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Eligible since: 2012 (The 2013 Induction Ceremony)

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Will M.C. Hammer be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
"Musical excellence is the essential qualification for induction."


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If there going to induct Rick James, they should induct MC Hammer also. He is one of the only rap artist to have a diamond album, and U can't touch this was one of the biggest songs of the 90's

Posted by Master on Saturday, 01.20.07 @ 19:45pm

who says they're inducting Rick James? Is there something wrong with you?

Posted by Kit on Saturday, 01.20.07 @ 23:04pm

Hee...I'm so happy to be contributing to a discussion of whether MC Hammer should be in the HOF. This is awesome.

I, ah, vote no.

Posted by Al on Wednesday, 01.24.07 @ 08:39am

I believe that MC Hammer should be inducted into the Hall of fame,he's earned it.Although rap was existing long before he came along he made it more enjoyable.Hammer united rap and dance,and gave you a real show.I've seen him perform 4 times.He may not be the worlds greatest rapper,but he made rap cross over and opened the doors for alot of these so called gansta rappers etc,Hammer was clean cut who didn't use perfanity in his songs ,and he praised the Lord in them while he was at it.I refuse to take my children to todays rap artist shows,they're too nasty,with Hammer anyone could go see him,and tell you the truth I really miss that.There has'nt been a performer before or since Hammer that brought rap to the front the way he did.

Posted by shell on Wednesday, 02.28.07 @ 20:01pm

So we should celebrate him because he took something raw and visceral and made it safe for Disney? That's the exact opposite of what the Hall should stand for.

Posted by Kit on Wednesday, 02.28.07 @ 21:20pm

Who else thought it was funny to say "yes" to this one?


Posted by Dylan on Saturday, 06.9.07 @ 09:52am

Yes, if we're going to induct Rick Astley aswell.

Posted by liam on Monday, 10.29.07 @ 09:58am

Yes is the answer. For he's one of the only rappers whose music will be enjoyable in 50 years. He's for rap what moses was 4 israel. He led it 2 the promised land but didn't enter it

Posted by Jean-didier on Monday, 06.2.08 @ 09:52am

Yes is the answer. For he's one of the only rappers whose music will be enjoyable in 50 years. He's for rap what moses was 4 israel. He led it 2 the promised land but didn't enter it

Posted by Jean-didier on Monday, 06.2.08 @ 09:52am

Yes is the answer. For he's one of the only rappers whose music will be enjoyable in 50 years. He's for rap what moses was 4 israel. He led it 2 the promised land but didn't enter it

Posted by Jean-didier on Monday, 06.2.08 @ 09:53am

Barely anyone listens to this wash-up now, so I don't think he'll be too popular in half a century. LOL at he Moses comparison, whatever the hell you meant by it.

Posted by Liam on Monday, 06.2.08 @ 10:01am

I believe this person is trying to say that although Moses was the influence behind the Exodus, God did not allow him to enter Israel, similiarly; Hammer was the major influence behind the Rap crossover to mainstream (Exodus), but will not be allowed to enter the RnR HoF (Israel).

Jean - uh - No!

Posted by Silly Analogy on Monday, 06.2.08 @ 10:58am

Rap had already gone mainstream with the Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill in '86, 4 years before Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em, so I wouldn't call him much of an influence.

Posted by Liam on Monday, 06.2.08 @ 11:10am

Run DMC was even before the Beastie Boys with Walk This Way and the Raising Hell album.

Posted by Brian Snyder on Monday, 06.2.08 @ 12:47pm

I can remember how phenomenal "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em " was on the Billboard charts and record stores in the year 1990. 11 million sold in the U.S. Now that was hurtin' 'Em.

Posted by Joe-Skee on Tuesday, 06.3.08 @ 12:57pm

I want to see M.C. Ren on this list.

Posted by Bob on Saturday, 08.9.08 @ 23:02pm

Mc hammer deserves it. After 14 years, who can deny the influence of his famous "it's all good ? Because of him, we all say : "It's all good"

Posted by Jean-Didier on Thursday, 10.23.08 @ 05:08am

Yeah sure he'll get in ... NOT!!!!!!

Posted by Mike on Friday, 03.27.09 @ 15:11pm


But no.

Posted by Ash on Thursday, 11.19.09 @ 00:39am

i think he him self should not be inducted but the hall of fame should make a whole other group of inductees the songs like u cant touch this would be one of them

Posted by tron on Tuesday, 03.16.10 @ 16:33pm

No. Not vital to rap in any way. If I had to pick any rap from the 2012 list the obvious choice would be Public Enemy.

Posted by Sam on Wednesday, 07.21.10 @ 15:48pm

I will shoot myself in the face if this happens.

Posted by Dan on Sunday, 08.1.10 @ 15:59pm

No, Never, No, did I make myself clear? NO

Posted by Brittany on Monday, 11.1.10 @ 10:02am

He made a track dissing emeinem.
What right has this washed up moron got to insult eminem?

That's like tom jones insulting Jimi hendrix.

Posted by GFW on Thursday, 02.24.11 @ 08:10am


He was the FIRST to sell out stadiums, first to get multi-million dollar endorsements from major corporations, and all of the other trappings that came with mainstream"superstar" status.First whose success trancended the streets of the ghettos of America...and reached the homes of white suburbia...all over America. His shows were a theatricial spectacle..bigger, bolder,brassier....and his records sold like wildfire.

..And then it all came to an end. why?

Because , then he suffered backlash.
Backlash from all his peers.

All of the OTHER rappers blasted him...because he had "sold out", because he wasn't "street" enough, because he had "gone Hollywood". Because he no longer had any credibility as a 'true" rapper. A massive "I Hate Hammer" movement began.
M.C. Hammer became a pariah.
And bad money management on his part didn't help matters. Buying jets, a huge mansions, hiring his "friends" (which were really just hangers-ons...who deserted him once the money was gone...

But, as time went on, it became obvious that the REAL reason why the other rappers were trashing him at that time...is because HE was getting the money, the endorsements..and the MAINSTREAM ATTENTION that THEY WEREN'T .
But , what scenario do we have today ?

Ice T. is on Law and Order. Ice Cube is making Hollywood movies. Other rappers have clothing lines and own record companies. P Diddy and Jay Z. are very wealthy men....in reality....
THEY wanted what Hammer HAD....
And they don't trash him anymore, because, the reality was... the REAL reason why they trashed Hammer in the FIRST PLACE...was NOT because of supposed "lack of credibility"...
But because THEY wanted just what Hammer HAD...
And , now that they've all GOT it...
They're very rich men...while Hammer is broke and forgotten...
But there's NO QUESTION...

Posted by Bill G. on Thursday, 08.27.15 @ 14:00pm

Will M.C. Hammer ever be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ?
Probably not.
But the fact is that the reason why OTHER rappers are in there TODAY...
And the reason why Rap has gone MAINSTREAM TODAY...
Is due , in large part....
to M.C. Hammer.

Posted by Bill G. on Thursday, 08.27.15 @ 14:03pm


*****M.C. Hammer*****

The Rise and Fall of Rap's First Superstar

Posted by Bill G. on Friday, 08.28.15 @ 02:13am

I am surprised that U Can't Touch This isn't an essential song.

Posted by Brian on Saturday, 10.22.16 @ 17:53pm

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