Lynyrd Skynyrd

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer

Category: Performer

Inducted in: 2006

Inducted by: Kid Rock

Nominated in: 1997   2001   2002   2003   2004   2005   2006

First Eligible: 1997 Ceremony

Inducted Members: Bob Burns, Allen Collins, Steve Gaines, Ed King, Gary Rossington, Billy Powell, Artimus Pyle, Ronnie Van Zant and Leon Wilkeson

Inducted into Rock Hall Revisited in 2000 (ranked #120) .

Essential Albums (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3Amazon CD
Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd (1973)
Second Helping (1974)

Essential Songs (?)WikipediaAmazon MP3YouTube
Free Bird (1973)
Simple Man (1973)
Gimme Three Steps (1973)
Tuesday's Gone (1973)
Sweet Home Alabama (1974)
What's Your Name (1977)

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About darn time!

Posted by Sandra on Tuesday, 07.18.06 @ 08:14am

One of the all time greatest rock bands ever,both the old with Johnie and the new with ronnie,super

Posted by chuck on Friday, 12.14.07 @ 16:11pm

One of the best solos ever (after Comfortly Numb & Stairway to Heaven of course)!

Posted by Mike on Monday, 10.27.08 @ 13:15pm

Billy Powell, RIP Freebird

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Wednesday, 01.28.09 @ 13:01pm

the only reason that people no lynyrd skynyrd is only now only none beause of free bird and sweet home allabma people sould now how good they are.

Posted by steven on Monday, 02.16.09 @ 19:12pm

RIP 'Ean' Evans

Posted by akeem on Friday, 05.8.09 @ 01:25am

Another bit of trivia...Ed King, a guitarist for and one of the reasons Skynyrd established their "three guitar line-up" was originally a member of Strawberry Alarm Clock.

There's hundreds of stories like this in Rock, and a lot of them really surprise people...kinda like Vince Gill being a member of Pure Prairie League...

Posted by Gitarzan on Tuesday, 06.30.09 @ 19:49pm

a seven year wait?!?


well, at least they got in. Now if only we could get the hall to recognize Judas Preist, Motorhead and Rush...

Posted by Zach Valkyrie on Tuesday, 07.7.09 @ 03:09am

Simple Man...

Posted by Joe-Skee on Tuesday, 08.18.09 @ 13:37pm

Their greatest hits compilations are as good as any band out there, but their real greatness is on their posthumous "Skynyrds First and... Last" album. I don't know how three of these songs, "Was I Right or Wrong", "Coming Home", and "Down South Jukin'" weren't released until after they died. They are as good as anything they put out there, and on top of that, it is really raw, with very little production. It lets you see the real Skynyrd, before the fame and fortune...

How the kings of southern rock had to wait almost ten years is beyond me... Seriously, the rrhof has a terrible problem with anti-conservative, anti-southern bias. These guys were the kings of a genre of rock (and not some off the wall genre either, a very popular and influential one). It's the same reason someone like Ted Nugent hasn't even been considered yet...

Posted by Chris on Sunday, 11.22.09 @ 10:32am

RIP, Forby Leonard Skinner (1933-2010). He was the high school gym teacher who sent the boys to the principal's office because of their long hair and the origin of the band's name.

Posted by Aaron O'Donnell on Monday, 09.20.10 @ 19:00pm

Congratulations, Mr. Pyle! I didn't realize how long you had to wait to be inducted until I read an article. Hopefully, Yes will be re-nominated and this time, inducted in 2017!

Posted by Bill Langan on Tuesday, 01.12.16 @ 15:26pm

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