFW on Monday, 12.30.13 @ 14:18pm

While not a fan... I have no doubt that My Chemical Romance will get inducted... They are just too influential to overlook... There will be no performance as they broke up last year though.

Posted by Michael on Monday, 05.12.14 @ 01:49am

I like MCR, but I don't see it happening unless they get back together & put out at least 3 more kickass albums.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 05.12.14 @ 15:25pm

I believe My Chemical Romance should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Not only have they created great music and have saved and helped many people through their lyrics, but each time they made a new record it always had so much that was put into it. Everything they did included so much inspirational and artistic material. There wasn't anything they did that didn't have a story or thought process behind it. They have truly given something to this world and deserve to be put in the Hall of Fame.

Posted by youdontneedtoknowmyname on Monday, 02.9.15 @ 16:05pm

For thoes whp said no need to listen to them bc they're pretty good bc jb is not going in for thoes of u who said yes so go and not hate on the band

Posted by DjPon-3 on Friday, 05.22.15 @ 15:07pm

I honestly think, that with all my heart and soul, MCR should be inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame. Not only because of their music but also because of their purpose and wide range of influence on other people. They're very much different compared to the main stream artists out there and they themselves knew that and embraced that fact. I also think a huge reason as to why they should be included is because they started the band with a purpose. While other bands would say something along the lines of, "We're just a couple of normal guys who wanted to make music," MCR was a bunch of outcasts who turned to music when they wanted to make something significant out of their lives, and used it as a medium to get through to fans who experienced the same things they did. Although I agree that they weren't the best of all rock bands, nor the most long-running ones, and that not all of their songs were hits, their music although branching out to several different music genres, all had a stamp of quality to them that made them truly MCR. (And to be honest, none of their songs was shit so kudos to them.) No matter what age or musical preference or race of the audience they always managed to reach out to people, not only through their music but the messages written in each and every one of their songs. They were great at what they did while it lasted, and I'm glad they ended with a bang rather than being left out to rust.

They had the drive, and the talent, and the purpose to save people's lives. I think it's safe to say they deserve a ticket into the Hall of Fame.

Hope this helped (?)-
Andrea (15 y.o) from the Philippines

Posted by Andrea on Thursday, 05.5.16 @ 04:10am

They're talented, none of their songs are shit, and although contrary to what majority of the world would call rock and roll, they've definitely made their mark in the world of music and though a lot of people would say not all their songs are hits or fall under the genre "Rock" (since they are known to perform under various musical genres), all of them had great messages to the audience that listened to them to serve as a channel to save people's lives through their music. How long they've lasted and how many hits or awards they've won don't mean much compared to the influence they had to their listeners.


Posted by Andy on Thursday, 05.5.16 @ 04:18am

Thank you for your comments, Andrea. I had the pleasure of seeing Gerard & the boys twice. Both times great shows. Hope you get to see him perform someday.

As far as Hall, I personally would say no or that they would be inducted when they are all quite old. Now if they got back together & released at least 2 more great albums (like The Black Parade), then that would be a different story. have fun in The Phillipines!!

Posted by Paul in KY on Thursday, 05.5.16 @ 07:42am

Mcr has saved lives. They aren't emo. And they are a great band. Most of the haters out there are mad because they cant be as good as mcr ever was.

Posted by The kid in the corner on Tuesday, 12.6.16 @ 14:29pm

I think they should be included because they saved many lives including mine and they are way more than rock and roll so bitch where their contract

Posted by Carlos on Friday, 02.10.17 @ 03:19am

MCR definitely deserves this. The fanbase, for better or for worse, has made the name timeless. The band will and already has gone down in history. Gerard way is still a commonly known name. My Chemical Romance has influenced many great bands, including (but not limited to) Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, and Twenty One Pilots. My Chem also influenced how music should be presented and their music videos were revolutionary. The same guy who worked on Nirvana and Green Day's videos worked on many of theirs. About their breakup, it was in no way "not rock and roll". Gerard broke them up because he was slipping into alcoholic habits again and whenever he did, Mikey seemed to follow the same path. He split them up for everyone's sake and it was time.

Posted by Abby on Sunday, 03.12.17 @ 21:27pm

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