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Eligible since: 2003 (The 2004 Induction Ceremony)

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Flirtin' With Disaster (1980)

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Will Molly Hatchet be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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perhaps the original lineup of molly hatchet is worthy to be inducted dave.. danny joe..duane...bruce..steve & banner... but definatley not the band bobby ingrams been touring with,,,they shouldnt even use the name of molly hatchet....i seen them once and was very disapointed...just imposters trying to tarnish the hatchet name

Posted by kevin on Monday, 12.24.07 @ 13:37pm

the original band of dave hlubek, danny joe brown,duane roland,steve holland,bruce crump and banner thomas plus danny joe's replacement jimmy farrar should be in the hall of fame. Bobby Ingram owns the trademark name of the band and is touring with a band under that name but it is not or ever will be MOLLY HATCHET. Jimmy Farrar, Steve Holland, Bruce Crump, Riff West,Paul Chapman(UFO fame)and Linni Dissi have a band called GATOR COUNTRY and I think they have more of write to call themselves MOLLY HATCHET than Bobby Ingram does.

Posted by rick on Sunday, 01.13.08 @ 05:56am

Phil,who by the way, was PERSONALLY chosen by Danny Joe, does one HELL of a job, not only singing and playing a mean ass harp but by personifying the music as it was meant to be. Phil and Bobby Ingram are the heart and soul of Molly Hatchet. They live,love and breathe the music and lyrics that they sing about. It doesn't matter if they are playing for 200 or 200,000 people or more,they ALWAYS put on one hell of a show. They have lived and endured things in their lives that most of us could never comprehend. Yet, they continue to not only perservere, but SURPASS their own goals. These men, every one of them in this band, are the living personification of rock and roll.

Posted by La La on Monday, 05.26.08 @ 21:56pm

Great band!

Posted by Mike on Sunday, 01.11.09 @ 13:20pm

Just listened to album 'Flirting with Disaster'. Title track is just about a perfect example of Southern Rock. They sound alot like Skynyrd (or vice versa).

Probably not Hall worthy, but that was an enjoyable album to listen to. They should be proud of their accomplishments.

Posted by Paul in KY on Monday, 03.29.10 @ 05:27am

The original members should be considered. Not the band calling themselves Molly Hatcht now.

Posted by Jeff on Tuesday, 04.17.12 @ 10:48am

Sorry but Dave Hlubek can't even function, steve Holland is in assisted living, the rest are dead. What's left is the members who still tour every week. They still sound great.

Posted by Erica Jane on Thursday, 07.14.16 @ 19:12pm

Rest in Peace Banner Thomas, 1954(?)-2017.

Posted by Joe on Friday, 04.14.17 @ 09:03am

These guys need to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I love to see this before the last Man Standing, Steve Holland passes away. All other original founding members have passed away. RIP Bruce Crump, Duane Roland, Dave Hlubeck, Banner Thomas and Danny Joe Brown.

Posted by Barbi Martin on Monday, 12.18.17 @ 01:01am

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