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Will Montrose be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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The first Montrose album is my favorite hard rock album of all time. This album influenced many future hard rockers and introduced Sammy Hagar, Denny Carmassi,Bill Church and Ronnie to the world in a profound way. I liked the comment from an Audio Specialist installer (about 20 years old)
who heard the album in the car stereo. He said "Dude, who is this band? My friends and I were listening to it when we worked on your system, It totally rocks, we have to buy it!"

Posted by Dave Mrosko on Friday, 08.1.08 @ 20:23pm

Often cited by many bands such as Van Halen as a major influence on themselves and early 70's basic hard rock in general.
It would be nice to see journyman guitarist Ronnie Montrose be rewared for all his various contributions,but it most likely won't happen via TRRHOF.

I still vote yes though.

Posted by Lynn on Wednesday, 09.24.08 @ 09:46am

One of Sammy Hagar's first bands. Very influencial, underground, hard rock. Bands like Iron Maiden have covered them.

Posted by Dude Man on Wednesday, 07.1.09 @ 17:53pm

one of the most underrated rockers of all time,bought the album by chance back in the 70s,influnces everywhere,best rock debut album of all time

Posted by kennyboy on Saturday, 07.23.11 @ 09:25am

If the Rock Hall inducts replacement members Denny Carmassi and Mark Andes with the original 6 members of Heart, Denny Carmassi will become the second former member of Montrose to be inducted into the Rock Hall. Sammy Hagar was the first with Van Halen.

Posted by Roy on Tuesday, 10.11.11 @ 19:45pm

RIP,Ronnie Montrose

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Monday, 03.5.12 @ 08:17am

Latest word is that the sisters have decided to exclude Mark Andes and Denny Carmassi from the Rock Hall. No reason given at this time.

This makes no sense because, like it or hate it, this period was a successful segment (the 80's Heart) for the band, and they continue to include this era in their biography.

Posted by Reg Johnson on Wednesday, 01.23.13 @ 14:51pm

Where is your source?

Posted by Roy on Wednesday, 01.23.13 @ 14:57pm

Oh, that's rich...Roy asking someone to cite a source given all of the fantasy he spins on this board. Heh heh

Posted by Paul on Wednesday, 01.23.13 @ 19:09pm

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