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Will Marillion be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
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Talented though they may be, they are essentially one-hit wonders in the UK, and no-hit wonders in the US. No way in hell they get in.

Posted by Ron on Wednesday, 11.29.06 @ 11:34am

Although I do not expect Marillion to get in.
As far as influence Marillion started the second wave of neo progresive rock bands.
But if the HALL doesn't care about ELP,YES TULL and RUSH they most certainly won't care about Marillion.

Posted by anthony on Tuesday, 04.10.07 @ 22:31pm

Great band they they deserve to be in! How anyone can call Marillion one hit wonders is beyond me. They have had 23 hits in the Uk and 8 top 10 albums selling in excess of 15 million albums. Hardly one hit wonders.

I suggest Ron you check your facts before making silly comments.

Marillion are a great band and deserve some credit.

Posted by Will Leggate on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 07:39am

To lose a charismatic lead singer and keep going for two decades afterwards, producing ever more fascinating music- that says a lot. They showcase awesome talent, perseverance, constant musical innovation, and a pioneering website that saw Marillion take the lead in the future of music marketing. If you only listen to Radio 2, you've missed the boat here. This is a band that richly deserves a place in the Hall of Fame.

Posted by David D on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 08:15am

One of the great bands of all time, commercial notoriety or not. They easily produced two of the best albums of the 90s, in Brave and Afraid of Sunlight. And they've made one of the best albums of the new millennium in Marbles. As far as influence and impact on the world of rock, their use of the internet to market, distribute, and fund themselves (independent of any major label) is one of the great achievements by any rock band.

Posted by Brad on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 09:13am

After Fish left, many people thought it would be over.
Twenty years later, they're still here making wonderful music.
Last april they released their 14th studio album, which is their 10th with wonderful singer Steve Hogarth, and right now they're in the studio cooking up another great one!
The Marillion story goes on....

Posted by Miriam on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 09:16am

Marillion deserve to be included, they are truly one of the great bands and continue to make great music.....album 15 coming soon !

Posted by Gary Ashton on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 09:22am

I personaly prefer Marillion now with Steve Hogarth and I think anyone that has heard their music will think they deserve more than they get (hall of fame or not). Listening to their latest album, Somewhere Else, for me, proves they can still bring new, beautiful music to the scene that should be heard and celebrated.

If the Marillion fans can fund a brand new album months before it was even writen (Anoraknophobia)and if the Marillion fans can fund an entire US tour, I think it's fair to say that the Marillion fans can get them into the hall of fame.

Let's help them get what they deserve!

Posted by Daniel Lafferty on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 11:26am

great band! they deseve for more than attention. That band creates wonderful music. Songs like Neverland, Afriad of Sunlight, The Great Escape, A Voice from the past or The Party should be among other rock standards.

Posted by Mariusz Max on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 11:35am

A band that has revolutionalized the music industry with their complete embrace of the internet should get in - it's changing the face of the entire music industry (and they were one of the first).

Their music has continuned to grow and 'progress' when other acts continually spew forth the same formula over and over again - never gaining new ground or creativity. The challenge isn't if you like them or not, it's if you can keep up with them.

These guys deserve to be inducted.

Posted by Alex on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 12:09pm

For me Marillion have been one of the best band i've heard.

I got into them during the 'fish' era and latterly (post 1989!) with Steve H. They continue to produce some of the most inspired , thought provoking and innovative music.

if people gave them a chance and listened without preconceptions they would have a larger audience without doubt. Give them a try!

For this reason they should definitely be inducted.

Posted by James Benford on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 13:31pm

This band is so underrated.
There are so many good songs and they are such a great band to see live.

If people only would listen to the music from last 20 years and forget about the two songs that are completely worn out by dj's who do not know better then Marillion would sure get the respect they deserve.

They have to be inducted without any doubt.

Posted by Christine on Monday, 10.1.07 @ 14:23pm

This is a band that has renewed itself with each album and have never lost touch with their fanbase. Their lyrics and music have inspired me and many more for twenty years now, so I think they deserve a spot in any hall of fame.

Posted by Tsead Bruinja on Tuesday, 10.2.07 @ 02:01am

Marillion are one of the great global soft rock outfits and now enjoy enduring cult status in the UK and mainland Europe. Whilst many bands that have enjoyed previous commercial success on the level of Marillion end up being stuck in a time warp playing only the old hits, Marillion's musicianship and musical creativity ensures that each new album explores new sounds and ideas. Their latest hit single 'Thank you whoever you are' reached no. 15 in the UK in June 2007 and went top 10 in the Netherlands.

Posted by J LEV on Wednesday, 10.3.07 @ 13:21pm

>Top Album: Misplaced Childhood
Now there's something to argue about. With 14 albums, claiming that the third one is their "top" is quite a statement. "Brave" and "Marble" might also be one many people lists. Indeed, the variety, range and continued "listenability" of all their albums is, perhaps, a very strong reason for their induction.

On the "Fame" criterion, they may fall down, somewhat, sadly.

Posted by Peter on Friday, 10.5.07 @ 12:23pm

with their current output? it is very very unlikely, unless their management gets all their forum users to vote. So its a no from me.

Posted by dan on Saturday, 10.6.07 @ 05:33am

One of the most underrated bands in British music. The fact that radio refuses to play them is down to the songs themselves. Radio has limited song length to just over 4:30 so most Marillion songs are too long! If this rule had existed back in the 70's just imagine how many songs would never have got the exposure they needed and deserved? (Boh Rhap for a starters?)
This band is simply stunning and their output contains more AAA songs than any other band bar the Beatles and Queen!
They deserve to be inducted!

Posted by headlong on Monday, 10.8.07 @ 05:11am

If all bands played music the way Marillion play music,the worldwould be a better place.
The fans care for them,and they care for their fans.
Who else would invite the fans to a little family gathering,then discover they need a bigger place to do it because so many wanted to come.

FOUR(soon to be 5)conventions,FOURTEEN(soon to be 15)albums,down the road is testiment to how they do things,and how they have REVOLUTIONISED the Music biz.


Posted by Paul T on Monday, 10.8.07 @ 06:41am

This group should be in the "future rock hall"
Just for the simple reason that it contains five excellent musicians and that they have consistantly written classic music for the last 25 years. From "Script For a Jesters Tear" to "Somewhere else"....Long may Marillion reign..

Posted by Ian M ( The Big I ) on Monday, 10.8.07 @ 07:45am

Sadly extremelely underestimated as critism here is likely to tell. Actually they weren´t one hit wonders. Rather more they have an influential way still up to date for many musicians. But at least with Brave, Afraid of Sunlight and Marbles they´re in their own league - not with Misplaced Childhodd. And that´s the misunderstanding.

Posted by Klaus on Monday, 10.8.07 @ 22:37pm

Marillion deserve to be in the Hall for many reasons including; Great music, innovation, staying power.

Posted by Richard Neal on Wednesday, 10.10.07 @ 08:01am

Top 5 reasons they deserve notation

1) They've led the industry in too many ways to mention here.

2) They've either stayed current or moved forward in sound and performance where many of their contemporaries have caved in to former glories to stay alive.

3) Their topics are vital and real.

4) They keep gaining new, younger fans.

5) They do their best to stay connected to their fans on a personal level.

Major, blessed band.

Posted by DJJSerpico on Saturday, 10.20.07 @ 19:21pm

Here's another underrated prog rock band

Posted by Keebord on Sunday, 09.21.08 @ 10:32am

Looks like I've come across a page that had an outbreak of activity from 2006-2008, but no comments in over two years? Supposedly, Marillion took their name from J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Silmarillion," a little trivia for today.

Posted by Tahvo Parvianen on Friday, 04.15.11 @ 10:01am

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